‘San Andreas:’ Mayor Eric Garcetti Hopes Movie Gets L.A. to Prepare

Eric Garcetti Dwayne Johnson
Kevin Winter/Getty

Among the luminaries at Tuesday’s “San Andreas” premiere was Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who couldn’t resist the chance to tell residents to get ready for a long-awaited Great Quake, while also touting his recent push for better earthquake preparedness by the city government.

Garcetti made the Hollywood premiere, along with city fire chief Ralph Terrazas, quake expert Lucy Jones of the U.S. Geological Survey and a host of city firemen, who delivered the film’s star, Dwayne Johnson, to the TCL Chinese Theatre in one of the city’s red fire engines. Johnson plays a firefighter trying to rescue his family and others following the biggest quake in recorded history.

“I hope this movie can be a gut check and a visceral reminder to people of the danger from quakes,” Garcetti said before the screening. “But then that people will also do a head check about how they can really be prepared…to react by looking at some good research and using their heads about the dangers we really face.”

Garcetti has recently introduced a series of proposals called “Resilience by Design” to try to make sure the city’s buildings, telecommunications system and water supply are able to withstand a large earthquake. Emphasizing the challenges Los Angeles faces, the mayor noted how mobile phone service largely went down after the 1994 Northridge quake. And he said the water supply could also be challenged in the next big shaker, considering that the San Andreas Fault (depicted as causing the giant temblor in the Warner Bros.’ film) crosses the California Aqueduct in 20 places.

The mayor said he realized that some of the depictions of quake devastation in “San Andreas” are overblown. Experts told Variety, for example, that the film’s giant tsunami wave and yawning ground fissures won’t happen, even in the largest possible quake. But Garcetti said he believes the film still should get people to pay attention to the threats they could face.

“I don’t think that ‘Night at the Museum’ was an accurate depiction of what happens when the lights go down at the Museum of Natural History, but it still could get people excited about history,” Garcetti said. “I hope ‘San Andreas’ will be a good popcorn thriller that awakens people about the importance of getting prepared for the big quake that is long overdue to happen.”

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  1. Jeff Sherman says:

    Get ready to be dead, short of or non-existent: food, water, emergency services, municipal services… then an over abundance of: rats, criminals, murders, rapes…in general lawlessness….no facebook, twitter, Kardashians, ….how about taking care of what you can now…get to know your family, God…

  2. David M says:

    Us in Seattle know we are due for a “Big One” far larger and most damaging than the one that could hit LA,,,i hope i never see either but i know i will go and see this movie,i admit it i a sucker for great CGI etc.

  3. gman says:

    in cities hit by large hurricanes and afterwards given large amounts of aid, police, fire, water and power may not be restored for weeks on end, food distribution may take months to return to normal, entire neighborhoods may be burned down, and some areas never are rebuilt. a major quake in l.a. will be considerably worse. it will bring down many freeway overpasses for years, severely damage water distribution for years, and create ideal conditions for its many foreign gangs to rob and loot and take revenge.

  4. Bob says:

    I hope California falls into the sea.

  5. hangin' out says:

    I didn’t realize Eric Garcetti was a “luminary”…He must light up the room when he walks out….

  6. ticklemyanus says:

    Meanwhile these same people mock preppers. Hypocrites much?

  7. Simon Brown says:

    Is he worried about the impending earth quakes or the impending illegal alien riots and looting?

  8. Tom says:

    Can you imagine if this really happened. Mexico would lose half their citizens and the billions of dollars they send back there every year.

  9. wayne says:

    by land in Nevada & Arizona so that you can own beach front property!

  10. David169 says:

    I took two years of geology when I was in college. We studied the San Andreas fault in my second year for a full semester. The San Andreas is a right lateral fault which means if you were on either side the other side would appear to move to the right. As far as the techtonic plates go they have already moved and are continuing to move. In the last 30 to 40 miles perpendicular to the fault the crust has been bent in a big “S” bend. That is the only part that will be moving and it will move laterally. The movie appears to have hyped this event to a level of absurdity.
    Even worse is all these people telling us to be prepared. I got this same get prepared message from Barbara Boxer and I asked her if we get prepared to live without any help from the outside for a period of 6 weeks; which is a realistic amount of time before services are fully restored, we need to acquire enough food, water and shelter to qualify as a political or anarchist prepper and that can get your doors kicked in in the middle of the night unless you are a Mormon. She has never replied.
    I hope I am in a large freshly plowed field near the fracture zone. The last movement lasted about 20 minutes. It started in Parkview by Coalinga and proceeded down the fault at about 300mph until it got to the Cajone Pass. People got over their fear of the quake and went outside to open fields. Many got motion sick because the waves in the ground were up to four feet high.

  11. Muleskinner says:

    There will be no preparing for anything but death and destruction if a truly big one (8+) hits SOCAL…

  12. NonCalifornian says:

    Garcetti, tax the San Andreas fault. Tax it, tax it, tax it !

  13. Alex says:

    He wants the industry to prepare to make most films and TV shows in the south east after “the big one” levels every studio in southern Cal. Get ready for Atlanta to become the entertainment capital of the world…or Charlotte…or Miami?

  14. Haggai 2:6 For thus says the LORD of hosts: Yet once more, in a little while, I will shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry land.

  15. TorresD30 says:

    A major earthquake could be just what the doctor ordered for High Speed Rail. With damage to vast tracks of property, using Eminent Domain to roll up the right-of-way for the tracks will be a breeze!

  16. neobux login says:

    There are three things that I want when I go to see a movie. The first is to have action. I don’t do chick flicks or any of that garbage. Secondly, I want to have a reasonable story line that I can follow without having to do some type of retrospective insight to figure out what the movie is about. Just tell me a story and go from there. Third and finally, I want to be entertained for the 90 to 120 minutes that I am sitting by backside in a movie theater seat. If I am going to a documentary then I expect accuracy. Otherwise, I’m not looking absolutely every scene to be accurate down to the building paint. I don’t need overarching themes. I just want action, an easy story line and some entertainment. I liked Twister so I will probably like this as well.

  17. Hopsaregood says:

    I know or believe at least that there are some good American people in California. But there are so many of the Obama, Moonbeam communist leaning types that a good quake might be useful. To the decent working Americans, best of luck and may God bless.

    • Elisi Newell says:

      Eric Garcetti, is a low key guy. Honestly, he is the best thing that has happened to us since the death of Tom Bradley. That is the one thing I admire about him. The fact that he isn’t out on the party scene like the dude that cheated with the reporter, tells a lot. He practices what he preaches. Most like to chastise, but in actuality before he started having L.A. cut our water use (before the moonbeam), he practiced it in his own home. People think the mayors mansion is used only by the mayor. His family has 1 floor and they have already changed the landscape scene. I respect him, but have no use for the moonbeam that has become so corrupt.

  18. williampenn says:

    Democrats run LA? Here comes an earthquake tax.

  19. commonsense says:

    The problem won’t be the quake. The problem will be the looters who make it look like The Walking Dead.

  20. Annee says:

    Don’t ignore the very real problem of TWO NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS in California that could be affected by an earthquake! Just like in Japan == Fukushima.

  21. Gail says:

    Let’s hope does not happen. If it would the entire USA would be affected

    • James Cygnus says:

      For those parts that are actually producers, it would be a huge benefit to have the economic black hole (State formally known as California) to slide into the ocean.

  22. bagofwater says:

    Prepare how, exactly? If a “big one” hits, everyone is screwed. You can’t evacuate LA — heck, it takes an hour to go just a few blocks in what is considered normal traffic conditions.

    • Elisi Newell says:

      How are we the black hole? Seems to me that DC is the cesspool of the world. Anyone that lives there or anywhere that is operated by the US government deserves to be swallowed up by the earth. DC holds the money and corrupt power, how is Los Angeles responsible for an almost $20 TRILLION Dollars, that government can’t even begin to ACCOUNT for. Maybe the whole world should just detonate all their nuclear bombs and get this over with instead of making us continue to work for nothing. There is NO HOPE in the USA for anyone that works for a living. Why continue to support a country that only supports the Rich, illegals, foreign workers, and corporate America? This country is already dead. The only thing we need is our big American flag stuck right in the middle of the cesspool.
      You tell me ONE thing this government does for THE PEOPLE?

  23. John Barnett says:

    Wiping out generations of liberals and progressive is a wonderful thing, embrace it.

    • There are plenty of normal center-right people in California. Many more say they are Democrat, but have them take the Political Compass quiz and they learn they are in the center. California is a major part of the US economy, so a major quake here would hurt people everywhere.

    • williampenn says:

      It’s just an excuse for another tax.

      • Elisi Newell says:

        In all honesty, California is at odds with the farmers about the almonds & pistachios. Why should we allow them to USE 80% of the water when our crops only account for 2% of the economy? The farmers are selling their water to LADWP, saying that if they don’t sell it, the state will take it. Excuse me, since when did they start owning all the water? Serves the farmers right though. I never tasted a California plum until I was in MS. Very nice and juicy, nothing like the imported crap from central America that isn’t worth bringing home. Strange how they could make good profits off supplying CA with decent food. I did not say that the government has any brains though :) Don’t ask my label though, I don’t wear one. My vote for president since Ronald Reagan has been a write in for Elmo. One puppet is as good as another. Give me a viable candidate and I might change my views. As of right now, no dice! I am better than that.

    • Tom says:

      Spoken like a true RepubliNazi.

      • jake says:

        Time to take that Liberal Caulk out of your mouth, it must have a nasty taste by now

      • look mom, a lib said something silly again says:

        Yeah because California and the left NEVER tax anything. Sigh.

      • Doa74656 says:

        Normally I’d take umbrage to the Republinazi comment but lately republicans are as bad as democrats
        Since your problem is really with conservatives Id like you to reconcile how you can compare conservatives who stand for limited govt to national socialists aka nazis who stand for large all encompassing govt
        ESPECIALLY since you “people” are the ones growing gove by leaps and bounds these days

      • Bob G says:

        Just think of all the ”hate” and 2nd grade level name calling that would be gone from the world without liberals.

  24. Arminius says:

    I made sure to prepare for the Big One.
    By moving to NOT California.

    Looking forward to seeing the astonished, dusty faces on CNN and MSNBC one day postEvent, relating how they ‘never anticipated anything like this’.
    Dopes. Enjoy your cesspool.

  25. Frank says:

    A fake movie about an earthquake is an opportunity for liberals to spend more money.

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