Ryan Gosling to Star in ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel

Ryan Gosling Blade Runner Sequel: Actor
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Ryan Gosling is in negotiations to star in the “Blade Runner” sequel alongside Harrison Ford, it was announced on Thursday.

“Prisoners” helmer Denis Villeneuve is directing the sci-fi thriller for Alcon Entertainment with Ridley Scott exec producing. Written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green, the “Blade Runner” sequel will take place several decades after the 1982 original, which took place in a dystopian 2019 Los Angeles.

Ford will reprise his role as Rick Deckard in the film; it’s unknown whom Gosling will play.

The actor, who recently made his directorial debut on “Lost River,” will next be seen in “The Nice Guys” with Russell Crowe.

He is in production starring alongside Christian Bale, Brad Pitt and Steve Carell in “The Big Short.”

Villeneuve’s next film, “Sicario,” was announced as an official Cannes Film Festival entry on Thursday. It stars Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro.

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  1. Bring in Mark Walhberg as Max Payne.in Blade runner would be a blockbuster.

    • Harry Myers says:

      It’s questionable if a sequel will do justice to the original Blade Runner which stands alone as a only scifi film noir ever… Perhaps if Vangelis puts down a sound track again it may help. Never less I will go see it out of curiosity and hopefully I will be surprised……….. Harry Myers

  2. Steven says:

    This can only be a good thing.

    With Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford involved, plus the input of the co-screenwriter of the original, the whole endeavor has been shaping up nicely. I remain cautiously optimistic.

    Now, if only the filmmakers can lure back Vangelis to make the music, and further promise to use practical models and optical effects to some degree, this movie stands to be be a seismic nerdgasm forceful enough to make my brain explode.

  3. Bashby says:

    Anyone who thinks Gosling is a bad choice has obviously not seen more than 2 of his movies. The Believer, Blue Valentine, Lars and the Real Girl, The Place Beyond the Pines, Ides of March, Drive, and Crazy Stupid Love… he’s more versatile than he gets credit for.

    • Responder says:

      Well, if by versatile you mean Gosling channelling the guarded taciturn Robert Redford in IDES OF MARCH or channelling the guarded taciturn Steve McQueen in DRIVE. He doesn’t exactly possess an original screen presence (yet)…but I must admit he was good in BLUE VALENTINE and HALF NELSON.

  4. I have an opinion says:

    Way to tank my interest in the Blade Runner sequel. Almost all his contemporaries are better than him, except for Jake Gyllenhaal. Either I don’t see what Villeneuve sees in these two, or Gosling is being cast to play a replicant like Leon from the original.

    • KD. says:

      It’s not about what you see in certain actors. It’s how the chosen people fit with a particular aesthetic-theme combination, within a world by Villeneuve and Deakins (who hopes to shoot this sequel.)

  5. Lisa says:

    They should have just cloned Harrison Ford for the part while they could.

  6. balashi says:

    Hi, my name is Hollywood, and I completely give up!

    • duke says:

      Hi, my name is the Internet and I like to bash movies, not only before I see them, but before they even begin production.

      • I have an opinion says:

        Duke: Hi, my name is I have an opinion that believe it or not is actually based on something, and I like to express them, even on the Internet where the thin-skinned can’t handle it.

  7. Kirth Gersen says:

    Oh no. How this worthles actor keeps getting casted is a mystery to me. Worthless in Drivem a emotionless robot, no facial expressions, a squeeky voice, even worse in Only God Forgives. The man is terrible. I agree with Alexander, I will not see the new Blader Runner if Gosling is in it.

    • duke says:

      An emotional robot sounds perfect for a Blade Runner film. Maybe he’ll be cast as an android.

      • `I must agree with Kirth Gersen, Gosling is a bad choice if he’s to play as Deckard in the new Blade Runner. He’d make an excellent replicant though. :)

    • Dave J. says:

      Not liking “Drive” is nothing to be proud about, considering the amount of super hero films as of late, which the demographic is geared mostly toward to children and teenagers alike! Also, if you look at the consensus of “Drive” all around, you’re the few minority who did not like that film considering it scored 93% among critics who get paid to watch films, 78% among the audience, and 7.8 rating with imdb.com. And as far as Gosling the actor is concerned, although I agree with what you’re saying about “The Notebook and “Only God Forgives”, a considerable amount of his films as of late, such as “Blue Valentine” and “Half Nelson” are adult oriented and not intended for the simple-minded who can be sucked into mindless action films that depend on special effects.

      • Dave J says:

        @I have an opinion says… And if you took time to read my comment carefully, not all of the movies the Gosling character is in, are boring!

      • Dave J says:

        Well, that doesn’t make any sense since the movie “Drive” revolved around the Ryan Gosling character! Also, upon listening to one of Gosling’s interviews talking about “Drive” despite who wrote it, the director directed the idea of Drive while hanging around with Gosling! Making the point that if Drive starred another actor may have been different!

      • I have an opinion says:

        Dave J: Read Kirth’s comment again. He said he thought GOSLING was worthless in Drive. He didn’t say Drive was worthless. Ease up on the stanning and spend more time reading what you’re responding to than looking up statistics that have nothing to do with someone else’s opinion.

    • You will see the new Blade Runner, even though Ryan Gosling is in it. I’ll tell you why. Because Denis Villeneuve, who made Prisoners and Enemy is directing it. Because Ridley Scott, the original director of Blade Runner is executive producer. Because Harrison Ford is returned as an old Deckard. And last but not least, because Ryan Gosling, of the Place Beyond the Pines and the Ides of March, is (hopefully) starring. Guaranteed success.

  8. Aaaaannnd I JUST lost interest in seeing the new “Blade Runner.” Stick to the Nicholas Sparks stories there, Ry. You are utter crap in an action role. And it’s called “inflection.” Try using some in your lines sometime.

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