Rose McGowan’s Agent Sheila Wenzel Leaves Agency Before Actress’ Alleged Firing

Rose McGowan
Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Following Rose McGowan’s tweets stating she was fired by her agency, Variety has confirmed her agent, Sheila Wenzel, had left Innovative Artists earlier this week and her absence possibly had something to with the agency’s decision to let McGowan go.

McGowan had tweeted Wednesday night that she had been fired by her agents over comments she made last week regarding a role she auditioned for in an Adam Sandler movie.

A source tells Variety that Wenzel actually left the agency earlier this week and that her exit had nothing to do with McGowan. The source wasn’t a part of the meetings, but said they believe that once Wenzel left, the wheels were already in motion to drop McGowan in light of her comments about the audition.

Wenzel’s worked with such Innovative clients as Britt Robertson and Amanda Seyfried

McGowan claims she was fired after publicly condemning a casting call as sexist. The “Charmed” alum tweeted last week that she didn’t appreciate having to audition which asked actresses to come wearing a “form fitting tank that shows off cleavage (push-up bras encouraged).”

“I just got fired by my wussy acting agent because I spoke up about the [bulls—] in Hollywood. Hahaha. #douchebags #awesome #BRINGIT,” she tweeted on Wednesday night. “The awesome thing about being an artist? You can’t be fired from your own mind. #FREEDOM.”

“[Sandler and his team] were not aware the casting director sent this note out,” a source close to Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison, said. “They felt it was completely inappropriate and have made sure that it has not been sent out again.”

McGowan’s short-film directorial debut, “Dawn,” can be viewed on Youtube.

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  1. Betty says:

    Sexism is so deeply ingrained in our culture that Rose doesn’t even realize she’s using a sexist term in her statement (wussy = wimp + pussy).

  2. Saccharin says:

    I completely agree that it’s sexist to look for attractive women.
    I mean it’s not like the Magic Mike films only hired extremely toned attractive men for this films
    oh, wait.

  3. Human Cobras says:

    Sandler sounds like a total douchebag. His movies are awful anyway.

  4. elr says:

    Are you a parody account? Are you doing performance art? If you think Hollywood is Hollyweird, why are you even commenting on Variety dot com?

  5. I think that as long as Variety spelled everyone involved names correctly, all will be OK.

  6. A Human says:

    Good for Rose McGowan and good on Ms. Wenzel. A couple badasses

  7. Dana says:

    Good for Rose! I love it when fearless women fight back and refuse to be objectified. Put her on the $10 bill :)

  8. Brian Wiley says:

    I agree about the casting call. but it’s funny this complaint is coming from Rose McGowan- The one who’s entire career is predicated on little clothing. And walking the red carpet with marylin manson nearly buck-ass nude.

    • A Human says:

      Those are her choices, friend. Not some man’s demand.

      • An Honest Human says:

        Rose chose to be naked on the red carpet to attract male sexual attention. When you chose to objectify yourself, you have no standing to grumble about being objectified by others.

  9. Lee says:

    Are you physically incapable of making a comment without attacking Obama? Because linking this story to him is nothing short of obsessive.

  10. JJ says:

    There’s no one who isn’t on Rose’s side in this matter – except idiots.

  11. Jim says:

    Can’t stand Rose McGowan nowadays. She made a career out of being sexy, yet is acting like that never happened and trying to put herself on the moral high ground.

    • Human Cobras says:

      Just because she wore sexy outfits doesn’t mean someone else has to make her OR other women HAVE to do it.
      It’s her choice what she wears, but should not be made to

      • Human says:

        By that logic, whatever I should choose to do unto myself, I should come to expect and allow others to do to me as well, and without my consent?

      • An Honest Human says:

        If I choose to walk naked in public to attract sexual attention, I am a liar if I then claim I do not wish to be objectified or treated as a sex object.

    • Lee says:

      Are you physically incapable of making a comment without attacking Obama? Because linking this story to him is nothing short of obsessive.

  12. Tommy Bull says:

    I have a big issue with the way things are in Hollywood for one I never take off any clothing that’s a private moral thing that I only share with my wife. Never would I show anything to anyone else. I respect Women who are the same and I say this. The Best Actresses don’t Act because of this. They also have the same morals and find it Discusting and never would be subjected to this

  13. Larry says:

    Agents cant fire you… they can quit and they can refuse to work with you, but as long as they take a commission of your income to provide a service they work for you… I am sure there are any number of other agents that will be happy to work with her. She is a great actress.

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