Ronda Rousey to Star in ‘Road House’ Reboot (EXCLUSIVE)

Ronda Rousey Road House

UFC fighter Ronda Rousey is starring in MGM’s reboot of the 1980s cult classic “Road House.” Rousey will step into the role Patrick Swayze made famous.

Sources say MGM is currently meeting with screenwriters, with production set to begin in 2016.

Released in 1989, the original film starred Swayze as a bouncer hired to clean up one of the rowdiest, loudest bars in Missouri, The Double Deuce. Swayze’s character is put to the test when he needs to protect the town from a corrupt businessman.

The movie became a breakout hit and still has reached cult status today. This follows MGM’s reboot of another classic; the “Rocky” spinoff “Creed” hits theaters in November.

Rousey embraced the idea of starring in a remake, but wanted to be respectful when pursuing the project. Sources say Rousey recently reached out to Swayze’s widow, Lisa Niemi, to ask for her blessing, which Niemi gladly gave.

The project would mark Rousey’s biggest acting gig to date. This will be the fourth project being specifically developed for Rousey to star in, following her biopic “My Fight/Your Fight” at Paramount, “The Athena Project” at Warner Bros. and the STX action pic “Mile 22,” which has Pete Berg on board to direct. Production for the latter is set to start in February, following Rousey’s next fight against Holly Holm on Nov. 14.

Rousey has already had a busy year at the cinema, appearing in “Furious 7” and the “Entourage” movie after a cameo in last year’s “The Expendables 3.”

She is repped by WME and attorney David Feldman.

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  1. Cindy says:


  2. gastrosklep says:

    At this moment I am going to do my breakfast, once having my breakfast
    coming yet again to read further news.

  3. Patrick says:

    Affirmative action in movies is getting out of hand.

  4. Beau says:

    This is terrible!!!! Not even worth going to the movies to see. Dont get me wrong, Ronda Rousey is a great MMA fighter, but she is NOT a roadhouse bouncer (Cooler). They should have casted Bren Foster for the part that Patrick Swayze portrayed. It would make a Better movie. She was in the last expendables movie and that was crappy too. Anyone who does not know who Bren Foster is should seriously look him up. Being in martial arts, probably the best I have seen in a LONG time.

  5. fran says:


  6. So I’m assuming She’s gonna do all her own stunts. Who is going to do her acting for her?

  7. Johnny C says:

    This is just another example of Hollywood not knowing what the hell their doing. Leave the original movies alone. Stick Ronda in some BS cop drama like all the other shows the industry does and watch it get cancelled after 2 episodes. Putting a fighter in front of a camera does not miraculously turn them into a actor. This $h*t is getting old.

  8. Gary says:

    No offense Rhonda they should scrap this project. Its a horrible idea. The original was perfect. They will NEVER be able to recreate it. Like I said horrible idea..

  9. Whats Wrong With The Right Side Of Her Face?

  10. Linda Boyd says:

    I think Rhonda Rousey is the wrong person to step into a roll that was played by Patrick Swazy. She is a person that comes off as thinking she is the toughest person and she has very bad sportsmanship. She just isn’t the right person I think for this roll. I mean really a woman bouncer. There is so many more men that I would have loved to play that roll. I will not be going to see the remake.

  11. Joe Wilson says:

    Ronda should be cast as “Dalton’s” daughter home on leave from black opp’s to attend her fathers funeral and restructure the “Double Deuce” left to her father by the former owner in his will.Shortly after arriving she suspects her father was murdered and stays on to make things right. The movie should be called simply “Dalton”.

  12. reno Pereira says:

    Rousey is a good actress and great grappler so cannot wait to see the new roadhouse version, casting calls for me too I have been waiting a long time for this remake and would love to star in it too

  13. I have an excellent suggestion for the new “Road House” sequel Ronda Rousey will be acting in! Ronda is in the club…drinking and talking really loud trash talk…like real life! Ronda is saying how she is a judoka and can whip anyone in the bar with one arm tied behind her back for a beer…Ronda likes beer! Then the new bouncer comes over…Holly Holm and asks Ronda to please keep the loud talking down and Ronda jumps up and says, “I will whip anyone for a beer but you I will whip for free” and she swings on Holly…well Holly side steps her blow and comes around with a huge left hook that knocks Ronda silly and then she comes around with a back kick that knocks Ronda out of her shoes. The next scene shows Rousey on the way to the hospital for plastic surgery!! The thing is the acting will be superb as it is just like real life!!

  14. Al says:

    Look’s like another BOMB for MGM, who the hell will pay to see such bad acting!

  15. Charlie says:

    OK, mío, are we gonna cast Gena Carano in the Wade Garret role? Maybe his daughter?

  16. Nobody can do it like Dalton could. Rousey better hope Holly Holm doesn’t come into the bar wanting a drink.

  17. Mark says:

    Wonder how she will handle the nude scenes especially the one on the roof?

  18. GENE says:

    I think its BS – That is a classic movie – She does not fit the role – try another movie PLEASE

  19. Joe Wilson says:

    Ronda should be cast as “Dalton’s” daughter on leave from black opp’s to attend her father’s funeral and restructure the “Double Deuce” left to him by the former owner in his will. Shortly after arriving she suspects her father was murdered and stays to make things right. The movie should be called simply , “Dalton”

  20. Mebo says:

    Seems like a waste of time just like the original was.

  21. john says:

    Please NO Please NO

  22. Trev says:

    Not only is ronda beautiful she can fight

  23. jeez, anything to make money, I’m not talking about ronda, obviously when you’re offered an opportunity to make money (especially when you’re a fighter) you should take it because it could all end tomorrow, but it’s these film execs that only want the biggest name they can get so they can market the hell out of it and make a profit on a whatever gets churned out, if they were ever interested in making a great piece of art then they wouldn’t touch it, or they’d hire an actual actor, this is the 2010’s, this is what films are now, money grabs, it’ll most likely be a bad parody of an 80’s film AGAIN

  24. Technically Creed isn’t rebooting the Rocky franchise, it’s juat expanding on the universe Stallone made famous!

  25. I think it will be good

  26. and the award for biggest flop ever goes to

  27. hypestyle says:

    if the filmmakers really want to do something to amp things up, and embrace the original movie’s exploitation roots/themes, then don’t change any of the genders of the other characters, besides the obvious “Dalton” being played by Rousey.

    All of the antagonists can be men.

    her mentor can be an older male bouncer.

    She can meditate while scantily clad on top of the apartment/barn.

    She can have a love interest with a female ER doctor. For sure this can be hot.

  28. Pointer says:

    Ronda is a great fighter, but she couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper bag. She is a dreadfully talentless actress.

  29. I wanted to see Ronda Rousey us The Avengers 3

  30. lisa schuster- landis says:

    are you kidding me that is the worst idea ever. i waited thirty years for this and you are gunna put a woman in daltons place !@#$ you!!!!!!! i am a female bartender in a dive bar and would love to see a movie with a woman kicking ass in a bar , but dont call it a remake of road house because that was a movie about an awsome man not woman. patrick is rolling over in his grave. Who you gunna have play Sam’s role , Madonna? And hey why a bar, how about you set it in a #$%&+@! Nail salon. Piss off assholes!

    • rVLn4 says:

      there is nothing wrong with a woman playing the role of dalton. there are serious female actors in the world. katie sackoff is more qualified for a road house reboot than a ufc fighter. ronda rousey cannot act at all. she is a fighter in the ufc, she should stay there.

      she should never have been in fast in the expendables. she is not an action star.

      she should never have been in furious 7, she was out of place.

      note to the execs, stop with the movie suggestions, your too stupid to make good movies,

  31. suetab says:

    Very bad idea to do a remake.

  32. Michael Laham says:

    LIE: Rhonda Lousy says her fans boo her because she never lost a fight. TRUTH: Rhonda Lousy’s fans boo her since all of her fights are FIXED | RIGGED :>(

    I love those titles that say Rhonda Rousey is Unbreakable and Unstoppable. They are very nice BULLY COWARD MYTHS.

    Rhonda Rousey claims she lived in a car. What NONSENSE! Her Mom was a famous Marshall Arts contender.

    Rhonda Rousey the so-called Greatest Athlete in the World who can beat up males talks about retiring. Rhonda Rousey is SCARED to fight Chris Justino Cyborg and Rin Nakai and in an UNFIXED | UNRIGGED fight.

    • Her mom was never a “Famous Martial Arts Contender”(wtf is that anyway never heard of martial artists described as “contenders” such a weird statement) She took the gold in one big judo comp. That isn’t an accomplishment that will grant you millions of dollars or a lavish lifestyle. Also LOL at saying she is scared of Rin Fucking Nakai the fighter that couldn’t mount any significant offense against Miesha Tate. Where did this delusional belief that Rin Nakai is some kind of world beater come from? She is like a D level female fighter that crushes tomato cans in bizarre japanese freakshow fights. Maybe you were just wooed by her ridiculously muscled body and just assumed she was some godlike fighter because you sure as hell did not watch her fights(her striking is below shit tier and she is insanely uncoordinated and looks totally lost in the stand up game). I agree that she won’t fight cyborg at featherweight, but why would she? She is the bantamweight champion. Cyborg is the one who is pursuing the big money fight so in order to do that she actually has to make the bantamweight limit which is to Ronda’s great advantage.

  33. mindy says:

    Well not watch or buy. The movies is great as it is she just going to ruin it

  34. Michael says:

    Well I’m a Patrick swayzee fan. No disrespect to the lady. But he had gift from God. And she does also. But he had a dick. And she had a pussy. That’s something you can’t change. I won’t whatch movie unless she gets fucked. By a man these as arms of mine. She still needs that pussy maintained.

  35. Tim says:

    She can’t act for shit. Stop trying to make Ronda Rousey happen as an actress.

  36. Mario says:

    TOTAL UTTER FAIL…..That is TOTAL disrespect to Patrick Swayze……Who’s gonna fill in for Jeff Healy on guitar Bruno Mars

  37. James says:

    Next there will be a Top Gun remake starring Brittany Spears as Maverick and Miley Cirus as Goose and Lebron James as Iceman

  38. Why can’t they just do something original instead of trampling over this dead man’s legacy? I hate reboots.

  39. Disgusted beyond words... says:

    Seriously?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

  40. Drake says:

    Since Hollywood seems to have once again run out of any original ideas… and have remade every great cult flick into crap we wished was the original while we were watching it… I have some ideas to float by them keep with this new trend of “Opposite day” they have decided to cling to going.

    “Lassie” but Lassie is a cat
    “Jaws” but Jaws is a giant jellyfish (Still call it Jaws tho…cause obviously we are stupid and wont question it)
    “2010” A Space Odyssey” With muppets.
    “The Muppets Take Manhattan” Only with the cast of Saturday night live
    “The Addams Family” But with the Munsters as the Addams
    “The REAL Ghostbusters” But the GHOSTS are catching humans!! get it?! Get it?
    “The Ammityville Horror” Only its a great house and none ever gets scared
    “Big Trouble in little China” Only with the Rock from the WWE….nah wait.. thats too stupid. scratch that.
    “A Nightmare on Elm Street” Only Freddy is therapist that helps young kids cope with night terrors.
    “Superman” But Superman is Haley Berry……(I`d probably go see that one actually)
    “The Running Man” He sits all day
    “Friday the 13th” Only staring Chad Shank!
    “10,000 Leagues under the sea” 10,000? How about 10,000,000 ! that`ll draw in the crowds!
    “Cujo!” but Cujo is an octopus with rabies.
    “Hair the Musical” yeah.. everyone is bald…now youre gettin it.. these practically write themselves, no original thoughts needed at all.
    “Game of Thrones” NO THRONE!!!
    “Casino” Takes place in a bingo hall.
    “Goodfellas” only they are jehova`s witnesses and do good deeds
    “Friday” Only its Wednesday!
    “Boys n the Hood” with the wahlburgs

    Just keep with this semi insulting and rather dull formula of …..

    Woman > Man
    Man > Woman
    Black > White
    Night > Day
    Dog > Cat

    Ect, ect. And My God… you`ll never have to work hard at thinking up a single original worthwhile thing. You can just keep churning out lack luster idea after lack luster idea with never one brain cell strained into the making of another “Citizen Kane”…..which sucked! But at least someone put some effort into it.

  41. Tony says:

    I have nothing against miss rousey , butt roadhouse is perfect the way it is . if mgm cant figgure out how to make new movies without ruining a good movie already maybe they need to get out of the business!!!

  42. We love the 80’s for a reason. Stop remaking those classic movies and try to come
    up with something original.

  43. Axel Virgo says:

    This is the worst news I’ve heard all day. Ronda Rousey, I’m sure you will never see this comment but please don’t do this. Roadhouse is one of the last remaining cult classics that Hollywood hasn’t blown their load on. I was OK with the ‘sequel’ being made because I knew it was going to achieve no acclaim whatsoever.

    Ronda, I speak to you personally now, I respect you as an MMA fighter and an actress but please don’t take part in Hollywoods attempt at bringing this beautiful film into the mainstream light. I’m sure the paycheque entices you and I don’t blame you for considering it but this is a film that simply does not need to be remade. (Or rebooted for that matter)

    Patrick Swayzes’ legacy as Dalton needs to remain untouched. This is a film that simply will not benefit from being remade for a mainstream audience.

    I cannot speak for the people that saw ‘Roadhouse’ when it was released, as I was still just one of the million swimmers in my dad’s ballsack, so I have no idea of its initial reception. What I can say, however, is this: there comes a time in a man’s life when he must stand up for what he believes in, for me that time is now, a woman cannot replicate what Patrick Swayze did in that film. I understand that what I just said sounds sexist but I challenge any woman to watch the 1989 masterpiece that is ‘Roadhouse’ and then say that movie could be rebooted with a female lead. I will happily listen to anyone’s argument regarding the gender reversal of that film, it simply does not have any place in this world.

    Ronda, once again, I say this to you directly: I wish you all the best in your future endeavors but please don’t take part in this inevitable butchering of a perfect film.

    I’m sure this comment will not reach your eyes but if it does, and you do not agree with what I have said, well, I thought you’d be bigger.

    • agreed this project is just pissing on the legacy of Patrick Swayze and is a total disgrace to the art of film making. This is such a disgusting post modern trashcan tier deconstructionist fantasy it’s just totally disgusting of them to do this to Roadhouse. I can’t believe they are sinking this low and pissing on Swayze like this. To quote Switch from The Matrix “Not like this…… Not like this..”

    • Chelle says:

      i was there in the theater when it came out and Patrick Swayze could make an audience stand and cheer he had a true gift and when we lost him we lost one of the great actors of our time! More than one person stood up screaming for him and cheering him on, and i haven’t seen that passion in today’s movies.

      Personally if she takes the part i will not go see it ever because personally i think it will ruin what this great man DID not tried but did!

  44. Brilliant!!!
    Rousey is perfect for this role and is true to life for the main character.
    In all respect for Swayze who did an amazing job in the movie Road House, Ronda is the real life equivalent of Patrick Swayze in this role and could totally do the job for real.

    • I hope you’re being sarcastic or you’re off your meds or something…… She is a 140 pound woman. Just watch the video of her grappling with Gegard Mousassi(a 200lb man between fights). He just plays around with her like she is a toddler. The average semi in shape man could probably beat the shit out of Ronda Rousey. Don’t believe the lies and hype. She is a female fighter in a female division for a reason. There is also a reason why we don’t have female bouncers the premise is totally unbelievable.

    • Dave Allen says:

      I agree (see my prev comment re: her qualifications). Switching the genders of the two leads wouldn’t be but so unworkable – there’s not particular shortage of male ER MDs. But I wonder how they will handle Sam Elliot’s role as the older (by ~10yrs) mentor – will they switch that gender too, or leave him male? There’s not doubt that the cast will become more diverse (it being 21st Century Hollywood)

      • Mark says:

        I hope you never find out but i spent 26 years in law enforcement and I have seen plenty of women that beat the shit of of some big ole country boys and i’m talking Jethro type guys so don’t never underestimate people just because of their sex it might leave you laying flat on your ass…

  45. Mike Dunton says:

    is she going to do the roof seen or the mourning coffee seen

    • If’n ya’ll ‘s gonna do this…which is cool and awesome” Please have your agent or whom ever look up” THE MAN WHO NEVER MISSED” 3 VOLUMES. VERY SHORT STORIES….GREAT IDEA’S.. Also, get CYNTHIA ROTHROCK AND MICHEAL YO(Silver Mask) AND WESLEY SNIPES INVOLVED( ” in the next one”) and as many ‘female’ villians as possible….NOT TOO OVER BLOON… Runt of the litter story, kicking ass and taking names after training with a “stinky homeless lady” who turns out to be a champion kung-fu-real-hong kong style-expert from the 60’s-70’s . throw in a couple of cameo’s(the cowboy guy is still around) slap what’s his name’s widow in as the new bar-owner/widow..with a few moves of her own…in fact..orchestrate a rivalry between a guy and a gal who want to have “relations with her…

  46. REH says:

    Ronda who? This country is more f’d up than Hollywood. Keep them fed and entertain their small minds. It’s great how we idolize people whose main thing is to beat the crap out of others, while those who make REAL CONTRIBUTIONS to our society go unnoticed, and unrewarded. Perhaps evolved people don’t require the adulation of the brain dead masses.

    • Michael Laham says:

      How refreshing to know that there are still some intelligent people in this world. You are absolutely RIGHT!!! It’s DISGUSTING isn’t it???

    • Brian says:

      Talk about small minds, look in the mirror. The movie is Road House and the characters are all violent. This is entertainment as much as any other form of entertainment. They are obviously not trying to educate the masses, this isn’t a damn documentary. Rhonda is very respected amongst the athletic community and the world as a whole. Currently she is an Olympic medalists in Judo for the US and holds the Womens Bantamweight campionship belt in the UFC. Rhonda is also an inspiration for women’s rights and equality for people of all kinds. She has co-wrote a best selling book and has appeared and starred in several other movies. She was voted the number one female and boxing athlete in the world and also is in the top five highest paid female athletes for last year. She also works with and educates children in proper nutrition and helps others fight their problems with eating disorders. Who are you and how do you compare? We must have a sound body to have a sound mind. Miss Rousey obviously has nothing to prove to you, and I will guarantee she is smarter than you could ever dream of being with that narrow mindness of yours. I respect your opinion but not your attitude.

  47. Hugh Williams says:

    I love Ronda and it maybe a fun movie. Maybe she’s Dalton’s younger sister. She indicated they want to make it a tribute to Swayze which is nice but,let’s not forget there was another amazingly talented member of the original cast Jeff Healey. Jeff was in fact the most real character in the movie. Blind from early childhood Jeff became one of the most loved and respected blues guitarist and singers of the past 2 decades.He was considered comparable to and respected by Steve Ray Vaughn, Gary Moore and Eric Clapton.The world of music and particularly Canada is much poorer since his passing. So if tributes are to be made lets not forget the truly great Norman Jeffrey “Jeff” Healey Mar 25,1966 – Mar 2,2008 who left behind a wife and 2 children.

  48. mpzz says:

    Well, when you look at it realistically, she’s about as masculine as Swayze was, so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch.

    • Dave Allen says:

      The biggest reason isn’t so much that she’s so masculine as the opposite. Swayze (MHRIP) from childhood was trained by his mother to be a ballet dancer (it’s why he was so graceful in the movie’s exercise routines). Rousey’s mom was the 1984 World Judo Champion and has a 7th degree black belt – HER daughter Ronda (besides being a world Judo champion) is an OLYMPIC medallist in Judo!

      IRL, Rousey would be a FAR more deadly bouncer than Swayze! :-D

      • Dave you’re delusional and probably off your meds. You obviously have no training experiences in your life if you truly believe that Ronda could even touch Patrick Swayze in a fist fight. I guess hollywood action scenes with 130 lb woman beating the snot out of 300lb tough guys have invaded your frontal lobe and have clouded all rational judgement. It doesn’t matter how many female tomato cans Ronda Rousey has beaten up in the shallow women’s UFC bantamweight division. Fighting against an actual trained man is a totally different ballgame. There is a reason why Ronda fights in a FEMALE division. There are reasons why male fighters don’t fight against female fighters. If you truly believe that a 135lb woman no matter how well trained she is can deal with like 5 200lb males in a rowdy barroom brawl scenario then you are clearly beyond delusional. Ronda Rousey would get absolutely destroyed by the worst flyweight male fighter on the UFC roster. She would definitely get absolutely destroyed by a couple rowdy big redneck drunk bar patrons.

  49. Bev Zimmerman says:

    (1st) I don’t think Road House should be remade – Leave It Alone; (2nd) no one can take Patrick Swayze’s place – he was Dalton; (3rd) if you need to remake another great movie again, then I think Christian Kane from Leverage & The Librarians who beat Marshall R. Teague (aka “Jimmy Reno”) in Leverage would make a great Dalton and would make Patrick Swayze proud; (4th) Ronda may be a great fighter but I don’t think a role should be changed from a male to a female – it is a male role and should stay a male role; (5th and finally) what is with these people who think they can go from one profession like a pro-fighter to an actress?

  50. Ronda rousey is not only tough bit dhe is gorgeous

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