Sony Takes Over ‘Robotech,’ Plans Film Franchise (EXCLUSIVE)

Robotech Movie
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Sony Pictures has secured rights to the popular anime series “Robotech” and views the project as a potential film franchise.

The studio hopes to move quickly into production on the live-action feature, with Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton (“300,” “The Immortals”) producing and Michael Gordon (“300,” “GI Joe”) writing the script. The series centered on humanity’s use of robot technology to fend off alien invaders and has an “Independence Day” meets “Star Wars” vibe. It is seen as having the global appeal necessary to become a blockbuster property.

The project will be overseen at Sony Pictures by Sony Pictures Entertainment Group president Doug Belgrad, Columbia Pictures production chief Michael De Luca, and Sony Pictures vice president of creative production Matthew Milam.

“‘Robotech’ is unique in that it has always been a marriage of spectacle with human characters that seem drawn from life,” said De Luca. “That’s why we are so excited to be working with Mark and Gianni as we move forward on this project. With a history that offers an epic love triangle, a renegade hero, and a world on the brink of extinction, ‘Robotech’ offers a wide scope and a rich and impressive universe where the story possibilities are endless.”

“Robotech” derives from a series of popular Japanese TV shows that made their way over to the United States in the 1980s, eventually inspiring books, role playing games, video games, toys and collectibles.

“I’m thrilled to be back in business with Sony Pictures and Gianni and I look forward to working with the studio on this global franchise-driven opportunity,” said Canton, who ran the studio in the 1990s. “‘Robotech’ is a very significant and legendary part of the growth of anime into the force that it is today, and we’re excited to be adapting it for modern audiences.”

The rights to the material had originally been at Warner Bros. with Tobey Maguire and Akiva Goldsman on board as producers. At various points the project attracted interest from the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and commercial director Nic Mathieu, but the studio never moved forward with a feature film. When they became free, they were nabbed Canton’s Atmosphere and Nunnari’s Hollywood Gang labels.

“When the rights to ‘Robotech’ became available we jumped; Mark and I knew it had what big movies in today’s world must have if they want to grab everyone: insane visuals and powerful themes,” said Nunnari. “The characters in ‘Robotech’ wrestle with both the destructive and redemptive powers of technology; nothing is more relevant today than that.”

Frank Agrama of Harmony Gold, which is the original intellectual property rights holder, will executive produce with Michael Gordon and Jehan Agrama. Leonard B. Rosman and Christy Duran will serve as co-producers.

The deal on behalf of Harmony Gold and the producers was negotiated by Ralph P Brescia of Bloom Hergott, together with Leonard B. Rosman, Esq. of the Law Offices of Leonard B. Rosman and Christy Duran, Esq. of Harmony Gold.

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  1. Deon Schlemmer says:

    I am 39 and still watching and loving the Robotech saga. What is the chances of just re doing animation to be up to standard with todays animation. It is one of the greatest shows ever.

  2. Sounds pretty ambitious, especially considering how controversial at best stuff like Transformers and such are adapted for the cinematic screen by far. I actually think it would be best if they just make the Macross part considering it has continued to this day.

  3. Too bad it will probably not happen. They have been trying for years and can’t seem to get it together. I would love to hear some positive news given it has been over a year. I will believe it when I see it. Just don’t let JJ Abramas or Michael Bay have anything to do with it and there might be a chance of it being good, if we ever see it.

  4. LINO CASAS says:

    plase do it right and start with the fall of the master zorr this movie could be bigger than starwars god knows it has the story behind it.

  5. Zentradi suck says:

    This is AWESOME news!!! One of the few anime shows I still watch from my middle school anime phase lol. (which was roughly 15 years ago)

  6. May Seck says:

    When this Robotech film is made, will it be re-titled to “Macross” when it is shown in Japan? And will it use trademark mecha designs of Shoji Kawamori and Kazutaka Miyatake that established the love of mecha in the west in the early 80s? Will the Japanese versions script be a re-write that matches more closely the original plot established in the original animation and its sequels? There are fans who can tell the key differences between the two renditions, and have a near equal respect for both. Will this movie be able to satisfy all sides, the Macross fan, the Robotech fan, and the enlightened fan?

  7. Mykael says:

    To the person who suggested that Japan produce the Robotech/Macross movie (s) instead of US …. did you see what they did to Attack on Titan as a movie? The only thing decent about AoT movie was the special effects. The acting and all Japanese cast just plainly was disappointing.

    I’ve been a fan of Robotech since it reached US shores back in the 1980’s and just hope that whoever makes this movie shows it the respect and dignity of being made the right way of the highest quality and effort just like the Star Wars franchise and or Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit series.

  8. Johnny Mac says:

    To all the die hard Robotech fans the whole point of the live action film is to get the attention of the younger generation, they allready know how popular the series is so they are trying to get more people the chance to experience Robotech not all of us old school watchers. Face the facts robotech will fade away with out new viewers!!!!

    • Allen S. says:

      Good riddance then to Robotech, and may it fade quickly!

      I’d much rather have Macross Zero, Macross Plus movie/OVAs (although that’s been allowed in due to Australia & Canada), Macross 7’s series/movies/OVAs, Macross Frontier series/movies, and the new Macross Delta. Something like 52-53 STRAIGHT hours of entertainment in total, compared to, at best, between 7 1/2 – 8 hours if they manage to do a trilogy of 2 1/2-ish hour long movies, or maybe 11 hours if they pull off a 22 episode long series. Oh and Delta hasn’t even come out yet, but is very likely to hit at least 24+ episodes, so add another 12 hours of entertainment.

  9. Phlux says:

    I personally think that any follow up/sequel, so be an animated affair. I don’t think the theme and tone works well for live action.

    I also think The Shadow Chronicles, made Robotech stand on it’s own (well, basically an American version of Macross, for the masses) The original Robotech, was derived from 3, completely separate, lesser known Japanese anime.

    Lastly. I would just like to point out that The Sentinels, was, in terms of story, takes place before Shadow Chronicles, in fact, before Robotech Masters (Southern Cross).

    I’m eager to see where this franchise will go. I grew up watching Robotech on Sci-Fi. I was a little late to the game. But it’s a show thats stuck with me. Tho. Keep Robotech as an animated fair. It’s how it works best.

  10. elios says:

    dont expect much Shoji Kawamori has said he would not give US rights to the mech designs for live action movie unless he was given full control of the script and that would be branded as Macross

    they may have rights to a “Robotech” movie but they do not have the design rights to the iconic aircraft which means all new mechs… gl with that no Valkyries means no movie

    • Greg Price says:

      I doubt it even gets to the production design stage. HG can’t/won’t get it’s act together and Sony can’t even handle a simple franchise like Spider-Man w/o botching things up.

  11. After that abysmal Shadow Chronicles, I seriously doubt anything they do will be good. Hollywood simply cannot do great anime. Case in point, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

  12. San Man says:

    Sounds great. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the Amazing Saga of Robotech!

    • San Man says:

      I also really wanted to mention –

      I’d love for the original Robotech theme score to be used in this movie – even if only for the end credits. That would be awesome! Ulpio Minucci’s classic theme is one of the best in all of sci fi – I like it more than the Star Wars theme!

  13. Alex says:

    Correction, they’re about to mess up macross

    • San Man says:

      Macross got messed up as soon as they showed underage nudity – that and pink tentacles may be okay for Japan, but it’s not so great for everybody else, except maybe the trenchcoat crowd. Too many Lolita complex sufferers in that crowd.

  14. Mike says:

    They are about to mess up Robotech.

  15. I’m not coming back to This is not Robotech. Take all of Robotech picture off.

  16. Pablo says:

    me refiero a los movimientos de los personajes en el plano de caricaturas pelicula espacio tierra

  17. Pablo says:

    seria bueno muy bueno que los personajes en las peliculas de robotech y la serie animada tengan los mayores movimientos articulados y explosiones y mas de los personajes mejor movimiento y una trama especial de donde se puedan rescatar y aprender cosas como dragon ball z. los note un poco duros agreguenle hojas a la animacion que se muevan mas!!!! un saludo para los creadores de niño los disfrute y la serie y el libro pero especialmente los albumnes de figuritas me sucedieron cambios y algo que no tengo palabras para expresar un beso a mi viejo !! volvio robotech!!

  18. James A Glier says:

    Any one remember Robotech the Shadow Chronicles came out and they HG announced that another animated movie was coming out in 2009. Its been almost a decade thanks to different studios trying to do a live action.

  19. I was just Three when Robotech was launched on America so I really didn’t grow up with it. But latter when I met my late husband he turned me onto anime and Robotech and I fell in love with it. Now I read all these comments and none of you really get the point, your arguing that it should be done in Japan or it needs to be directed by this person or that person. But like I said you all missed it and that is FINALLY Carl Macek’s dream for the Robotech Universe will be achieved. It’s a shame he and my husband didn’t live to see this but now they have the best seats in the house. My only hope is that they stay true to the story and the characters (and that means Lynn Minmei needs to be played by a young girl of Asian decent and not some bimbo with big… eyes). The makers of the film (writer, director and actors) need to realize that Robotech has been around for thirty years and the fans know this story so well that they can nearly act each episode out word for word.

  20. Bruce says:

    Robotech story is to long to be told in movies setting, they should make it a tv series, like the cartoon!

    • San Man says:

      It would be cool if it could have been done as a cable series, like Game of Thrones, etc, but I’ll settle for a movie any day!

    • ED says:

      Nope, movies, it’s simple. 2-3 movies for each war. Do something like Star Wars where the movie series will tell the whole story.

  21. tony says:

    No Rex, you are wrong, Macross was the original, later on Carl Macek l adapted for American audiences, google it.

    • ed says:

      Actually Robotech was 1st it was just called different “The Super Dimension Fortress Macross” – 1982 aka Robotech, then came “Macross: Do You Remember Love?” – 1984, alternate telling of the events in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross. So Macross was based on Robotech

      • Yep, @Jason, Robotech was adapted from Macross and two other Japaneses animes. Should the Robotech film be realized, I read somewhere they will not be adapting from the Macross franchise. Probably, a different storyline with a different set of characters and mecha designs will see release. The “love triangle against a universal war backdrop plot” particular to the Macross saga of the Robotech franchise may not see a remake and disappoint fans, but this leaves space for creativity and novelty in the final output which may gain new followers three decades hence.

      • Wasn’t Robotech based on SDF Macross (1st Generation), SDC Southern Cross (2nd Generation), and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (3rd Generation). Macek adopted all three and put them together as Robotech for American audience.

  22. macrossforever says:

    Robotech should not be produces in America , they will ruin it.
    let studio nue and big west produce the move in Japanese then later dub it ln English with American actors. japan will do it right.

    • Murph says:

      If you want a truely great story start with the first robotech book with Zor Prime. then build from there.

    • elios says:

      correct BigWest which owns the rights to mechs in Japan has not given the rights to designs to the US film
      the creator of Macross Shoji Kawamori wants full control of any movie using the Macross mechs so that it can get a world release under the Macross name

      any “Robotech” film will have to have all new mech and likely be post Macross saga which means it will flop like all the other non-Macross Robotech movies

    • Scott says:

      Yes. In order for it to be a daily show, it had to be so many episodes, so they cobbled the three together and changed the story line . Same with Voltron too.

    • Rex says:

      Why? Robotech is American. Last time the Japanese had access to this material they put out “Macross” and we all know what a piece of shit that was.


      • San Man says:

        @Rex: zing!

        @ravnos: whoosh!


      • ravnos says:

        Rex, what you said was full of crap. Macross was the original, Robotech was the attempt to bring the Japanese industry to the US when the time US didn’t want anything Japanese. And oh, Macross is 100x better than Robotech. Same with how Transformers evolved and everyone knows how anything gets ruined when Hollywood makes a movie from an Asian original

      • Earthlink Web Bot says:


  23. Query says:

    Sony we still waiting to see when you will give a certain director/writer a budget. We been waiting five years.

  24. Alex says:

    I’d love to watch a Robotech trilogy or more…but I want to see James Cameron or Riddley Scott behind the project…

  25. sargonarhes says:

    Too bad they can’t use any of the original Macross mecha designs as Big West and Studio Nue won’t allow Harmony Gold use them. So they’re either forced to recreate it back from scratch, meaning it’s not going to be the Robotech every one remembers. Or they’re going to be forced go with the 3rd generation story plot and basis.

  26. I hope Sony doesn’t screw it up like they have the Fantastic Four movie…

  27. Sailor Moon says:

    My brother used to watch Robotech and he did used to watch Gundam Wing at all time. He had toys of Gundam Wing but I’m not sure he had a Robotech toys before. Maybe he still have some Gundam toys or not. He used to have them and collected them. He have 2 Gundam Wing DVDs.

  28. Robotech was by far my favorite cartoon series as a child. I read the books, all of the books, I had a lot of the toys, and I have the DVD collections at home. I think it was a series that was profoundly creative, forward thinking, visionary, and extremely engaging in so many ways. I think it’s a great thing that they’re making a series out of it through live action movies, but as some other people have commented I am very dismayed to hear who will be making them.

    Movies like GI Joe and 300 were, in my opinion, sensationalist trash. This movie, Robotech, deserves so much better. It deserves the best director, the best cast, and most of all, the best writers. I don’t see much out there that could have a bigger impact, popularity wise or money wise, then something like Robotech. The story is better than Star Wars.

    If done well it could be really incredible, I hope very much they do it justice.

  29. Brandon Bray says:

    I love Robotech. It was my favorite TV series when I was a little kid. I collected the books. Had all the episodes on VHS. Even found and collected the original Japanese version of Macross. I love Robotech.

    But I have zero faith in Sony’s ability to make it into a series of movies.

    Robotech/Macross is an epic. A Space-Opera so rich in mythology and story, that it cannot be condensed into simply, 90 minute clips. Even attempt to make Macross into animated films in Japan have failed, because the story is simply too big to tell effectively in a condensed format. The cast of characters is too big, and how those characters are interconnected makes it nearly impossible to remove any one of them and maintain the integrity of the story.

    Combine these daunting problems with Sony’s long standing reputation for screwing niche films up (Robocop), interfering with productions to the detriment of the project (Spider-Man 3), pushing to create Marvel style franchises it cannot hope to sustain (Amazing SM 2 / Aunt May movie / Sinister 6), and the clear indications that this is less of an attempt to make a good Robotech film, but instead another desperate bid to create their own franchise series, it becomes very clear that Sony’s intentions consist of the same shallow mechanization we’ve seen before.

    Variety reports that they want to move quickly, suggesting desperation for financial solvency following the 2014 hacker scandal, not a desire to do the project right. Proof of this hail-marry bid is with whom they’ve intrusted the project. They have chose a creative team so cringe-worthy, just thinking about it could make one’s teeth shatter.

    Producers Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton brought us “300: Rise of an Empire”, and “Immortals”, two of the worst films of the last decade. Writer Michael B. Gordon… a man whose ONLY writing credits are “300”, a film in which he only converted a graphic novel into a screenplay (i.e. he did no real creative work), and “300, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” (in which he raped the G.I. Joe universe with his ineptitude and stupidity). These clown-car rejects are our creative team!?! What? Was David Rimawi and Steve Bevilacqua from the The Asylum not available?


    I love Robotech. But everything we’ve heard thus far makes me shudder in terror at how one of my most precious childhood memories is about to be gang-raped by Hollywood hacks, so Sony can rake in some extra bucks after their disastrous 2014 run.

  30. SA says:

    Would really like to see a GOOD live-action film of the Gundam universe but that’s just a dream I bet…But as for this, the love triangle may be appealing but I don’t know about the giant Zentradi…or maybe they will be different in the film. We’ll see I guess.

  31. Robert says:

    My fav show ever, i hope they do a good job

  32. Matt Eugenio says:

    I can’t wait to write a review.

  33. Edgar says:

    It is what it is. money will be made and we will all gripe about something. Lets see where this goes!

  34. the cast of the dreams would be Casey Aflleck and Sam rockwell for the main pilots. Anna Kendrick for the lead woman/singer. ellen page as a cool female daredevil pilot (would be great fun with sam rockwell).. the original VF-1S design (DON’T CHANGE THE ORIGINAL DESIGN or you’ll be banned for life like you did with spiderman, sony! be careful with that, it’s your money! ;) )… and Duncan Jones as a director.

    • Dark_Fenix_151 says:

      Harmony Gold doesn’t own the rights to any of the mecha used in the Macross saga anymore as they F’d over the creators of Macross, so sony will have to create new mecha for this movie.
      I myself watched Robotech as a kid and loved it but then I found out that Robotech: the Macross saga was adapted from Macross (original version) I started to watch and still watch Macross to this day and the whole idea of Robotech p&$$es me of that I will never get a world release of Macross (any of the series) outside of Japan, at least I have the fan sub version I guess.

      • San Man says:

        Bah, the original mecha look a bit dated by today’s standards. There are so many different transforming designs out there in the art world, that I’m pretty sure some more modern types could be used.

      • Ian Carlo says:

        Yeah, they have their own alternate universes. The great deal in producing this Hollywood movie is adapting the real Macross saga with the epic love triangle (Lynn Minmay-Hikaru Ichijyo (RIck Hunter)-Misa Hayase (Lisa Hayes)) againsta a massive universal war in a span of 90++ minutes. Actually, the “Macross: Do You Remember Love?” movie did condense the 36-episode Macross saga to around the same length. Now, adapting it to live-action hopefully will not be that difficult. This should just be epic! I hope the men helming this project will not do a disservice to the story (Robotech/Macross) and the fans like us. Haha!

    • Hi Ben, I agree with you, but for the sake of marketing the success of Robotech and Harmony Gold, the VF-1S/A/J are iconic elements from Macross and is Macross. I think HG will need to move on and evolve, steer itself away from Macross. This movie can be a great start to do just that, introduce the VF-1 for the first 20 minutes and move on to introducing new techs/mechs/characters. This movie can be a building stone for the new Robotech and for future fans. I’m a fan of Robotech, and no disrespect to Macek, but feel like I was lied-to and misdirected.

  35. Joe Jackson says:

    Hey Brent, how about you write about how Harmony Gold is violating international treaties by doing this, and how they don’t actually own the rights to sell Sony in the first place? That article would get a lot more hits than this.

    • Samit Basu says:

      Harmony Gold certainly has the right to sell the Robotech universe it has created for its dubbing, and it is the Robotech trilogy we are seeing, not a Macross trilogy. After all, Robotech is not Macross.

      • San Man says:

        Or just do a reboot.

      • Wade Knudsen says:

        Where the issue comes in, is that they don’t technically own any of the rights to the Macross IP, which the animation of the first 1/3 of the Robotech series is almost a direct copy. Meaning they used the actual animation from Macross and dubbed over it and probably made a few edits, for length, content, etc.

        The international distribution rights are held by Tatsunoko Production Co., which did all the animation for Macross, and they essentially sold the US and UK distribution rights to Harmony Gold. The problem is that Tatsunoko doesn’t actually own the Macross IP, Studio Nue does. Studio Nue is the actual creator of the Macross series.

        So what this could lead to are international lawsuits for violation of the Macross IP, unless they choose to change the way everything looks, like the Veri-techs, the Macross, etc. If they don’t change the designs, then they may end up only being able to release it in the US and UK.

        Of course there is a possible solution. Since Sony is now involved, instead of WB, they may be able to use their clout as one of the largest companies in Japan, to obtain the Macross IP from Studio Nue. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Maybe all the parties involved will just come to an agreement. They all make some money and everyone is happy.

  36. Samit Basu says:

    This project will bomb, because no one outside of US knows that a Robotech is, it is all Macross to them. This will be seen as a cheap imposter to Macross to world audiences.

    • San Man says:

      Dude, if this is a reboot and doesn’t feature anything from the original stories except transforming mecha (which themselves could be very differently stylized from the originals) then I don’t see how world audiences would compare it to Macross – especially younger people who didn’t see the originals.

    • B. H. says:

      Also Latin America got Robotech instead of Macross.

    • Wade Knudsen says:

      The UK knows what Robotech is. The real issues is that without getting permission from the original Macross IP holder, Studio Nue, then they might not even be able to release it outside of the US and UK anyways. At least not unless they change the designs of everything so it doesn’t look like the original Macross series.

      Of course, if they work out a deal with Studio Nue, then they may be able to release it under the Macross name in the rest of the world. You never know what could happen. We’ll have a better idea once it gets closer to release.

    • Brian G. says:

      Throw enough money into marketing and make a good product, and they can succeed. Nobody knew anything about a lot of successful movies before they became successful.

      If they are relying on name recognition, I certainly don’t think there are enough people even in the United States to make the movie successful.

      But to your point, I think people who know the series as Macross will be able to read between the lines and come to understand it for what it is. After all, you know it as both, don’t you? :)

  37. octogonpc says:

    For The Record – It is the MACROSS SAGA that holds the most weight in the ROBOTECH Amalgam of Japanese Anime. I just hope they keep the characters true to form and seek out “MACROSS: Do You Remember Love?” and “MACROSS: The First” Manga as inspirations. Keeping it real close to the “original source material” could make this an EPIC event.

    • Samit Basu says:

      Harmony Gold has no intention of doing that. Harmony Gold has its own Robotech universe separate from that of Macross, and this is a Robotech movie. You can be assured that non-NA audiences that has never seen Robotech will be repulsed by this movie.

  38. Steve says:

    I still think Voltron would make a good franchise. The one with the lions, not the other one…

  39. Nick says:

    Hollywood is completely incapable of making a good movie. Slow motion, lens flare, over-use of CGI and that god-awful, eye-gouging teal-and-blue color scheme is all we’ll get. Transformers dumbed down even further. Let’s hope Harmony Gold acts like themselves and screws this deal up again.

  40. JK says:

    Katy Perry as Minmei

  41. ravnos says:

    I still prefer macross over robotech

    • Macross is the better story.

      • San Man says:

        Meh, Robotech’s Macross Saga and original Macross are fairly close in storyline, with only minor differences, including backstory.

        I liked the idea of a sprawling over-arching saga that Robotech gave, including more serious themes around struggle for a natural energy resource. Even the creators of the originals said they were impressed by what Macek and his team did with the story.

  42. I love this anime for a very long time I’m excited that it will make it to big screen lets hope the one producing the film will stick to the origin cause this is a gem of a movie

  43. Michael Dearden says:

    As long as J.J. Abrams, MIchael Bay or Leonardo DiCrapio have nothing to do with the movie it might turn out OK.

  44. Jake Speed says:

    Great. /s

    From the studio that managed to wreck the Spider-man franchise. They won’t get it right. I bet they try to fit in some looney left coast environmental theme.

    It better be Robotech not Macross. I never liked the truely Japanese storyline about Protoculture actually being culture. The energy story in Robotech was more rational.

    • croniusdraks says:

      agreed, I like the Robotech story better and i hope they make enough movies to link it all together like the series did, including the the extent of the story plus more. fine for the first movie to just cover events in the first part but I’ll be bummed out if they never get to the Invid part of the story. preferably they’ll cover stuff from the robotech book series as well, that’s where the story all falls together and really makes sense.

      • Wade Knudsen says:

        I agree that it would be awesome if they based it off the books, but other than for certain details, they aren’t consider as part of the core-continuity by Harmony Gold. It was like the opposite of how it works today. They adapted the books from the show, but like any other adaptation, the writers added their own details to the story. So, that makes it non-canon. Granted, since the movie would very likely be considered non-canon to the Original story also, then there could be a good chance that they might use stuff from the books.

  45. John James says:

    this will never happen, harmony gold does not have the rights to the macross characters, the ONLY thing they could make live action is a mospeada film, and that is not what will sell. people want a macross movie, and it can’t happen until harmony gold is dead. that is why warner bros. gave up the rights in the first place

  46. I myself am excited as a 44 yr old can be. It will not be cannon IE nothing even close to the TV Series. Impossible, to tell the first generation series within 2hrs. Impossible, Let alone squeeze the 3 distinct generations into 1 blah movie.

    So it will be either a rush to a certain couple episodes, like the begining on how we got it, or jump directly to one of the Major battles. Will probably be something to the Transformers type. Assume you know up to a certain point. But with Robotech.. Being 84 episodes that ran in order. It was addictive to watch each and every one, in Order, time after time after time. So, even to skip to the New Generation would make sense tech wise, not having to have many actors to focus on. Unless you know the 2 other series, the title people, will be clueless.

    I hope whoever is making this, doesnt F it up.

  47. Walker says:

    This is wrong. Harmony Gold is stealing from the creators of the three different Japanese series that Robotech came from. If anything this movie should be a Macross movie, not Robotech.

    I hope the companies that owns these original series challenge Harmony Gold in court and hopefully cause them to lose the license once and for all.

  48. Adam Young says:

    problem with most of these big productions is at the core is a corporate money minded machine that considers movies to be just the commercial for their merchandise which makes many times the profit that the films do these days. you’re guaranteed the film will look flash and full of spectacle but have the depth of a TV commercial. they don’t like betting on how long it takes kids to get bored with non-action scenes so we just don’t see deep big budget flicks anymore, mostly.

  49. Felipe says:

    Please Sony do not screw this one up….please don’t.
    At least Be true to the harmony golds series plot.

    • jason says:

      Won’t happen “true to the plot” since Harmony Gold lost the lawsuits giving them the rights to re-use elements from Macross. It’s a legal minefield.

  50. Lucy in the sky with diamonds says:

    Literally the dumbest most old fashioned concept possible: our technology can fight aliens that can get to earth but our tech can’t get to their planet, right? Dumb dumb dumb

    • Goodgulf says:

      It’s actually not our technology, it’s theirs. Also, the tech we more of less steal from them, which we’re using, can get to their planet. I assume you’ve never seen the series yeah?

      • jason says:

        So true. In the series, we capture a crashed alien craft, and retrofit that for humans just in time to be invaded. So humans have this single high-tech ship…on which most of the tech doesn’t work properly due to our limited knowledge.

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