Oscar Nominations Expose Academy’s Lack of Diversity

Oscar Nominations' Lack of Diversity: 'Selma,'

This year’s crop of Oscar contenders reveals a stunning lack of diversity that is certain to reawaken complaints that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is tone deaf when it comes to issues of race and gender.

All of the acting categories on Thursday were dominated by white performers and no female writers or directors were included in the Oscar race. It’s the kind of monochromatic constellation that flies in the face of a moviegoing public that is becoming more multi-cultural by the day.

Oscar voters had a chance to make history by nominating the first African-American woman in the Best Director category with “Selma” helmer Ava DuVernay, but instead they opted to reward a contingent that was all-male and heavily white. Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu, rewarded for “Birdman,” was the sole instance of diversity in that category. 

Moreover, “Selma” star David Oyelowo has earned raves for his work as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but he was also left off of too many ballots to make the final cut.

DuVernay seemed to take it in stride, emphasizing “Selma’s” Best Picture and Best Song nods and tweeting, “Happy Birthday, Dr. King. An Oscar gift for you. To SELMA cast + crew led by our miracle David Oyelowo! To Common + Legend! Kudos! March on!”

DuVernay wasn’t alone. Oscar voters ignored “Unbroken” director Angelina Jolie and “Citizenfour” director Laura Poitras (although the film was nominated for best documentary). In the supporting actor categories, Carmen Ejogo’s sensitive portrayal of Coretta Scott King in “Selma” was ignored, as was Miyavi’s frightening work as an abusive prison guard in “Unbroken.”

Past reports on the makeup of the Academy’s membership have exposed a disturbing level of racial and demographic homogeneity. A Los Angeles Times article from 2012, revealed that Oscar voters were 94% white, 77% male and only 14% under the age of 50.

To its credit, the Oscars have made efforts to diversify, appointing African-American Cheryl Boone Isaacs as president in 2013, for example. It has also rewarded black actors such as Forest Whitaker and Octavia Spencer in recent contests, and last year handed its top prize to “12 Years a Slave.”

But Thursday’s nominations represent a step back. Host Ellen DeGeneres kicked off last year’s Oscars telecast with a joke that read as a warning, noting that the night could end two ways.

“Possibility number one: ’12 Years a Slave’ wins best picture,” DeGeneres said. “Possibility number two: You’re all racists.”

Who’s laughing now?

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  1. plc1660@msn.com says:

    since when does a “black person” receive an Oscar for being black? I always thought that one receives an Oscar for his/her performance in one of the many categories….and again, I don’t recall a category dealing with race which an Oscar is given….the truth is, America had been kissing ass to the blacks for so long that now they expect it no matter if they are qualified or not….this is just another way for the blacks to complain about to the ncasppp or whoever that racist BS organization is…America has been kissing the blacks ass for too long….giving them honorary doctor degrees, etc….and another thing. like the way the news media is very, very careful not to mention race when the suspect in a crime is black and the victim is white, like in the recent and sad shooting of that white female cop I Virginia by black guy…take a look at all of the other articles conceding shootings….I GUARANTEE you had the officer been white and shot a black guy, the news article would surely have red, “White Officer Shoots Black Suspect”…but no, no fricking way will they print the suspect’s race if the bad guy is black…I think we need another all out war against black people.

  2. Joe says:

    I have a solution that will resolve this problem and it is very Liberal. Give everyone that is in a movie, star or not, a participation Oscar. No thanks needed, I just borrowed the idea from the Leftists.


  4. This is your sign black actors white Allie actors/film industry protesting in silence against you no Oscars this year black folks.

  5. Lisa says:

    Getting rather tired of black people always claiming to be the victim. There are plenty of races who are not well-represented in media, including Asians, and you don’t hear them complaining. Why should blacks get special treatment? Please get over yourselves.

  6. movieman says:

    Black people burnout ! Everyone is sick of hearing them cry racism everyday. That is why Hollywood is doing badly , they force B grade black actors in every movie and the public just does not want to see that.

    • what makes you think white folks should get special treatment then?

      • lbrentnj says:

        The only profession that is totally unbiased, not racist nor sexist is athletics. The reason is that athletes are measured on an objective basis…yards per carry, RBI’s, shots on goal, 100 meter time, or how many pounds someone can lift. This is not true for sports with judges where judges determine the outcome – figure skating or gymnastics which totally subjective like the Academy Awards…

        The true measuring stick for Hollywood is box office – $. Movies are way too expensive ($15 to $18) and very few are really good…you are right they are hurting themselves.

  7. Lee says:

    Mexico did well. The UK did well. Neither are Americans.

    Are you suggesting that native Africans, Asians, Arabs, others should be nominated in every category?


  8. shirley jordan says:

    The 2015 Oscars was shameful…UGLY AMERICANS.

  9. Lei says:

    The fact is, we all whine no matter what race. History proves that it wasn’t just one ethnic group that was enslaved to another, it’s not just one race that is shot in the street, it is not just one race that gets bullied and harassed by the police, it’s not just one race that has terrorist, nor is it just one race that was snubbed out from partial or fully by genocide. It just so happens that these races are stuck on what was wrongfully done to them and not a care in the world about any other race it still happens to or has happened too. It’s a very sad and pathetic world today, people fighting for what they think is owed to them, people taking what they feel entitled too, and at the end of the day – sit and whine or start war when they didn’t get their way.
    It’s unfortunate about Ferguson and Michael Brown, but its a world wide epidemic not just isolated to one country, area, or race and I think the sooner we start to realize that, and unite strengths instead of being sided, racist and entitled, a better and a peaceful world it will be. Of course if life was like that, I’m sure we’d find some way to ruin the harmony we are after all….Human.

    • Lei – great response – just what I was hoping for.

      I am a white male, protestant from Alabama. When was the last time you heard that demographic complain foul when they didn’t get their way? Or lose a court case?

      Sports is the true barometer for the most talented because the performance is based on tangible, measurable results – yards per carry, RBI’s, free throw percentage. If that weren’t the case the NBA and NFL would not be predominately Afro American.

  10. SL BRENT says:

    I just looked at Variety’s employees listed on LinkedIn.
    There are 425 employees only two of which were African American. Or 1/2 of one percent –
    African Americans represent 13% of the population

    American Jews represent 2% of the population – I am guessing, based on the surnames, in LinkedIn that far more than 2% of the employees are Jewish.

    How diverse is Variety?

  11. Cecil B Da Mill says:

    Black racism is everywhere and frankly I think everyone has about had it

  12. Realistically Speaking says:

    Im so tired of hearing this whining and crying crap I could puke……I read somewhere in this thread where someone said why aren’t there more black directors and actors etc etc. I don’t believe Hollywood is the kind of place to hold race against a person, in fact I think Hollywood as well as the State of California are so far left and so liberal that could never be an issue. How about go out and apply for a job if they want it, based on qualifications and it not being handed to them cause they feel entitled to it? I believe if you have talent and are educated then you should be rewarded on those merits alone, not as to wether your white, black, Latino or whoever. Everyone wants to make this about black and white. What do you think will happen next year when “Annie” is nominated? Will anyone complain then? I guarantee you won’t hear anything…..You know last I looked Latinos have Latin television, Blacks have BET, Black Starz, Oprah TV, Gay and Lesbians have their own channels, but where in the hell is white tv? Hmmm You know what? We don’t have one! Why is that? Should we show our asses because we don’t get our way and maybe get our own channels too or will that also be part of the white man is keeping us down speech that is and has been going on for decades now? It’s getting old, and nobody cares if you wanna know the truth.

  13. Ron Ray Hewlett says:

    Did everybody just forget “12 Years a Slave” all of a sudden? Should the Academy Awards become gratuitous for the sake of “inclusion”? Isn’t there something more relevant to talk about?

  14. Hattie McDaniel won the best supporting actress for Gone with The wind. Sidney Poiter won it next.

  15. Zuleide R Leonardo says:

    I think that all of the actors ignored by the boring Snow White and Cindrella film quality understanding group are to realize that the mass, the people who are making an effort to watch the film, talking about on a bus, on the facebook are the ones telling all of the cast how Oscar the fim really is! They have tried to block the shinning light, but the Truth is: Selma is the film of the year for many and it will be a classic documentary for life! So, who is going to end up with the eternal laughter? Nothing but the fill Selma by the people of America and I bet you all by the entire world as well! Ahah! Ahah!

  16. Kelly H. says:

    Or for Pete’s sake – let it go – just because it’s Oprah (who in my opinion is a white racist) doesn’t mean she automatically gets an Oscar. They also snubbed New Zealanders too. Did you notice the biggest block busting movie – the Hobbit – didn’t get any Oscar nods? Is Peter Jackson shaking his fist and frothing at the mouth screaming “racists!” Honestly, why do blacks play the racist card so much? Get over it – everyone enjoys equality in today’s world.

    • ledmun says:

      No everyone does not…you clearly have not been everyone in the world so chill out…I don’t like how we as blacks play the race card with everything either(& im black)…but equality is not in today’s world. Sorry.

  17. We live in a double standard society,if the Oscar question was on Jeopardy how many will get the right answer.

  18. Selma was pretty6 much a mediocre film! Not even wo9rthy of nomination!
    Yet people are co9mplaining about blacks not being represented in the Oscars!
    It’s bad enough that Selma was nominated for best picture simply because it was a black movie!
    I also remember a year when every winner was black, and no one creid about it!

  19. Aaron says:

    These comments are truly something to behold. They read like a Storm Front rally. smh.

  20. cdhaskell says:

    It is still about the almighty dollar and Hollywood film industry wanted to produce the most money. It will be interested to see how many new TV/film will be meet the diversity issue in 2015/2016.

  21. moi says:

    since they are minorities, isn’t it normal that they are represented by a small percentage?

  22. usclewis says:

    I always find it very interesting that so many people want to reduce diversity to meaning “black” as if Latinos, Asians, Women, LGBT individuals, Native Americans and other minority groups don’t exist.

    Moreover, this isn’t just about an “Oscar nomination” — this is about the systematic lack of minority representation both in front of and behind the camera in our film industry. If only about 15-25% of our population is white and male then why do they make up nearly 75% of our lead actors, producers and directors?

    Are white males somehow naturally more gifted than everyone else in this country, or is this the result of decades of racism and sexism in the entertainment industry — an industry where people of color were once portrayed as little more than racist caricatures and women were seen primarily as love interests and/or sex objects?

    How is it that Latino Americans can make up about 25% of the movie going audience, yet we rarely — if ever — see them depicted as the leads in American films? How is that Hollywood claims to want to make money in the Chinese box office, yet can’t be bothered to cast Asians/Asian-Americans (and especially Asian males) as leads in their films? How is is that women can make up over 50% of our population and be some of the biggest drawing and highest grossing actors in the industry (Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, etc) yet only make up 8% of our directors and 11% of our writers? How is it that actors like Denzel Washington can consistently make films that are both entertaining and profitable worldwide, yet African-Americans can still be considered a “risk” from an international marketing standpoint?

    Two of the best performing new shows on television as we speak are “Empire” and “Jane the Virgin” — shows led by African-American and Latino-American casts respectively. Likewise, the success of Shonda Rhimes is undisputable at this point while Justin Lin’s Fast and Furious movies starring a diverse and multi-racial cast are certified money makers on an international scale…

    …so what exactly does it take to prove that “minorities” have what it takes to make in Hollywood?

    Those who argue that the awards are based on merit are ignoring the obvious — it’s easy to win if you won’t even let the competition on the playing field. It was done in the music world, the sports world, and the political field for centuries (segregation and racism) and now look at what we have now that the doors of opportunity have been opened for all.

    Why is it so hard to accept that the same needs to happen in the film and television industry, especially when the result will simply be better movies and television programs — and better representation of our national identity — as a whole?

    • Cecil B Da Mill says:

      amen to that

    • twobells says:

      White males make up 15-25%? Where one earth did you get that figure? :-) 245,532,000, or 77.7% of the population as of 2013.is white, There are 1.48 white males for every white female so that makes at least 45%,of the entire USA is white male at the very least and remember that until very recently the white population was by far the largest group in America at over 90% and still is at 77% so your wondering ‘why’ so many white men hold so many jobs in the industry is obvious, there are far more white males than anyone else so the degree of exceptional ism is going to have a very large base to choose from ie. the most competent and well-trained. It isn’t ‘racism’ its just that white Europeans, mainly English settled here 300 years ago and proceeded to flourish bringing with them English Common Law, Democracy and Freedom of Expression and the country hasn’t looked back since.

  23. cdhaskell says:

    The Diversity have become a big fat joke. Let be honest how many people will remember who win the 2015 Oscar the next day.

    • usclewis says:

      Actually, we are both incorrect on the number of white males in society, which stands between 30-35%, while while male representation in the Academy stands at around 96%. There are not “far more white males than anyone else” in American society — in fact, white males are a “minority” in Ameria, and that number is only increasing as time goes on.

      Moreover, that number still does not explain many of the other issues I brought up with regards to the lack of Latino and Asian representation as well as female representation both in front of and behind the camera in Hollywood.

      The fact that you can argue that “racism” (and sexism) has nothing to do with the current situation in Hollywood is complete and utter denial, especially given the fact that — just as with sports and politics before — the doors of Hollywood were often closed to women and people of color. One look at nearly any film made before the 70s (outside of possibly “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” with Sidney Pointier) would show just how “whitewashed” Hollywood was in the not-so-distant past, and little has changed since then with regards to representation, which is why we STILL have nearly all white-male representation at the Oscars and in the film industry today.

      Is your argument then that white males are somehow inherently superior to every other “minority” in the industry or are you willing to admit that overt racism and sexism have played a large part in the creating the very same problem that many are pointing out today with regards to the lack of diversity in Hollywood?

      And given that we both were incorrect about the white male population percentage, can you instead address many of the other points that I raised in my post with regards to the COMPLETE lack of representation of Latinos (a very large segment of the American population) and Asians (one of the most internationally desired groups with regards to profitability) in our modern film industry?

      Why not simply admit that racism and sexism are a real problem both in the industry and in society, especially given the fact that most independent studies bear this fact out as well?

  24. tbush says:

    how is it the movies about real people who shaped this country be completely overlooked for the highest achievement in movie makingI think the fact that they overlooked Angelina Jolie in this story of inspiration it’s a travesty as well as to overlook the movie Selma’s director and actors. a movie that honors our veterans as those who fought for freedom for so many in this country

    • So , why not complain that white males do not get an equal opportunity in the NBA or the NFL!
      Surely it must be racism that holds back all of the white males in this country who want to compete in these sports!
      And , lets not get started over the massive racist policy in boxing were 79% of boxers are Latino!
      Both white men and Asian men are kept out of boxing by blatant racism!
      See how stupid your argument is!
      I can take any demographic I choose and make an argument for racism!Good day Sir!

    • usclewis says:

      Correction: this post is in reply to the post above and should say that the number of white males is decreasing, not increasing. And white males are a “minority” in that there are more non-white males in our society than there are white males (around 30-35% white male vs. 65-70% non-white males in society overall) which makes the fact that about 80-90% of the film industry is represented by said 30-35% even more glaring in its inequality.

  25. thehollywoodfeminazi says:

    Reblogged this on thehollywoodfeminazi.

    • twobells says:

      Has everyone and their mum’s had a memory breakdown? Last year’s Oscar for best director was won by a BLACK man and the best actor award went to…….blaack maan. Why? Because they were in the eyes of the board the best director and best actor. This year, hey guess what? the best actor and director goes to…….best PERSON.

      • thehollywoodfeminazi says:

        Best Actor and Best supporting went to the men of Dallas Buyers Club last year- white men. Lupita won best supporting actress, if that’s what you’re referring to. However, maybe MY memory is the one compromised. Please enlighten me as to what stories are most commonly told in the film industry and by whom. Not the five that are token examples, because they’re the anomaly, not the norm. I can guarantee the disproportionate majority of stories told are white male stories.

      • twobells says:

        BEST PICTURE: 12 Years A Slave, BEST SCREENPLAY: 12 Years a Slave, BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Lupita Nyong’o – 12 Years a Slave

      • Jay says:

        Last years best director went to a latino director for Gravity not black! The best actor went to Matthew Mcconaughey! Get it right!

  26. SS says:

    I’m so sick of hearing blacks and PC sympathizers whine about this crap.

    • you are so right I did not here complaints about no diversity last year. This year I think the yang yanging is coming from certain folk, who are producers of the film, who just want an Oscar such as Oprah Winfrey and plan b owned by brad pitt because the only way they can get one is to win best picture or best director. by screaming no diversity they think they can force the academy to give best picture to Selma. Selma is nothing new it is history in it self. it is not even accurate. In my opinion, and I am a afo-American female, it is not the best picture. May the best picture win. Since when are awards given according to diversity and not merits.

      • Susan says:

        I hate to say it, but I agree that this seems like an orchestrated marketing campaign for Selma. Last year, 12 Years a Slave was nominated for 6 Oscars, but there were still cries of racism in the days leading up to the ceremony that created more attention for the movie. I think they’re doing the same thing to market Selma.

        Selma got a Best Picture nomination, the most prestigious nomination a movie can get, but instead of being honored, they’re acting like it’s the booby prize.

  27. rofeltje says:

    Nominate women and non Caucasians when they deserve one, and not when the people is crying

  28. 2 things:

    1. I am outraged there are never any White actors in the BET awards so I cry racism!

    2. If the nominees were all black at the oscars, there wouldn’t even be a story (or alternatively praise for it being all black).

    There is racism in America for sure, but White people are the only ones who get called out for being “racist”…

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest folks which is why I do not follow Holly-weird….

  29. Ger Kennelly says:

    denzel won for Training Day giving more or less the exact same performance gere gave in Internal Affairs after gere wasn’t even nominated

    is that fair ?

  30. Margie says:

    believe me when i tell you, they have been OVER REPRESENTED in years past. they are only 17% of the population, yet for years and years and years almost every category of 5 had at least 1 black face. now for one small year there are not a bunch of blacks everywhere and they are screaming. keep screaming about everything all the time. you are making yourselves just more and more annoying to us white people. you are digging a hole and throwing yourselves into it. only black lives matter, huh? not in hollywood. we look for talent here, sorry. time to take things back and start only awarding talent. that’s the way to go

  31. Margie says:

    perhaps if black folk wish to make better movies, well then maybe they will be more “included”

  32. Margie says:

    this race baiting is soooooo annoying

  33. Margie says:

    Based on merit. only. period

  34. Margie says:

    the fact that this is an issue is just so outright stupid. I find it a breath of fresh air to see these lovely white faces of people who are DESERVING to be there. this is the arts. it is subjective and emotional. the day we start awarding solely on the basis of politics of who thinks they should be “included” just because they are black or whatever will be a bad, bad day. of course it’s already started and been going on for years now, but this is Hollywood scaling it back a bit……and I champion that. Based on merit. Only. Period

  35. Alex Dupont says:

    Jolie was not disregarded, she simply got what she deserved: nothing! She took a great story about a legend and turned it into a boriiing film, that makes one wonder: why in God’s name this woman is so unstoppable in her egomania? Why nobody dares to tell her what’s her place in this world, her REAL place? I mean, come on, she barely can act and now she wants play director?? Bravo ACADEMY: fair enough!!!

    • Jolie has been already the director of the movie”The Land of Blood and Honey”. She got all kinds of nominations and rewards for that one, but this movie ‘mysteriously’ disappeared from all movie renting facilities in the USA. Why did it happen, ah? Now, I have not seen “Unbroken”, but I do not much believe that it is such bad movie. I have not yet seen ANYTHING bad done by Angelina Jolie.This movie is carrying in any case the very, very important message of love and forgiveness. And this message is right now EXTREMELY important, after what the current WH has recently done, placing the world on the very brink of WW III, nuclear WW, by poking Russia with coup d’etat in Ukraine and genocide of its population. To reduce Jolie and everything, what she has done, to the fully idiotic cat fights with Aniston, is not only very, very stupid, and, of course, very annoying, but simply DANGEROUS under the current circumstances.

    • This racist fight again and again, over and over. I have the low opinion about our president, but, I think, that the first lady deserves even the lower one, as I feel that this outrageous racist noting, which we-all have been suffering within last seven years, are much of her own doing.Bur it is even of less importance that the second problem.I have, however, the real problem with snubbed “Unbroken”. I do not think that it is done so badly, though I’ve not seen it yet. but the problem is that under what current W H has done pushing the world on the very brink of WW III, the nuclear WW, provoking Russia over and over , again and again, this movie “Unbroken” with its message of love and forgiveness, is EXTREMELY important. And to reduce Angelina Jolie AND, MORE importantly, everything, she has done, permanently and without ANY sense to cat fights with Aniston, is not simply stupid, senseless, and very annoying, as usually, but extremely, extremely dangerous under the current circumstances.

    • Ger Kennelly says:

      brad pitt is the reason 12 years a slave got made
      the studio were scared to finance a film with no “stars”
      ejiofor and fassbender were not huge stars at the time

  36. sam k says:

    Uuuh that’s essentially reverse racism/sexism. “Oscar voters had a chance to make history by nominating the first African-American woman in the Best Director category”… So you Want the academy to be basing the decision on the fact she’s black? Saying, oh we’ve never nominated a black woman director, we better do that?… Check that off our list. No… It’s based on the quality of the movie. To even entertain the idea of ” oh we haven’t nominated enough women or ethic people, we better kick out what we feel is a better film to do that” would be even more deplorable that what they accuse them of here and the Oscars would lose all meaning… Then it’s just political. I agree that if they nominated Ava it would be an inspiration to African American girls everywhere… But that’s not how it works! It should be the best film regardless of gender, race, etc. My favorite films weren’t nominated, and when I was watching them I didn’t care who directed them, I just thought it was amazing. That’s as far as the thought should go. Favoring race into it IS racist. So chill out…

  37. Barrack Hussein says:

    Any time a white actor or director is snubbed, it is just the breaks. Any time a Black person is snubbed it is racism. Any time a woman is snubbed, it is sexism. Got it. SO from now on, every movie that is about Civil Rights or Slavery will have to be nominated or else there will be marches in the street.

    Liberals are butt-hurt idiots.

  38. There is absolutely nothing racist about Selma not getting enough nominations and stop trying to make yet another racial issue out of this. There are many great movies and not all of them got nods (i.e. Interstellar)

    I swear, this whole racist witch hunt is getting out of hand. I thought when we elected Obama, we were promised ‘hope and change’? His presidency has only torn us apart. We all hate each other now. It sounds cliche, but can’t we just all get along?

    While the media focuses on this non-sense, the US economy is burning. Many of our citizens have had their jobs taken away along with their health insurance. The middle class is shrinking and its not getting any better.

    Obama has destroyed our economy. Everyone is under-employed and can’t afford to live. We must now purchase health insurance we cannot afford and do not want or need (mine is $450/month… contrast this to my $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda… or my $12/month renters insurance from Eagle… both private-enterprise!)

    When we elected President Obama, weren’t we promised “hope and change”?
    Also – For those complaining that these awards are “too white”, It’s not about demographics, it’s about excellence. Totally subjective.

    Honestly there were barely any “Oscar worthy” films with black actors anyway.


  39. Johnny Morris says:

    I think it’s funny the movie selma in no way held a candle to 12 years a slave. What should they be rewarded because they were black and made a decent movie. No way step your game up and stop playing the race card.

    • Kai says:

      It’s the most critically acclaimed movie this Oscar season. So maybe it isn’t just “the race card.” The fact that Jennifer Anniston and Julianne Moore both got Oscar nods for films that haven’t even been officially released might also raise some flags… hmm?

  40. pee says:

    cry me a river, for the first time a movie that had either slaves civil rights or the Holocaust and it was not nominated just because of that and that makes a film less diversified?12 years a slave last year was a decent film but it was by no means the best movie of the year, it one simply because it was about slavery.

  41. Aaron says:

    “Ava DuVernay was given an incredible opportunity to direct a major motion picture.” That should be the headline. “People who are not white men are under represented in nearly every area of the entertainment industry” is another good critique and headline.

    “Academy’s lack of diversity” is a shallow distraction from an honest critique. Expanding Ms. DuVernay’s brand via an Oscar nomination is not needed. Expanding opportunities for people who are not white men to get jobs in all araes of the industry is what is needed.

  42. sue says:

    I wasn’t surprised with the lack of diversity in the Oscar nominations. My mom always said blacks can only get nominated for paying roles involving drugs, slavery and thugs. Refer to last year’s winner. MLK – Selma was about blacks engaged in a positive role, thus they don’t want to support a movie that motivates blacks. Second, the lack of female directors being nominated. I thought unbroken was an excellent movie. however, Angelina Jolie is woman and they don’t like her. The movie wworthy of a nomination. I watched the Oscars last year for the first time in 14 years. I will not watch this year.

    • Mike says:

      “Angelina Jolie is a woman and they don’t like her”.

      Right. That’s what it is…

      Ever heard of Kathryn Bigelow?

  43. lamh36 says:

    Is there like a bar signal for aggrieved white folk when it comes to articles like this cause hale of these “it’s about the work” comments sound almost exactly alike. It’s like a form letter.

  44. guy ouellet says:

    i have to tell you that selma movie was ,,,BORING

  45. Margie says:

    This race baiting is soooooooooo freaking annoying

  46. Margie says:

    You totally missed the point of Ellen’s joke. She was being sarcastic. Pointing out that the blacks will scream racism if they don’t win. You idiot

  47. Laurie Mann says:

    I’ve seen most of the major movies this year. Ava DuVernay was robbed of an Oscar nomination. Selma is an excellent movie and David Oyelowo’s performance was also worthy of an Oscar nomination. Selma was one of the best movies of the year, along with Birdman (which got 3 acting nominations & a director nomination) and Boyhood (2 acting nominations & a director nomination). I am a movie fan, and I want to see excellent movies honored by awards.

  48. Margie says:

    Wait, so the female black director should get a nomination just because she is black?? Are you people freaking stupid?? I think it’s been the opposite in recent years…….waaaaaaaay too diverse and honoring people that are substandard and don’t deserve it that is worse. Aren’t we supposed to be honoring the best and most talented, the cream if the crop?? Don’t wins like Halle berre’s for an embarrassingly bad performance show how politically correct they are being? Let’s stop the politics. Award the talented and the deserving. Just last year 12 years a slave swept and even took best picture. Is anything ever enough for you people?? Does each list need to be heavily laden with blacks every single year

    • sue says:

      “You people” is exactly what influences the nominations. Make your criticism based on the quality of the acting without using the phrase “you people”. I never saw the movie Hallie Berry won an oscar for her performance. I did see 12 years a slave and the best supporting actress did deserve to win. I also thought two other cast members, who were white deserved a nomination and a win. It’ a popularity contest. As I said, as long as blacks are portraying, thugs, druggies and slaves, they can get nominated and win. Last year’s winner did deserve the award. Many whites were in the audiences during the movie. It left a great impact. I saw men, black and white, exit in tears. I’m not going to say Selma was that great, but the actor who played MLK should have been nominated. He did a great job. Blacks aren’t saying they should be nominated based on color. We are just as qualified as anyone else to rate a movie and give an opinion. I probably see 3 movies a month and I consider myself to be a fair assessor. I don’t look at color but the quality of the performance. However, I never say “You whites always get something for nothing whether you’re qualified or not”. I know many, including DiCaprio, are overlooked.

      • fraught says:

        I love Margie. She exemplifies so many things about white entitlement. It’s angry; it’s vulgar; it’s irrational; it knows nothing about punctuation. I’d nominate her for best performance by a woman fading away into nothingness.

      • Margie says:

        Don’t tell me what to say or how to speak. I’ll say you people if I damn well please. This is so ridiculous it is just so pathetic. Now they’re gonna scream because for ONE year out of the last 20 or so, we have FINALLY felt a little comfortable to nominate who is DESERVING. And the blacks from this year ARE NOT. PERIOD. Selma was mediocre at best. And I’m tired of seeing mediocrity awarded for political reasons. Soooooo happy this year that it is finally based on merit for once. Last year Lupita was stunningly bad. You think she was better than FREAKING JENNIFER LAWRENCE????? a REAL actress???????? are you insane????? Or are you just another dark woman with a big mouth that we all are tired of listening to

  49. Just a reminder: female awards are a type of quota!

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