Amazon Releases First Trailer for Spike Lee’s ‘Chi-Raq’

Chiraq trailer
Courtesy of Amazon

Spike Lee’s new movie “Chi-Raq” has received a new trailer, a month ahead of its release.

The film centers on gang violence by men in some of Chicago’s neighborhoods, based on the Greek comedy “Lysistrata,” by Aristophanes.

The trailer starts with a flashing “This is an emergency” repeated three times, followed by basic story of women deciding that they are going to withhold sex via the pledge “I will deny rights of access and entrance.”

The trailer showcases Teyonah Paris, who stars as Lysistrata, along with Samuel L. Jackson, Nick Cannon and John Cusack.

Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate are teaming up with Amazon to release the film in a limited release on Dec. 4, followed by a release on Amazon Instant Video.

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  1. The Movie owners + cnn Push ALL THE OTHERS MOVIES INTO OUR EYES ALL DAY LONG! NOW WE HAVE A MOVIE TELLING US WHATS GOING ON; IN THESE WALLS OF THE USA!!! SOMEBODY DON’T WANT US TO KNOW. U DON’T WANT US TOO OPEN OUR EYES?. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!!!!. Telling the truth, may hurt some, But what about all the others thats not as smart as U. should they know the TRUTH TOO!!!!!!!.

  2. Lisa says:

    No, no, and no.This man has built his career by exploiting the social ills of Black people in this country. This movie is the last straw. The message is clearly misogynistic — which is a trait of Lee’s work and personal life. How can you exploit your sisters Spike? You add to the chorus of awful stereotypes that Black and Brown women face irrespective of economic status. We’re not some hoodlum’s “b”; we don’t aspire to be with “no thug”. We’re not “ride or die” chicks.

    How can you stereotype your brother’s Spike? Black and Brown men have it hard enough, — held down by a set of systems designed to reduce them to immature boys who are required to be macho, mistreat women (especially of the same hue), and self-destruct.

    This man is a pro at causing controversy, and it’s a shame because now the swirl of controversy will eclipse whatever good and healing message intended by the film.

    Spike — that little fire rooster — has a lot of misplaced rage in him and it comes out in all his work. He squawks like George Jefferson to get people’s attention and is clever enough to front that his cries are for the people. Amazon is dirty enough to distro this film for the POIs. I’m sick of seeing disingenuous people get ahead. He’s not noble. Be real. I’m glad that the Black actresses and actors in this film got work, but it sucks that it had to be in this film.

  3. 💯😂✡✡ says:

    How are any of you guy’s talk about the movie,when you haven’t seen the whole thing..just saying and yea I’m black Jo y’all goofys

  4. Someone says:

    You ppl are so stupid. Did y’all even really think about the significance of this movie? Obviously not. Spike Lee is using this movie to enlighten and prompt change. The women are going to withhold sex from the men until they “put down the guns”. How is that mockery? Of course they had to add Black Lives Matter to it because some stupid black ppl hate on their own. I mean how many riots are made for a black teen killed by another black person? How many vigils? How many times do y’all involve the mefia. I can not believe that black ppl are actually mad about this movie. As for myself, I will be watching it

    • Lisa says:

      No, no, and no. Stop defending a man who has built his career by exploiting the social ills of Black people in this country. This movie is the last straw. The message is clearly misogynistic — which is a trait of Lee’s work and personal life. How can you exploit your sisters Spike? You add to the chorus of awful stereotypes that Black and Brown women face irrespective of economic status. We’re not some hoodlum’s “b”; we don’t aspire to be with “no thug”. We’re not “ride or die” chicks.

      How can you stereotype your brother’s Spike? Black and Brown men have it hard enough, — held down by a set of systems designed to reduce them to immature boys who are required to be macho, mistreat women (especially of the same hue), and self-destruct.

      This man is a pro at causing controversy, and it’s a shame because now the swirl of controversy will eclipse whatever good and healing message intended by the film.

      Spike — that little fire rooster — has a lot of misplaced rage in him and it comes out in all his work. He squawks like George Jefferson to get people’s attention and is clever enough to front that his cries are for the people. Amazon is dirty enough to distro this film for the POIs. I’m sick of seeing disingenuous people get ahead. He’s not noble. Be real. I’m glad that the Black actresses and actors in this film got work, but it sucks that it had to be in this film.

  5. Toriana says:

    Watching the trailer really upset my family and I. Mr. Lee made a joke out of our city. The deaths in Chicago aren’t a joke. We have lost family members, friends and children. But yet he goes in makes a movie that has females dancing and talking about withholding sex. In reality sex has nothing to do with the violence in our city. It should of been a documentary about what’s reallly going on in CHICAGO. If your going to make a movie based off a serious issue make it right. We aren’t a joke. The lives that where lost aren’t a joke.

  6. MA'AT says:

    Same ignorant “need-to-grows” here criticizing this ‘SATIRE’ are the same fools who were running to the movie theater to see the highly praised by white liberals, piece of trash- DOPE and Django by publicity craving Tarantino, so please stop the foolishness! You all so quick to down a brother who has done more for his community than any of you have in your sad, bootlicking lifetimes.

  7. It’s obvious that Spike Lee has not had a successful film since the 80’s, and seeing him jump on this film is just a testament of black sell outs. This movie promotes and glorifies the the negative stereo types that have haunted people of color since the capturing of slaves. The sad part about this whole ordeal , we thugs and gangsters parading around in business attire, making business decisions, that will dictate the future ahead. While, he’s creating makeshift crime scenes someone less than 5 miles from here is part of a real life crime scene. What happened to Do The Right Thing??????

  8. tara ratney says:

    the reason why I agree with what he is doing here is because in Liberia, when the women in that country decided protest by no longer performing their wifely duties, that got the men attention, there was a constant civil war going on with the mothers no longer wanting to continue seeing their sons killed soooo………..maybe the idea might actually catch on here, so instead of making babies for someone to take out in the future, we as women can let it be known we will not give men some unless we see that there will be one

  9. Thom Comstern says:


  10. b says:

    Why Nick Cannon?

  11. K.Potter says:

    Living in Chicago for the past 10 years has definitely made me aware of all of the tragic and senseless death that goes on here day to day minute to minute. So much so, to the point that I am actually contemplating moving because I do not want to raise my son here. With that being said, I was looking forward to someone stepping up and making Chicagoans accountable for all of the devastation and damage that is caused by senseless violence, so when Spike Lee partnered with Kanye West I though that perhaps the real story would be told and some good would come from it. I mean, even though Spike Lee IS corny and low budget, he did a phenomenal job with his documentary on Katrina and New Orleans. So, but after seeing this trailer I am offended, I am disappointed, I can’t believe that he has the audacity to play with people’s lives like this. Like this is a joke. For 2 years we have been building up the Black Lives Matter movement, and Spike just tore it all down with this bullshit. Yes, bullshit. Do better Spike. Not just for us as a people, but for yourself as a director!

    • Greg B says:

      to call Spike low budget only adds to his truth and character. the brother doesn’t go for the status quo. he doesn’t compromise his beliefs or HIS message and VISION for dummywood. he couldn’t have put out masterpieces like School Daze, Do the Right Thing, Bamboozled etc… taking money from the factions that flood tv with so called reality tv housewives this and luv and hiphop that…. Get an understanding of where the art comes from first. as I enlightened another person on this, the story is GREEK where the women of society get angry because the men are off at war so much that they women were left to raise boys and the boys weren’t growing up properly but going out committing crimes and dying at early ages so the women decided to withhold affection to the men that were not helping to raise sons, so that they did not have to see their children die at early ages… Spike is far from CORNY but everyone is entitled to an opinion and that’s yours.

  12. Max says:

    Maybe, just maybe…Spike making this moving will shine the light on the crime in Chicago.. Thus far, it seems to be working because a lot of people is using the word MOCKERY! What goes on in Chicago on a daily basis is MOCKERY in itself! Maybe, just maybe those gangbangers will see how foolish they look to others. The old adage goes….Were not laughing with you, Were laughing at you

    • anne says:

      Chicago isn’t even in the top 10 cities with the highest murder rate. Memphis, Oakland, Baltimore, and even Newark (in Lee’s back yard) have a higher murder rate. Lee could have stayed a lot closer to his own home to cover big cities’ crime rate rather than smearing Chicago.

      • Truck B says:

        Surely Anne hasn’t walked in the 3 communities that the over 25,000 shootings has majority come from, lets not forget this past Holloween over 300 shooting deaths that weekend, I was in East Baltimore during Holloween this year and the amount of gun fire sound does nearly compare to Chicago. The culture in Chicago has 12 and 13 year old gangbanger with serial killer numbers on murders under there belt really made me think what is Spike doing. How can you blow such a ground moving story, Chicago is Boyz in Da Hood on PCP…. One true story about any of these Chicago victims or Murders in Chicago would have made an huge impact about our gun laws and poverty in our black communities.. Just following the city it’s self like Al Capone to The Nation Of Islaam to the International Gang Leaders that has organized crime Gangs involved in all US major cities like Memphis, Newark NJ, Altanta,LA and St Louise… Spike Dropped the ball big time but I’m sure some young talented film makers could come behind him and put Mr. Lee into retirement it happens all the time in the Entertaiment Industry.

  13. Summur says:

    Orginally, I thought this was going to be a serious film.. It appears cartoonish! School Daze mixed with Clockers smh Chicago has real problems..folks dying every day and this is a mockery,

  14. Kenya says:

    LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER GROUNDBREAKING, MUST SEE. No one could do it better than Mr. Spike Lee.

    • b says:


      • Norma says:

        Thank you Anne It’s good to know there are other people looking at what’s true and what’s a lie. Chicago has not been in the top 100 in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and in 2011 we were #82 so people really need to do research before they make judgements on Chicago! Looking at the trailer it plays like a low budget, low class, make some quick money blac exploitation flick from the 80’s! Lee and his cavalcade of stars should have looked this info up, but there is another agenda… The powers that be in Chicago want to “gentrify” Englewood but first they have to “demonize” the neighborhood so that people will be glad to see it go! They have been taking over property by hook or by crook since the mortgage meltdown. Now they have Spiky make a demon movie to put the nail in the coffin! If these people think Rahm or any local politician really cared about this movie calling this city names, they just need to know they witnessed Oscar performances!

  15. Shenquana says:

    Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson? Oh wow, this one’s going to be great……

    ” BAAAAhahahahaaa… Oh man, I kill myself….. HAAAAAhahahaha….”

  16. Bud Sage says:

    I CANNOT WAIT for this movie to come out, so I can avoid watching it. What trash!
    And this site is definitely NOT moderated.

  17. Mike Morales says:

    So Lee is stylizing murder in Chicago? The dude is regressing as his career winds down. So much good could be achieved by a big name ethnic producer documenting the reality on the street. Lost opportunity.

  18. Steve says:

    Uh-huh, they seriously think that guys that would murder other people over turf or some small slight would just sit back and take that from these women? You ever met a pimp? Murder and rape would go up. These people need to stop living in Hollywood fantasyland.

  19. IanRousseault says:

    This is going to be an amazing film! Very sad and tragic. Look at what the Black Community are about these days. This is nothing but genocide!

  20. Larry Wright says:

    Coming in 2016 “Butter”Pam Grier’s influencing feminism as the original bad-ass female action hero. Ms. Heroines was sexy and had total control of her sexuality. Violent but righteous, she was the definitive examples of how a woman could do this action hero stuff just as well as men. Coming In 2016 Some 40 years later America will be introduced to “Butter”. We still do not get it. Butter is more than a film it’s a statement, a black culture and black film statement. The film is telling black women, beautiful black women that they are powerful enough and talented enough to say we can do this. Hopefully our women are not stuck in the mindset that our only action comes from scripted shows like Atlanta housewives and Love & Hip Hop. People must understand why women Blaxploitation films did not last. It was not because of the low budget status of the films, it was because of its growing popularity amongst middle aged white men. Just like these men lust for Olivia Pope these women of Blaxpliotation films had that same type of fan base. The difference was the times the seventies vs now. I try not to stay in that box of making the same type of films. Church, cheating and drama. Black people need a film that will help us unwind and have someone to truly root for and “Butter” is that film. I need some of that money.

  21. Lucifer says:

    If it were a documentary, and a truthful one to show just how the city got to be like this, then it would definitely be a must-see. However, there seems to be so much wrong with this, starting with the lunatic directing it. The comedy element is shameful at best, disgusting at worst, considering so many lives have been lost in that city alone. Then it seems like they are using the mantra used by BLM, despite that movement not caring about black lives in Chicago (certainly not ones taken by other blacks). It’s also seemingly suggesting that only the men are the problem as if the women just came in after the fact, like they had nothing to do with anything. There’s political, financial, and cultural issues that plague Chicago and the last person to portray it respectfully and trufully is Spike Lee. Shame on him and everyone involved and supporting it.

  22. A terrible movie made by one of the biggest racists in America…just my opinion, of course. But, well, Spikey…what you DO speaks so loud I can’t hear what you say. I’d shave my snatch with a cheese grater before I gave this “everythin’ be whitey’s fault” hater a dime. Clueless, and a lousy filmaker…

    • Greg B says:

      in order to call someone a racist you must first understand what that is! Spike Lee is not my favorite filmmaker in the industry but his connect with his people is undeniable. the voice for HBCU’s (school daze) groundbreaking… anyone who does not see that and other films like X (Malcolm X) and even Mo Betta Blues for the art is ignorant. simple and plan. Black or White. His way of presenting the message isn’t conventional, he breaks the mold by bucking the systems way of entertaining us. Bamboozled exposed the industry for what it was and then what happened…? we get Tyler(wear the dress)Perry?!?!?! We get Lee Daniels who is crazy talented and then just plain crazy. White people LOVE to call Spike a racists because he tells the truth from HIS lens and doesn’t apologize or “sell out” to do it. oh and he doesn’t give a damn about not receiving money form the industry to do it. DO THE RIGHT THING isn’t just another title Black America but a wake up call!!! some dummy said to me at the end of watching School Daze… why he just end it by saying waaaakkkkkeeee UUUUPPPPP! SMHH man if you gotta ask that then WAAAKKKKEEEEE UUUUPPPPP!!!! please go and watch another Madea goes to… movie, or maybe they’ll put another reality TV show that depicts Blacks as LOUD, uneducated and coonish. Because We’z luv us sum good ol fashun drama. I say to the masses, go and truly support the film and let’s make a difference in Chiraq the way we should.

  23. 85wzen says:

    It can’t be any worse than that last movie of his, which was really really bad… and no it’s not because Lee is black… just that he sort of stopped making good movies!

  24. Tex Zenn says:

    Seems like Spike is back in his School Daze mind set… those are good daze :)

  25. Bruce says:

    This will make 9 dollars.

  26. Tdoc says:

    Also what defines a racist? A person who tries to resolves issues by talking about the true causes of something based on history or is it a person who hates other people because their color? Let’s get real people. We are trying to help and heal ourselves ……. get off your guilt trip .. nobody is studying you.

  27. Tdoc says:

    I think the best way to view this film is very necessary .. as to make an impact and educate those who are ignorant to the fact of what and why these things go on ….. as dude below mentioned, Daley created this mess by destroying opportunities for blacks to work in the city and closing black businesses throughout. During the 70’s we employed ourselves and jobs were plentiful otherwise and paid well until the governments caved in to big business interests.

  28. Not U2 says:

    Spike, do the right thing and retire.

  29. zipzap says:

    I believe all spike lee’s movies deserve “Visual Daggers”…

  30. Jimmy Green says:

    racist trash by a untalented token director

    • Greg B says:

      what is untalented about Spike Lee? School Daze blew the roof off on the subject of dark blacks vs light blacks… do the right thing talked about the violence and disconnect in OUR communities with those who make money in them but do not see the value in representing the patrons that support YOUR establishment. X depicted the life of Malcolm X better than any book, and Lee gets his point across by shaking the status quo and bringing to the screen the artistry that represents US through jazz, blues, r & b, and REAL hip-hop… tlyer perry is a sell out token that wants people to think that the today Black man is cool walking around in a freaking dress and misrepresenting our grandmothers in such a fashion…. naw man.. Spike Lee do the right thing… keep educating the masses bruh

    • I don’t find anything racist, but being from Chicago I do think this concept is corny.

  31. You are a racist with no real understanding of why communities like this end up the way they do. Your ignorance perpetuates it. Go back to school, or step out of your bubble.

  32. CapitalP says:

    Some of you guys saying all these bad things just based off the trailer. At least wait to see it then talk bad about it. Sure it’s satirical and there’s a real problem going on, but I think this movie will touch both and there will be a positive message in there. I’m looking forward to it. Some times we need to laugh a little to deal with pain.

  33. Aaron King says:

    good luck with that

  34. kgkiser says:

    Congratulations Democrats you have fundamentally changed your City and you did it by burning your communities to the ground. Again congrats Y’all

  35. Jameson says:

    Put that in your pipe Rahm.

  36. Bob Wired says:

    Daley created this—here’s how…he blew up the public housing hi-rises that contained and controlled to very tight areas how gangs operated turf and drug trade…then Daley spread them all over the city, primarily south and west and south collar suburbs—which started an imbalance with the gangs and trades already in place in those locations—now you have warfare in all parts of the city, and yes even on the Gold Coast and Mag Mile, filed with common thugs now preying openly on stores and white shoppers and tourists. Daley also through the courts and his coppers have jailed all the senior old timer gang leaders who kept things under “control”….thus now its ChiRaq…new mayor Rahm is very upset here with Spike—but thats expected, his city is getting bashed and trashed…just sad Spike is actually taking money for this murderous activity. On to the next city to tell your tales and make money off of Lee—you offer no lasting solutions. Fraud.

  37. Larry Wilson says:

    lil durk shouldve did everything nick cannon did

  38. Jay says:

    Not supporting this.. Bad representing of “chiraq”

  39. Harry says:

    the state -of -the -ghetto movie…..formula as follows: black male lead…ghetto background….hip hop culture and soundtrack….anti-white diatribes/dialogue

  40. Anil Petra says:

    “This is an emergency” opening a trailer is crying “fire” in a crowded theater. Why would distributors put up with this? Spike Lee has been a has-been for 20 years.

  41. Joe Sal says:

    Anybody going to this movie and supporting race baiter Lee is a tool.

  42. jggrimm says:

    I lost interest half way through the trailer.

  43. Always gotts to be about guns and va jay jay. Spike will make more money on comedy about a serious topic that needs a better answer than “hands up! don’t shoot!”. The leftist in the WH hasn’t helped the real cause and neither will this film. How about juxtaposing fatherhood and employment with (______) <fill in the blank.

  44. Geronimo says:

    Could be good. Wonder how long until it streams on Amazon Prime? Interesting how Netflix, Amazon, and Showtime (Documentary Films) are replacing the old model of made-for-tv movies with this new model that combines theatrical with tv. Wonder if HBO will be next to go this route?

  45. Mandy King says:

    Spike should be ashamed. Capitalizing on Chicago’s very real problem and turning it into satire. Not to mention he stole his idea for this buffoonery from Greek mythology. A nine year old was killed in Chicago just yesterday and there were thousands more before him. You try telling his mom and family they can all go to the show and laugh it up about our very real problems here. Spike could have done a real documentary but did this sick joke of a movie instead. Come live here in “Chiraq” for a month and watch innocent children get murdered day after day and then tell me how funny you think that is? The mothers have to hide their children in the houses here and its not only in the black neighborhoods. My 19 year old (who has never been in trouble) can’t walk the one block to the train to go to college because the chances of him being hurt are all to real . To make in all into some campy song and dance movie for money is extremely disgraceful!

  46. Carl Dorsey says:

    You know there is a rampant problem in Chicago…yes Chiraq Spike is the appropriate name for it.Honestly I feel that some type of Military trained Special ops have unleashed all out war backing on the streets of Chicago.Honestly,long have I said our Military have Released Veterans from service in Urban warfare!Working the Streets of Chicago with Urban Gorilla warfare…Called Tactical Team Police Work!The City,The courts and the State prisons are fully backing them.Now they are teaming up with the Federal Courts and Police agency what a tactful Move.

    • LvBig says:

      Huh!? Oh I wasn’t aware that the gang shootouts were caused by cops. Silly me… I always thought it was the blacks killing the blacks. I guess the real way to say it though is “blacks killing blacks through cops proxy”. Doesn’t make sense? Neither does your argument. You are gonna try to tell me that all the drug deals, all the gangs, all the crack addicted mothers/fathers, all the parents not giving a crap about their children, all the senseless murders… are the cops fault? I find this so funny. Black people (not ALL of course) have this NEED to look for excuses for their own behavior or for the behavior in their community. The excuse, of course, is that it’s “not my fault… It’s the (fill in blank)’s fault.” Family going hungry? “Not my fault, it’s because the government doesn’t give me enough food stamps or welfare.” Can’t get a decent job? “Not my fault that I didn’t go school. It’s the government (or the white man… Both are interchangeable) that is screwing me over trying to keep me down.”
      There is always something! I hear this one all the time; why is it jails are filled with black people? Can it be because black people live in broken homes at a STAGGERING rate? I mean, it’s not even in the same ballpark as white people. Maybe it’s because, more than any other race, black fathers never stick around to raise their kid!! Which means, mom works all day and night to put food on the table for her kids that she isn’t able to morally raise. Could that POSSIBLY be the reason? Of course not… So much easier to blame white pepper and their racism. Funny thing is, 10 years ago, I never even thought about racism. I have many black friends and always have. It was never an issue for them either. Then Obama came into office and for some reason (I think we can all blame Obama on this one), everyone started to see racism in literally EVERYTHING!!! why is it that we finally get a black president and then immediately black people start crying racism over every little thing? Never in a million years would I have thought Halloween was racist. Guess I was wrong?? Never did I think wearing a Michael Jackson costume would be now considered racist. Where does it stop people? All the black lives movement has done is push the races further and further apart. We haven’t been this far apart since the 60’s. And no one wants to blame Obama for this? We went almost 50 years with race relations improving every year. Obama gets elected and now we are right back where we started almost. Him pushing the cases in which only black people were involved really splintered this nation. If anything, it’s WHITE people that have been wronged more than blacks by THIS CURRENT government. I promise you, get Trump or Carlson into the White House and things will change for the better for EVERYONE

    • afype says:

      An excellent observation. Your comments are best I have see in this whole string. I don’t know if you are from Chicago, but if you are please don’t stop telling this to rest of the folks who live in Chicago south side. May God help Chicago, since it is now out of human’s hands.

    • The criminal element in the inner city is like the militias in the ME. Discharged veterans want nothing to do with coming home to the same crap.

  47. Xavier S. says:

    Dave Chappelle’s little cameo made me laugh

  48. John Shutt says:

    Looks like it could be solid. Spike Lee is very hit and miss in my book so I hope this will hit.

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