New ‘Alien’ Movie Confirmed with Director Neill Blomkamp

20th Century Fox has closed a deal with director Neill Blomkamp to develop a new “Alien” movie, sources confirm.

The untitled sci-fi project is separate from “Prometheus 2,” which Fox is still making with Ridley Scott.

Blomkamp, who directed “District 9” and the upcoming Sony feature “Chappie,” had been teasing the project in recent months but said the extra-terrestrial reboot was likely abandoned. It was supposed to star “Alien” veteran Sigourney Weaver.

But on Wednesday Blomkamp confirmed the tentpole was back on track at Fox.

“So I think this is officially my next film,” he confirmed on Instagram.

It’s unclear whether Weaver is still attached to the movie.

According to insiders, the new “Alien” takes place years after the “Prometheus” sequel. Scott is producing both films through his production company Scott Free.

“Prometheus,” also distributed by Fox, was “loosely based” on the “Alien” franchise and earned over $400 million worldwide. But the 3D movie opened to mixed reviews, and Fox hopes Blomkamp, who last directed “Elysium,” can take the franchise to the next level.

Born in South Africa, the 35 year-old Blomkamp is repped by WME.

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  2. Rick says:

    Still think a movie based on Amanda Ripley like the Alien Isolation game has huge upside. It continues a strong female lead and it keeps ties to Ripley’s adventure with the alien. I just want to see an alien that is back to the bio mechanical silvers, blacks and clears and uses the tubing and everything that made it so cool from the first film. The creature is starting to become and look like an ordinary monster. H.R. Giger’s look cannot be beat!

  3. leslie burch says:

    i loved alf sinced it came out 1986. I wish come back. The kids would love it. I don’t have any kids. Other kids never seen it before.

  4. Lex says:

    As Aliens being my favourite movie my whole life, I have to say Prometheus was a pile of crap.
    Sure my little brother liked it, but I told him, they’re just making movies for money these days, which is unfortunate (and actually devastating to youth, there’s copying movies then they’re copying crap movies, directors have a responsibility bigger than they realise, but they probably don’t give a fuck)

    I was SEVERLY disappointed with Prometheus, and I don’t have high hopes for an Alien 5, I’ll watch it of course, but in the cinema? Maybe not, honestly, unless the director can promise to deliver everything and not just make the trailer better than the movie otherwise they will quit for good, I will torrent it.

    Show the world something new, and make a sequel in a franchise better than the original. (it’s not that difficult, get some ENTPs on your crew or something)

  5. Elysium was crap, seriously. The next Alien movie should be directed by the studio that made Isolation. Or by Tarantino.

  6. Ming On Mongo says:

    Hopefully it’ll be a dam sight better than “Chappie”?!!

  7. normfields says:

    Either will need some sought after sequel or conclusion. I liked Prometheus, and that should be the logical direction to any follow up. I would like to ignore Alien 3 and 4, and pick up with the end of Aliens(A lot of true fans would hopefully agree). Alien and Aliens both had the background theme of the company’s effort to get an Alien back to Earth. Would like to see that happen, at some time after Ripley and the others return to Earth. Ripley’s horror at learning this has happened would make it a classic, let alone the fight for survival that Earth would face.

  8. Inae wormitz says:

    If it’s not a sequel to alien 4,it must be about what happens on the engineers planet and maybe a team sent there to find what happened to the Explorers at prometheus.I think it it is a story like that they want give to the viewers.

  9. josh says:

    has to be a sequel to ALIENS or i wont pay to see or even watch it 3 and 4 sucked leave promethus and its sequel as is Alien and Aliens as is but fix a bent Aliens tale plz

    • normfields says:

      Final destination….Earth. The company finally succeeds. Careful of what you ask for. Can still have an aged Sigourney Weaver, who is mortified at learning that they(The company) FINALLY did it, and they have escaped and multiplying at an incredible rate in Earths dense population of New York. Actually, sounds like the makings of a trilogy.

  10. normfields says:

    The earlier movies were all about efforts of “the company” returning an alien back to earth for their weapons labs. WHY???? Has nobody attempted to make THE SEQUEL when the company gets their wish? And the chaos and horror on Earth when it escapes??? To expensive? I keep hoping for that “Final” sequel to the original series!

  11. Airy says:

    How do you think Blomkamp will cover the age issue? These characters are all a lot older now. Weaver and Biehn are both in their 60’s now and the actress who played Newt…well, you get where I’m going. I wonder how that will be handled?

  12. Sa'ad Al-khatib says:

    First of all watch alien 3 the hybrid secondly Alien 3 is only hated for the fact that newt and hicks died in the begging , so what?!screw newt and hicks where’s the unwritten law that says that you cant kill them ,thirdly it is reply’s personal struggle,and the side characters are more multi-layered(killers and rapists who seek redemption and religion in a forsaken planet),
    unlike those macho one sided ,Yeah Man!
    soldiers ,the setting of the prison planet is amazing, Dillone is the best supporting character in the series ,the music is far superior and amazing, religion and destiny is a major role in film
    Aliens was so 80’s , and the characters accept from reply were one sided and shallow army crap,20 soldiers die in 2 hours while a little brat lives there for months,the story is stupid , its : lets go kill the aliens, damn!,lets get out of here!
    the only good part that saved the film was the Queen and the last fight
    if this is really on , mark my words you will envy the days when you watched alien 3!

    • TheJimmy says:

      You’re so right. Alien 3 was the perfect conclusion to the trilogy. The circle ends with the death of Ripley AND the Alien, so it’s a wonderful ancient Greek style story. Catharsis has been achieved.
      Resurrection was a cheap ripoff; come on: CLONING her? As a human-alien hybrid? Really? :)
      To me, Alien-aliens-alien3 is a wonderful, dark thriller trilogy. I admit that the cgi in Alien3 are crap, but the story is still great and the direction is fantastic (I think it was David Fincher, right?).
      That being said, a “reboot” is a spit in our faces. Just like JJ Abrams crappy, horrible Star Trek “reboot” that insulted a legacy lasting many decades. A little respect on pop culture Monuments like those would be appreciated Hollywood.

    • Moe says:

      Alien 3 SUCKED.

      • Airy says:

        I think Alien 3 was a failure on a lot of different levels. First off, you can’t kill Newt. Hicks…sure. But, Newt…nope. The entire second film’s focus and emotional axis revolved around Ripley saving Newt so to open up with her being killed right away was almost like a slap in the face to James Cameron and the brilliance of Aliens. We were so connected to Ripley fighting for Newt and then it’s just robbed from us?? I hated that.

        I also hate/love Ripley’s death in the 3rd film. In one sense it is poetic and fitting but again..we can’t leave the film feeling happy or excited when our heroine throws herself into flaming magma while a chest-burster pops out of her. It was depressing.

        Also, the CGI in the third film were horrendous. Some of the worst graphics in a film. They should have stuck with practical effects instead of using cartoon-looking early 90’s garbage. Simply terrible.

        Another thing I disliked about the third film was the prison factor. Do I really care about exiled murderers being attacked by an Alien??? Not much. Especially after they try to gang-rape Ripley. Not cool. Die prisoners! Die!

        Anyway…I love the first two Alien films. They are cinematic gold in my opinion. I always like to think that the third and fourth entries just never happened. Helps me sleep better at night. :)

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  14. René Peraza says:

    This will truly work only IF they continue the story thread from right after ALIENS, meaning that Alien 3 + 4 were hypersleep nightmares — which they were to us awakened viewers! Also, Newt could be a grown woman, having this adventure span over say 30 years or so: secret alien lab on earth, energizing our cast age-accommodatingly, etc.

  15. Sigourney weaver has to be in this movie.. She is the reason I viewed these movies. If no weaver I can’t see the movie being as successful.

  16. James Mclean says:

    Prometheus was not a sequel.

  17. Domino Palm says:

    ALIEN vs. TERMINATOR vs. PREDATOR vs. (who have I left out?)

    These creatures are recycled for a new generation…and left-over nostalgia. But fresh ideas, well, they’re too risky and don’t have a ready-made market.

    It’s a straight-line “time travel” thing. Check out these remakes/reboots/sequels/prequels…check them out twenty years from now just to see how much movie have changed. And if they haven’t — God help us.

  18. Tony says:

    Am I the only one waiting for a mini series named LV-426. That would and should be the last piece to the alien puzzle. If done right, it could be amazing.

  19. Bob says:

    Nope, definitely not watching this. Used to be really into the Alien franchise, but not anymore. Prometheus was the last straw.

  20. Tom Sellers says:

    I’ve always been an “ALIEN” movies fan!
    Ever since it premiered in 1979. To me,
    “EVERYTHING” about the 1st, 2nd and maybe the 3rd, was “SCI-FI” excellence!!!
    The story line, special effects, Sigourney
    Weaver and all the other actors were just
    “FANTASTIC”!!! But, ‘overall’, the
    varying degrees of “SUSPENSE” was through the roof “OUTSTANDING”!!! To me, the 4th and 5th, of the ‘Series’, both came up “LACKING”?!!? I was ‘expecting’, I guess, a “PROGRESSION” forward in the ‘Series’, after the 5th?!!? But, we got “PROMETHEUS”, a ‘prequel’, instead?? Again, to me, that threw a “MONKEY WRENCH” into the whole “ALIEN” series! It was ‘hard’ to follow the “Story Line” and draw the ‘connections’ with “WHAT” happened in the ‘past’ movies??? I saw it in 2012 and again in 2014 on TV. It is ‘still’ very hard to follow and has too many ‘new’ elements that were ‘foreign’ to any previous format to the viewer!!! In some cases, PROMETHEUS looked to be more ‘advanced’ than previous movies before it and it is supposed to be a “PREQUEL”??? I ‘might’ be able to make ‘more’ of it, as a prequel, if I see it for the third time????? But, I’m doubtful??? Now, we are told that “NO ONE” has any “FORESIGHT” going “FORWARD”, into the ‘future’ with this “SERIES”, and we are going to ‘start’ all over again with the remaking of the “FIRST” ALIEN movie!!! Go figure?!!? It’s INSANE!!!
    This same thing happened to the “PLANET OF THE APES”!??! Back in the “50’s”, the beginning of the ‘new age’ of
    television, they made several “SERIES”
    that ran with a continuing new adventure
    every Saturday morning until the series ended!!! EVERYONE that watched them, looked forward to watching the ‘next’ adventure, and make every effort to do so! EVERYONE talked about the series and ventured “GUESSES” as to ‘what’ might happen next??? There wasn’t a pascal of “CONFUSION” like what’s going on today?!!! To me, they had their “ACT” together, whereas, you do NOT??! All you’re doing now is giving us a ‘new version’ of the same movie, by a different PRODUCER/DIRECTOR to ‘compare’ which version was ‘better’ in our “OPINIONS”?!!? This boils down to a
    “CHEAP SHOT” by the “MOVIEMAKERS” in my view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “YOU” can do “BETTER” than that!!!!!!!!!!
    I am “69” years old and will be “70” this
    April. I’m too old to “start” all over again!
    “GET ER DONE” and show me something “NEW” going “FORWARD”?!!?

  21. Rick Deckard says:

    So i love Prometheus, OK it has its weaknesses but over all it was amazing in my opinion. The design, the sounds and the engineers are great. I hope that Bloomkamp onlz reboots after Aliens and Ripley has to come back with Hicks. This would be awesome. Alien 3 and 4 were not so good anymore in my opinion and shold be replaced with something better.

  22. Ridley says:

    Hopes just three things:
    – 1: Alien will stay a ALIEN MOVIES, not a story about a fucking ingineer look’s to human. This is just ridiculous and obviously stupid. THE space jockey where already a life form in the first one, and it was just perfectly strange to be “real” as hell. So it would be an interessting point to preserv as an antity wich nobody really know what happend, exept they where create a the most advance biological form of war. So develop the point that whe have found a rest of there advance civilization coul’d really be an interesting point.
    – 2: stay in the continuity of the series: Even if the last one (Alien 4) was not “so good” [but it was as an Alien movie: An epic movie], the fact that Ripley where going to mutate in an alien form is just fucking incredible for the horror dimension.
    – 3: Keep the Gigger vision of the Univers: Means something lost in mind, something bio-technical advance an scarry as hell with intelligence.

    I think, if these 3 conditions are respect: It would just be the movie whe are all expecting for

    • Ridley says:

      oh… And Ridley Scott is EPIC for “filming”, but not for “storying”.
      We could see it since is regret brother was dead. He have an real talent, but not for the stories at all.
      So, the combinaison of Blomkamp and Ridley soul’d be something special if everyone stay in is job.

  23. “According to insiders, the new “Alien” takes place years after the “Prometheus” sequel.” no shit, Prometheus is a prequel which happened hundreds of years prior to the evolution of the “Aliens” we know. And a new movie isn’t confirmed, he just confirmed, it looks like it’s will be official soon. Not official = Not confirmed,

  24. Harald says:

    Good. Scott obviously aren’t going to treat us to any xenomorphs in Prometheus 2, so good to see this I liked District 9, but I hope Wikus van der Merwe isn’t in Alien 5, lmao.

  25. Ctw says:

    Go for im very happy to hear the news. I tried myself to pen a story of my own without LT Ripley as being the sole character but just as a creator of a son who has to the aliens and predators all together it was going to be called alien 5 alien invasion. But it didnt work out. So good luck and hope it turns out wonderful

  26. Reblogged this on Eric Robert Nolan, Author and commented:

  27. Rico says:

    Neill Blomkamp you need to stay away from the Alien franchise because all you are going to do is recycle District 9 like you did with Elysium, and that movie sucks. District 9 was mediocre at best.

    • Matt says:

      THANK YOU!!! Neill Blomkamp is a horrible filmmaker, why can’t people see that.

      • Sean says:

        While you two are entitled to your opinions, I couldn’t disagree more. Both aforemetioned movies are pretty solid, and Rotten Tomatoes seems to think so too. As a director I find Blomkamp to be refreshing in his film direction, and also, quite imaginative. I’m actually very intrigued to see where he takes the Alien franchise.

  28. Carl says:

    They should reboot the Alien franchise instead. Or better yet, let it die. This is just ridiculous

  29. Roy says:

    Is there even a market for more Alien movies? Alien: Resurrection failed to “resurrect” the franchise and both AVP movies killed and buried it. The only movie franchises people are into these days are Transformers, Resident Evil and Paranormal Activity. Just sayin’…

    • Tom Sellers says:

      I agree with you, but you left out all the “ZOMBIES” on both TV, with the “Walking
      Dead” and at the movies, like “Z-WAR” with Brad Pitt!!!

    • Robert says:

      I doubt it. The Alien franchise is now like Bishop in Alien 3; “Damaged beyond repair”. Alien and Aliens are just those type of movies that just can’t be topped or improved upon. Alien 3 tried to repeat everything that worked in Alien and failed big time (I am aware that the studio was screwing up everything, believe me, I’m going easy on it). As with Resurrection it’s like you said, it failed to resurrect the franchise, in fact, it killed it. And the AVP movies, holy shit, that was just a new level of awful that I never thought was possible. Prometheus was the biggest letdown of 2012 for me. If not even Ridley Scott, the man who started the franchise can make a good Alien movie, then maybe it’s time for the franchise to finally end.

  30. Jonny says:

    This will be epic

  31. Ruan says:

    Aliens worked because no one was expecting a sequel to Alien. Every sequel after it was pure garbage. Prometheus was beautifully filmed but was pointless–it didn’t advance the canon. As for Blomkamp’s version, it’s just going to be an artless monster movie. Also, no one wants to see 70-year-old Sigourney Weaver or 60-year-old Michael Biehn battling space beasties.

    • Ralph says:

      Prometheus was never intended to be a direct sequel or continuation of the Alien story line, but many people assumed it was because it was set in the same universe…..they can’t distinguish the two. For instance, did you know that the Kurt Russel movie Soldier is set in the same universe as Blade Runner?? Anyways, Chappie will show how good Blomkamp might be able to helm this movie.

    • Nina says:

      I firmly disagree with you about people not wanting to see Sigourney Weaver, she is the heart and soul of the alien movies. Sigourney is the reason people go see these movies in the first place,
      I wouldn’t care if she was a 100years old she would still be a bad ass alien hunter in my opinion!!!! you go Sigourney!!

      • Ruan says:

        You think you want to see elderly people reprise their iconic action roles from their youth. Like when everyone was excited about Harrison Ford reprising Indiana Jones, but then we saw the movie and Ford looked ragged. And then they made it worst by bringing back Karen Allen. Watching two geriatrics engage in flirty banter is just stupid. Old folks ain’t got time for silly banter–they just wanna get it in. But anyway, no one wants to see Weaver bugging around in her motorized scooter trying to outpace monsters with Biehn kicking about with his walker trailing her.

  32. Simone Whittle says:

    Please don’t have crap loud action music all the way through it, glamorous actors or ANY CGI! The first is the best…raw and pure…when will these modern day film producers learn…less is more!

  33. PJFry says:

    Great. My bubble is burst. I don’t care to be bashed on the head with his thinly disguised political naiveté. D9 was decently tolerable. Elysium was incredibly stupid and insulting. And so far, Chappie just looks dumb.

  34. Artie says:

    i am in tears this is the best news i have heard so far in 2015.

  35. Danny says:

    Eeeeerrrrr……. No thanks. Seriously…. Thank you, but I’d rather not see that. Nice that you offered, but ultimatly I’m not interested. I SAID….. NO!!!!! Can someone please come up with something original because I am totally fed up of rehashed garbage.

  36. Since this new Alien film supposedly takes place in between the events of Prometheus 2 and the first Alien, it would make no sense to have the Ripley character in it, so it makes even less sense to have Sigourney Weaver in it. This Alien film can stand alone in the plot timeline so Blomkamp has free license to introduce whatever characters he wants.

    • Glen DiCecco says:

      I am not sure how you figured it takes place between Prometheus and Alien. They were very vague: “According to insiders, the new “Alien” takes place years after the “Prometheus” sequel.” This could mean a few years to several decades later.

    • John says:

      This has nothing to do with Prometheus.

    • David4 says:

      And you know this how?

      • John_D says:

        It’s been stated in several places in the press that this would be taking place after the events of Prometheus 2, which takes place before the events of Alien (and the original Prometheus itself takes place decades and decades before the Alien film). So what he stated in his post is correct.

  37. Oh, I’ll add…I’d wager that the next “Ash”-type robot will be played by Sharlto Copley. I think Copley is Blomkamp’s lucky talisman.

  38. Meta says:

    Prometheus got mixed reviews? Fresh on RT and green on metacritic are mixed?73% and 65% respectively. I thought the film had great 3D, FX and a cool story. Loved Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace characters and relationship. Granted, Prometheus wasn’t close to Alien or Aliens but the reviews were overall favorable…looking forward to some fun sci-fi movies from Scott Free productions these next few years! Prometheus sequel please! Without Damon Lindelof please so we can get some answers.

  39. Leon says:

    Just let it die. Prometheus was the worst movie ever made by Scott and now Bloatedcamp is going to make it worse.

  40. Toni Mills says:

    music to my ears ditto……..

  41. Mike says:

    I wish it would be shot in a more raw way like the original,, as I think the slick cgi is ok but write a good script that is intense,,

  42. sciphan says:

    The real person responsible for what Alien was is not Ridley Scott but Dan O’bannon. Ridley Scott was a good director, but he gets way too much credit for Alien. Dan O’bannon and H.R. Giger are the names to remember. Ridley Scott was handed gold to work with. He almost couldn’t fail. Now without those men behind the scenes we get Prometheus with if you don’t realize how bad that movie is you are just fooling yourself.

    • Mja says:

      Wrong, wrong and more wrong. The original script was passable at best. (and as David Cronenberg’s recently pointed out, a complete rip-off of his early film ‘Shivers’.) Everything excellent about that movie came from the rewrites, Scott’s direction, the actors, the art direction, the set design and, the one spot where you were right: Giger.

      • Eoin Brosnan says:

        Excellent post Alien Fanatic!

      • Actually, you’re both off. O’Bannon and Shusett worked together to whip O’Bannon’s original story into a workable script. Dan’s original concept wasn’t far off from a story he’d written about a World War 2 bomber that was infested by gremlins that had the crew attempting to fight them off so they could make it safely home. (That story was folded into the movie Heavy Metal later.) It was Shusett, in fact, that proposed the idea of the chestburster as a way to tie together the beginning elements of Dan’s story with the conclusion that stemmed from that story.

        The script itself, though, was very rough. The names of the characters were odd and, I’ll admit this, the original dialog was risible. When O’Bannon and Shusett began shopping their script around to production companies, they ended up selling it to a company called Brandywine. Run by Walter Hill, Gordon Caroll, and David Giler they saw the potential in the script (it was a hot time for Sci-Fi after Star Wars) but they felt the actual dialogue and some of the pacing was godawful. They re-wrote the script, changing the names and adding the enormously important character of the robot Ash.

        Scott was brought in rather late in the process after Fox and Brandywine struggled to find a director to take on this project. After all, most monster movies before then were silly, man-in-a-rubber-suit B- and C-pictures. Scott, however, wanted to make a name for himself as a film director, having directed mostly commercials and a small but well-received feature film called The Duelists. He storyboarded the entire concept and on the strength of his ideas and visuals the budget was doubled and the film went into production.

        However, Dan was more than the story originator. It was him that brought H.R. Giger to Scott’s attention. He and Giger had worked previously on an unproduced version of Dune by Alejandro Jodorowski. He was also deeply involved in the special effects, having worked previously on both Dark Star and helped keep the workshop humming during production. Without Dan, it’s unlikely the film would ever have had the incredible, one-of-a-kind and (in my opinion) all-time best movie monster. (There were many others including Carlo Rambaldi, Ron Cobb, and many others that fleshed out the environment, spaceships, and others.)

        In short, the reason Alien was so incredible was that it was a massive collaboration. It was a series of happy coincidences. Scott, too, had some ridiculous ideas including having the Alien put on one of the character’s heads and talk at some point during the movie. (Look it up, it’s true.) Scott is a great visualist, he really is, but he works best when he has a strong script that he can apply that vision to.

        Sorry it’s so long, but Alien is my all-time favorite movie (duh). I’m very worried about Blomkamp’s vision, though, because after looking at all of the concept art he posted recently I fear he’s going more towards the weirdness that was Alien: Resurrection instead of the realistic, gritty approach Scott and Cameron did.

  43. Adun says:

    You’re god damn right Prometheus was ‘loosely based’.

  44. John says:

    I just think it’s wrong…the original “Alien” is a classic and in my opinion you don’t mess with perfection!

  45. Atomic Fury says:

    The first “Alien” movie cannot be topped. “Aliens” was a serviceable sequel which stood on it’s own. After that, it’s just an awful waste of time, money and celluloid. In other words, if “Alien: Resurrection” wasn’t one of the worst sci-fi films in history, it certainly should read as “this franchise has been exhausted” to anyone who cares to notice.

    • Kiljoy616 says:

      But you can if you do it right. Prometheus was such a crap of a film. I wanted every one of the characters to die 20 minutes into the film. That says a lot about how bad the story and characters where. Every engineer and scientist in that movie acted like they had at most a GED and no formal training. In the original alien I actually cared for most of the characters and wanted some to make it out. The characters felt alive and real. Knowing that they probably where not going to make it and feeling for them shows how much that movie pulled me in. Years later seen it again I was still pulled in by the likable characters.

  46. David says:

    Don;t get me wrong, i love the Alien films (most of them ;) ) but there are so many amazing SciFi stories out there:

    Rendezvous with Rama, Player of Games, Use of Weapons, The Forever War, etc. etc.

    Why do they keep going over the same ground!

    • Ben says:

      Love those books! Especially Iain M Banks Culture series. Wish they would get made, and in sequence too, starting with Consider Phlebas!

  47. David Albert says:

    If Sigourney is not in it and the film isn’t as excellent as the first 2 films, I’m not interested! Here’s hope against hope, Neill can take Alien to a new and just as exciting level! :)

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