Average Movie Ticket Prices Increase to $8.17 for 2014

Average Movie Ticket Prices Increase $8.17

Movie ticket prices climbed modestly in 2014, topping out at an average of $8.17, according to the National Association of Theatre Owners.

That was a 0.50% rise from 2013’s average of $8.13, the exhibition industry lobbying group reported. Even with the increase, moviegoing was actually cheaper during the fourth quarter of 2014, despite the popularity of Imax titles such as “Interstellar” and 3D and premium format films such as “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.”

Ticket prices during the three-month period from October to December clocked in at $8.30. That was a 0.59% dip from 2013, when movie prices averaged $8.35 at year end.

Of course, Manhattanites would kill for ticket prices that low, but the average includes all 50 states and tends to rise or fall based on the number of 3D or premium format titles. Those extra bells and whistles come with a surcharge that inflates the cost of tickets.

It was a punishing year for the movie business. The total box office slipped 5.2% from 2013’s record-breaking numbers, falling to $10.35 billion. Attendance figures were even worse. Roughly 1.26 billion consumers purchased tickets, representing a two-decade low.

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  1. GarryX says:

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  2. Garry E. Wright says:

    Here in Milwaukee Wisconsin on Tuesdays, we enjoy the new released movie, all day for only $5.00 at the Marcus theaters.

  3. Chris Kelly says:

    Going to see the new Avengers 3D movie here in Australia,how does $33.50 sound!!!!!

  4. Bruno says:

    Here in Croatia an average movie ticket costs around 23 kunas, that’s 3.5 dollars

  5. Jay! says:

    Here in Maryland, many theatre chains raised their prices in concordance with minimum wage going up. Now instead of $11 a ticket, we pay $11.87. I know I didn’t get a raise when the MW went up, but my cost of living sure did.



  6. ‘Unlike what many New Yorkers think, Manhattan is not entirely representative of the US. ;-)

    Huge sections of the South and the Mid-West have very cheap ticket prices.’

    Adam, so true…interesting this being a Tuesday…why? Because here in Greenbelt, Maryland, AMC has $5.50 all day Tuesdays….

  7. Gaspar Marino says:

    I would see every movie out there if the admission price was $8.17. Where do these people live? Here in Manhattan the cheapest ticket is $10.00 and that’s senior price. The going adult rate is $14.50.

    • Adam says:

      Unlike what many New Yorkers think, Manhattan is not entirely representative of the US. ;-)

      Huge sections of the South and the Mid-West have very cheap ticket prices.

  8. kate says:

    Where is this low price? not in los angeles. can’t go to a movie here for less than $12, maybe $17. Its just not worth it.

    • Adam says:

      Ticket sales are inflated in any large metropolitan area like Miami, Boston, NYC, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, etc. Ticket prices are much cheaper in pretty much any area outside of major metropolitan cities.

  9. Adam says:

    Declining movie theater attendance has nothing to do with the perceived quality of the films being released. It has everything to do with competition from other forms of entertainment and alternate formats for viewing films. More and more people are going the DVR, Netflix streaming, bluray rental route.

  10. Machiavelli says:

    The ticket prices are rising but the quality of films your giving the public…actually sucks… Up the quality and lower the prices… Things will look up …..seriously

  11. Courtney says:

    the price of Movie Tickets increases or decreases a bit every year never mind matinee pricing and full price evening rates or when an older film is re issued for a milestone anniversary like for example if Warner Brothers pictures re released Cool Hand Luke in Fall 2017 for it’s 50th anniversary the average ticket price would be nearly 10 bucks

  12. Bill Dennis says:

    And, you are surprised by this? Employment in the U.S. is low and more and more people are losing their jobs and can’t find work…. Who can afford to go to the theatre anymore?

  13. So in effect, in the UK we basically pay double (in London even more) what US audiences pay for a cinema ticket?! That seems fair…and they wonder why everyone is turning to VOD services.

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