Michael B. Jordan on ‘Fantastic Four’ Casting Backlash: I’ll ‘Shoulder All This Hate’

Johnny Storm Michael B Jordan Fantastic
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Michael B. Jordan is responding to a backlash after being cast as Johnny Storm in the upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot. The announcement created a stir from fans of the comic book franchise, originally created by Stan Lee.

“You’re not supposed to go on the Internet when you’re cast as a superhero,” Jordan wrote in a short essay for Entertainment Weekly. As he mentions in the article, his comic character was originally described as having blond hair and blue eyes.

“I didn’t want to be ignorant about what people were saying,” he wrote. “Turns out this is what they were saying: ‘A black guy? I don’t like it. They must be doing it because Obama’s president’ and ‘It’s not true to the comic.’ Or even, ‘They’ve destroyed it!'”

Months later, the new Human Torch says that the negative comments no longer bother him. “Some people may look at my casting as political correctness or an attempt to meet a racial quota, or as part of the year of ‘Black Film.’ Or they could look at it as a creative choice by the director, Josh Trank, who is in an interracial relationship himself — a reflection of what a modern family looks like today.”

Jordan also said he hopes to be a game-changer for Hollywood’s portrayal of comic book superheroes in the future.

“Sometimes you have to be the person who stands up and says, ‘I’ll be the one to shoulder all this hate. I’ll take the brunt for the next couple of generations.’ I put that responsibility on myself. People are always going to see each other in terms of race, but maybe in the future we won’t talk about it as much.”

Miles Teller, Jamie Bell and Kate Mara also star in the film, directed by Josh Trank. “Fantastic Four” hits theaters on August 7.

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  1. sean says:

    It just don’t make since..
    Michael should play the thing. And tthe guy who plays the thing should play the human torch cuz. The invisible woman is white an johnny storm an sue storm. Are brotha an sister but k. Confusing

  2. I.P. Freely says:

    So I guess that we can get Brad Pitt to play Black Panther or John Malkovick to be Luke Cage and all will be well. It’s not racist to not want an out of character Johnny Storm. They ruined a great story. It’s just dumb. It’s as if it’s a joke or a drunk bet to see if someone would do it and people would actually watch. It’s a set up to fail. This can never be a great movie because it was turned into a race issue so it already blows before seeing it. We all have been force feed political correctness by the media for a while now. We are not bad people, just stop ruining the stories and characters we love or don’t both to try to make the movie.

    • fantomex9 says:

      You screen name conveys how socially backward, unprogressive and racist you are. So it’s okay for M. Night Shamlayn and Paramount to have the cast of The Last Airbender be all-white, but we can’t have a black Johnny Storm/Human Torch? All that you (and others) have said shows that many people are nothing but a bunch of racist backward morons-and I can’t believe that comic book fans (of who I’m one) are like this.

  3. I think everyone has a right to their own opinion. Why not let Superman next be a Gay, Puerto Rican hairdresser or Batman and Robin be Siamese Twins and have a butler from Mars. Give me a break. Of course its intended to be political correct. Don’t try to pee up our back and tell us its raining. Why not just create some black superhero’s that are interesting. I know its just a fantasy and not close to real but so are the majority of all books written. Its a fun escape from the everyday soap opera’s. I could care less about who or what plays a certain part but try to keep it at least close to what the story line was intended. There is talk about a Black James Bond so maybe it can satisfy Al Sharpton, Obama, and Rev. Jeremiah Wight, but I doubt it.

    Why not have the Osmond Brothers star in the Jackson Five story or vice versa? This political correctness and diversity crap along with the Global Warming Scam is just the tip of the iceberg to the downfall of our culture and society. I never would have ever thought that the majority of the American people would let a select few think for them and decide what is best for them.

    This might seem over the top but enough is enough. Hillary Clinton and Slick Willie can lie, steal, cheat, and danger the cornerstone of America but let Rick Perry or Ted Cruz tell the truth and they are beguiled in every liberal press in the country. Can’t people see the stupidity of the public opinion Mafia,the Gay Mafia, and the fashion and speech police.

    Michael Brown was a Rhodes Scholar, Travon Martin was a undercover FBI Agent, and “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” was sent down as Gospel from Jesus on a hoover board by Al Sharpton. Reality and the truth doesn’t matter anymore.

    P.S. George Bush held a gun to my head and made me write this.

  4. Randy says:

    Don’t care what skin color the actors are just as long as no one is bothered when a white person portrays a black person in some future movie. Anyway, let’s be honest, the last F4 movie was awful so I can’t imagine this one being any worse. Good luck to him.

  5. Larry Evans says:


    Now THERE’S a Black hero.

    • fantomex9 says:

      Randy, get this through your privileged white head; There’s differences between blacks and other people of color playing whites and whites playing people who are black or of color-get beyond your comfort zone and look them up. Stop being an ignorant tool and join the 21st century for a change.

  6. Token black hero. Shameful, this trend of appeasing blacks by attempting to make white culture irrelevant. Create your own heroes… if you can.

  7. Jim says:

    Who cares if he is black or white? I don’t think race is the point. And it isn’t the point Jordan is bringing up either. The point is, if race isn’t a big deal, why should it be an issue when casting a character what color the actor’s skin is. I think the more important aspect is if he portrays the character accurately from a personality and attitude standpoint, especially with Johnny Storm.

  8. Yahuwan says:

    Post Edited for correction.
    It is not about Racism. It is about the accurate or inaccurate casting of characters as they were created. Johnny Storm from the start in the Fantastic Four comic book series has always been Caucasian. Therefore logic dictates that when you make a Fantastic Four movie that the people cast in the movie are accurately cast to visually look like the characters that they are portraying. If Johnny Storm had always been a Black American Man in the Fantastic Four comic books instead of a White American Man, and they cast Johnny Storm in this new Fantastic Four movie as a White Man instead of a Black Man, this same basic uproar over the miscasting of the character would still be going on.
    Most comic book readers are not racist and are irritated by the basic miscasting of the character. If Johnny Storm was always black in the comics and cast as a white man in the movie, white people and people of other skin colors, would still be complaining about the miscasting of the character.
    Michael B. Jordan and others are falling into the trap created by those who would inflame racist ideologies in the country rather than unite all peoples in peaceful brotherhood and togetherness to truly make racism a thing of the past.

  9. Yahuwan says:

    It is not about Racism. It is about the accurate or inaccurate casting of characters as they were created. Johnny Storm from the start in the Fantastic Four comic book series has always been Caucasian. Therefore logic dictates that when you make a Fantastic Four movie that the people cast in the movie are accurately cast to visually look like the characters that they are portraying. If Johnny Storm had always been a Black American Man in the Fantastic Four comic books instead of a White American Man, and they cast Johnny Storm in this new Fantastic Four movie as a White Man instead of a Black Man, this same basic uproar over the miscasting of the character would still be going on.
    Most comic book readers are not racist and are irritated by the basic miscasting of the character. If Johnny Storm was always black in the comics and cast as a white man in the comics, white people and people of other skin colors, would still be complaining about the miscasting of the character.
    Michael B. Jordan and others are falling into the trap created by those who would inflame racist ideologies in the country rather than unite all peoples in peaceful brotherhood and togetherness to truly make racism a thing of the past.

  10. Jim Harlow says:

    The casting of the entire film is horrible. These people that are cast are really wonderful actors, but incredibly miscast. I haven’t seen a good Fantastic Fours film yet. The casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm is horrible. He looks nothing like the character that fans of the comic have loved since its inception. And race is sometimes very important. I can understand why he would want to play the part, but he is simply miscast. I love the casting of the new Star Wars film, however. It would be a wonderful thing if little boys and girls of all colors saw a great hero who happens to be black. Also, if a white actor had been cast as the Black Panther, we would have the same situation. And although that actor is also very talented, he is miscast as well.

  11. I was on set a few days for the filming and Michael Jordan did an awesome job.

  12. laurenta says:

    if they gave a white guy a character that was black
    blacks would be saying racist stuff

    • dice man says:

      You damn right I agree with you 100%

    • chris oxner says:

      How many movies portray Jesus or other bible heros as white.. All of them ? .. Well at least MARVEL is using fantasy characters to re tell a fictitious story.. In that instance it doesnt matter what color is used. But as it was stated, most of these fictious stories were written during a time when rolls would be mostly charaterized as White, because white people didnt want to see or care about other races unless they where portrayed as a servent or some degraiding stereotype, Even though it wasnt a proper depiction of America. So its only right and creatively responsible to add race variety when remaking or telling for the first time, a story that talkes place in his country.

  13. AzK says:

    Honestly, when all is said and done, sure there are people hating because they’re racist and whatnot, but the vast majority is simply puzzled as to why ANYONE would cast a black man as an iconic white, blonde, blue eyed character.

    They can call it a creative choie, i call it multi mi(if not bi)llionaire trolling.

    • crtjr says:

      To that I would ask, why cast Laurence Olivier as Othello? Or Christian Bale as Moses? How about Noah played by Russell Crowe or who could forget the distinctively white Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra? Real life characters don’t count? Too old? Ok, Rueben a Black man was played by Kevin Spacey in Pay it forward, Angelina Jolie Playing Mariane Pearl in A Mighty Heart… How about Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games certainly described as an olive skinned woman with black hair & grey eyes played by a blonde, blue eyes actress, oh but wait.. that’s ok… because they’re White people. White people can play other races, Black people can’t play white people’s characters because lo they’re iconic… whatever. Its 2015 White people, other folks can do stuff too, get over it.

      • fantomex9 says:

        That’s the problem with these people commenting here, they think that it’s okay for whites to play characters that are of color, but not the reverse, since these roles are ‘sacred’ in some way. Amazing how Broadway and most theatergoers have no problem with racial casting, but man moviegoers do.

  14. derren says:

    Oh and by the way i have two black sisters before anyone acuses me of hating,so dont cause i love them.Their my family!

  15. derren says:

    I dont think anyone should make these movies unless they have a connection and interest to the original stories.Its not a case of making money so stick to the script and stop disappointing the people who keep these stories going.To hell with political correctness.Theres a time and place for that and its definately not in comics.Avengers is the only one who stuck to the storylines.Dont try and be something its not.Johnny Storm has a white sis and is white.Thats not racial its the character!!!

  16. Sally says:

    its just a movie people. get over yourselves. it doesnt matter if the characters are pink with purple polka dots. its about time the make characters of all different races!!!

    • Clarence says:

      Kudos Sally… it’s truly amazing… here in 2015 we still have fellow citizens who have a major hangup over a Black man playing the character of a previously white cartoon character.. especially when real life characters of color have been consistently played by White people… it’s like you want every damn thing… no one else can have nothing… its unbelievable

    • Brad Olinger says:

      Sally, I am fine with making the characters another race, but the issue I have is that they had his full sister of another race than him, which makes no sense. I do like Kate Mara. She is a wonderful young actress. It is just the overall casting choices that are perplexing to me, from the perspective of story. I don’t think Marvel had anything to do with this film though, aside from assigning the rights.

      • Ricardo Escalante says:

        I feel bad for white people, you guys have to listen to all the minorities be racist to you and keep your mouth shut because the second you try to defend yourself, you are shunned by everyone. Sad world nowadays when the people who have no clue what oppression is, are trying to do the same and corner those who did nothing wrong with you. The actual racism happened generations ago. Que tristesa, y yo soy mejicano. “That’s sad, and I’m Mexican!.” Black people get away with murder because anyone who stands up to them in this day in age, is racist. Haha, people have become so ignorant. Bola de pendejos.

  17. derren says:

    What the hell.There are plenty of black heroes or other race.The point of Johnny is the character isnt a black guy.Regardless of people making a stand for their race is pathetic.Stop living in the past and get over it for godsakes!If the fantastic four where all black i wouldnt have a problem with it and i certainly wouldnt expect mixed races to take on the rolls!W.Scott sounds a rascist in their comment and that sort of rant does no one any favours!

  18. W. Scott says:

    I see that the world is still a “Brady Bunch, suck the rear, bunch of people.” Where the man wants everything to remain the “status que.” What is the fear of change and making things a little bit different for a change. I was in my 30’s before anyone had the courage to make a hero anyone of color on television or the movies. And that was “Star Wars,” where Billy Dee played the part of “Lando Calresian.” Is the white world so afraid of change that they never want to see anything different, or changed, or someone of color in a role as a hero for a change. Trust me, not very many white people have ever came up with an original idea before. And from what was said in “Django, Unchained,” there is still a lot of room for some original ones from them now. I admire and am happy to see that there is a hero that is Black, or Mexican, or anything other than “lilly white,” for once!!!

  19. ridiculous jonney storm is white and he is right its just political correctness and I’m not going to
    watch this film bc they are trying to be politically correct.

  20. metaltruge says:

    oh so its not some political correctness stunt, its the hack director not respecting the source material. LIKE THAT MAKES IT BETTER

  21. I wonder what would happen if all this effort to be negative towards MBJ were used for something that was really important? It’s a comic book character people!

  22. Paully says:

    wil.. It matters .. A lot.. That’s why.

  23. will Wes says:

    There’s something serrrrtiously wrong with white people. Who give a fuck wht color the character is. It’s fiction!!!!!!!!!! As long as the movie is good Wht the fuck does it matter? white people hv been stealing the credit and identities of blacks and africans and their accomplishments for hundreds of years.

  24. Brian says:

    Personally, I was against his casting because I prefer a movie/TV series to be as close to the source material as possible. That being said, that ship has sailed long ago. But I was when I saw who was cast as his sister I became confused thinking “Are they just going to insert some adoption/or rare birth exception subplot into the their characters?” All that to say that upon hearing of the cast it just came across as confusing and unnecessary to the point he responding with a essay and we’re still commenting about it.

  25. Ric G says:

    It is impossible for me to relate to all the outrage. I can accept that maybe the race change was not needed but come on people, this is fiction not history. If you can suspend reality enough to accept the FF story line then why should there be a problem with a change in Johnny Storm’s race that will not change his actions and reactions. Hell, they could have made the character be a dog that was sent into space as an experiment injected with human DNA that goes through a miraculous transformation that makes him Fire Dog. Who cares, I’ll tell you who, someone whose connection with reality is tenuous at best. The nature of creativity is change and a healthy imagination should allow you to embrace creativity.

  26. Kay Marie says:

    I think the funniest thing about these comments are the people who start their comment with “I have no problem with him being black” and then go on to explain that its exactly what they have a problem with.lol. Is it a little funny to have a African American sibling and a white sibling? Kinda. But the whole point of movies is suspension of disbelief. You take for granted that the things in the movie are the way that they are. It’s that suspension of disbelief that allows you to see other SCIENCE FICTION movies and understand that though everything is happening cannot happen on earth, its happening in the movie. This isn’t a damn biopic people. If you have a problem with someone skin tone as a matter of your loyalty to one artistic interpretation, you my friend are, say it with me, prejudice. I would also like to say at this juncture that I am bi-racial with very light skin, can’t tan to save my life and my younger sister is significantly darker than me, with darker eyes and hair than mine. So actually it isn’t all that unrealistic to me. Maybe if yall weren’t so damn worried about the purity of the white race you would take mixed kids into account. But don’t worry, we’ve been getting cast aside by everyone that isn’t looking for a light enough fashion model with an “ethnic flair” for years.

    • Brad Olinger says:

      Well, for my part, as you can read in the comment below I made, it is more about trying to grasp why they made the casting choices they did. I am a sci-fi/fantasy writer myself, and a new actor. I just want to know why they made some of the unusual casting choices. I don’t care whether the Storms are black, hispanic, asian, or whatever. For me, it is just about how it would have worked and stayed in line with the source material. I do think they chose an overly young cast, and I have my doubts about Reed Richards as well, since Miles Teller tends to play self-centered a-hole types and Mr. Fantastic started out as a meek scientist who reluctantly uses his powers to help people, eventually embracing them. The casting for this film seems more about the suits in Hollywood trying to make massive amounts of money by targeting as many groups as possible rather than story telling. I will say though, through an example that is from a distant relative of mine, that often times in old Hollywood, such as in the Charlie Chan films(a distant cousin of mine, Sidney Toler, most often played the role….I don’t talk much about this though), white people played many ethnic roles. I do have a nephew who is mixed, and black cousins, and I am happy to cast many different ethnic actors in projects, so long as the casting makes sense. Proper casting is always done in relation to the rest of the cast, so I do wonder what was going through the minds of the casting director, director, and producer this time.

  27. Christopher says:

    As a man of color and a fan of the comic series, this si BS. And him ‘shouldering’ the hate for the next two generations??? MOTHERFUCKER, you are not MLK.

  28. Murica! says:

    Re-skinning an already existing white character, solely for the season of being PC, is unnecessary and racist.

    • Ric G says:

      Look Murica, for the record, in order for racism to exist there must be a group in power and a group that is suppressed by virtue of a difference from the group in power. The term “reverse racism” is an individual argument by a few people of the power group when their needs aren’t met. My experience with racism involves every aspect of my life. You should not connect any aspect of racism, reverse or otherwise to an argument about a comic book character. It belittles the reality of it.As I said before, you don’t know what racism is. Please approach this argument from a better position.

    • Ric G says:

      I can accept unnecessary because this is a fictional character. Because he is fictional he could be an alien or an enhanced dolphin for all I care. but to say racist means you obviously don’t know the meaning of racism.

  29. I wish that people who watch these films also knew about alternate universes in the comics. It is nothing for comic writers to change the characters. Right now, there is a female Thor. As far as people needing an explanation, please look at current family dynamics in America.

    • Brad Olinger says:

      I get the Alternate Universes and the retconning that frequently happens, but to my knowledge, this is absolutely brand new. FF has long been a favorite, with it’s spin off Doctor Doom series, and while I know that the original Torch was a robot, it has pretty much been a white guy as long as it has been a human character, with varying hair colors and what not. That said, I am not against some diversity, so long as Sue and Johnny remain natural siblings or a mechanism explaining it is in place..

  30. Beau Dobson says:

    I think part of the backlash is because of the dynamics of the team. Johnny and Susan are brother and sister, so the female part should be cast as black as well. Another option would be to explain away the racial issue with a adoption or step-sibling backstory. A line or two in the script could put this whole thing to bed.

  31. Nelson says:

    You comic book geeks are a bunch or idiots! Its a movie about a comic book! Looks like the jiz has backed up and effected your cognitive abilities, so please, GO GET LAID!

  32. lujlp says:

    So then, does this mean we can recast Spawn, or Blade as a white guy in the next reboot?

    Because all these white people not so subtly being accused of racism would be just as upset at that

  33. Jas (@j_as) says:

    Marvel doesn’t follow the comics for Civil War -> Fans unbelievably excited
    Fox doesn’t follow the comics for Fantastic 4 -> Fans attempt to boycott and hide racist agendas behind some “respect” they suddenly created for the cannon.

    • Brad Olinger says:

      I am sure there are likely a few that have an issue with the “race” because of racism. Some fans will want the Storm siblings to both be white because of strict adherence to the comics. For me, and I am a pretty hardcore fan of Fantastic Four, I simply want it to make sense. I don’t care what the ethnicity of Sue Storm and Johnny Storm are, but the fact they are blood siblings I would like to be able to watch the film and recognize that right away. To me, even though I give directors a lot of room because I understand they have choices to make, this is a casting choice that simply does not make sense in relation to the rest of the cast. Michael B Jordan is a wonderful actor, as is Kate Mara(Sue Storm). If I had one casting choice I would hate just for the sake of hating it would be Miles Teller. He just does not say Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic to me.

  34. Eh this one doesn’t bother me much. Don’t think his skin color changes the character in any fashion. Now, that Jimmy Olsen thing? Turning him into a self-assured black man? No. That is just wrong and completely disloyal to the character and who Jimmy Olsen is.

  35. Paully says:

    This movie will be terrible.. Give the FF back to Disney/Marvel. I’ve never seen a film with so much bad word of mouth..

  36. Jeff says:

    ok so what about the “Green Lantern”? he’s black in the comic book,but a white guy portrayed him in the movie. where was the backlash then? anyone?

    • John Spatz says:

      Wow please do some research on the Green Lantern corp. There are multiple Green Lanterns. John Stuart is the Black one while the rest are white…..

  37. Tripester says:

    so in other words comics have become rote tripe and the only way they can garner attention is through racist gimmickry. Got it,

  38. Considering how disappointed Avengers Ultron was I’m actually more excited for the FF then I am for Antman.

    We’ve had a couple of FF movies before and they weren’t very good. I’ve never been a huge fan of the FF but Trank has done excellent work with Chronicle and I believe this movie will be just as good.

    As for Johnny Storm. Johnny Is a brash, arrogant and impetuous alpha male. Michael B. Jordan is perfect casting. He’s going to be excellent. Every argument I’ve heard from friends why he shouldn’t be black is nonsensical. They’re fine with lesser characters ( Nick Fury, Wison Fisk) But when it’s a major character they see it as a personal affront. Maybe they can’t accept the character they grew up wanted to be like as a kid is now black and their view is so skewed they can’t accept it. So they start rationalizing it as non-canon, It will be cool to see black kids dressed up as Johnny Storm at comic con.

    Fox has learned from it’s mistakes and successfully revamped its X-men series. The new fantastic four movie will be just as good.

  39. bells says:

    There is a major story going on in comics about alternate universes. I actually remember a scene in a Fantastic Four comic book from I-don’t-know-how-many years ago, and this scene always comes to mind whenever I’m thinking about an alternate universe situation – this one just so happens to actually involve the Fantastic Four – but, Reed Richards on a video conference call with however many alternate versions of himself, asking for their help with whatever problem they were facing at the time, and, because it’s a *video* conference call, Reed can see when one of the other FF steps into view of that version of Reed’s camera. They don’t show the other Reeds and the other FFs, but Reed is looking at one particular screen, and he says, “Well, of course. That makes perfect sense when I think about it. I don’t know why I assumed the Johnny Storm of every universe would be *male*.”

    So, is you assume that in an alternate universe, the Storm family is black, then what is there was a black baby Sue, that was miscarried? Then, years later, they adopt a white girl and either they name her Sue, or her name already happens to be Sue.

    Maybe Sue *was* born black, and Dr. Storm made a “white-ify” ray that worked once, and then broke.

    There is no point you can make that doesn’t have a valid counterpoint with a solid foundation in comic book science. All that’s left is “But…but…he’s black…”

  40. Richard says:

    It’s not racist it’s just unnecessary and a poor casting choice . Take any beloved work of fiction and change the characters enough from the source material and you are going to get grief . Aside from the casting of Johnny the casting of Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm is just as ridiculous but has been overshadowed by the race issue. Mr Bell is a fine actor but so slight of build and stature as to be the complete opposite of the fictional role he is portraying . Saw the trailer tonight and when they say bring on the muscle and show him …well hopefully in the movie it is meant to be funny … Stocky muscular and gruff he ain’t . My friend next to me was just perplexed by the whole trailer …wasn’t one of these with a different cast out not too long ago …he asked …this doesn’t seem anything like that at all. That is a problem , while it looks not necessarily better or worse it like the first two isn’t getting the great FF treatment it deserves .

  41. Jdawg says:

    Well they obviously cast the wrong sibling with a black actor. Shoulda been the SISTAH!!! Badum-Ching!

  42. Jc Connelly says:

    im down with this its a AU where johnnys black no prob….but lets see what happens if the cast luke cage as a white guy?

    • Brad Olinger says:

      Well, the Netflix ones are staying close to the comics. I would have been ok with Johnny being any ethnicity, so long as the entire Storm family was the same. At least that would be a true retcon. They could have even had Richards white(which, btw, I am not overly fond of the guy playing Reed….always plays a goofball trying to be bada**, always comes off as more a-hole) This is kinda half a**ed. I am not really sure if they are targeting kids or what, but a lot of the casting choices leave me scratching my head on this one.

  43. Nafon says:

    I don’t think he understands that the reason people don’t like that he’s playing Johnny Storm is because Susan Storm is white, so they’re 2 different skin colours. It’s nothing against him, but that just doesn’t make sense.

  44. They pulled that on “The Jeffersons” back in the day, and my dad was like, “No way in the world.” And that show wasn’t sci fi or fantasy.

  45. Brad Olinger says:

    For me, I am all for diversity in Hollywood, but I am a little torn on this casting. I am usually the wait and see type, and will definitely support the career of great actors, but I find the casting a tad bizarre. I know that things will evolve with comics over time. Retconning is great when used properly. However, what gets me is that even a casual fan of the comics knows Sue Storm and Johnny Storm are blood siblings, not step-siblings, so I do find it a tad bizarre how they cast the roles in relation to each other. The cast that I do know about are great actors and will do fine with the roles, and I am glad to see someone stand up to the hardcore fans, but I do personally have my reservations, though I will see it anyway. I will take the film on it’s own merits.

  46. s0krat3s says:

    If he had just stuck with “the studio forced me to do this because of my contract” people would understand. However when you try and defend a white woman and black man being normal siblings you are going to get this kind of reaction. I’m all for a black Nick Fury. I’m all (eventually) for a Miles Morales led spiderman. I’m all for the eventual black Captain America. I’m all for changing certain characters with the understanding that there was zero diversity in the early generations of comics. However it makes absolutely zero sense for one sibling to be white and the other black.

  47. Lexi says:

    The Bible doesn’t describe Jesus as having blond hair and blue eyes, but this is how Hollywood and the church portrays Him.

    Revelations 1:14-15
    14 His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow, and His eyes like a flame of fire; 15 His feet were like fine brass, as if refined in a furnace, and His voice as the sound of many waters

  48. Alfred the Butler says:

    Wasnt Catwoman white (Julie Newmar and Lee Meriwether) and then black (Eartha Kitt) on the Batman TV show and then Halle Berry was her in a movie about 20 years ago. Didnt remember any controversy back in the 60’s when things were much more racial,they were more concerned about kids seeing violence with all the fighting and punching. A lot of comic book fans are mad because the storIes are changing.But them a lot of movies based on books are a lot different, and it is all big business now and how much profit can be made. I have never heard of Michael B Jordan before,but a friend of mine heard from the horses mouth at Marvel that they didnt want to cast the same guy in the Spiderman follow up movies because he wanted too much money. Better to get a no name actor and save $20 million. Do you think the average person really cares who plays Batman either? Its about the story, not about the actor,

    • Brad Olinger says:

      Well, first off all, the Halle Berry Catwoman was less than ten years ago. It is a bit more flexible when the character is solo. The real controversy here, in most peoples eyes, is you have a pair of siblings where one is African American and the other Caucasian. Unless they somehow have a mechanism that allows for it in the story telling, it makes no sense, aside from to draw in young African American audiences. This is clearly a movie aimed at the 14-25 demographic. Nontraditional casting sometimes works, but this isn’t one of those cases. I also take issue with Miles Teller being cast as Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic. That is mainly because everything I have seen him in, he comes off as an arrogant a**. Now, I am more of a casual fan, but the hardcore fans are always going to hate anything different from the source material. Not everything translates to film though, so sometimes liberties have to be taken.

    • Michael says:

      You are so right about that, regarding the Catwoman on television! Personally, I don’t care who they cast in the Marvel films, that doesn’t bother me, but kind if dislike how they reimage the superheros and the villains, particularly how they look–usually sometimes only vaguely like they appeared in the old Marvel comic books I grew up with (and I was just old enough to remember a good part of their “golden age”).

  49. Toby Gaffney says:

    it has nothing to do with your skin color first off what the problem is that a person like myself that grew up reading the likes of fantastic four and other such comics is a huge smack in the face to just go and change certian things that shouldn’t be changed yes they wanna get another role filled with something different but i can’t and will not have the great comics of me era be changed it’s like going threw high school in the 90’s and being toild your entire high school grammer school that pluto is a planet then all of a sudden saying its not. all i can say is if something’s not broke why try and fix it,

  50. Bryan says:

    I dont even care about him being black or have a problem with him being this character. I think they are rebooting the franchise by trying to, what i call, “twilighting” up the movie for tweens. They are putting alot of young actors into these reboots to get the tween audience going, like they did with the last 2 installments of spiderman. At least in this reboot they have 4 QUALITY actors playing the fantastic 4. I just hope they dont sparkle in sunshine, have some stupid love story, or make the girl an whiny idiot like in the “twilight” movies. There is nothing wrong with changing characters race in these movies. They already had a white Torch in the first 2 Fantastic 4’s and i loved those movies. I just hope this movie is a Fantastic trip into this hero universe and not some teen drivel. Michael B. Jordan you just let the haters hate and you keep doing excellent work in everything you are in. I have enjoyed your movies and i think you have a bright future in this business.

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