Mel Gibson Makes Surprise Visit to ‘Mad Max’ Premiere

Mel Gibson Tom Hardy
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Mel Gibson made an unannounced stop at the “Mad Max: Fury Road” premiere in Hollywood on Thursday to the excitement of the film’s cast and producers.

The 59-year-old actor-director, who played Max Rockatansky in the 1979 Australian action film and two sequels, posed for photos on the red carpet with new “Mad Max” Tom Hardy and other cast members.

All four films in the “Mad Max” series (including the 1981 “Mad Max 2: Road Warrior” and “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”) were directed by George Miller, who chatted with Gibson at the premiere.

“Mad Max: Fury Road,” which opens May 15, is poised for an opening weekend of $40 million-plus.

The $150 million-plus tentpole, co-starring Charlize Theron, will play the Cannes Film Festival next weekend.

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  1. Jolene Belle says:

    IAs a Fan of Mel Gibson’s I never see him on T.V. when he is attending the Oscars. The cameraman never shows Mel Gibson sitting in his seat at the Oscars.

  2. Jolene Belle says:

    Max Rocktansky in Mad Max Fury Road it did not look like Mel Gibson.

  3. Jolene Belle says:

    Who was Max Rockatansky in Mad Max Fury Road?

  4. Jolene Belle says:

    Who was Max in Mad Max Fury Road? Tom Hardy or Mel Gibson?

  5. Jolene Belle says:

    Tom Hardy was Lead Actor in Mad Max?

  6. Jolene Belle says:

    Mel in the movie… Mad Max Fury Road. Not too many of his fans or groupies went to see it. Any comments ladies?

  7. Jolene Belle says:

    Mel wrote, produced, directed, and starred in Get The Gringo. Doesn’t have much time to take on another movie role at the moment.

  8. Jolene Belle says:

    Mel wrote, directed, produced… Stonehearst Asylum.

  9. jp says:

    Was hoping for decades to see an older version of Mel Gibson in this role…the way the third one ended in the dying of the light….well, it was epic in my mind. Not much to say about this version…

  10. Violeta says:

    I would like to see Mel Gibson in the movie :(

  11. Sal U. Lloyd says:

    Never a fan of the original MAD MAX, but the sequel, THE ROAD WARRIOR, was quite good. Looking forward to the Hardy reinvention with the same Australian director, George Miller, who should be about a hundred by now.

  12. Jan says:

    I’m surprised he wasn’t invited. What a shame for producers!

  13. Pavking says:

    Love Mel Gibson. Love Tom Hardy. Wanna see a Hardy viking movie directed by Mel Gibson so freakin bad. Mel your fans will always be here and always love you. Picture bane meets brave heart meets Ragnar Lothbrock. And picture Dicaprio cringing when its an epic war movie blanketed with unhinged raw emotion and limitless physical characteristics…. Or in other words, a movie he should have done a long long time ago. Still love ya though Leo.

  14. Ezra Pound says:

    Mel, This is a man among men , noble in spirit and beyond reproach.

    • Pavking says:

      Both of them the sons of earls at war. Earls who are close to peace. And there lies the problem. The young kings by right “Dicaprio and Hardy” soon to succeed to power, do not want peace. They hate each other. How do these anti heroes finally get their war??? I wrote that in 18 seconds fueled by red bull. I have zero talent. Imagine Mel Gibson writing it fueled by love of loyal fans, and guided by vision granted to only those who truly love what they do. :-) NO MAN IS BEYOND REDEMPTION! God bless.

  15. M.Mclain says:

    Mel is vilified because he criticized the power structure….

    “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

  16. Dean says:

    Isn’t “Rockatansky” a jewish name?

  17. robbie says:

    Great smile Mel, you are Mad Max, hoping Tom Hardy does you justice..

    • Mel Had His Day says:

      Ton Hardy will do the CHARACTER justice, because he is one fine actor (check him out in LOCKE; he was brilliant).

  18. theschu says:

    Just watched Tequila Sunrise the other day and it made me really miss the old Mel. I hope soon he can get back to making great movies.

  19. Billy Bob says:

    Gibson needs to start making movies again.

  20. patrik says:

    Payback is Payback – good film to Mel Gibson

  21. Tim Berends says:

    I pray that Mel will come to know The Lord and maybe go to
    before he sleeps tonight.

  22. Jacques Strappe says:

    The film looks loud, obnoxious and psychopathic-ally violent, not unlike Mel Gibson, so it should be a big hit at the box office. Looks like Tom Hardy has bulked up quite a lot for this role.

    • Moordie says:

      You really believe he is any more crazy than anyone else in Hollywood?

      • Ezra Pound says:

        Look at Woody Allen , good grief you can cast a stone in any direction and hit a fruit loop . Mel is an honest spirit to a flaw

  23. uisignorant says:

    I saw the previews, and I must say I have no interest in seeing it at all.

  24. Jack Hagan says:

    Mel Gibson is being attacked because he is a Christian. That does not mean he is perfect. It does mean that the Marxists are attacking the religion that is standing in the way of enslaving mankind.

  25. Scott says:

    Loved the idea of this movie until I saw that pig Charlize Theron was in it. Horrible person. Horrible actress. I will pass on this.

  26. Cindy says:

    He is a wonderful actor and director. I hope he will be in movies again one day. He is in a long line of celebrities that have trouble with the law and can’t keep their mouths shout and yet they work. Hollywood has a long line of discrimination , especially if they take exception to your political or religious beliefs. He still has talent.

  27. Midia says:

    Did he punch anybody?

  28. Mike c says:

    I was thinking about Gibson the other day. I wish he’d make some more movies. He was always one of my favorites.

  29. Martin S says:

    Mel’s acting is what made the Mad Max movies memorable and famous. He deserves a part of the royalties from the new film.

    • Ken says:

      No he doesn’t. The last MAX flick he made was 30 years ago. He has nothing to do with this new version.

  30. Tim says:

    Wow..How awesome is that. The guy is a legend.

  31. Andylit says:

    Too bad Mel melted down. He isn’t too old to play the role, especially if the film was set 10-15 years after Thunderdome. Continuity would have been nice.

    With that said, I will most certainly be in line for this film.

    • no says:

      To bad your a brainwashed tv head

      • Amarcord LaStrada says:

        Too bad you’ll never get that GED you need to go from scrubbing gas-station toilets to working the outdoor tire-pump. Try spending some of your weekly 1-900 Dial-A-Porn money on ‘Hooked on Phonics.’ It might lift you up to Neanderthal levels of cognitive ability, though I wouldn’t bet on it. At least it would give those poor 1-900 hookers a break from hearing you drool into your Obamaphone every day.

      • enough is enough says:

        Do you not mean “Too bad you’re a brainwashed tv head”? Hmmm… I do believe someone is a brainwashed tv head but it’s not who you think. Grab a mirror.

  32. Sherry S says:

    Go Mel! He is the original and only Mad Max!!! I sure wish he would make movies again. Mad Max/Road Warrior, The Patriot, I could go on and on. We miss you Mel!!

  33. Julienne says:

    We tried to hire Mel for an MGM feature, but turned us down because he’s prepping for one of his Directorial Projects that shoots in September. He’s one of the most extremely actors in our Industry.

  34. potvin99 says:

    Mel Gibson needs to start directing and starring in movies again. He’s a great talent that’s been missed.

  35. AB says:

    Mel Gibson IS Mad Max! Remakes suck. Should have called it something else. But cool that he stopped by and took the pics.

  36. Jonney Hulk says:

    Mel Gibson is OK! Best to you Mel. Learn to Forgive people. Hate will eat you up.

  37. Hannibal Barca says:

    LOL, the haters within this comment section. They are hating on Mel, but they are probably fans of Roman Polanski, Bryan Singer, and Terrence Howard.

    Get the Gringo, Machete Kills, The Expendables III, and the upcoming Jean-François Richet film, “Blood Father”… I’m glad Mel is making a come back. I’m glad Mel made an appearance at the premiere. He was obviously welcomed with open arms.

    • Leon says:

      I am not a fan of any of those men. But Mel Gibson takes the cake as the worst. I will not see this movie now cause he is involved. Even if it’s just the premier. Boycott Mel Gibson.

      • eddie says:

        Gee Leon, your envy shows through.

      • Ken says:

        How is Mel Gibson worse than Roman Polanksi? You think making a few drunken slurs about someone’s ethnicity, and drunken recordings of him yelling at his girlfriend (even punching her if that is true) is worse than drugging and raping a 13 year old girl??? How about Terrance Howard who has not just one or two, but several restraining orders against him from multiple women AND a few charges for domestic violence as well? Even though he is not listed above, what about Mike Tyson, who actually served time in jail for rape? Did you boycott the Hangover movies and everything else he was in as well?

      • Mike says:

        You will not see it because Mel Gibson is “involved”? Who do you think acted in 3 Mad Max movies lol

      • Leon tha 5uck says:

        Go suck a railroad spike.

  38. Netshark7 says:

    To have a guy who made a character famous show up to watch your version out of the blue is pretty cool. Id be flattered (and nervous). Looking forward to more Gibson directed (and starring) movies.

  39. Trouble says:

    It’s a real d*ck move to show up at a premiere franchise reboot uninvited when you were the star of the original.

    Sad too. He could have taken the high road and stayed classy. Instead he pulls a Kanye West.

    • revbacon says:

      I didn’t get the sense that he was uninvited or unwelcomed. Go back and read the part where it says, “to the excitement of the film’s cast and producers.”

      He was “unannounced.”

    • no says:

      or maybe theres more to it then your tv head idiot brains know about….


      • ? says:

        “maybe theres”?

        lol….”tv head idiot brains”…mmmmm….yes indeedy!

        Up the Haldol & Thorazine levels and you’ll find some peace.

    • Mike says:

      The real dicks are whoever didn’t invite him.

      • ? says:

        I agree with your comment. But the fact remains that he stole the spotlight away from the cast IMO.

        If he wanted to see the movie, he didn’t have to show up at the premiere. He was seeking publicity at the expense of others.

        D*ck moves all around.

  40. Nathan Togain says:

    Nobody cares WTF you have to say CarlB so STFU.

  41. I hate to tell all the haters, but Gibson has cleaned himself up and is poised for a SERIOUS comeback. Just watch him in the interview on the new Shout Factory Blu-Ray — it’s the “old Mel” we used to love. Rumor has it he’s ready to direct a big feature again, and judging from the looks of things, he’s gotten his life back on-track. Good for him!

  42. bntech2014 says:

    Will the real Mad Max please stand up, please stand up?

  43. carlb says:

    hey hardy lose the beard.. beards are for people who are to lazy every morning to shave! lol can’t wait to see this and liked you in warrior. though letting your brother beat you up was pathetic. lol

  44. bruno says:

    A triologia que deixou MEL GIBSON famoso. Não vejo outro ator no papel a não ser ele. O cara falo mit bobera ok!!!! Ms ele já ficou tmp dmsss na geladeira e sendo esnobado pr hollywood já si passaram 10 anos. To abismado por ter durado tanto mit gnt lá fico rico nas costas dele!!!!!! Ele é um grande ator é diretor e merece uma oportunidade, os numeros não mentem MEL GIBSON é um dos atores mais rentavéis da industria e é um vencedor do OSCAR. Ta na hora de acaba cm o macarthismo!!!!!! Deixem o ator fz o que poucos lá tão sabeno atuar com carisma e flexibilidade!!!!!!!!

  45. Ted Jones says:

    Maybe I’m old fashioned, but Sean Connery is still my favorite Max.

    • Sharon G says:

      Laughing @ Ted Jones… So funny! Love it! I’m a HUGE Mel fan & can’t wait to see him again on the big screen! I love a come-back story & he has really made a change! Give him a break… I’m for 2nd chances! Let him entertain us! He is brilliant at it!

      • jgaz says:

        totally agree. Mel has issues with alcohol and his upbringing by his loonie dad did not help. The world is full of people who have issues and strike out at whatever minority/ethinicity is handy, many remain the same and die angry, frustrated and sad. Some try to clean up their act and accept their problems and learn to deal with them. I hated it when Mel went of the deep end, because his films in the 80s and 90s were prety good and at the very least solidly entertaining, and most of his films as director were above average. I consider Apocalypto for example a superb film, regardless of historical inaccuracies. His path to self-distruction was painful to whatch. I do hope he is on the mend, he still has time to rebuild his life and his career. I hope he keeps on making films that no one else would dare to make.

  46. Joe Santos says:

    Can’t tell you how thrilled I am to finally have an epic action movie – for adults. Rated R. Please leave your brats at home, k?

    • Sherry S says:

      I am unfamiliar with Sean Connery playing any of the Mad Max/Road Warriors movies. Which one are talking about? Are you sure you are not confusing him with James Bond movies?

      • Sharon G says:

        Sherry S – I thought he was making a joke about 007 also. But I’m thrilled that Mel Gibson will be back! Been gone too long! And.. Prior to his supporting the new Mad Max, which is awesome on his part, I was going to boycot due to him not being in it.

  47. mich says:

    Mel Gibson immediatly complained about the jews stealing the sun. He also regrets no neo nazi were present.

  48. sailordude says:

    The series got worse as it went along. It lost it’s way of the first of a liberal government and civilization totally falling apart. Which makes no sense anyway because martial law would have kicked in, but it was fun to watch. The parallels exist today with anti cop liberal politicians in America in Baltimore and New York. Watch the first Mad Max and you can see what happens up to a point. Bringing in Mel Gibson may be a bad sign that this is a weak entry, but I assume it will be a big hit based on the trailers, lots of explosions, not much story, that will sell enough tickets to the youths.

  49. Davey says:

    Sorry Hardy, You are not Mad Max, and never will be. There was already a film called Mad Max, and this attempt at redux is merely a sad flimsy attempt to exploit the original for the young generation of limited attention span and imagination. Mad Max is a great film, and there can only be one Mad Max

    • carlb says:

      connery or gibson?

    • placebo2000 says:

      perhaps do a little research first before you cast judgement. The New Mad Max might just be the greatest

      • TC the Great says:

        i saw the advanced screening the other day, TERRIBLE! Hardy was terribly miscast, Theron was oddly the lead and the plot was a joke. If mind numbing non stop cgi action with no substance is your thing go see it. I’ll still with the vintage Gibson classics 4/10

      • carlb says:

        allot more cgi scenes for sure. unlike before when there were zero and everything was live! lol

      • James Morrison says:

        Perhaps you’re the type of limited attention span and imagination generation he is talking about. Enjoy your ‘new’ Mad Max, but it’s no the original and it never will be, just like all the rebooted garbage out there that steals from better originals

  50. Macd says:

    Mel Gibson should still be playing the lead in this 5th “Mad Max”. I hope this ridiculously expensive attempt to launch a “Mad Max” franchise is the disaster it deserves to be. The fact that Mr. Gibson has been black-balled by Hollywood all these years merely because of a trumped-up tabloid scandal is truly an outrage. I worked with him many years ago, and he was one of the loveliest, nicest, most intelligent guys I’ve ever encountered!

    • victor says:

      Great logic, because Gibson can’t hold his temper, booze and dislike of Jews the movie deserves to fail, because reasons?

      Maybe when he becomes accountable for his behavior and just maybe his fans who defend every dunderheaded mistake he has made instead of blaming everyone and everything but him, he would be still playing mad max.

      • MadMaxHasBeenFemiNazid says:

        The movie deserves to fail because it was co-written by the author of the vagina monologues to ensure women were shown “properly”, when in reality, if the apocalypse happened, women would be nothing more than currency.

      • Barry says:

        Maybe you should just shut up.
        What are you, a fucking shrink.
        Nothing will ever beat Mad Max…
        And I have known Mel for years, we are neighbors and I am a jew and I can tell you he is not racist.
        At the same time, there is a jew conspiracy in Hollywood that goes right up there!

      • Josh Lowenstein says:

        Everyone I know, love Mel. Including all the directors he’s worked with. Especially Peter Weir, who basically discovered him back in Oz. For those who condemn him and throw stones from their glass houses I wonder what we could find out about you when you were drunk (or took drugs?) of had your conversations recorded by a golddigger ex-lover. I just wonder…

        Go Mel. Stallone, Rodriguez, Peter Weir are in your corner to name a few. Ignore the hypocrites who troll the comment boards like victor above. By the way, I’m a Jew and love Mel. What’s your reason for your hatred?

    • ObserverMI says:

      Ditto on that.

      • Mjohnson says:

        If I remember correctly, Jodi Foster also spoke publicly in support of Mel Gibson during his Troubles. She is famous for staying private, so I thought she must have felt very strongly about Mel to speak up for him as she did.

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