George Miller Promises ‘More Max,’ Starting With ‘Mad Max: The Wasteland’

mad max fury road
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

George Miller has promised that more “Mad Max” movies are coming, in the wake of a solid opening for “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

The Australian director made the pledge in his first Tweet, saying “Hello Twitter! Thanks for all the kind words written and said about the film. We had a lot of fun making it and there’s more Max to come.”

Miller also revealed in a recent podcast with Jeff Goldsmith that the fifth film in the franchise will be titled “Mad Max: The Wasteland.”

Tom Hardy said in an interview last month that he’s attached to star in three more “Mad Max” films, adding the qualifier. “Everything’s based on figures and how things are perceived. Inevitably it’s a business.”

Hardy takes over Mel Gibson’s role as Max Rockatansky, and Charlize Theron plays Furiosa in the film, set in a post-apocalyptic, ultra-violent Australian Outback. The film serves as a sequel to the Gibson-George Miller trilogy of “Mad Max,” “The Road Warrior” and “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.”

Miller, who began filming “Fury Road” in 2012, had said several years ago that he planned to shoot two films back-to-back, with the second titled “Mad Max: Furiosa,” but Warner Bros. has not confirmed that there will be any more films in the franchise.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” ended up racking up $45.4 million in the U.S. in its first weekend and another $64 million internationally.

Warner Bros. backed the $150 million production with Village Roadshow Pictures. Even though “Mad Max: Fury Road” was somewhat overshadowed by the success of “Pitch Perfect 2,” the studio believes that strong word-of-mouth and near-universal critical support will help the film continue to draw crowds in the coming weeks.

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  1. David Frank says:

    you better make another mad max —— love it!

  2. Tyler says:

    Dear George,
    in Mad Max Fury Road when max and furosia pass what use to be the green place, there’s some sort of person on stilts? Is this an introduction to wasteland? Never really elaborated on that character. Just curious. Best remake of all time. Please make more. And don’t wait to long. You have to strike while the iron is hot……

  3. Duder NME says:

    Dear George Miller,

    I have two words for you: Car Wars! It’s the next step in the evolution of this series. Make it happen.

    an offensive driver.

    • Bob says:

      I was thinking of the same thing! maybe even a death race or something, which will introduce us to more insane vehicles and even more insane drivers. Hopefully we get to see more of Max driving his iconic interceptor like a bad-a**.

  4. nerdrage says:

    After seeing Fury Road, I’m more interested in a Furiosa franchise. I suspect I am not alone there. Hardy has a pretty face, but I dunno, I just never saw him as Mad Max…maybe because Furiosa muscled him out of his own movie!

    • Bob says:

      I would like to think that Fury Road is her movie and that Max was just riding along. I think the reason why Furiosa seems to be the main character is because we are watching the movie in Furiosa’s perspective, kinda like she is telling the story to the people and they would pass it on to every generation, and this is her story of how Max came to help her and ultimately win. It is one of the tales and legends of the Road Warrior’s adventures, just like how Mad Max 2 and 3 were narrated by someone who have encountered him and they pass it on to next generations. As much as I like this “Theory”, I still hope we get to see Max more as the main character though.

    • zoubida says:

      Furiosa was more charismatic than Max, hope this will change a little in the next movies but I want also Furiosa back!

    • nt300 says:

      Have to agree, didn’t feel like the Mad Max from The Road Warrior. Hopefully they can build on that character and bring him closed to the original AL Mad Max style.

  5. Julia_Ormond says:

    Well, good luck getting the sequel done, considering this film isn’t even close to breaking even based on it’s entire cost. It really needed to Make more like $400-$450 to break even. Currently at $320M.

    And let’s not talk about “home video sales.” The minute a film has to RELY on home video to break even is the moment they’ve lost. Additionally, it’s comical how people think home video releases require absolutely no additional budget. lol

  6. nt300 says:

    They should have stuck to the Road WARRIOR style and scripting. And make it 2.5hrs or longer to get the story out. I mean the movie was alright, but not as good as it could have been.

    Let’s hope Mad Max: The Wasteland is done properly. I am also looking forward to the “Prequels”. Though Mel Gibson can never be replaced, Tom does a great job IMO.

  7. PaulInPgh says:

    Now that Mad Max is a box office bomb can we hope this was the first and only pile of feminist agitprop in the franchise? I only ask because apparently in Hollywood repeated failure at the box office doesn’t seem to be an obstacle for some if they’re pushing the right agenda … ie George Clooney.

  8. Someone needs to edit out all the “action” scenes and just do the dialogue from this Mad Max. It’s hard to believe there was more than 10 minutes of dialogue in the entire movie. The movie was terrible, though. The “plot” had so many holes in it. In a world of scarcity, why is there a guitar dude shooting fire from his guitar? Why are you dropping water on people from hundreds of feet above; waiting 99% of it? Makes no sense. If the movie didn’t have the words “Mad Max” in the title, no one would even care it existed.

  9. loco73 says:

    Oh lord! Let’s hope not! After the forgettable, over-hyped, mediocre turd that was “Mad Max Fury Road” I don’t think I can take another “masterpiece” from “visiionary” director George Miller.

    The original movies cannot be duplicated and their insight, creativity, fun and bitting social commentary cannot be brought forth again…and without Mel Gibson…its just not the same!

    The first two Mad Max movies were small, subversive, but immensely enjoyable, a veritable big punk-rock middle finger to mainstream culture in the late 70’s, early 80’s. “”Beyond Thunderdome” was a somewhat lacklustre and un-even, but still likeable conclusion to the trilogy.

    “Mad Max Fury Road” is on one hand, the self-indulgent last hurrah from a director at the end of his carreer desperately trying to grasp at the last shreds of cultural relevance, and on the other…the latest Holywood big budget brainfart…trying to pass as an original piece of work. Not the desperation ladden fetid mess it actually is…the symbol of a moribund industry on the verge of realizing the creative quicksand they’ve put themselves in.

    As it says at the end of “The Road Warrior”….just let Max be burried in the past, let us have those movies as good memories of an awesome character in some classic action movies, let that feed our nostalgia, and let that be the introduction of the character to newer fans and younger generations!

    Please stop trying to milk this cow to death…its udders are completely dry!

  10. ASB says:

    It has been nearly 2 weeks since I saw Fury Road, and I’m still trying to recover. It is the sort of film you forget to breathe through, much like Interstellar, but for an altogether different reason. Unrelenting from beginning to end, this post-apocalyptic saga is virtually one, long, explosive chase sequence, albeit one which seemingly has new ideas on tap. The action (i.e. the whole film) is utterly bonkers, conceptually and in execution. That writer-director George Miller and his team concocted such ferocious set pieces is impressive enough, but being able to pull it off with extraordinarily daring stunt work – augmented by gritty CGI – is simply awe-inspiring.
    Visually it is vivid and spectacular; the searing desert landscape offering a dirt-filled grime so tangible your throat will dry up within seconds, whilst the vehicles are creative and wonderfully preposterous. The heart-pounding score by Junkie XL, in which he blends orchestral and heavy metal music, accompanies Miller’s on screen splendour to create a visceral experience for both the eyes and the ears. The vehicular carnage may be the drawcard, but the committed cast elevate the overall product. Tom Hardy is savage as Max, Charlize Theron is compelling as Imperator Furiosa and Nicholas Hoult (Remember, X-Men???) is gonzo as Nux, whilst a plethora of recognisable Aussies show up in deranged cameos.
    There’s an intensity here you just don’t find in majority of the big-budgeted blockbusters; an inventiveness in all elements that drives this movie from great to mesmerizing. Miller hasn’t played in the Mad Max world since the dreadful Beyond Thunderdome back in 1985, but by God he has redeemed himself, and then some. Fury Road is a rollicking ride that carves out a piece of cinematic history all for itself.
    Considering the wave of terrible 90’s Sci-fi sequels/remakes we’ve had fired our way in the past few years (Terminator Salvation, RoboCop, Total Recall etc.) Fury Road’s success has been more than a pleasant surprise.
    In short it is a grungy masterpiece.

  11. oscargoldman says:

    This is how pathetic the viewing public has become: Calling this movie some kind of victory for feminism is an insult to women and everyone else. In a world where water is a precious commodity, we see several ditzes emptying their truck of it all over the desert to have a wet-T-shirt party.

    Then there’s the absolute lack of anything interesting about anyone in the movie. Why do we care? When Furiosa is howling on a sand dune… so what? There was no investment in making us understand WHY, or fostering any kind of sentiment at all. This movie is BORING, and the fact that so few people have the guts to call it what it is (a boring mess) stands as a disservice to everyone who loves movies and wants to encourage BETTER movie-making.

    The same people touting this fiasco as some kind of masterpiece are the same ones who pulled a national hoax by keeping the truth about Paranormal Activity a secret.

    • nt300 says:

      The film was set a certain way to give it a look and feel. Use like PC Gaming for example, where film grain is put into it on purpose. Not entirely a fan of this technique, but I don’t see an issue with Fury Road’s picture.
      If you do, that’s your opinion. But enough of the nonsense posting. You are only contributing to your own embarrassment.

    • You must have the attention span of a maggot. Any true fan of the Mad Max films will REJOICE at seeing FURY ROAD . . . “fake 3D” or not. I was worried that some of the characters would be a little too over the top . . . nothing could be farther from the TRUTH. I hate to say it but it made the vehicle action in Mad Max and The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2) look somewhat quaint. Although I still prefer the first 2 films . . . FURY ROAD is a worthy successor.
      Sorry that you were unable to find anything “interesting” about the film. Maybe you need to take a look at your own pathetic existence and SUCK A BAG OF DICKS!!!!!

      • oscargoldman says:

        Aw, it’s cute that you’re butt-hurt at having the glaring defects in this movie pointed out after you somehow missed them. Learn something and move on.

    • Duder NME says:

      “and the fact that so few people have the guts to call it what it is (a boring mess) stands as a disservice to everyone who loves movies and wants to encourage BETTER movie-making.”

      Look out, everybody, we’ve got a rebel here! Quick, hide your differing opinions!

  12. Martin McFly says:

    We went on opening weekend, saw it in 3D. Loved the Mad Max Serious but this one was absolutley nutts!!. LOVED it!! Great job George Miller, Tom Hardy, And Charlize Theron. Can not wait for the next one. This was a visual feast!!

    • oscargoldman says:

      It wasn’t shot in 3-D. In fact, it doesn’t even look like it was shot with professional cameras. The movie was riddled with sharpening halos, aliasing, terrible resolution… just a mess.

      And that was just the image quality. The proceedings were even worse. Do yourself a favor and watch the first two movies again. This one is pathetic.

      • nt300 says:

        Wow 1st two movies of Mad Max LOL. And what happened to the 3rd? Shows how much you actually know. Good Job.

      • Speaking as a TRUE fan of the Mad Max franchise . . . your “opinion” is irrelevant! You are most certainly a KNOW NOTHING Thunderdome fan . . . sorry there was no Tina Turner or light saxophone jazz in Fury Road. G Miller decided to take it to a whole new level. Go cry all over your Master Blaster action figure and suck a bag of dicks while you watch 1990: Bronx Warriors!!

      • Your mom says:

        You seem to not like this film at all. When I saw it in the theaters The resolution was great, there were no halos. You probably saw it in a crappy theater or you pirated it. And in your other comment saying that we had no connection to furiosa, if some one had had just seen this movie and not the others they would not have a connection to max either by your standards. I had a connection with her, I had a connection with max, and so did most people. Just cause you didnt like it doesnt mean you need to tell other people that their opinions are false.

  13. Steve says:

    …and figure out a way to cast Gibson in a future movie.

    • Bob says:

      He was intentionally casted as a cameo in Fury Road as the “Drifter” but didn’t happen. Hopefully he will in the next one. Heck maybe even a bad guy lol.

  14. corey says:

    It’s about time Tom Hardy got a role that will earn him the fame he so deserves. Bronson, warrior.without a doubt the best actor of his generation… The best actor working

  15. Lance says:

    Great Film!!! Charlize Theron was STELLAR!!!! I know Tom Hardy is the ‘soup du jour’ of the moment, but maybe a better actor to play Max next time. And yes, bring Furiosa back!

  16. MaxBoner says:

    I watched all three movies before going to cinema and Fury Road managed to wash away horrible taste Thunderdome left in my mouth. Great job Miller, this was almost as good as Road Warrior

  17. Q says:

    Loved the film.. but on the next I hope there is a bit more focus on Max.. in this one he seemed like a secondary character with furiosa being the protagonist.

  18. bob bildo says:

    Is it going to be about Mad Max or Furiosa?

    Just curious.

  19. Awesome! Fury road is my new favourite movie..

  20. Average Minnesotan says:

    30 years was worth the wait. I was there opening weekend, and told all my friends to go too. If you support a filmmaker you gotta buy a ticket. Saw it in 2D opening weekend, and am dying to return for a 3D assault as soon as possible. A monumental achievement for everyone involved; most of all Director George Miller–who has outdone his previous himself. Love Lorenzo’s Oil and Babe, too, but Mad Max is the unparalleled, adrenaline-fueled, crazy good time.

    • Bob says:

      Man I hope George Miller just continues to make Mad Max films in case you know, he retires or when the bucket…..(No Offence, he is 70 years old).

  21. Stergios says:

    Fantastic news! Mad Max: Fury Road was absolutely incredible.

    • oscargoldman says:

      Don’t support FAKE 3-D, which is what the studio is peddling here.

      If you want to support pathetically bad filmmaking, that’s your prerogative.

      • Don’t support a FAKE Oscar Goldman . . . Richard Anderson would take a righteous DUMP on your FAKE ass. Not only do you know NOTHING about film making, 3D, ect. . . . you don’t deserve to have an opinion. You are a STAIN on the jockstrap of humanity!!!! Eat a bag of dicks!!!

      • Brietta says:

        Have you EVER created anything other than misplaced vitriol? Your pedantic keyboard warrior stance is played out. Arrogance could possibly be gained through actual experience as opposed to warped negativity earned by…what exactly? Rejection? Insecurity? I feel truly sorry for you if this is the apex of your day. I hope better things come your way.

  22. Murica! says:

    Great news!! I hope Miller makes a lot more Mad Max movies!!

    • macy says:

      Haha, I couldn’t have put it better myself. Although sometimes its just easier not to feed the troll!

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