Lou Diamond Phillips to Play Serial Killer Richard Ramirez in New Movie (EXCLUSIVE)

Lou Diamond Phillips Richard Ramirez
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Lou Diamond Phillips has signed on to star in thriller “The Night Stalker,” with production slated to begin this summer, Variety has learned exclusively.

Phillips will take on the role of serial killer Richard Ramirez, dubbed “the Night Stalker” by the Los Angeles press during his 1985 killing spree. The film incorporates Ramirez’s history of violence into a fictional narrative centering on a prison interview between the aging killer and a lawyer attempting to elicit a confession from Ramirez that will save another man from death row.

Ramirez, an avowed Satanist, was convicted of 13 murders and never expressed any remorse. He died on death row in 2013 of  complications from B-cell lymphoma.

Megan Griffiths is directing from her own script. Producers are Alisa Tager (“Enemy at the Gates”) and Matthew R. Brady (“Grassroots”) through his MRB Productions shingle.

“I grew up in Southern California and spent the summer of 1985 in the shadow of Ramirez, and it has been a fascinating process to delve into the history in writing this script,” Griffiths said. “I could not be more excited to see Lou Diamond Phillips bring this intense character to life.”

Griffiths directed “Lucky Them,” starring Toni Collette and Johnny Depp, which premiered at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival and was distributed by IFC, and “Eden, starring Beau Bridges, which premiered at the 2012 SXSW Film Festival and won the festival’s narrative Audience Award and the Emergent Female Director Award.

Phillips is currently starring in the Netflix series “Longmire” and will be seen in Warner’s Chilean mining survival drama “The 33” alongside Antonio Banderas, James Brolin and Juliette Binoche.

Phillips is represented by Global Artists Agency and Thruline Entertainment. Griffiths is represented by WME and Untitled Entertainment.

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  1. Sherrie Evatt says:

    I think Lou Diamond Phillips did a good job portraying Richard Ramirez. He gave me the creeps in some scenes. He did look a lot like him.

  2. Jeannie Chavez says:

    I think the trailer was better than the movie and I think Lou Diamond Phillips better quit grasping at straws he really was a disappointment I really thought the movie was long and drawn-out who was very very disappointed in it!

  3. Leanna Schaefer says:

    I enjoyed Lou Phillips Diamond in this role. I really thought he brought the mind set of an individual we might never know about. Manson we get-HE is CRAZY and is intimidating enough to control someone.(That is why we should be experimenting drugs on him for society use-but that is another story} The vehicle of another involved who is associated with justice is genius. It makes one watch the background more intensely. We watch the discovery of his character influences within family walls a little closer to encounter how a killer rose to a stature of violence without remorse. This movie had every vice to swing towards the wife, wedding, and potential gestures of bliss without family ties involved. Boring……Instead, they focused on why, how, and a directed philosophy of this mans psychological impulses. Great job Mr. Phillips. The intensity of your composure during those close ups really gave the audience a reality of what a killer was really like-uptight and personal-no freedom…only facial grimaces to display emotions. Age defines us as time goes on-he lived with this through the years and was shunned being in prison and isolated. I wonder how denounced one of us would be in this situation? We are all longing for acceptance in any or all of our lifetimes. This movie simply brought out a psychological impact of how changes in life influence how an individual might think if the circumstances were different. Richard Ramirez was caught -literally-by a mob in East L.A. I was fearful of the stalker then and had big dogs close at hand. I remember the bandages on his head in the police car. To get in the minds of people like that would be astronomical for society today. Hence, terrorist attacks that seem to happen like a band concert promoting their tours. We grieve-stand tall with our beliefs-but what really happens? We get knocked again by a different face with their own agenda. People are emotionally discharged with empathy-hatred-disbelief-and ultimately sadness. We should take a lesson from those that caught Ramirez-they had the guts and fortitude to carry justice.And it did not matter if you were purple or green-you were helping to capture a killer and bring him to justice!

  4. Metz says:

    Cole… Lou Diamond Phillips plays the Late Richard Ramirez in his late Years.

    I don’t believe in White washing a Chicano Serial Killer than white boy Erza Miller to cast him is too much of a light weight to play this Darkest creepiest role, We need to talk about Kevin wasn’t the best I ever seen to convince me that he should play the Scariest and Brutal Serial killer.

    Plus Ezra reminds me of Dracula from seseme street, too ugly to play the most sexiest looking serial killer in American history

  5. Cole says:

    Ezra Miller would have been a way better choice. Lou Diamond Phillips is too old to play this character. And Ezra Miller in, We Need to Talk About Kevin…. It should have been him that was cast.

  6. Not a bad choice, but based merely on looks I would’ve preferred to have Benjamin Pratt on the role, both are great actors

  7. Wow I can’t wait for this movie! Richard would turn in his grave knowing that there’s a movie that’s bases on his life and he’s not gonna get to see it lol.

  8. Sujin says:

    Another fictional “based on real events” Nightstalker movie? Sigh. I would have preferred the movie James Franco was supposed to star in and direct. Or better yet, have Rob Zombie make the film with an unknown actor based on Philip Carlos book. Zombie wouldn’t hold anything back, and his film making style would be perfect!

  9. RTF372 says:

    A film should be made about the residents of Hubbard Street in East Los Angeles who captured Ramirez. There’s your heroes’ story to contrast Ramirez’s horrific tale. I’ll bet they’re not even mentioned.

    • Metz says:

      Who wants to watch residents and their boring lives on Hubbard Street. nobody wants to see that, what an instant flop and would be called night slumber instead of Night stalker. Fall asleep on it. I want to see Richard Ramirez, he is the most interesting Serial Killer and there isn’t a proper movie about him. The Night Stalker is one to watch.

  10. Beth says:

    Couldn’t get Benicio Del Toro?

  11. David Delaney says:

    The Actor who played Dexters brother on”Dexter” would have been a better choice! Looks wise.

    • Metz says:

      You are just another Stan, that your fav should have got the role, and who is he? You can’t even remember, see! Lou Diamond Phillips is the Name that is easy to remember and famous, so get over it and move on child

  12. Metz says:

    Lou Diamond Phillips is the Best choice to play the Late Richard Ramirez. Lou is known across the globe, everyone knows La Bamba, and Lou has great experience in playing bad boy roles, he is fantastic. Well Done Lou, the world loves You. A small group of Ezra Miller and James Franco stans may be butt hurt teens fighting at each other. Lou Diamond Philips is a great legend and versatile, he deserves congratulations on his Darkest role and opportunity of a lifetime.

    I look forward to see it on the Silver screen

  13. missannthropethefirst says:

    Ramirez was 25 when he was captured. Phillips is 53 and looks it. Is this going to be the story of Ramirez on his death bed? Because Phillips is way too old for this part.

    • grandmal006 says:

      Look at Ramirez’s face. That is the face of a hard living , evil man who looks older then 25. Lou is a great actor he will do just fine.

      • Metz says:

        Exactly! 100% agree with You. Serial killers are older looking due to hard and unbelievable living and events. And shows more over the years plus evil on the mind. At last a voice of reason

  14. David A. Reyes says:

    Great choice. But Richard Cabral would of been a perfect fit as well. Cant wait to see this movie.

  15. bundyphile says:

    Can’t wait! Please don’t wimp out on the violence that Ramirez inflicted on his victims.

    • Metz says:

      Right bundyphile! Like Sakina’s milk jugs get squeeze and sucked as she gets taken by Ramirez. Movies like August Underground, A Serbian Film are so blatant on violence, you are right, don’t puppy dog the violence, especially Richard Ramirez who is the most brutal and scariest Serial Killer

  16. trisha ramirez says:

    Very excited

  17. patrick henley says:

    where is it filming and are they going to need background actors ?

  18. Is this movie the same one that James Franco wanted to direct and star years ago?

  19. sorry says:

    New headline: “Lou Diamond Phillips looks kinda’ like murderer, high-fives his agent.”

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