Dane DeHaan’s James Dean Biopic ‘Life’ Bought by Cinedigm

'Life': Robert Pattinson, Dane DeHaan's James

Cinedigm has acquired all U.S. distribution rights to Anton Corbijn’s “Life,” starring Dane DeHaan as James Dean, and is planning a day-and-date fall release for theatrical, digital and VOD.

Robert Pattinson co-stars as photographer Dennis Stock and Ben Kingsley portrays studio chief Jack Warner. “Life” premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, where Variety‘s Guy Lodge gave it a strong review and called DeHaan “magnetic.”

The film was produced by Iain Canning’s See-Saw Films (“The King’s Speech”), and is the second project in an ongoing collaboration between Corbijn and Canning, following their work together on “Control.” The script was written by Luke Davies, which explores the nuances and complexities of the relationship between photographer and subject for a 1955 photo spread that brought Dean to the attention of the American public seven months before his death.

Cinedigm plans a theatrical release in about 10 markets.

The deal was negotiated by CAA and WME Global with Cinedigm’s Kristin Harris.

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  1. Yeah!! says:

    Dane plays James Dean who was obviously famous, BUT Rob is the lead in the film, Dane costars, the story focuses on their relationship, BUT it’s ment to be about Robs character starting his career, and he convinces Dean to allow him to feature him,

    please give him credit where it’s due, he has enough negative articles on your sister site HWL

    looking back on other films ,I wonder how many people will be saying its Danes film, especially if it does well, but Robs if it doesn’t do well at box office

    (hopefully it will do well, depending on it not getting ridiculous, erratic distribution as The Rover did, no advertising, and itune adv before full release, hopefully all the stupid negative articles at Rob which happen every time he promotes stop, more angry that some actors are treated differently when they have done the same or worse at the box office, despite having more support)

    the story sounds interesting, just on the teaser trailer, I’m looking forward to this, the style of the film, how they are so different but work together, and I love how the music sounds mischievous when Dean says “..ok but your not going to like it”

    personally for many reasons I think he desperately needs a new team,
    very odd Life did not go to cannes, when he was expecting it to, went in 2014 15min shown, had two distributors,is fantastic, it took a little longer as it went to Berlin at least they have a US distributor now, wishing them success with the film, deserved and it looks like he enjoyed filming it

    I’m glad he has been able to do what he planned to and find roles which interest him, but challenge him
    hopefully his recent films will feature in art house venues , they are more likely to do better than general cinema, lets hope it has good support and advertising

    He had to leave filming COAL in Budapest to attend the Berlin Festival for Life then return to filming, COAL was complete in 3 weeks

    his upcoming films and characters couldn’t be much different and I’m looking forward to seeing them

    Life, QOTD,COAL, Brimstone, The Trap
    British Colonel in City Z, I agree with a comment lower down, i dont think there is an American regional accent he cant do, has been different in each film, funny but a huge complement when Americans are confused , as they thought he was American
    but as a brit it will be nice to here him act with an English accent again

    Ok ,sorry I didn’t mean to write such an essay

    • Gemma says:

      Pattinson returned to London after the Berlin film festival, his role in TCoaL was already complete when he went to Berlin.

      But you are right, Pattinson is the lead in Life, it’s told from his point of view, and he has the larger part. Many of the media outlets think it’s a movie about James Dean, but it’s really a movie about Dennis Stock shaping Dean’s icon image through his photographs.

      I do hope Variety and others will report this film’s subject matter correctly. The reason it’s called LIFE is because Stock shot these images for Life magazine. Dean is a character in Stock’s story, not the other way around.

      • @Gemma says:

        the Dior advert was done in LA

      • @Gemma says:

        the article might not be right, but Robsessed said he returned to Berlin for filming,
        that his team had mentioned it on ? (?cant remember what )

        they have another article he filmed Dior advert on the 18th Feb
        (I dont understand why they chose to do it straight after hed done 2 wks filming and a few flights, and didnt wait until hed had a proper rest, pics still looked good)

        he was at the oscars on the 23rd of Feb

        they have another article he landed in London on the 25th Feb
        he went to the brit awards

        just checked wiki claims the filming started Jan 30th, Rob was at Berlin 9th of Feb they wont have finished in a week

        I’m annoyed sites that could effect his career, interest in his films, sometimes it feels deliberate, post what they assume without checking

        “Life” so they assume its a biopic of his life, not “Life ” magazine.haven’t checked

        Im annoyed they dont check but Ive re looked at this and realised I didnt check, I was so cross at the title, and relieved it had a distributer I didnt look at the article properly
        “VOD” here we go again, sites might as well right their negative reviews now
        that it hasnt done well, makes no sense they have done this again, makes people think it cant be good if they are doing this which is unfair

        if its released by other means at the same time I think it should be included in the box office takings, on a seperate tab or something,, its the box office articles take notice of

        distribution for The Rover was ridiculous from 5 to 600 then down to 200 when it was getting a lot of interest on twitter, from 200 to 20

  2. James says:

    Pattinson keeps getting better and better at creating compelling characters, from the ground up. He’s used a different voice/accent in his last 5 films, never being lazy or just playing himself. The camera loves him, even when he’s got a half-shaved head and is covered with dirt.

    DeHaan is a dynamic on-screen presence, I look forward to seeing what he does with James Dean, and from what we’ve seen so far, the era has been recreated down to the last detail. Fall is a perfect time to release this little gem.

    • @Gemma says:

      when he finished filming
      he went to LA for the advert
      he was in the US for a few days before he went back to london
      lot of nasty comments that he was out drinking every night
      he went out for meals with his friends a few times, people at the restaurant took pic,on some you can see a large group but not properly who they were
      there was only one article showing he was at the CM with friends, but I suppose it was to create more gossip and hate toward him they didnt show who he was with
      he had spent a few days with Tom who hes known since they were teens and his fiance Sienna
      who were at the oscars

  3. Mers says:

    Can’t wait to see this movie

    • @James says:

      I’m on here because I’m a Rob fan, I have only seen DeHann in spider man, but it was a difficult role, and he played it brilliantly

      I take it your refering to Cosmo , shaved head, I wish DC had kept to the book, althoough the script was direct from the book, what he left out made the character completly different, and the story would have been much more interesting and edgy, as Rob explained it, he was expecting it to be

      the only scene he completly ignored Dc and went with his instincts ws the scenes with Paul, and he nailed it, they were both fantastic, these are the scenes he had strong praise for from the critics

      also for RM, its such a shame the papz were so disruptive when filming

      I might be bias but I think Rob has a dynamic screne presence aswell

      so glad its getting a release this year, do you know if QOTD is aswell, ?

  4. the Movie is about Stock , the photographer not James Dean . Pattinson outplays DeHaan

  5. TomNewYorker says:

    that’s suprising.
    thought it would been Roadside Attractions, Weinstein Company or Fox Searchlight to acquire the rights for Life.
    Life looks pretty intresting.

    Dane DeHaan could be this generation James Dean.

      • Gemma says:

        DeHaan is an excellent actor, he never turns in a bad performance. He doesn’t have the smoldering charisma James Dean had, but he sure can act.

        I think he nails Dean’s voice in this film, and will be a good foil for Pattinson’s nervous energy as the high strung Dennis Stock.

    • Patti says:

      I seriously that Dane DeHaan will be this generation’s James Dean. James Dean changed society like Elvis Presley did. He was a teen idol and created the notion of teenager, though he was no longer a teen himself.

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