Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘The Revenant’ Dazzles Exhibitors at CinemaCon

THE REVENANT Leonardo Dicaprio
Courtesy of Regency Entertainment

The Revenant,” Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s first film since “Birdman,” received a warm reaction Thursday as Fox unveiled the first footage at CinemaCon.

A scraggly Leonardo DiCaprio, who stars as a fur trapper in the 1820s, dominated the footage — which included several battle scenes set alongside a river. Fox said Inarritu is shooting in the Canadian wilderness, using only natural light.

In his intro, Fox chief Jim Gianopulos — who hosted the hourlong event with new studio co-chair Stacey Snider — noted that Fox Searchlight and New Regency have won back-to-back Best Picture Oscars with “12 Years a Slave” and “Birdman.”

New Regency and Brett Ratner’s Ratpac Entertainment are financing the survival drama. Twentieth Century Fox plans to open the film in limited release on Christmas Day next year before a wide release on Jan. 8, 2016.

The footage also included glimpses of co-stars Tom Hardy and Will Poulter. Gonzalez Inarritu and Mark Smith wrote the screenplay based on the Michael Punke novel “The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge” published in 2003. The story, set in 1823, centers on a fur trapper who’s mauled by a grizzly bear and robbed by the two men enlisted to stay with him.

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  1. Roger says:

    Just sounds like the re-telling of the Hugh Glass story, a re-make of the Richard Harris movie, Man in the Wilderness. I hope it’s good.

    • Thomas says:

      Well, Man In the Wilderness was just loosely based on Glass’s story. The Revenant is based on the 2003 novel by Michael Punke of the same title. The Revenent is supposed to be the true Hugh Glass story.

  2. Chelsie says:

    My daughter drew a picture of a parrot for mr.DiCaprio :)) we showed up for the casting call in Calgary Alberta in August of last year, I wasn’t able to part tKe because my hair was too short ;) but I was able to pass her drawing along to someone named Joseph who got the part.. Then he was able to pass it along to someone named arthur who is suppose to be working along side leo… Sooo mrDicaprio please if you get her drawing let us know!! Bless you all!
    To check out her art on Instagram @artwork_by_cierra

  3. J.E. Vizzusi says:

    Well since I was the only person that had major problems with Birdman, I hope to hell he uses a better Soundtrack than those horrible drum solos. This is such a departure from the latter, who knows what? The crew does list a Lighting Director BTW. Jeremiah Johnson meets A Man Called Horse.

    • VCP says:

      1st, there were plenty of people whom hated Birdman; I think it’s mostly due to the Trailer & overall look, along with just the title itself that tended to deceive the audience into thinking that we were getting a full blown Super-Hero flick, but instead we got something completely different with a sort of campy Art-House feature that was strictly set in a Broadway Theater.
      I myself was quite baffled to find out that I had the very same expectations as to what Birdman was supposed to be, only to find that the whole Film was ultimately centered around a Stage-Play. I guess, most of us didn’t really read the fine print as to what the plot was about, since the Trailer made the film out to be a whole new approach to the Super-Hero Genre. I’m kinda surprised that nobody sued Inarritu & the Distributors for “False Representation,” just like some lady had sued Nicolas Refn & the Producers of DRIVE over the fact the Trailer made that film out to be something along the lines like Fast & Furious, but instead got a quite stale & slow film.
      I will admit when I saw Birdman in the Theaters, I was quite ticked that I was getting something that essentially has been done time & time again from a plethora of Filmmakers & Actors, as Birdman’s plot, aside from the Main Character battling his old Super-Hero image, is very much in the same format as other films like “Cradle Will Rock” or “Me & Orson Welles,” etc.
      It took about a couple months before I realized that Birdman actually is quite brilliant for what it is. Out of all the “Behind-the-Scenes” Stage Production Type of Films, Birdman is the better of them all.
      I actually thought the singular “Drum” soundtrack was one of the more redeeming aspects of the film, it sort of fit the whole atmosphere, especially since you’re dealing with “rehearsals” of a Stage Play, the Drumming reminded me of how a Percussionist warms himself up, I would have put Birdman’s interesting & unique soundtrack as one of the best of the year, but Whiplash pretty much destroyed all competition on that front.
      I’m really hoping this film will be as great as it seems. Obviously, this will NOT be anything like Birdman, and since the public aren’t jumping the gun on what the film is gonna be like, like we all did with Birdman; overall, everything seems to be on the level.
      One thing that will be interesting is that this film will be competing against Tarantino’s “Revenge-Western” The Hateful Eight……
      So we’ll have two “Revenge-Westerns” by two highly acclaimed Filmmakers, both having quite impressive Casts to boot.
      I didn’t care for Django Unchained, I thought that film was completely lop-sided & just fell flat for a film that was praised the way it was….I actually don’t even care for Tarantino, but that’s just cause he doesn’t have an Original Bone in his body. Everything he does is stolen from other films or from the ideas of other Filmmakers (i.e. Roger Avery). The Hateful Eight is quite “ugh,” seriously, do you really need to rip & play off of the classics The Magnificent Seven or The Dirty Dozen;
      So I’m pulling for The Revenant to conquer the Western Genre this year. There’s also another Revenge Western with “Jane Got A Gun,’ starring Natalie Portman, but that film has had quite a lot of complicated production problems, so who knows.

      • Iván el Terrible says:

        Birdman was a snob movie which insults geek culture. And if there is something people truly hate is snobbery.

      • avenger says:

        By the way Birdman is a fucking Tour De Force of modern cinema, watched it 5 times already never do that…ever.

      • avenger says:

        I’ll call it right now!

        It will be Iñarritu’s The Revenant against Tarantino’s The hateful eight for top prizes at next Oscars, I was hoping to say the same for Malick’s Knight of cups but lately he’s been all beautiful cinematography and that’s it.

  4. Hey Now says:

    Black Mass & The Revenant are this years Interstellar for me. Can’t. Fucking. Wait!!!

  5. Toni Abrahamian says:

    This will be an extra special film based in part of the scenes being in natural light. I can hardly wait to see it. Bravo Inarritu and Staff

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