Box Office: ‘Jurassic World’ Sets Global Record With $511.8 Million Debut

Jurassic World
Courtesy of Universal

There’s a new king in town.

Jurassic World” opened to a staggering $511.8 million worldwide, the highest global bow of all time. It marks the first time a film has ever grossed more than $500 million in a single weekend.

The dinosaur thriller is the top-ranking film from sea to shining sea, after opening in first place in North America and across all 66 international territories where it debuted.

“Dinosaurs are fascinating to everyone,” said Nick Carpou, president of domestic distribution at Universal. “It’s cross-cultural.”

Domestically, “Jurassic World” scored the second-biggest debut in history with $204.8 million, nipping at the heels of “Marvel’s The Avengers'” $207.4 million bow. Its international weekend estimate also takes runner-up position on the all-time charts. The $307.2 million “Jurassic World” generated trails the $314 million racked up by “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.”

Those international results were boosted by a mammoth $100 million opening in China. Other openings of note include the United Kingdom and Ireland with $29.6 million, Mexico with $16.2 million, Korea with $14.4 million, France with $12.5 million, Australia with $12.1 million and Germany with $11 million. The only major territory remaining is Japan, where “Jurassic World” will roar on Aug. 5.

In terms of premium formats, Imax put up a record-setting international weekend of $23.5 million, and 3D screenings accounted for 50% of the global bounty.

“People should call dinosaurs the original superheroes,” said Jeff Bock, a box office analyst with Exhibitor Relations. “They are just as big as Iron Man or Superman or Batman right now.”

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  1. LJ says:

    Did it really beat out Gone With the Wind if adjusted for inflation? did you guys adjust for inflation? those other titles not even in top ten. it was a good movie I have seen better movies in my Life time though. and the price is higher to see it yes it made a lot but that doesn’t determine popularity by any means. a movie like Gone With The Wind at 25 cents vs 16 to 20 bucks to see some imax movies today hmmmmmm ET I saw for 5 bucks as a kid. and it is listed at #4 adjusted for inflation. the entire money making thing is a scam trying to say your movie is best lolol so more will come see it is all. again saw it and liked it 1 to 5 I give it a 4 and a half.

  2. RichardB says:

    This of course does not mean that there is one jot of artistic merit in what appears to be something which requires lots of sweating, screaming, running, screaming, gunshots, screaming, and some more running and screaming. Big money doesn’t mean people are buying good stuff.

  3. Jacques Strappe says:

    I know the movie studios like to spin their successes and forget their duds but I’m always a little skeptical when comparing box office results for these big openings. It would seem next to impossible to make an apples to apples comparison among film debuts since the number of screens is never identical and the debut dates in foreign countries ( which generally account for the largest share of box office receipts nowadays ) is often very different and staggered among films. Release dates are rarely the same and can play a very key role in how a film debuts. Don’t many blockbuster films stagger their releases in global markets. I seem to recall the latest Avengers Age of Ultron movie wasn’t released in all the big global markets at the same time as the US, including China. That $100 million take for Jurassic in China is dinosaur size.

  4. Another anti-science Frankenstein propaganda movie. They through away 40 years of scientific research and knowledge into dinosaurs to recreate the old scalely lizards the public are familiar with. At least in the others there was SOME attempt at accuracy. How the hell did those tiny pterosaurs pick-up and fly away with full grown people: magic?

  5. IT 2 IT says:

    Spielberg with yet another franchise slum add–on,
    ————on this, the ‘mysteriously overlooked’
    ————————————-65th Anniversary
    ——————————————of the now 21st century DEFINING
    —————————————————————————– – – – -KOREAN WAR. . . .

  6. Nate Girard says:

    Unfortunately, I was curious enough to see it. I should have seen the writing on the walls when none of the original lead cast signed on to reprise their roles and a director like Colin Trevorrow was tapped to direct. The man even was quoted saying that Universal was bent on making the movie with or without him at the helm, so clearly quality control wasn’t their primary concern while selecting him to direct.

    Too bad it did so well. It was mediocre at best, and now we’ll see a parade of awful reboots and sequels. It was a true movie of it’s time. Overblown action, gratuitous fan service, painful script, cast of vapid, unbelievable characters and all the video-game CGI you could want.

  7. I was skeptical going in but I know Chris Pratt’s acting ability so that helped greatly. This film was very well done.. and I am bordering on saying it is actually BETTER than the first .. the only exception is that it needed Jeff Goldblum. Good writing, good action, good comedy, good timing, good cast. Overall A+++

    • Karen says:

      Not nearly as good as the first or second….close to the third. The villain who wanted to use dinos in the military–wtf?//#@4## Poor casting, mediocre acting, the chick running around the forest in 3 inch heels??????, the obligatory kiss scene while trying to escape with your life??????? And of course, the dino whisperer—really. I’m sure young children enjoyed this movie, but it was a waste of money and time for me. Should have waited for the blue ray version.

  8. Yes as we can see Piracy is really starving those in Hollywood.

  9. TOM says:

    Are you saying that Jurassic World beat out the Entourage movie?

  10. Bill Jones says:

    If you want more dino action, I really enjoyed Geoff Jones’ book, “The Dinosaur Four”. It’s a real page turner, but darker than this movie and not for kids.

  11. Steve says:

    This just goes to show that the majority of people are stupid. Who would want to wait in line to sit next to some noisy slob in a theatre jammed full of stinking people who are probably talking to each other the whole time to see a movie they could easily walk into in two weeks and have the whole place to themselves. Society is full of failures. No wonder the world is going down the crapper.

  12. Web Guru says:

    If this doesn’t prove the public goes to movies expecting to be entertained and escape the reality of like, nothing else will. Nobody wants to be preached to or educated while eating popcorn, and slurping a drink in the company of strangers.

    • Bony Hurdle says:

      Then again, look at American Sniper. $350m in North America and $197m elsewhere. Not exactly a popcorn movie, or one to see to escape the reality of life.

    • Rachel Latham says:

      That’s right! I didn’t even bother to go see tomorrowland when I found out it had a political message.

      • Diego Cruz says:

        Jurassic World (and the whole franchise, for that matter) DO have a message. The movies are cautionary tales of commoditizing life, believing you have the right of messing around with nature and life balance (Jeff Goldblum’s character in the first two movies said these concerns explicitly). It’s a re-tale of Icarus, wanting to fly among gods, only to crash violently. Although, I neither consider this or Tomorrland’s “political” messages.

    • Web Guru says:

      That should say the reality of life not like.

  13. Adele says:

    I guess this means Chris Pratt will ace out Caitlin Jenner as People Magazine’s next Sexiest Man alive.

  14. Skeeter says:

    Dinosaurs are much much bigger than superheros. literally and figuratively.

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