‘Jupiter Ascending’ Flops: Why the Wachowskis’ Failure Is Bad for Movies

'Jupiter Ascending' Box Office Flop: What

Be careful what you wish for.

Originality is a virtue in most creative pursuits, but in Hollywood, it will always be less appealing to studio bosses than more of the same. Audiences and critics often decry the sequels and franchises that flood multiplexes, but when filmmakers like the Wachowskis answer their calls for something original and innovative with a film like “Jupiter Ascending,” they’re often rewarded with a cold shoulder. With a production budget of $179 million, not to mention tens of millions spent to promote the science-fiction adventure, and an opening of only $19 million, “Jupiter Ascending” will likely be one of the year’s biggest flops.

“Audiences are kind of reticent to take a chance on something they don’t know or understand,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Rentrak. “They marketed the heck out of this movie, and it was still tough to bring people through the door.”

All the red ink that “Jupiter Ascending” will spill will make studios all the more conservative and risk-averse. There will be more reboots, retreads and revivals as companies try to give facelifts to geriatric franchises such as “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones” and “Ghostbusters.” That’s bad for audiences and, ultimately, for business. Right now the formula is working, but the repetition risks making the moviegoing experience feel stale and overly familiar.

As Lana Wachowski told the Los Angeles Times on Friday, “When I was young, originality was everything. A sequel was like a bad word. We’ve gone to the opposite place where [audiences] actually are more excited about a story we know the ending to.”

She’s right. Where are the fresh visions of distant worlds and futuristic conflicts to inspire the next George Lucas or Steven Spielberg? Younger audiences are already abandoning the theater in favor of videogames and mobile devices. Nostalgia for an era of popcorn films they didn’t grow up with is unlikely to lure them back.

At the same time, television and gaming have supplanted movies as platforms for iconoclastic works of art ranging from “Mass Effect” to “Breaking Bad.”

In a Wired opinion piece, Angela Watercutter urged people to buy a ticket to “Jupiter Ascending” even as she acknowledged that it was deeply flawed.

“Do it because the Wachowskis are part of a shrinking species: original sci-fi filmmakers,” she wrote. “And in these long, cold months before the Marvel machine cranks back up, it’s good to remember what those look like — for better or worse.”

So what went wrong? Ever since “Jupiter Ascending” introduced footage last spring at CinemaCon of Mila Kunis as a cleaning lady who discovers she’s queen of the universe and Channing Tatum as her protector, a genetically enhanced creature with Spock ears, the buzz for the film has been very bad indeed. The sense of impending cinematic disaster intensified after Warner Bros. opted to push the film out of its July release date last summer and into February.

The studio was hoping that additional time for reshoots and effects work would help salvage the film and put it on the path to solvency. It had employed a similar strategy for troubled or problematic productions such as “300: Rise of an Empire,” “The Great Gatsby” and “Gravity,” one of the rare original science-fiction epics that worked.  Unfortunately for “Jupiter Ascending,” the extra time couldn’t wipe away the stench of failure, and critics overwhelmingly decried the film as an overcooked bore.

Across town, there’s likely a feeling of Schadenfreude among Warner Bros.’ competitors, but delighting in the Wachowskis’ misfortunes would be misguided. It signals that the siblings have lost their deft sense of the culture that made “The Matrix” a phenomenon. Given that it marks their third consecutive dud, following “Speed Racer” and “Cloud Atlas,” these once blazing-hot talents risk being iced out of the A-list.

“They’ve been making the movies they want to make ever since the first ‘Matrix,'” said Phil Contrino, vice president and chief analyst at BoxOffice.com. “But there’s only so much mileage you can get from a big hit until people turn off the funds. They need to find something more commercially accessible and crank out a hit quick if they’re going to buy their clout back.”

Like Michael Mann, who headlined the recent box office disaster “Blackhat,” the Wachowski siblings may be forced to return to lower budgeted films and face years in the big studio wilderness. That’s a shame. The movie business needs these sorts of prickly geniuses. The alternative is overly caffeinated and commodified productions designed to sell toys, not stir imaginations.

“Jupiter Ascending” may have crashed and burned, but at least it tried to soar on the strength of its own originality and daring. Its failure makes it harder for other filmmakers to get a chance to take similar risks. In this climate, would “The Matrix” ever have gotten made?


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  1. Tazzin says:

    People who ‘EXPECT’ to have their socks blown are usually the ones that either sit at home and think they are the end all – be all critics. These people usually don’t look at the ‘originality’ of the show and usually are VERY close minded. “I didn’t like that because of this”… “I didn’t like that because of that”. Picking specifics . I, for one, love this movie. You can tell lots of heart went into this. The story line was, in opinion, exceptional and a lot of thought went into explaining a lot of things in the show. The other people that complain are the ones that once they are given diamonds all their life, that is all they expect. Not emeralds, not rubys… DIAMONDS!!.. This movie is a diamond AND the ruby AND the emerald. People with imaginations LOVE this movie. Those without pick on basic thing and criticize it on 1 thing. They probably also love Star Wars and such. This movie had action, graphics, story, information, etc. I LOVE watching shows that show originality. Even sequels that show the same care in filming. This one was great from the acting to the directing and production and all in between. I love Star Wars and StarMan (with Jeff Bridges) and IronMan and SpiderMan and John Carter and list goes on and on and on. Ya I know, I listed some marvel movies in there as well. But that is just it…. Jupiter Ascending ranks with them all. IF you want bad movies, watch some of the B rated films. That should jog most of people back to realizing that making a movie is not that easy. I could go find a list of B movies for the people that think this show is ‘BAD’ but I’ll that up to those who criticize this film to find. Like C.H.U.D or Conan the Barbrian or It’s Alive or Return of the Living Dead or To Die is Hard etc.. the list goes on and on.. You go watch those if you think Jupiter Ascending is bad.. On another note I commend the producers for this show.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i found the movie entertaining and new. I don’t understand why people in general want more Marvel movies. I get that they are good, but I don’t find them that interesting anymore. If years back i couldn’t wait for the second or the third Marvel movie, now i feel like those are the only ones that matter. Original sci-fi ideas and movies are an important part in our future. Not only cinematographic future, but it opens up new worlds of possibilities for science and technology. In my opinion Jupiter Ascending was fascinating and i would love to see more movies like this.

  3. DawnMG says:

    I really liked the movie a lot.

  4. kara says:

    This is the most brilliant movie I have seen… it is so close to reality most people don’t realise the truth of the world they actually live in. The POWERS THAT BE would rather keep these truths from us so naturally it was deemed a flop …. clearly the fewer the people that saw this movie the better. Sadly for those that cant accept that this could be real is only because you are not mentally wired yet to receive this information… don’t worry you will one day… for the rest of us …this is fantastic …. I hope they do a sequel…. would love to see what they would do with world knowledge of our origins…. If only the truth was told what a different place we would be living in… good luck to all multidimensional fellow beings…live in joy….

  5. Why is everyone calling this movie a failure? Its a great movie, and everyone that i’ve talked to (regular people, not critics) think its a great movie, and want to see the next installation….whether prequel or a next chapter! It is making fans since its time on the cable channels, so SOMEONE should reconsider labeling it as dead!

  6. Joe says:

    FX can’t save a flawed script. The play’s the thing. The structure of the script needs to be right to carry the big ideas. While I’m at it, a bad script will defeat a competent director unless the director is also a writer able to rewrite on the fly. It’s also hard for a director to totally wreck a great script if he sticks to it. The people who know story are far from the most highly paid in Hollywood. There’s the rub.

  7. DJ says:

    This article is written as if Jupiter Ascending’s crime is that it’s just too original.

    No, it’s just a HORRIBLE MOVIE. The writing is technically, objectively BAD. Tons of exposition on things that don’t go anywhere. Repeated scenes that neither advance the plot nor shed light on the characters. A ‘plot’ that makes no sense.

    Being ‘different’ is not, in and of itself, a virtue. Typhoid is pretty ‘different’, too.

  8. Tg says:

    I just loved “Jupiter Ascending”. It is original, has an interesting story, and very beautifully made. It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t successful at box office. I would love to see more.

  9. mobin says:

    i am a die hard si-fi fan and i would like to put on record that jupiter ascending was one of the best movies this year. there was originality and there was a story in place. i don’t understand how a movie of this magnanimity couldn’t make an impact while the likes of ‘minions’ amassed so much in boxoffice collection. either the people in america are going crazy or all the numbers are forged.

    i think there is a back stabbing happening towards WB movies. ‘mad max’ another of the WB movie should definitely have ranked in top 5. look at cinderella(2015) which should have grossed not more than 40 millon grossed 200. the critics are crazy and rotten tomatoes review is also rotten.

  10. Jim says:

    Though dollars obviously speak the loudest, I find it deplorable that critics were so want to put down the movie. It was entertaining, effective in telling a story, and did not cause trips to the bathroom.

    In my mind it just proves that critics really don’t know nor care about the films that they watch. I have never placed any credibility whatsoever to what the critics say. Why should I when such reviews are published about an entertaining piece of work. It is true that it is at the taste of the viewer. I believe that.

    In the meantime, people which call themselves critics, have diarrhea of the mouth. Sadly there are a lot of gullible people out there that actually read that Excrement.

  11. Lisa says:

    Jupiter Ascending is a great movie. I’ve watched it many times.

    • Gary Raymond says:

      I agree. Again, I don’t know why the first people to write comments were so clueless and didn’t appreciate what made the movie so good. Everyone since then have been very positive about it.

  12. Tegan Conklin says:

    Seriously? Critics are the bore these days. It was an original script in a sea of movies that just mimic one another year after year. I enjoyed the original aspects of the film, and the special effects and even the cheesy romance. Plus all the actors and actresses roles were fun! We all remember fun right?! Come on folks, get over yourselves. And how can anyone base the success of a film based on opening weekend in the box office?! Have you BEEN to a standard theater on opening night lately?! I haven’t for years for good reason – it costs $30 for a freaking movie experience and don’t even get me started on the seating stupidity, cell phones, babies, obnoxious people chatting, and basic irritations of movie going these days. No thanks, I’ll wait for Redbox. Finish the freaking trilogy – since it was designed to be a trilogy and let people have some stinking fun with movies again. Sheesh…

  13. Kristen says:

    To those who made Jupiter ascending, I personally as an equal to all human kind, believe and think of my own opinion, that they should make a 2nd part to Jupiter ascending! Now, the way it had ended mad it seem like there was going to be a 2nd part… But now it’s been some quite of a while that they had processed the 1st movie to Jupiter ascending…why leave your audience hanging when there could be a”sequel”
    To the amazing Jupiter ascending?…yes I as one of the audience whom watched the movie thought it was ravishing and great to watch an had hoped the Hollywood studio publishers and those of the making of the movie had made a 2nd part, a 3rd, and 4th ect.
    I believe that they should, so that those who wants to see a “sequel” if you may call it that, to Jupiter ascending, would be nice and a good change for all of us film making people and for the audience as well too our great actors.
    – sincerely Kristen-

  14. randyval says:

    I loved this movie, it’s worthy of a franchise, i don’t know what people are thinking in a time where imaginative epic movies are scarce.

  15. Angie says:

    I personally loved it, I did wait til it came out on cable to watch it though. Would love to see a sequel.

  16. Ashley says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is talking crap about Jupiter Ascending. This movie is literally one of my favorite movies of all time! I watch it at least once a day… sometimes twice. I love the story, the characters, the cast, the action, explosions, and romance that comes out of the story. Although, it’s always obvious to figure out what two characters will “fall in love” within the first ten minutes. It’s the story of how they met and what they have been through together that sells the movie to me, like this movie. I loved this movie so much that I’m hoping and anxiously waiting to see a second/sequel movie. This story can’t be over, it must go on! There needs to be a sequel to show what Jupiter has to face with Titus. Jupiter and Cane have a royal wedding thanks to Kalique. Maybe even some Balem surviving that fall that should’ve killed him. I want to see more of the story of Jupiter and Cane. Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis were amazing in this movie, I hope to see them again in another action packed romance movie!

  17. Tom says:

    I saw this movie on free cable and was glad I didn’t pay for it.

    When it started making snide comments about capitalism, I knew I was watching just another predictable, crappy, left wing Hollywood hidden message movie, like Lions for Lambs or Elysium, designed to brainwash me.

    Thanks, but no thanks .

    Soooooo glad it flopped!

    • bruceeski says:

      Your an idiot! You didn’t watch it or you probably have no appreciation for a well made, action packed sci-fi drama. Probably a left wing nut job just like all the stupid critics!

      • DawnMG says:

        Because you didn’t like it you hoped it flopped? I’m glad I don’t have to associate with you and your selfishly closed mind. I loved the movie.

  18. Wim1982 says:

    Matrix Trilogy – Google “Ghost in the Shell”.

    This film had too much eye candy and not enough substance, it was McDonald’s without the patty, KFC without chicken or Pizza without sauce.

    There were directions not explored, and it was a shame that it made such bad plot decisions. The subject matter begs proper attention, it kept getting shoved aside and cowed into the corner by the seemingly repeated last minute rescues. It was almost a blind ending loop of Caine West flying in and saving the day, the flying boots were cool though, and then just like everything else wrong with the film, (spoiler) he changed them for a pair of wings. I mean why would you change something so versatile for a something that bulky? It just sums up the problems this film had, its originality was poorly executed.

    Some have commented “cliché” and “predictable”, and I agree, it was completely predictable, except perhaps for one part of the film, at the very beginning, when they talk about Earth as being the jewel in the crown, the question why wasn’t answered satisfactorily, sure we received an answer but it really wasn’t more than a minute of dialogue. It should have shone through the entire movie.

    Lastly, there were places in the film begging for a twist, but every time an opportunity arose, the story-writers reverted back to type. Imagine the shift it would take if (funny-hair bad guy) he didn’t kill his own mother and wanted revenge on the other two because they were guilty, or if Jupiter didn’t get saved from marrying (? Titus) how would she escape from him.

    Lots of chances to succeed, but failed on too many levels.

    • Dyce says:

      The movie was excellent! It actually was refreshing to watch something orginal instead of all these remakes it’s stupid. There are no orginally hardly for sci-fi this movie was awesome and the trilogy should be finshed.

  19. hijackthemic says:

    ““Audiences are kind of reticent to take a chance on something they don’t know or understand,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Rentrak. “They marketed the heck out of this movie, and it was still tough to bring people through the door.””

    This movie was a February dump that sucked. Does this guy even know the ABCs of how the movie business works? Probably thinks there’s no difference between putting out a movie in January through March as putting one out June through August. If you’re so worried about the importance of original material, how about you write a check to some original thinkers who haven’t just made five (now six) straight bombs.

  20. WB says:

    It flops NOT because of originality but due to its storyline. Some people like it because of the space/alien backdrop but not the script. Movies should be storytelling business not formula/template for making money. Invest in good scripts it will attract money.

  21. Brandon says:

    This is a futuristic take on Soylent green with a twist on a galactic scale. Nothing new or daring. If the brothers had actually read the book they would have made a better movie from it. Lack of discipline, study and seat of the pants screen writing was the problem here.

    • Eddie says:

      The major flaw I think is way too much CGI. I haven’t even seen the movie but based on those “promotions” I had no desire to see some fake movie. Sounds weird considerating movies are just that, fake but look at the old Star Wars. It crushed the last trilogy as far as effects go. Real people working hands on real models and sets. Lord of the Rings was so successful by combining CGI effects with old fashion movie making. It’s a balance and when I see no balance with CGI it becomes hard to connect with and shows me a lack of desire to make a good movie. The directors should know when they look back at the Matrix, especially #1. It was amazing and had a lot of CGI AND a lot of realism. It shouldn’t be about new ideas, it’s about presenting those ideas in a real and connectable way.

  22. SuzyTC says:

    I LOVED IT… granted I did NOT go to the cinema to see it, but I don’t spend my money at the cinema, I BUY the DVD/Blueray/Digital Copy to watch whenever I want (much cheaper and I own it). I would recommend this movie to EVERYone and am going to do so (to all my family and friends)!! I really hope they do a sequel!! It’s what lead me to this page!! I thought it was incredible!!

  23. Michelle uebbing says:

    I just rented it on iTunes and I loved it. I don’t understand how it could be a flop. I’d love to see a sequel.

  24. LJ says:

    I don’t understand the panning. I found it enjoyable, and was glued to the screen. Would love to see a sequel for this one.

  25. brandy says:

    I wish there was gonna be another!! Very sad that it flopped

  26. brandy says:

    I just watched Jupiter ascending and I LOVED IT!!! I was there was gonna be another…

  27. Shamael says:

    What people do not understand is the fact the Jupiter Ascending is not a movie to just look at, it is a movie to understand at first and for that one needs a certain foreground in knowledge, mainly in the field of esoteric doctrines. The movie is just awesome.

  28. Ken says:

    I don’t understand why people didn’t like the movie..it was freakn awesome..I wish they would make a sequel.

  29. Scott Emge says:

    I just watched this movie on Bluray last night and i cant understand why it didn’t do well at the theater because it is fantastic! Maybe the poor box office can be attributed to the dumbing down of America. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel.

  30. Luke says:

    This is indicative of America as a nation. We are getting dumber much more like fat ignorant children than evolving adults. We like Kim Kardashian and other revolting trash that is reality television. I hate to say it but the Matrix would fail if premiered today as well because you have to think to enjoy it. Instead we want the garbage pumped out daily. If there were a Honey boo boo or Kardashian movie the idiots would fall over each other to watch it. I weep for my country that went from putting a man on the moon to the waste of air we have become.

  31. Selenity says:

    I would have loved to seen it in theaters but theater prices have gotten almost too high. I however rented on cable and then went and bought the dvd, Sure it needs a little work but I loved and so did my husband. They should take into account rentals and dvd sales as well. It has a cult following like a lot of great movies. If their was a sequel I would see it.

  32. Chrisjay says:

    The simple fact of the matter is that movies nowadays are way too expensive for people to even consider taking a chance on seeing something they are unsure of. For a family of three, going to the movies could cost around $40. More, if you want the popcorn experience. Most people would rather spend that money on something they know they’ll probably like than waste it on something they might be disappointed in. It’s not about creativity, its about the fact that movies are too darn expensive.

  33. allison raab says:

    I like it want more.it about time .for flummakers to come up with new stuff.keep trying .so tired of the same live story and the some wolf shit.nice to see someone has a brain .what i like about the most .all new kind of movie.great keep it up.

  34. MovieFan says:

    “the Wachowskis answer their calls for something original and innovative with a film like Jupiter Ascending,”…. Seriously? This film was neither “original” nor “innovative”… the story was predictable, flat and not creative at all… But thinking a lot of special effects are “innovative” seems to be the “new standard” regarding movies… Sorry but this movie had NOTHING special.

  35. Tefeet says:

    i felt in love with this movie the first time i watched it. i watched it again several times. i googled to know if a sequel is under way only to find this review. i think the movie was great; i don’t understand why it was a flop.

  36. Xerox Salz'r says:

    I agree to most of here. the movie is GREAT. it is good and great due to the fact that it is has an ORIGINAL STORY. most acclaimed movies that are based on original stories are either heavy drama or black comedy. It suffered due to the fact that one of the Wachowski became a WOMAN. since LANA came out and made SPEED RACER, all they made were bashed all out. Well, along the lines, production should have had cast those that can hold and stand on their own, the likes of [Ned Stark (Sean Bean), Stephen Hawking (Ed Redmayne)]. And lastly, most movie goers opt to watch those that are familiar; e.g Based from existing media (comics, books, radio). Again, for me, the movie is GREAT. People didn’t like it because they didn’t understand the concept. Like me, who is a fan of Ancient Aliens and shows from DeGrasse Tyson and stuff from Astrophysicist, I loved it. Makes you wonder where we really came from.

    • Ed Malone says:

      “But I personally think that there’s an agenda at play to keep people from seeing movies like this, movies that touch a little on truths that the powers that be don’t want the masses to know. It was bad for many reasons, but I believe that the negativity regarding this movie when it comes to reviews is being heightened for a very specific reason. So people won’t go see it.” I agree with everything that was stated here. I’ve been saying it myself. I find it funny that films that explore the true origins of humans (Prometheus comes to mind) seem to be automatically crushed by so-called “critics”, and people just parrot what they hear, jumping on the bandwagon, without forming their own opinion. Films that play it safe (Gravity, Interstellar, 2001: Space Odyssey, etc) seem to get cast into the “Great Sci-Fi” category and get universally praised. I remember hearing about the possibility of a movie about the Annunaki was going to be made, but the project was quietly shelved and nothing was ever heard about it again. It seems that one might have had the potential to come way to close to the truth to be released. The WB had to wrap up a lot of concepts in the guise of a fictional sci-fi action flick, which appears to be way to far fetched for people to take seriously, but really speaks to a lot of hidden truths out there.

  37. lizette says:

    I love this movie but i need help are they making another movie (2nd)???? I hope they do..

  38. Natalie says:

    I found Jupiter Ascending absolutely brilliant! It’s no where near as to being a ‘flop’! I love Jupiter Ascending, so much that I can’t stop watching it. It’s a great movie!

  39. I thought it was freaking great.

    • Gary Raymond says:

      I agree and also check out “Ex Machina”. Really excellent Sci Fi. Ironically the same subject as Avengers: Age of Ultron but a completely different treatment. Real Adult Science Fiction that let’s you think about and question what is going on rather than a Cartoon.

      • cole says:

        yea i very much loved both of these movies, i don’t understand why this is such a “flop”

  40. Steve says:

    I am highly skeptical that the ‘originality’ is what made it bad. It’s that it was boring. The storyline was uninspired and bordered on being a cliche of a cliche’s worst chiche, the acting was wooden, and the ending was predictable from the onset. Cinderella in space. Woop de doo.

  41. jay says:

    How about this? People are SICK of Mila Kunis and SICK of Channing Tatum! And Hollywood needs to stop forcing them down our throats!!!! Those two ALONE must’ve kept droves of people away. Lord knows it kept me.

  42. Allie says:

    This film is neither original nor daring. It’s watered down, almost senseless, has zero structure in terms of things that actually work (there’s no ticking clock, for example, because despite being MENTIONED that they’re going to harvest people, WE NEVER SEE IT SO THERE IS NO REAL THREAT), and is incredibly hard to follow. I’m usually the kind of person who tells people to pipe down in a theater when they say they “don’t get what’s going on” in a movie. While I understand the plot, it’s derivative and while they put up a female protagonist, she barely does ANYTHING. Most of the time she’s being carted around or saved by someone else. All she does is hit Eddie Redmayne with a pipe. COOL! … Not.

    This could have been a good movie, and maybe it was the way it was originally written, but it feels like someone got their hands on the script or like there were so many notes it totally muddled the story. Hard to tell. Sure, there are some cool social commentary moments, but not enough to save this flailing disaster of an unoriginal and derivative film. Honestly, it doesn’t push the social agenda enough to make it unique and special. What a lapse in judgment.

    • khushi says:

      I feel like you said everything I felt. The movies had great potential but instead it was mostly all over the place. And instead of the female lead being the main protagonist the movie should’ve been named “Caine Wise – The Cool flying and saving the day solider”. I’m also confused as to what did the sister wanted with Jupiter? Was she on her side? Was she also gonna kill Jupiter like the two brothers. and Exactly what they mean by harvesting people? Like do the kill the entire planets’ population with a flint of their finger and then take our their blood and refine it into some youth serum? Like we never see an even glimpse of an harvest from any other planet. I liked and did not like the movie all at the sam time. lolzz

  43. David says:

    Jupiter ascending was an awesome movie, the problem was there was no advertisement. I found it on VUDU today and was like, wth is this movie, never heard of it, bought it and was glued and have watched it 3 times in less than 24 hours. Great story, great concept, great acting…friggin awesome….anyone that says this movie was bad is an idiot and evidently no intelligent enough to understand the plot.

  44. nucreum says:

    “but when filmmakers like the Wachowskis answer their calls for something original and innovative with a film like “Jupiter Ascending,””
    Wait… what? The whole feeling I had through this movie was “déjà vu”. Nothing is original nor innovative here… that’s the problem, it’s a pile of clichés! And a boring one…

  45. Jesse Dalton says:

    This movie wasn’t even given a chance. I was on my way to the Imax and it was out of the theaters before I got there. one of the more under rated titles deserving of sequel momentum. This was a great film!!

  46. djtevii says:

    The premise is great, the special effects were great (but WAY to busy for the screen). But the overall delivery of the movie was not well done at all. Jupiter was too understanding iof her circumstances, the skating on air seemed cool at first, but quickly made it feel like a cheap 80s flick. And they never expanded on the parts that were actually interesting.

    I admire the originality, and I wanted to love this movie, but it fell flat. Sorry

  47. Matt Toomb says:

    I’ve watched it a half a dozen times now and I’m convinced it’s one of the best Sci fi movies ever made. It suffered from Serenity-itis though, too much pressure, too many edits, not enough love. Great film, wish we would get a few sequels.

  48. Alex says:

    Hollywood and fanboys gave too much credit to 2 directors who are a one hit wonder. First matrix was landmark moviemaking, V was good and Cloud Atlas was ok. Everything else is recycled glued garbage or stories that don’t add up.
    They are good at making intros, ok at developing the stories, but lousy concluding them. They don’t know how to write a story! Period.
    The matrix franchise went to stupid lengths in a desperate attempt to please audiences with shots of SFX drugs and pseudo philosophical BS.
    After all these years is clear what their game is. Amaze ppl with never ending plot devices and useless characters that go nowhere, ending up with more plot holes than a WWII bombing. These are cheap shots and that’s why matrix failed is conclusion.
    Unfortunately they have great apprentices in the likes of JJ Abrahams and others, who destroyed Lost with plot holes just for the audiences amazement, and is preparing to do the same with Star Wars.
    Other hipster highly overrated directors will follow these bros.

  49. Rikken'Prikken says:

    I loved the movie and Can’t wait to get it on dvd! Would had loved a secuel!

    • Gary Raymond says:

      I also loved it. It was genius tying into many themes. Tribalism being key. Why it’s ok to “use” other creatures for your ends if they aren’t part of your group. We do the same with the arbitrary distinction we make between some animals being pets and others being ok to eat. Instead of humans being at the top of the food chain, in Jupiter Ascending, humans are looked upon as a raw product for other aliens pharmaceuticals. Quite brilliant. The short term memory wiping was also a nice addition and consistent with contemporary UFO knowledge about how all kinds of interactions can happen without the general population finding out. The few that aren’t affected are discounted by the majority of the population because their reports don’t fit the majority perception. A really brilliant film.

  50. SkyKing2011 says:

    I don’t understand people anymore!! STOP PICKING MOVIES APART SHUTUP CLOSE YOUR EYES AND OPEN YOUR IMAGINATIONS!!! Enjoy a movie like we use to, stop criticizing and tearing them apart. I personally felt like this was a great movie, sure there was alot of detail kind of skipped over and some of the story really seemed rushed but believe it or not i saw this movie twice in Theatres because I went with two different people feeling like this was a movie they would like. Sit back grab your snacks open your mind stop nit picking and enjoy an adventure to something more then our miserable purposeless lives we live. Movies are entertainment and an escape, something meant for people to enjoy and dream of, a way to escape the struggles of everyday life. I for one am not fortunate enough were i can sit back and say this movie sucked, i take a dump that looks better then this movie its horrible. I personally sit back and enjoy the effects the dream of more and marvel in the beauty of our earth even under all of it’s crap. SO take your heads out of your a##es because most of you critics these days woulnd’t know a good movie if it stabbed you in the face!!!

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