Robert Rodriguez to Direct Live-Action ‘Jonny Quest’ Movie For Warner Bros.

Robert Rodriguez
Gary Miller/Getty Images

Robert Rodriguez has come on board to co-write and direct a live-action feature adaptation of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon “Jonny Quest” for Warner Bros.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” scribe Terry Rossio will co-write with Dan Lin producing through his Lin Pictures banner with Adrian Askarieh via his Prime Universe shingle.

The studio has been in development on an adaptation for quite some time and hopes Rodriguez’s angle can help get the film off the ground. First appearing in the form of the 1964 cartoon series “The Adventures of Jonny Quest,” the series follows a boy who accompanies his father on extraordinary adventures.

While the series lasted only two seasons, Quest began to build a cult following, leading to a handful of spinoff series that have helped build a fanbase over the past several decades.

Andy Fischel and Nik Mavinkurve are overseeing for the studio.

Rodriguez has made a name for himself with his violent action pics, but his most successful films to date have been the family-friendly “Spy Kids” movies. That franchise comes from the same mold as “Jonny Quest,” making him seem the perfect fit for the adaptation.

He is repped by WME and Loeb & Loeb, while Rossio is repped by CAA.

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  1. You’ve terrific knowlwdge on this web-site

  2. Robert Rodriguez is probably going to “machete” the heck out of Jonny Quest. He is going to do to it what was done to Wild Wild West by Barry Sonnenfeld….sad sad sad. I do not want to knock his work for he knows much more than I. But simply as a movie lover, Spy Kids had almost no appeal to the adult audience…and I believe that will be his weakness. His Desperado is great, if he can give it some of that…but recently we get his homages to those Drive-In B movies…arghhh. Like watching Russ Meyer films without the plot. ;-) The opening credits alone of the original JQ are classic. Give this to a Director like James Gunn.

  3. Jimmy Quest says:


  4. adam says:

    Rodriguez is the goddamn king! Kiss my ass if you don’t like it!

  5. JOE S HILL says:

    Stupid idea! Rodriguez is WAY out of his league,if either he,or Warner Bros. think that they can pull-off doing a movie about Hanna-Barbera’s “JONNY QUEST” cartoon series,,NO WAY!! the original ABC series from Fall 1964,with only a mere 26 episodes,was,and is STILL the Superior,to this dying day!
    not even Hanna-Barbera’s 1985 remake,or Cartoon Network’s equally pathetic 1996 TV series could top
    the original! 51 years ago,Hanna-Barbera and Screen Gems had a rich and rewarding association with
    each other,bringing “THE FLINTSTONES” and “THE JETSONS” to Primetime,through ABC-TV,,and “JONNY QUEST” was an original,as well as a first,for the studio! the shows were THAT good,that in Fall 1967 CBS added the reruns to their great Saturday morning line-up,including “THE HERCULOIDS”,and NBC reran the series,under “THE GODZILLA SUPER 90” in Fall 1978 so whatever Warners and Rodriguez are thinking,they’d be smart to kill the absurd idea of making JQ into a live movie! the man did
    a great job with 1996’s “FROM DUSK TO DAWN”,,but if he’s run fresh out of ideas,that he thinks a movie
    about a cartoon series from the sixties will save his beacon,then he’s mistaken! i loath remakes,and when this business is desperate to desecrate a classic action adventure cartoon series,then the line’s been crossed! ironically,the voice of the original “JONNY QUEST” became a popular actor,well known for
    his work on “ANIMAL HOUSE”,and even appearing in Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry sequel,”MAGNUM FORCE” in 1973,,and even more ironic,was starring in an NBC series called “THE QUEST” in 1976,with another icon,Kurt Russell-and that would be Tim Matheson! the very same voice actor,who’d do other Hanna-Barbera cartoon shows,like “SPACE GHOST” and “YOUNG SAMSON” before his serious acting career started to blossom! i sure hope that this idea dies!

    • samerica says:

      sorry adam? you gaf I’m not kissing your a**! gaf! oh and I don’t like it so kiss my ….never mind.

    • adam says:

      Obviously you are autistic.

      • Jimmy Quest says:

        shut up adam the dope! I agree with everything Joe says! he’s 100% correct! now adam go watch
        some stupid dumb remake that has nothing but CGI and blood and gore violence and sex which
        is all your video’d game and iphoning little brain can take like most people today!

  6. Kim says:

    *crossing my fingers for Jeremiah Surd*

  7. comicneue says:

    Now all I want is a Robert Rodriguez Venture Bros live action movie. THANKSOBAMA

  8. jimmy woo says:

    Great product and great director. Even early on my interest has been sparked. Hope they only pull from the classic show not the many “newer” ones.

    Well, until Bandit joins the fire department……

  9. Dave says:

    Perfect director! Can’t wait!
    The elements are all there; the trick’ll be maintaining the tone and spirit of the original, while respecting modern sensibilities and, shall we say, certain PC expectations.

    • Gee Cee says:

      Ha! Well put Dave. But without those touches, would it really be a Jonny Quest movie? I hope that RR doesn’t go all blue screen, unless he’s going for the original series feel. But RR has never been PC about anything in his movies, anyway, so there’s a chance this works.

      • gurso1 says:

        PC is part of Jonny Quest – they made efforts to include a minority (Hadji – a Muslim name) and Jade, an independent woman every bit as tough as Race. Foreign cultures were sympathetically portrayed and environmental causes supported – all in 1964 to 1965.

        There was nothing in the Green Hornet or Lone Ranger films that were anti-white (the heroes where white with ethnic sidekicks, in case you didn’t notice).

        I’m not sure which series you were watching, but it wasn’t Jonny Quest. Imagine what Dr. Quest would have to say to you! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

      • David Brown says:

        PC will destroy Jonny Quest – it will probably be anti white junk like the recent Lone Ranger /Green Hornet films. PC will bring about the collapse of America.

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