‘Paper Towns’ Author John Green Defends Cara Delevingne After Awkward Interview

John Green Cara Delevingne

UPDATED: After a now infamously awkward interview in which TV anchors accused “Paper Towns” star Cara Delevingne of being “in a mood,” the author of the book has stepped in to defend the model-actress.

Green wrote an essay in Medium on Thursday sticking up for Delevingne, and seemed to especially take issue with the fact that one of the anchors asked Delevingne if she had read the book upon which her movie is based. He harked back to being on the press tour with Delevingne and the rest of the movie’s stars, saying the question often came up during interviews.

“Cara has read the book (multiple times), but the question is annoying — not least because her male co-star, Nat Wolff, was almost always asked when he’d read the book, while Cara was almost always asked if she’d read it,” Green wrote.

On a broader scale, the author took a look at the press tour cycle in general, after now having two big-time runs under his belt, with his first adaptation, “The Fault in Our Stars,” having come out last year.

“The whole process of commodifying personhood to sell movie tickets is inherently dehumanizing,” he went on. “The TV people want some part of you, and in exchange for it, they will put the name of your movie on TV. But in that process, you do lose something of your self.”

Green said he “just sort of gave up” on junkets, sticking to the script when answering questions. Delevingne, however, took no such route, he said.

“Cara, however, refuses to stick to the script,” Green wrote. “She refuses to indulge lazy questions and refuses to turn herself into an automaton to get through long days of junketry. I don’t find that behavior entitled or haughty. I find it admirable. Cara Delevingne doesn’t exist to feed your narrative or your news feed — and that’s precisely why she’s so f–king interesting.”

Delevingne tweeted a screenshot of an excerpt from Green’s essay on Thursday, along with the caption “Whoever said this! Thank you so much!”

Green let her know that he was the author of the kind words, to which she responded “thank you so much john!! I just read the article and it made me want to cry! You are so special!! I am so happy I know you x.”

“I am soooooo lucky and anyone who thinks I am unappreciative or ungrateful clearly doesn’t know me,” Delevingne later wrote on Twitter. “I work really really hard and love what I do, I don’t feel like I need to apologize for being human.”

Delevingne previously replied to the interview and the attention that came with it, tweeting on Wednesday that “Some people just don’t understand sarcasm or the British sense of humour.”

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  1. Those host were idiots asking inane questions … they seemed to feel like Cara was directing some sort of attitude AT them and they were going to “put her in her place.” You can see her trying to understand what was happening on the other end of that ear piece when they devolved into bullying her and all she was doing from MY perspective was politely answering really pointless questions … and yes, one of them called her “Carla” and then some horse’s ass jumps in at the end kind of attacking her, like some dork being told he can’t sit with the popular kids at lunch. Were they expecting Rachel Ray? She’s a reserved British girl for godsakes.. anyway, Cara, you handled it beautifully while those baboons behind the desk tarnished the name of the city where I was born … tsk tsk Good Morning Sacramento

  2. Margo says:

    I think the hosts who interviewed Cara, not “Carla” as they said, were completely out of line. When they noticed she was “irritated” or tired, they should’ve been understanding about it and not call her out for it. I mean, who does that? not to mention they completely insulted her even after she was gone. Definitely lost my respect for them .. go Cara 😛

  3. Meg says:

    Funny how celebs act all put out when they have to answer questions about a movie/project but I think they forget that if there is no press then no one knows about the movie or goes to see it so then it makes no money, they should be a little more grateful. Plus that interview was just a few minutes so she should suck it up! Yeah wth does taking a piece of their soul have to do with answering a few questions about a movie, wah! Green you crybaby

  4. Donald says:

    She was a bitch and was called out for it. You are there to promote, so all this “taking a piece of my soul in exchange,” is a lot of crap. This girl just started her career. Quit now if you can’t take it.

    As for the author, he’s making millions from the process. If it’s so painful for you don’t sell your book rights.

  5. Fluvium says:

    It was these hosts that were aggressive and rude. The opening question was condescending, Insinuating that she was too shallow and airheaded to have read the book. This seemed to be led by the Female host, almost as a jealous dismissal of Cara’s worth as a public figure. Cara responded wittily, and was clearly defending herself against their attempts to paint her as an oblivious airhead, when in fact she is well read, sophisticated and confident. The hosts’ post-interview editorializing was disgusting and insulting, as if someone had given the order to try and paint Cara as an oblivious undeserving entitled brat from the get-go. They are the ones that came off as provincial losers trying to make points by dissing a larger personality. I’m glad I don’t live in Sacramento and don’t have to see their third rate faces on TV.

  6. Jox says:

    Enough of publicizing this little brat!

  7. BugsMaloneGirl says:

    Sorry but this uneducated teen came off in that interview as an uninterested, uninteresting, entitled bitch. Don’t get the buzz about her at all.

  8. T.S. says:

    I figure if that is how both of these people feel about it then stop inviting them to these junkets. Stop asking them to do interviews. Do not post their words, pictures, names, etc. in the media. If they don’t want to be asked the same question then don’t ask them any questions. We all deal with stuff we don’t like in our jobs. I don’t have the luxury of blasting my customers because I feel like they are “lazy” questions. I just answer it and move on.

  9. Indominus Rex says:

    The media is less respectful to trustafarians who haven’t really earned their position. She could have built up her credibility as an actress but I guess when things are handed to you you take them. I guess the world needs another Kardashian.

  10. mercyanneg says:

    Good job, John Green! This must be a PR nightmare for Good Day Sacramento, yet, rightfully so! The hosts mispronounced Cara’s name right off the bat then proceeded with questions that should have been overlooked before they were asked. Cara responded with sarcasm but proceeded to answer their questions with professionalism. She acknowledged and answered the questions as best as she could. The hosts on the other hand were judgemental and made presumptions before Cara could defend herself. They were rude and SO offensive during and off the call. It’s taking them a while to positively respond to this issue which has escalated immensely! Good Day Sacramento needs to apologize NOW.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      Apology? Give me a break. These local news shows attract viewers who don’t know alit about the film and/or stars. They ask simple questions because its just an “intro” to what’s new.

      You don’t see the true stars act like this, only the entitled little brats. Her career us now on the fast track to nowhere. Maybe she can be friends with Alex Pettyfor and they can kian together.

      IH, and she does gave a hard name to pronounce. If she insists on using it, then she shouldn’t fault those who can’t pronounce it.

      • Meg says:

        Exactly!! She was a total brat and could’ve just answered the easy questions and just bc the lady pronounced her name wrong big deal, it was early as Cara said:) way too entitled!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    She was rude first, right off the bat. They didn’t want to put up with it with an ass-kissing nob and smile and called her out. Good for them. These people are the LAST people that need to be coddled.

  12. H.M. says:

    I was highly amused by 2 of those Sacramento hosts. First, the insufferably perky and banal woman who made Kelly Ripa look ok (a near impossible feat). Then there was that overly tanned mess who looked like his skin was melted cheese with the bad haircut that he thought made him look younger (um, no). He was so off-putting and bizarre that he even made Ms. Perky less fun. The 3rd host was just a stiff bore who’s job was probably tethering Ms. Perky to her chair lest she rise up like a helium balloon.

  13. All you got to do is take a good look at her cold, hard face to see her mood. She could actually be cast in a re-make of the Monster’s. She’s clearly not the most personable and she’s best off to stick to modeling.

  14. GeorgeSteven says:

    Why is this crap still news? Need free promotion because Paper Towns is flopping at the box office?

  15. stevenkovacs says:

    They jumped on her for no reason! It was 5am her time zone and a lag in audio transmissions! Anyway, any press is good press in La La land! (Loved ‘Paper Towns’ BTW!)

    • Rob says:

      If it were 5 am for her it would be 2am for the anchors. It was probably more like 7 for the interviewer and 10 for her

  16. Jacques Strappe says:

    Good Morning Sacramento and Fuck Off moronic twits masquerading as new anchors and journalists.

  17. Not a fan says:

    You want folks to see your movie, then make nice. That’s part of her contract to do press during a movie release. She was rude and needs to suck it up. Can’t recall any of the more well known/respected actresses pulling a stunt like this.

  18. SlickWilly says:

    I’d act the same way if they couldn’t get MY first name correct either.

  19. LOL says:

    Delevingne is a 1 per-center: an arrogant, privately educated aristocrat who looks down on others. She is what is wrong with Britain right now.

  20. She’s a d-bag. If an “actress” on one of my productions was this petulant….toast. Go back to the BBC. I do not stomach the excuse that she’s British and sarcastic…and smart. Nothing about that was smart. Green could possibly be an even worse case. You two are contributing to the meme that the film industry is filled with people like you. This is an affront to my family that has been here for a lot longer than you. Please go away.

  21. Sharpy McTongue says:

    And for the record, they ALL ask stupid questions and owe nothing to previous interviews to bring whatever generic information they gather to their own audience. So chew your big girl food and swallow it, honey. The argument of “If” vs. “when” hardly creates a provocative debate on gender questioning. Because we all know “every” actor reads the book instead of the script. Try again, deep thinker.

  22. Sharpy McTongue says:

    That is quite an existential posit by the author. And all along I just thought he was pushing mediocre young adult novels. If it dulls your “art,” please don’t sign off on allowing your books to be made into movies. Simple as that. Nothing Maverick about what you’re putting out in that medium.

  23. niki says:

    she gave a good answer….however the that morning show ..?

  24. Eric Bross says:

    Ive seen her other interviews and thats just her style. She’s a bit sarcastic and smart. Thats it. Much ado about nothing!

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