JFK Assassination Documentary ‘Parkland Doctors’ Seeks Crowdfunding

JFK A President Betrayed

Producers of “The Parkland Doctors,” a documentary about the doctors who tried to save President Kennedy, have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to complete the film.

The seven doctors in the film describe their efforts to resuscitate Kennedy in the emergency room at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital on Nov. 22, 1963. They also recount the ensuing moments when the body was forcibly removed from the hospital and describe the irony of trying to save the life of accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, two days later.

Producers are Bill Garnet and Jacque Lueth. The film is a sponsored project of the Intl. Documentary Assn.

“We are on Indiegogo because we believe that the citizens of the internet have the power to ignite a public debate on this subject,” Garnet said. “While we need your financial support, we also need you to become activists and advocates for the truth.”

The physicians in the film are Drs. Donald Seldin, Robert McClelland, Ronald Jones, Kenneth Salyer, Joe D. Goldstrich, Peter Loeb and Lawrence Klein.

“Everyone in the country has a right to know whatever I happen to be able to tell them because this isn’t something personal — it’s information that belongs to the entire country,” McClelland said.

“Will people feel they have a better understanding of what actually happened in Trauma Room One? Absolutely, they will,” Goldstritch said. “That’s why this documentary is so important.”

The campaign’s goal is $50,000. Premiums include $1,122 for tickets to the film’s premiere and $6,300 for an associate producer credit.

“We have already shot the film and are 80% finished with the edit,” the producers said. “Your support will go towards post production, graphics, archival footage, music, sound and color correction. We’re hoping to exceed our $50,000 goal to be able to make a run for an Oscar.”

The assassination and its aftermath was the subject of Peter Landesman’s 2013 feature film “Parkland,” starring Paul Giamatti and Zac Efron. It played at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals, but could not gain traction at the U.S. box office with a meager $1.4 million gross.

The Indiegogo site includes a trailer for “The Parkland Doctors”:

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  1. Eugene Moronovsky says:

    Well, I see that the producers have partnered with JFK Lancer, a very prominent conspiracy-oriented site. I guess that Roy was right after all.

  2. david t. krall says:

    I assume that this film documentary can’t be claimed as being conspiracy oriented anymore that it being lone nut oriented because it has not been seen or viewed, nor even possibly previewed (or reviewed) and according to the article above, It appears to not have yet NOT been released and it is still in the editing stage, as of 7/22/15-4:29 PM (PT time zone) , when this portal and article pertaining to it was originally and initially posted…I GOT THAT RIGHT????

    • Roy G Bivu says:

      It is easy to infer that this is a conspiracy-oriented project simply by going to its website.In addition, promoting “doctors” (who were medical students at the time) with no real evidence that they even saw JFK as significant witnesses is simply misrepresenting the facts.
      Any real researcher already knows what the perceptions of the Parkland doctors were immediately after the assassination-not opinions stated 50 years later clouded by conspiracy factoids and falsehoods. The premise of this film is based on the conspiracy belief that a rushed, incomplete 15 minute resuscitative attempt on a DOA patient by physicians who admitted that they did not closely examine the wounds trumps documented autopsy, photographic and radiographic evidence of the true nature of the wounds.It is a common misconception among conspiracy believers who have no medical or forensic education; those that do can recognize the purpose of this film.

      • Roy G Bivu says:

        By including Dr. Joe Goldstrich’s comments, particularly that he was in Trauma One (implying that he was an active participant in the resuscitation ) the producers showed their hand as conspiracy advocates.
        Dr. Goldstrich was first identified as a Parkland ER witness thirty years after the fact in a conspiracy book published in 1993 with little further documentation of his role at Parkland aside from direct quotes from that source. While a Board-Certfied Cardiologist, he has actively promoted homeopathic therapies and nutritional cures not endorsed by mainstream medical practice.

      • david t. krall says:

        In all due respect we’re talking about this doc. film and what is in it, in it’s entirety, complete and in its released form, … NOT incomplete and unreleased.nor unseen, ..NOT yet competed and upon editing by the producer, and directors affiliated with that film…Your words are akin to making comments about a book that you have not seen, could not possibly have read, and can’t see because it is NOT yet a complete book (!) and has NOT been completely edited NOR released,,, ergo the completion of,which would not (yet) make it a book…or in this case a documentary film…Your are far better researcher and film critic than I can ever be, in spite of my library and 40+ years of historical research. that gives you the ability and gift to attribute such comments and reviewed insights to a film that has not yet even been scheduled to be released nor is even been completed in its final form, as.stated and confirmed in this article I’d hate to know what you would think of a film that was NEVER released called “The Commission”, filmed in B&W, about 15 years or so ago and based soley on The Warren Commission and its proceedings, investigation, procedural and legal format, and conclusions….Take care and Regards.

  3. Roy G Bivu says:

    What is the value of perceptions over 50 years old, particularly when some of the principles have changed their stories over time?
    What is the value of claiming that medical students in the ER who saw little if anything of JFK and were not actively involved in his care were his “ER Doctors”?
    What is the value of including the claims of one witness ( identified as such by a conspiracy book 30 years after the fact) when those claims were disproved by one of these same participants in a third party interview with a national medical organization ?
    Documentary? Or rather another conspiracy-oriented media event?

  4. david t. krall says:

    per my last/most recent post, the correct and initial, opening word of the quote is “Pursuant” as in:
    “Pursuant to agreement with the Select Committee on Assassinations, The Central Intelligence Agency and The Federal Bureau of Investigation reviewed this book in manuscript form to determine that the classified information it contained had been properly released for publication and that no informant was identified. Neither the CIA nor The FBI warrants the factual material or endorses the views expressed.”
    P. 401, Blakey and Billings; “The Plot To Kill The President”…
    Out of courtesy I wanted to show the correct quote and in its entirety…
    That is the correct quote.as shown in this book. I apologize for the inverted/and wrong word in the prior post, where I used and entered “pursuit” incorrectly instead of “pursuant”…which is similar but not accurate…Source: The Plot To Kill the President” G. Robert Blakey and Richard N. Billings Times Books, 1981 (Hardback)
    Mr. Blakey is the same individual who replaced Richard Sprague, as the HSCA lead and Chief Council Go figure !!! And talking conspiracy here, no less!!! He must have caught a bug…
    Take care and regards…

  5. david t. krall says:

    to misfit120,
    Per your recent comments,,,thanks !!! You are so right about the Nixon quote. I think that was from one of his campaigns early in his political career in California…I think I know something about what I was attempting to convey and share…hopefully…but you know this crap has not stopped..not by a longshot… that’s why I like to really keep up with things and events…its important to know what’s going on…CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, RT, F-24, Aljezerra, Japan TV, various morning and Sunday news shows, the C-Span Channels, and streaming/video channels are a total, amazing reservoir for old and new shows, videos, news, old news shows, etc. I really appreciate what you said…!!! I been researching this stuff for a VERY longtime….I hope I was ok….and always meant to be respectful and polite….that’s the way it should be…like “waliking into a “room” of strangers…just be cool and nice..right?

    • Roy G Bivu says:

      The HSCA was made up of 14 Congressmen, several who had publically stated prior to the hearings that they believed in a conspiracy.Blakey was a conspiracy advocate who couldn’t prove one existed-and still has trouble believing that the acoustic ” evidence” was pure bunk and disproven by Nobel prize winners. What ” gag order”? Are you implying that the CIA and the FBI can tell politically ambitious Congressmen what to do or what not to investigate? That is ridiculous.As far as Blakey’s book he feels that the CIA and FBI were not completely forthright with him-and he is probably correct. At the time they were still trying to protect intelligence sources that were still functioning, while remembering what the Warren Report did to their Mexico City Cuban sources,ie compromised and destroyed them.Plus, both agencies blew it-neither one admitted that they blew it and never recognized Oswald as a threat-even after he precisely threatened action to the FBI office in Dallas. What is implausible ,erroneous and untrue to you has been repeatedly proven to be possible, correct and accurate by fifty years of investigation, recreations and release of records and evidence-starting with the CBS Reports program of 1967 that proved that the Warren Report shooting scenario was possible-even with less time than Oswald actually had. Multiple televised programs on different networks have continued to offer clear evidence of the truth.You should go on YouTube and see the videos of people accurately firing and working a Carcano much more rapidly than Oswald did-completely impeaching the claims of conspiracy advocates of what is and is not possible. Of course, you may chose not to believe your lyin’ eyes.

      • david t. krall says:

        You have me a at supreme and unexpected disadvantage…Your comments do more than what I could ever elaborate or expand upon…and combined with that “clause” or waiver in that book, with the implications of what you state and ask, does not require or need any further elucidation or extrapolation.on my part..thanks for your insights, as they are more than I expected… just what was needed and stated… I’ll leave it up to others to ponder, appreciate and realize the impact of what you have stated and pointed out…. thanks
        Take care….

    • david t. krall says:

      and also FOX and PBS and all the bus channels as well. people should realize that what happens on the front pages is related to the financial pages…

      • Roy G Bivu says:

        No, I don’t work for the CIA.

      • david t. krall says:

        Do you have Doug Horne’s 5 vol work? I highly recommend it..see his web site,,,good stuff !!! and I need to get Paris Flammonde’s 5 4 (or is it 5?) vol work as well…I heard he passed away…tell me NO !
        Check out Doug Horne’s online and/or streaming videos…awesome stuff…if you have not seen them…
        do so!!! and record them also !!! VERY GOOD stuff…

      • misfit120 says:

        Thanks…….will check those out. In the meantime….keep taking on those trolls.   Click for my daily blog.

      • misfit120 says:

        Thanks for your reply. I am 73 and studied the assassination for many many years. I find it interesting that no one ever mentions the HSCA report from the 70’s basically alluded to the fact there may have been a conspiracy. I bought Robert J. Groden’s book “Absolute Proof” last year and it contains a lot of new information. If you haven’t read it you might want to check it out. Thanks again. Richard Vittorioso  

  6. xyzc says:

    Crowdfunding for a lie?

    • Roy G Bivu says:

      Of course you forget to mention that the HSCA concluded that all of the bullets that hit JFK and Connally were fired from the TSBD by Oswald and that the single bullet theory was correct.
      The ” conspiracy” conclusion was based on since totally discredited acoustic evidence that even its original proponent (recently deceased) rejected as inaccurate-the same Dale Myers who did the Zapruder study has conclusively proven that the motorcycle cop claimed to be the source for the recording was not at the place where the HSCA acoustic “experts” stated he had to be to make their acoustic claims valid.
      Perhaps you should review Mr. Groden’s testimony fiasco at the O.J. Simpson trial to see what his level of expertise really is.
      I suspect that the producers of this film ( based on who they accept as doctors who actively participated in the care of JFK) are probably as loose with the facts as you appear to be. The fact is that during the entire time JFK was in the ER no physician in the ER was aware of the fact that he had a potentially fatal wound in the back.The producers were apparently unaware of Dr. McClelland’s interview for the American College of Plastic Surgery where he explained why the tracheostomy incision was so large-and in the process completely contradicting the allegations of “ER doctor” Goldstrich,
      These kinds of projects depend on the dollars of conspiracy enthusiasts, as do most books on the assassination. It seems to me that that revenue stream is finally petering out-while there are many folks willing to accept any conspiracy claim as fact based on personal conclusions ( not logic) virtually every possible angle has already been discussed.None aside from the official version has a single shred of evidence to support it. I know- I initially couldn’t believe one man could pull off such a dastardly deed and was an enthusiastic reader of “Rush to Judgement” in the 1960s,along with other similar books.It was only after seeing recreations of events that conspiracy authors claimed were impossible did I start to question the “facts” presented in the conspiracy literature.When even Geraldo Rivera moves to the ” lone nut” side it should be evident what the real evidence is.

      • david t. krall says:

        Why would I put any credibility in a committee where the lead ..the chief council is was witnessed and quoted to have stated,” The CIA would never lie to me…” Why would I believe in a committee where the chief council forced a gag order on some of its investigators and researchers? Why would I believes a Chief council on a committee IN SPITE OF THE ODD CONCLUSION THAT JFK WAS THE VICTIM OF A —POSSIBLE—, CONSPIRACY, WITHOUT HAVING THE GUTS TO ACTUALLY COME OUT AND SAY IT, who stated on TV many times after the HSCA expired that he would have forced and brought forth indictments if the term and life of the HSCA was extended at that time and the Dept Of Justice had issued orders upon those requests and recommendations for further investigation??? That so-called trumpet of hot air was the victim and a compliant party to his own gag-order…and he knew it!!! If that were a real trumpet blown with sincere oxygen, he would have been, justifiably on every talk show and special two two years ago… What credibility would you or I ,, or ANYBODY put in a book, ANY BOOK, A-N-Y BOOK, regardless of the conclusions or subject matter where at the end of the book, is a statement that the book was “reviewed” prior to publication by government agencies, showing proof of this gag order that I mention above…would you like to me to submit the exact source…down to the exact quote and page number???
        Page 401: “Pursuit to agreement with the Select Committee on Assassinations, The Central Intelligence Agency and The Federal Bureau of Investigation reviewed this book in manuscript form to determine that the classified information it contained had been properly released for publication and that no informant was identified. Neither the CIA nor the FBI warrants the factual material or endorses the views expressed”… Source: “The Plot To Kill The President”, PAGE 401–
        G. Robert Blakey and Richard N Billings, Times Books ( division of Quadrangle/ New York Times Book Company, Inc. 1981…(Hardback) ISBN Number: 0-8129-0-0929-1….I just pulled it off a bookshelf from my library…not bad for a guy who’s not a “real” researcher, eh???? That quote proves that a gag-order was in-place as clear as the sun in the sky,,and insults not just ALL writers but ALL publishers as well, That waiver clause, an approval after review for all intents and purposes, is conveniently at the back of the book, following “Principal Sources” ( I guess this “clause” was the ultimate source) and before the bibliography and not in the beginning, on the page with the book’s authors’ and publishing data…I say this to help anybody and everybody who can find it and see it for themselves. But this is the quote as stated in the book on page 401. That clause or “release” -“to author and publish”, if read carefully speaks volumes and a book could be written about that…
        The scenario based upon, by the Warren Commission that warrants my criticism and scrutiny is still an Oswald-did-it/ Lone Nut view…and my critiques and argument are based on those set of circumstances as presented by the Warren Commission’s case, that appear to me to be implausible, erroneous and untrue. Such a fallacy at that level for a world power is like an acidic cancer, an establishment virus of denial, eating away, bit by bit. And the record shows it within this nation, as I pointed it out, in another post here, from 11/22/63 to March 31/181. If there is NOT a cause and effect here, it is one hell of a coincidence or a series of them… I have said enough..MY prior posts have said enough to counter and answer the Lone Nut scenario–.as the owner’s of this website must feel as I respectfully now do, “enough is enough…” but I would like to ask , again, and I’ll repeat it.as a final send-off and as a polite inquiry…
        Would you ascribe and affirm the same series of circumstances and situations, everything and anything pertaining to this case as an “over-lay” and as such, if such a situation, event or series of circumstances had been recorded as taking place in say in the USSR in 1964, of Germany in 1932 or 1944, China in 1970 or 1971 or France in 1961 or 1962, and in Cuba in 1965 or 1968 (not only was the CIA,,, but here the KGB was also “considering” replacing Castro). Would you, if the same set of circumstances had occurred somewhere else, ascribe to what was told, and released and accept the information as true, valid and credible????

  7. Roy G Bivu says:

    Who the heck is Joe D. Goldstrich and how could he have been a doctor in the Parkland ER when he didn’t graduate from Medical School until 1964?
    There were NO medical students in the ER with JFK.Period. If the producers of this film can’t even correctly identify who was in the ER how can anybody take it seriously?

  8. david t. krall says:

    What I find ludicrous is that the WC never saw photos of the crime ONLY sketches…supposed drawings. Wesley Leibeler a WC lawyer wrote a 26 page in-house paper, at the time of his tenure and service on the WC pointing out the fundamental weaknesses and contradictions of its own case against Lee Harvey Oswald…Senator Richard Russell (later along with Rep Boggs and Sen John Copper) came to “mildly” regret their WC experience…during one meeting filled with supreme apprehension about a possible rumor or LHO’s ties to the FBI,,,the extremely and incredibly virtuous and master of intelligence double speak Allen Dulles stated that “the record of this meeting should be destroyed”..not exactly a ringing endorsement of an existing investigation he is a part of…at the same meeting Sen Russell stated, with true/genuine backbone and with amazing skilled prescience, “I would not believe anything they tell us”, referring to the intelligence community and specifically regarding LHO’s possible relations with it…
    What I find so soley ludicrous and feeling so in the dark about and difficult to reconcile is the “reality” of a totally so alone and isolated lone nut with no (none?) connections againsts the undisputed, undeniable fact that files, facts and data e.g. parts of his military record, and a complete record of his tax records/returns, among other things were classified TOP SECRET…(its getting brighter–sorry), Regarding the autopsy…The supposed super bullet was never even contemplated at THAT time…it was only, ONLY later, initiated as a THEORY…a HYPOTHETICAL IDEA and floated to other WC members to see if it had any “legs” or “public” validity or sustainability, as. It, this theory was NEVER determined nor originated by a physician but by the WC, specifically Arlen Specter, due to the quandary and common-sense-like recognition of a major problematical anomaly due to the sheer number of wounds sustained by BOTH JFK and Gov. Connelly. That bullet was never found in Gov. Connelly but a possible near-by stretcher that is still in dispute as to who’s stretcher it really was.
    I read the testimony on this…in fact the amount of lead in Gov Connelly’s wrist was greater than the amount of lead missing from Exhibit 399..that is said to have did all the non-head/ non fatal damage to BOTH men…I’ve seen pictures of John Connelly while he was in the hospital…many wounds…I’d like to see HIS, Connelly’s post surgical reports/post operative reports…why is that NOT mentioned in the Warren Report???? ALL Reports from Connelly’s attending / treating doctors and nurses regarding HIS wounds??? Where are they??? Back Chest, Rib, Arm, Femur…that’s a lot of damage for just one bullet even for just one man…Let’s see all the medical post medical , evaluations and reports and physical therapy reports on Gov Connelly…can I now came out of the dark?..Somebody had to ask, even with a flashlight …nobody thought of this before???? and lets see HIS clothes…the ones worn by Connelly that very day !!! WE can’t…Why?
    Oh ! I forget they were dry-cleaned before anybody could see them, also part of the public record…..geeze…I guess it’s getting brighter for me….or more importantly for the readers here….The released JFK autopsy photos was fought for, to be released and they show very different story than what the Bethesda “autopsy” had shown to the WC thru sketches and “likenesses”, Even the original medical drawings were found to be inaccurtate and hence untruthful….e.g. the back wound being placed at the back of the neck as shown in magazines like Time and Newsweek, at that time…were found even years ago to be a lie..Top flight Doctors like Dr. Cyril Wrect and Robert Joling among many other have seen thru the lies and recognized willful and intentional deceit regarding the autopsy…Even the Esteemed Dr, Milton Helpern, written about in “Where Death Delights” by Marshall Houts, was quizzical regarding the procedures of the WC and the autopsy back in 1965…The WC was a closed door Gov. Tribunal without any counter or cross examination of the witnesses or facts as laid out by the prosecuting aim of the Warren Commission. An excellent and very chilling quote was stated late in the life of the Warren Commission when certain facts and some headway was being made concerning a report by two Warren Commission lawyers who were exploring Mr. Oswald’s possible ties to various Cuban factions, pro and anti-Castro elements…it’s a real head-turner…” We’re supposed to be closing doors not opening them…”. Kind of makes you think !!! and not in the dark either….
    When ABC first aired and shown the Zapruder film in March of 1975 on “Good Night America” It finally showed ,in all of its gastly and ugly display how JFK was killed…it was 12+ years later… We were told it would have been in poor taste to show it…but no such hesitancy was ever voiced in showing on TV, victims (dead and barely living) of the Nazi Holocaust Japanese military atrocities or even dead and living victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb droppings, in fact even then these topics were always repeated on TV…The “prescription” against showing it was purely “political”…
    .No , I came out of the dark along time ago…besides I nocturnal…sorry but this darkness is way too blinding…how about some more light…but I think this is enough to ponder and raise questions…some rarely asked, even in the dark….done

    • J.E. Vizzusi says:

      Actually Titanic’s Captain did believe his Ship “Unsinkable” in many ways but was convinced otherwise by her Architect!

      I still believe Connelly was LHO target and not JFK. While you guys try to figure out all the flaws in the forensics, the entire reasoning for the shooting is wrong. And if there was a 2nd Gunman, then I believe they were on two different missions. As far as LHO could of shot Connelly at any time, he was not stupid nor suicidal. And as far as front shot to get Connelly, that would of required even more focus of the crappy scope of the rifle. Again, he pleaded with JC to reverse the negative discharge from the Navy. He wrote the Judge, he wrote the Capitol and he personally wrote 2 letters to JC, the 2nd letter was psycho. Then he got busted for trespassing in the Federal Judge’s yard. He talked his way out of that one. He may have had a gun with him.

    • Roy G Bivu says:

      John Connally’s operative reports were in the Warren Report-both his chest surgeon’s report and a separate operative report about his wrist. Robert Joiling wasn’t a pathologist, he wasn’t even an M.D. The retained flakes of metal in Connally’s wrist were described by his surgeon as ” postage stamp weight”. A researcher was able to produce over 20 radiographically similar flakes from the amount of metal missing from the “magic bullet”.
      Dr Milton Helpern suggested that recognized forensic pathologists should be organized by the government to review the autopsy materials and make a judgement about the accuracy of the autosy findings. This was done with the Rockefeller investigation, the Clark investigation and the HSCA. All pathology reviews from these 3 confirmed the findings that JFK was hit by 2 shots from the rear. Every single forensic pathologist-save Cyril Wecht-confirmed the findings of the Bethesda autopsy team.
      David, you would be better off if you stopped reading conspiracy fairy tales and actually do some research.

      • david t. krall says:

        Thanks for your reply…I’ll stick to my guns here…and my “tales”..
        .FYI: regarding Dr. Robert J, Joling, J.D. he was:a Fellow and a Past President Of The American Academy Of Forensic Sciences; Founder and Chairperson Of The Forensic Sciences Foundation; Former Member Of The British Academy Of Forensic Sciences: Original Faculty Member Of The University of Arizona Medical School – Assoc Professor of Medical Jurisprudence…as well as a Heavily Experienced Lawyer and Municipal Judge. He practiced law before 2 Federal Districts of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, The Arizona Federal District Court, The 7th Federal Circuit Court Of Appeals and The United States Supreme Court….I never said he was a pathologist…His background made him more credible than most of the people in that autopsy room, especially the ones giving the orders not to dissect the back or neck area, which you seem to ignore is a matter of public record, confirmed and affirmed in a court of law, and said and stated under oath.
        You would put such faith in such a medical procedure if it were a friend or relative being examined and you knew that ????? Forget the name calling…just an honest answer…

        Connelly’s reports backed by hard x-rays and pictures..NOT sketches???
        Pray tell…please be so kind to explain how the clothes of the TX Gov. became compromised and corrupted forensically? How was it that his clothes were dry-cleaned BEFORE being examined….and if Gov. Connelly believed that he was hit by a separate bullet than JFK, then we have a BIG problem and…we have a problem anyway …that problem is named Mr. James Tague… How is he to be explained? Of I didn’t forget him in my fairy tale here…I just need to know how he fits in here with the Lone Nut scenario?

        So we have two men, semi-stationary in a moving vehicle (at apprx 11 to 15 miles per hour and then almost 0 MPH) , sitting behind or infront of each other to some degree,
        shot from an elevated apprx height of 6 stories and apprx 70 to 80 yards away and a third named James Tague standing near and under the overpass, who gets his face splattered in some way by a ricocheting “projectile” ( a bullet) all in 6 seconds or less, by 3 shots only and with 3 bullets ONLY by a man with no known recent practiced proficiency and no known recent or near recent practice at all (!) firing a bolt action, NON- automatic and NON-semi-automatic weapon over apprx 25 years old with a scope that had to be realigned and “fixed” by US law enforcement officials (the FBI) before it could be tested for use and accuracy, and validity as the stated murder weapon, fired by a man who left no finger prints and then is said to have literally “flown” down several flights of stairs unseen and unheard by anybody and everybody in that building -running nonstop to the first floor in 90 seconds or less after shooting the President. and then hiding the rifle and then after reaching the first floor, just as calmly stops and approaches a soda/beverage machine and takes the time to deposit the correct coinage, push the desired beverage button and waits for the beverage to dispense and stands and consumes the soft drink in this area, when a police officer approached him with a drawn gun, with the manager of the TSDB, telling the police officer, that LHO works works there.
        & we need to exchange our versions to see the difference. Blame it on the publisher???

        And later no written record, no notes, no stenographer’s notes, no recording of LHO’s interrogation…Chief Curry stated that.”no one’s been able to put him up in that window.”
        Yes you are right I should not believe in fairy tales. That was LBJ’s and Warren Commissions job.
        Heck. it sounds like nobody wanted to know or record in any fashion what LHO had to say i that day in the DP interrogation room !!! How else is that to be explained???
        Again, forget the name calling and just tell and explain this, as a casual happen-stance?

        John McCloy stated that it needed to be shown that America is not a banana republic..
        Well if you go by what happened In the USA in the several years following 11/22/63…I guess it’s a safe assumption to state he and the others didn’t do such a good job showing or convincing the world that it wasn’t ….massive domestic social unrest and protest from inner cities to college campuses, numerous tragedies, a seemingly endless war that went on until 1975, 2 maybe 3 lame duck WH occupants a major scandal and an “almost” other tragedy later in March of 1981…That’s some record after 11/22/63…
        Convincing me is like the captain of the titanic believing and telling me his ship was indestructible…

  9. misfit120 says:

    Obviously David has not done extensive research considering he basis his comments and conclusions solely on what went on in the emergency room and fails to consider all the other “facts” about the assassination. What is “ludicrous” is that in this day and age he is still in the dark.

    • Roy G Bivu says:

      Warren Commision exhibits # 600 and #601 are radiographs of Connally’s wrist.
      Obviously you have never seen Dale Myers computer generated version of the Zapruder film which conclusively proves that JFK and Connally were perfectly aligned for the Single Bullet Fact. Any proof that Joiling ever saw an autopsy? He certainly never conducted one, so how could he possibly be more knowledgable than the dozens of nationally recognized forensic pathologists who had done thousands of autopsies who were members of the panels that I mentioned?
      The shooting sequence by best estimate was about 8.3 seconds, not less than 6. However, CBS Reports in 1967 filmed shooters recreating the assassination sequence on a moving target in less than six seconds.
      Connally said that he was not hit by the first bullet- neither was JFK. His clothes were laundered at the request of his wife.
      James Tague didn’t even know he had been hit until a bystander told him that he had blood on his face-how could he possibly know the peculiars of his wounding if he had to be told that he had blood on his face?
      Forget the factoids and do some real research .

      • david t. krall says:

        to Roy G. Bivu (.I.could not see or find the reply tab here..)

        Per your most recent comments, I feel that the Dale Myers video is just that… a computer generated animated hi-tech video…The fact the the bullet, aka Exhibit 399 went thru both men, this being, if I follow your lead the 2rd of 3 shots and 3 bullets fired out of a total of 3 shots fired, hitting dense bones and in particular the back, wrist and chest/ribs and femur of John Connelly and appearing in such good condition, for doing such extensive damage is difficult to accept and reconcile. I don’t t follow your statement, about missing the first shot…that does not any sense.. That would be, psychologically, emotionally and physically the easiest shot since he is basically “ready and waiting”…To miss that first shot and then make 2 successive “bulls-eyes”,or hits, 2 out of the next 2 and final shots, out a total of 3 shots in rapid succession, under increasing rapid and increasing pressure within the next 5 to 6 seconds at a moving vehicle continuing to move and move further away is virtually impossible and implausible, especially at apprx 80 yards away, at an elevated height of 6 stories, with a rifle that has a defective scope and is a bolt action, NON- automatic weapon, by man who has no known record of any recent practice or proficiency with ANY weapon…who was not seen leaving the crime scene (of where he worked), of which there is no known record of his interrogation..who denies his guilt to his dying breath, AND his dying breath is apprx 47 hours later on Sunday morning, Nov. 24th, when he is shot and killed while in police custody
        I GOT THAT RIGHT? This is what is to be believed? French President Charles DeGaulle said it succinctly, …” Cowboys and Indians…who believes in such non-sense”…

        Dr. Rose was clearly and cleverly overcome by a very odd and unique encounter of disrespectful and out of bounds pistol brandishing Secret Service Agents who did not respect the laws of Texas. Regarding Dr. Rose doing an autopsy, we’ll never know, because Rose was over-ruled. They, The Secret Service had a NEW BOSS who was not leaving TX without that body and Mrs. Kennedy. He, LBJ could have and should taken the other plane which would now have been recognized as Air-Force One, since they were identical. It is odd that the Secret Service was now so concerned about a very dead JFK in that coffin and now an ex-president and very now deceased one, but only one Secret Service Agent appeared to show any active-motion and quick reflexes, or any reflexes in general in the last minutes or seconds of JFK’s life, during the shooting on Elm Street…
        The actions of Dr. Humes burning his draft notes that Sunday Morning, and after he learned of Oswald’s shooting and death, the admission of Dr. Finck, taken and given under oath in a court of law that orders were given NOT to dissect the back and neck areas, and the fact Vice Admiral George Burkley, JFK’s personal physician who was present at and the ONLY person at BOTH Parkland Hospital and at the Bethesda Autopsy NOT being called to testify for the Warren Commission, nor interviewed nor offered to submit a deposition is inexcusable, as are the dry cleaning of Mr. Connelly’s clothes and no record of the accused assassin being interrogated…..
        Admiral Burkley during an interview, specifically on October 17, 1967 for the John F. Kennedy Library later stated his opinion in response to a question regarding the Warren Commission: Question: “Do you agree with the Warren Report on the number of shots that entered the President’s body?”…Answer by Dr. Burkely, ” I WOULD NOT CARE TO BE QUOTED ON THAT”…. Speaks volumes, especially considering his unique position and relation to all the events in Dallas, Parkland and Bethesda and when later he attempted thru a lawyer to contact the lead council of the HCSA, at the time Richard Sprague, about information of others possibly being involved….
        FYI for anybody/ everybody who wants to see it…this Burkely/JFK Library interview is available online in its entirety..
        One final question, before we go…if the same exact circumstances, everything, literally everything that took place regarding JFK’s murder and the subsequent investigation & autopsy & what had been presented to the world was “over-layed” and/or took place say in the USSR in 1964 or Chile in 1972 or Germany in 1932 or 1944 or in China in 1970 or 1971 or in France in 1961 or 1962 Would you accept the same set of circumstances and occurrence being described and released as being true, valid or credible?

      • misfit120 says:

          Enjoyed that debate and the “facts” that were presented. That said, you can present all the facts to someone who accepts the Warren Commission Report and they will ignore you. The only goal these naysayers have is to plant the seed in each new generation that has no knowledge of the facts by presenting them “their” conclusions and have them believe LHO was the single assassin. As Richard Nixon once told a a reporter who questioned why he was spreading lies about his political foe when running for office, ” It doesn’t matter if it’s the truth or not, it’s how many people you get to believe it.”

      • david t. krall says:

        Yes I have seen Dale Meyers’ COMPUTER GENERATED Display of the assassination and seating alignment of JFK’ and John Connelly’s seating/siting in the presidential limo. That is not a true, objective analysis as it is computer GENERATED. A much better documentary on video (dvd, vhs, you-tube) from circa, 1988 does exist, and it is soley on the single bullet theory, aka Exhibit 399. I take it that I do have the basic facts correct as I pointed out…and even at 8.3 seconds, you state that basically Oswald “wasted” (?) his first shot??? and totally missed??? His first shot would have been the one with the least amount pressure, as this , FIRST of only 3 bullets to be fired by Oswald was already in the chamber, and Oswald would have been “ready” beforehand AND was basically “waiting” and then aiming, and then…missing JFK or anyone else in that LIMO with this first shot??? I GOT THAT RIGHT??? OK, so what happened to this best or “not-so best”, after all, FIRST shot”…where did it go??? So now he has within TWO shots of this bolt-action NON automatic weapon, with a defected scope (as recognized/confirmed by the FBI), as now completely missing JFK with this first and prepared shot… to now take aim with these next and only 2 shots and only two bullets and become a supreme marksman, in spite of this first MISSED and not so supreme first shot, at a still moving-away target, since the vehicle is continuing and proceeding down ELM Street .And hits both JFK and Gov. together in one, next, 2nd shot and then hits JFK in the back of the head with the final third shot from third and final bullet. I GOT THAT RIGHT???

        I am to believe that Mrs. Connelly, as you point out and state, decided to have clothes worn by her Husband on 11/22/63,..that she requested to have the clothes worn by her husband, dry cleaned and pressed that were crucial items of matter and highly pertinent and relevant to a criminal murder investigation involving the murder of the President of ot the President Of The United States and the very serious and near fatal woundings of her husband, the Gov. of Tex.? Clothes that were soaked and drenched with blood, torn and damaged with bullet holes, that had and were known, recognized and accepted as holding large amounts of forensic data, important evidentiary material and that could have and would have been used as proof to uphold the lone assassin scenario, were allowed to be legally, physically and forensically contaminated, compromised and corrupted, basically destroyed as evidence??? That is legally known and accepted as- Tampering With Evidence. I am to believe that such an action was latter seen and taken as an afterthought-like happenstance or random oversight??? Oh ! Mrs. Connelly appeared to be a very nice and intelligent wife and mother…What purpose would have been served or gained by, or for her or her husband, The TX Gov., for Mrs. Connelly to request and have permanently damaged, torn, tattered clothes, a man’s dress suit, riddled with bullet holes, soaked and drenched in blood and again containing large amounts of forensic data and matter, and evidentiary material, dry cleaned and pressed…??? An intelligent woman and wife would know better…who could wear it??? Damaged, torn and permanently soiled material, and part of a Presidential Murder investigation, no less (!!!) that also involved the shooting and near death of her own husband….what wife and mother would request such a thing???
        You recognize that James Tague was hit and that his face was effected and affected by some type of projectile or the effects of some projectile near him hitting a curb near the underpass where he was standing, as you state he was even seen and observed by at least one other person with blood on his face…Thank you for pointing that out, about someone else seeing and noticing the blood on his face…whether he knew it or not that those precise moments, Tague was hit by something…and you confirm even another person even noticed the blood on Tague’s face…That blood on his face was cause by some projectile that caused this bleeding in some way. . A photo does exist showing this anomaly in regards to the belief of the Lone Nut Theory.

        I am to believe and others are expected to believe that a man such as Dr. Robert J.Joling, J.D, with his credentials, background and experience, that I pointed out prior was never was involved in an autopsy or the procedures involving one? I never said he headed one…It is implausible that a man of this caliber and level of training, experience and combined legal and medical background not be accepted as an authority on forensic matters regarding the murder of John F. Kennedy…
        Alas… we agree to to disagree….

    • Mark Puryear says:

      Great stuff David!

      • Roy G Bivu says:

        Paragraph 1: you can’t accept Myers’ Zapruder production ( ABC could and broadcasted it) simply because it refutes in a very effective way the false claims of single bullet critics about the positions of JFK and Connally.
        What law states that a marksman always hits his target with the first shot-particularly a human being? Oswald obviously thought he might miss-otherwise why did he load 4 rounds?
        Paragraph 2: the treatment of Connally’s clothes is a matter of public record-which you would have known if you were a real researcher. Tague’s superficial wounds were caused by concrete fragments kicked up from a curb, most likely from fragments from the third shot that hit JFK’s head. Again, he was unaware of being hit until he was told by a bystander.
        Paragraph 3: Despite your claim there is no evidence that Joling was ever intimately involved with an autopsy, or even any evidence that he saw one. What medical background did he have? He was a lawyer with no medical training or privileges .
        Why don’t you quote the opinions of Earl Rose, M.D., the forensic pathologist who fought to keep JFK’s body in Dallas? He completely agreed with the conclusions of the Bethesda autopsy team-and he was a world renowned expert, not some lawyer who never took a medical school class.
        Perhaps you should look at Dr. Goldstrich’s inclusion as a ” witness” to see how loose conspiracy advocates can be with documentation.

  10. Many of the Parkland doctors listed were not even in the Trauma Room the day of Kennedy’s assassination – nor did they testify before the Warren Commission. The notion that the doctors at Parkland knew more about the details of Kennedy’s wounds than the team of three doctors who spent FOUR hours conducting an autopsy is absolutely absurd. Here is a piece of Dr. William Clark (Parkland doctor) when he testified before the Warren Commission:

    “First, the duration of time that the President was alive in the emergency room was a brief duration. All efforts were bent toward saving his life rather than inspection for precise location of wounds. After his death it was not our position to try to evaluate all of the conceivable organs or areas of the body, knowing that an autopsy would be performed and that this would be far more meaningful than a cursory external examination here.”

    The Parkland doctors spent about 12 minutes in a frantic attempt to save the president’s life. They were not involved in an examination of his wounds. Kennedy’s head was a mess! He had a full head of hair and it was caked with blood and tissue.

    Dr. Perry, another Parkland doctor, reviewed the findings of the autopsy and agreed with them. The autopsy concluded that President Kennedy was hit twice, both from behind. These are actually very elementary medical determinations to make. The suggestion that the autopsy doctors got it COMPLETELY BACKWARDS after studying the wounds for four hours is simply ludicrous.

    • david t. krall says:

      Your comment leaves out some inteersting points regarding the Dallas/Parkland Doctors…

      -all those present in the emergency room at Parkland Hospital saw a small hole, about the size of, if not smaller then the width of birthday candle or pencil,,,and also a small hole near the base of the JFK’s tie. which was recognized as an ENTRANCE wound…
      -You are right, his, JFK’s head was a mess..what was left of it…BUT it could have not been a COMPLETE mess (his head) because Mrs. Kennedy grabbed a piece of his skull on the back of the car…or tried to, according to her testimony, and her actions show this to some degree and is consistent with the violent head snap of JFK…the majority of the debris of the head shot (or shots?) went back…even to the point of one of the motor-cycle police officers riding to the LEFT and REAR of the Presidential limo had his windshield splatted with such force with JFK’s blood and brain debis that he thought immediately and momentarily he was himself was hit with a bullet.
      -a semantical leap of word usage is being displayed here: An extensive examination by the Dallas Doctors would have confirmed what they recognized initially and what they were very familiar with here …a recognized entrance wound in the throat AND a frontal head shot…yes, they did not have much time, very little…and performed a tracheotomy in attempting to save the President’s life…but they also believed, and it is a sure fire belief that they felt for a very, very short time that they were going to do the autopsy before JFK’s body was then removed by the Secret Service. The Bethesda Doctors NEVER saw the initial throat would due to the trach procedure…BUT there had to be a post-procedure report about what they observed, as well as what was done and attempted to be done and why. a written record of observations and actions taken in response to what was seen/observed, encountered and actions taken…unsanitized and free from Secret Service or FBI control?
      -Dr Humes, who was part of the Bethesda autopsy, destroyed…burned his draft /preliminary autopsy notes that Sunday Morning…why??? And from the record it appears to have occurred sometime after learning LHO was shot and later died… NO trial…a dead Oswald makes things easier…
      -Dr. Finck confirmed that the Bethesda Doctors DURING (!) the autopsy were ordered, and
      strongly forbidden by higher ranking officers, some of whom were NOT medical personnel to not– NOT examine and dissect JFK’s back and neck wounds..That is a matter of public record, documented in a court of law, said and stated under oath…
      -Dr/Vice Admiral George Burkley, JFK’s personal physician and who was the only person present at BOTH Parkland Hospital AND at the Bethesda autopsy was NOT called as a witness nor ever interviewed by the Warren Commission..When asked during a 1967 interview if he agreed with the Warren Commission’s findings and the number of shots he replied, ” I would not care to be quoted on that”…later in 1976, thru his lawyer he wished to convey to then chief council Richard Sprague that he wished to submit information that he believed would indicate others were involved in the murder of JFK…Sprague was indeed interested but was soon removed and Blakey who replaced him. He never called Burkley as witness, nor was a statement taken.
      -in 1964, apprx 15 years before the HSCA dictabelt/tape test and study in 1979 which indicated and scientifically confirmed to a large degree, a shot from the grassy knoll area, a similar but much earlier study was done by sound technicians and acoustical experts using the same police dictabelt / tape recording. It was known as the Kersta Report….it was not mentioned in the testimony of the WC or its report. You want to know why??? The study “read”, “measured” or indicated and concluded that least 6 “pulses”, “burst” or “noises”, in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63…

      I been researching this for a long, long. long time…I’ve even “moved away” for a time from the micro-analysis because that won’t us the who and the why…Within any government, regardless of its philosophy, make-up, political structure or moral agenda, when it comes to high power, high-level politics where things are literally played “for keeps” at the apex of political and financial power, when it comes to “in-house” power-struggles at the top (or near it) , especially involving high (the highest ) -level murder and betrayal ( to or from), wheather its a Rommel, a Heydrich, Mattei, Kirov, JFK, RFK, MLK, Lin Biao, Diem, Allende, Acquino, Sadat, or any number of others, the winners or the established order in power will never, ever admit to taking such actions to their own public but will submit public “explanations” to maintain order and “tranquility” now matter how big the lie or how blatant the falsehood…that is power…pushing for the truth thru persistent and realistic investigation is equivalent to extracting a wisdom tooth. In the modern era few leaders have survived and lived to extract such truth…Charles De Gaulle purged his army and intell services at least 3 times during his rule as president of France due to the numerous assassination plotting against him, at and within the highest levels behind his back. Mao and Chou Enlai in China together did the same in China a few times and especially in regards to LinBiao, and his hi-level plotting from 1968 to 1971 in Mainland China to try to take over and carry out a coup/assassination against Mao (& Chou) …very similar to forces here that plotted and killed JFK and the best “mirror” is operation Valkyrie of 7/20/44…a total inverse, historical analogy and mirror of what did take place on 11/22/63…Now I am done…

    • david t. krall says:

      The autopsy was under a very controlled “environment”…THAT IS A FACT! Humes burnt his notes or was ordered to after he learned Oswald had died…Burckley admiited as much years later…that supposed “autopsy” was a total sham. One Dr. even admitted he was told by a hi-ranking and non-medical military official DURING the autopsy not to examine certain wounds… this is part of the documented public record….The Parkland Doctors saw the wounds immediately and when new and still “fresh” The WC never saw the pictures ofor from the BETHESDA ‘ “autopsy”.. only supposed sketches…that some investigation!!!!

  11. david t. krall says:

    The “Oswald-did it”, lone-nut scenario,,,is and always has been out of touch with reality.
    Both Earl Warren (You won’t know the truth in our lifetime”) and LBJ (“I always believed there were others involved”) put on and wore for the sake of “domestic tranquility” the false and very persistent persona and mantle of the Lone Nut Lie. They were part of an establishment and governmental perpetuated and still continuing falsification of our nation’s history and the life and murder of a man who was President..OUR President..
    It is not a coincidence that at that time in history a huge lobbying effort paralleling and backed by massive operations against Cuba (e.g. Operations Mongoose and JM/Wave, among others) from bases aka operational locations in Florida, Nicaragua and Mexico. and growing ops and pressures regarding SE Asia…It is against the back-drop of these (covert) whirl-winds… of these large state sponsored and supported operational and undeniable, and very documented and congressionally investigated REALITY (not a theory) that we are told that JFK was assassinated by a lone nut. That these LARGE “Whirl-Winds” had nothing to do with the tsunami that struck in Dallas???..but still denied by some even in 2015…The Doctors and Nurses at Parkland Hospital were the best at seeing and knowing what JFK was the victim of that day. In 1963 Dallas was considered “Murder One”, the murder and shooting capital of the US, if not the world…and those Doctors and Nurses, day after day, night after night saw all kinds of gunshot wounds to parallel their medical experience and training…All concluded that the throat wound (of JFK) was an ENTRANCE wound…and all concluded the the head wound (or wounds?) were of a frontal and/or frontal/side nature as confirmed by the Asst. Press Sec. Mac Kilduff that very afternoon in a room at Parkland Hospital when he announced to the press and the world of JFK’s death, as he pointed to his front/right temple in showing what he was told by the Drs a short time before. On 7/20 an anniversary of something called Operation Valkyrie had passed. On 7/20/44 a large, diversified group of good men tried to kill a monster in Nazi Germany; on 11/22/63 a large, diverse group of monsters killed a good man in Dallas, TX…FYI just to be courteous and respectful John Connelly was Sec. of the Navy..no harm done…and everybody should look at the pictures of the damage done to him ! Arm, shoulder, chest, ribs, leg.(femur)…
    Enough with the fairly tales ! I am looking forward to this documentary! Keep me posted…THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much…Oswald trying to shoot Connelly.?????
    Why would he wait to do it during a motorcade with a president visiting (?) when he could have gone anytime he wanted to the TX state capitol and supposedly stalked Gov. Connelly then and there?…or any time he wanted…????? It never too late for the truth.or common-sense !!!..NOW, if not 50 years ago…Our own look in the mirror of our true history..we deserve nothing less…those part of 2 or 3 prior generations who have since passed were lied to and cheated from knowing the truth…it’s still their history too!!!

    • JE Vizzusi says:

      Your comments are fabulous, I assume your in the biz. I was ten years old when it happened. My catholic school had special masses all week. At the little market.in san jose, I found this mag called Four Dark Days. In it were the letters Oswald sent the Navy and Connelly pleading to reverse his dishonorable discharge. I think a good shrink could deduct this was one angry man. As far as his positioning for the kill shot in the Book Depository, nobody has ever figured out how long he was in that room. To me everything looked rushed especially after the fact. A front shot would have to had pierced the front windshield which I assume was Bullitt proof glass. And fragments could of hit the driver causing a crash. I have always believed he was after Connelly. He felt his service to this country was excellent and when he decided to denounce democracy, then he knew he needed to get the folks that questioned his patriotism. These are my feelings. I’m not a crackpot nor a conspiracy theorist. Im a doc filmmaker. I knew a vietnam vet once that had ptsd and he got a dishonorable for abandoning his company in a firefight. He wanted to shoot general Wesmoreland. So I think its at least plausible oswalds real target was former Secretary of the navy and gov of texas john Connelly. @JEV1A

      • david t. krall says:

        There were FRONTAL shots…Hell, tt was crossfire…rapid bursts (vollys) from at least 3 diff. directions. That would explain the many differing accounts of what was seen and heard, due to the many number of ear and eyewitnesses, ergo (!) different shot from different directions …There is a picture (!) of the windshield with a hole in it ! And a reporter quickly at the time slide a pencil thru it to verify and confrim this while a colleague took the photo…There is even some damage to the inner top steel/chrome frame to the area of the mirror.frame. If LHO wanted to shoot and kill Connelly he could have done it ANYTIME in Austin or when he met his buddy and close friend LBJ, whenever he visited..or any time when and where Connelly was traveling in TX when he was the Gov. .The opportunity was supreme while the limo was on Main Or Commerce but this does not erase the anomaly and irrational contradictions upon which the Warren Commission rested its case…one more interesting tid-bit/item here: LBJ desperately wanted Connelly to ride with him in HIS car and even argued about this with JFK the night before. He and Connelly hated Sen Yarborough (There was suspicion/fear that JFK/RFK might back him in the next TX race against Connelly) and LBJ pleaded and argued with JFK to switch the seating and Yarborough being with JFK and Connelly with LBJ…JFK said NO….oddly that next day, when at Love Field, and the TX gov,, Mr. Connelly, was already standing in the car/LIMO, in front of The Pres., The First lady and his own wife. With these three standing at the side of the car, and ready to enter the limo, THe PRESIDENTIAL LIMO, the apparently and usually graceful TX Gov. Connelly did (or didn’t) do a very strange thing…instead of stepping out of the car and the area of the car/chair where he was standing elevated…he never politely steps out of, or ever leaves the LIMO momentarily out of basic courtesy to the President, The First Lady or even his own wife…! He proceeds for about 30 seconds in front of everyone, including the President (who must have thought it briefly odd, if not rude) and lifts his hand with his stetson hat, and raises it over his head, standing totally upright and makes an almost 180 turn to and in front of everyone and anyone at Love Field including the 3 people, INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT (!). He, Connelly, never steps out of the LIMO even when his own wife entered the car to sit on the OTHER side of him…What’s to be read in that? “Remember !!! It’s me! ME!!! not Yarborough…It ME in this car !…” That’s how I read that..how else could it be read???
        I guess that “memo” came a little too…too late…couple that with what Connelly screamed during the cross fire…”They’re going to kill us all”…

    • JE Vizzusi says:

      Sorry about Army instead of Navy. Ok, all I have to go by are those really nasty letters Oswald wrote to then appealing his dishonorable discharge and the to Connelly when he was gov. The letters seem to be missing from any records anywhere. They are threats, psycho and proves he needed to be investigated. He tried like hell to talk to JC. He went to the capitol, he wrote those letters and he was caught in a yard of a federal judge whom Oswald thought proceded over Navy affairs. He was pissed at Connelly. Now they always point out his service records. Excellent is gunnery school etc. He was a decent soldier at least in his eyes. The italian gun he bought was crap, he aimed for Connelly got a hit but JFK took the bullitt first. He never ever said anything in the jailhhouse transcripts about JFK other than I did not shoot the president.. I think meaning I was not aiming at him. This has never been explored, left out of everything. Discouted is Oswalds really pissed off for the Dishonorable discharge. For that is reason enough for me to believe Connelly was the target. @JEV1A

      • david t. krall says:

        Fair enough….not excellent in gunnery school…that is just a classification label. His friends and colleagues in the Marines joked with him about him having “Maggie’s Drawers” about what a poor shot he was…If he had a true gripe against a public official in his city or state.he could have reconciled that gripe anytime he wished to plan.and settle it, and not wait until a president came to town. Judging by what he is ascribed and pronounced to have done in Dallas, that day, he would have been a world class sniper unmatched even by olympic standards..BUT nothing, NOTHING before that day indicates or shows that in any way. that…and even the best world class snipers and olympic level target shooters could not match nor duplicate what is said to have occurred;
        3 shots, in 5 maybe 6 seconds–at most, bolt action rifle, moving vehicle (car) approx 80 yards away ( and moving) , with semi-stationary primary (supposed) target in vehicle, weapon had to be “readjusted” by FBI to be tested later, no fingerprints on weapon, no record of him shooting or practicing with ANY weapon prior to that day…and that’s just for starters…
        Besides, he if wanted to shoot and kill Gov. Connelly, he had a dead-on, clear and totally unobstructed opportunity BEFORE the limo turned on to ELM Street, when the Limo was traveling TOWARDS and a shooter in that location would have had a much easier shot with Connelly being IN FRONT, as he was sitting in front of JFK…it makes no sense for a shooter to have a target, clear and unobstructed slowly coming towards him literally in the crosshairs , especially when the shooter having a supposed gripe and doesn’t take the shot???…until a much more difficult opportunity arises about a minute later, where his chances are much diminished to supposedly settle that gripe???.. NO notes, no stenographers notes,no recording no transcript NOTHING from the interrogation??? I can just imagine what he was saying about local associates, “friends” and acquaintances and his own real background which had interesting links and connections.and where that would have lead…..and what about the incoming call from ONI / US Navel base at Nags Head to the Dallas Police Dept while LHO was in custody??? And The Hosty note that FBI Agent Hosty later said, actually admitted, that he flushed down a toilet…Why do that if it incriminated Oswald in any any?…That only makes sense if contradicts that presumption…it only makes sense if it was a warning about a possible attempt on the President’s life, which is consistent with several other incidents and occurrences before 11/22/63….

  12. J.E. Vizzusi says:

    The story never told are the crazy vicious letters Oswald wrote to then Secretary of the Army Connelly whom became the Texas gov whom was riding in the front seat of the motorcade and shot through the back and survived. Oswald was pissed about the Dishonorable Discharged he got and his appeals were denied by Connelly. This is the man Oswald was after not JFK. Nobody has ever acknowledged this. I have a letter Oswald wrote a letter published once in a indie mag called Four Dark Days which came out days after the funeral of JFK. The letters to Connelly as well as Oswald stalking a Dallas Federal Judge stories have not been explored. The doctors, hospital, warren commission, mafia, cuba and every other conspiracy you can think of has been beaten to death. Just another bad episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Oswald military service was honorable lest to say how bad that sounds. Medically, both were dead instantly as far as life support etc. No hope. And that includes the police officer Oswald gunned down as well.

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