Jennifer Lawrence Removed from ‘Hunger Games’ Posters in Israel

Jennifer Lawrence Mockingjay
Gregory Pace/REX Shutterstock

TEL AVIV – Some Israeli towns have no appetite for the newest “Hunger Games” promotional posters.

The Jennifer Lawrence-starred blockbuster will bow Thursday in Israel, as it will in nations across the globe, but in the run-up to the first screening of the “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2” here, a handful of cities across the Jewish State have cut Lawrence herself out of the film’s posters.

Most Israeli cities have been treated to the standard poster of the final “Hunger Games” installment, featuring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen posing with her bow and arrow. But in the ultra-Orthodox suburb of Bnei Brak, as well as in Israel’s capital city Jerusalem – where several neighborhoods are heavily religious – residents instead received a censored version of the poster, featuring only an image of the fiery crown.

Extremely religious versions of Judaism consider the female image to be licentious, and ultra-Orthodox newspapers, catalogues and advertisements routinely edit out photographs of females entirely. City posters in Bnei Brak and Jerusalem featuring images of women have been often been vandalized, and Bnei Brak specifically, the city municipality bans public images that could be deemed offensive to its religious population.

The Israeli daily Haaretz reported Wednesday that it was the film’s Israeli PR company who made the call to censor the posters, not the city governments.

“Unfortunately we are subject to unofficial coercion that forces us to be more careful,” Liron Suissa, VP of marketing for the company, Nur Star Media, told the paper. “We have had endless vandalization, and clients prefer not to take the chance.

We allow everything, but we recommend hanging another visual when necessary. The decision is the client’s.”

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  1. Josh Stern says:

    This quite obviously has nothing to do with “a strong woman being showcased”—in this context, that’s ideological nonsense. People are being dishonest if they deny that the stylized poster art shown in this article, of a very shapely Jennifer Lawrence in an action-hero pose not typically seen in real life, would be sexy to most men, ultra-provocative to any sheltered religious youth.

    So this is simply about a small minority of very conservative, religious folks living in an overwhelmingly very religious neighborhood, who do not want that sort of imagery on display in their streets.
    This is their choice and their prerogative—just as everyone else is free to live and dress as they please.

    The movie companies seem to get this. It’s “openminded” people like you who cannot abide other perspectives.

    • fedup says:

      You probably wouldn’t be saying this if it were Muslims doing the same thing, would you? Or would you whine about Muslims’ “sexism” and “Sharia Law”? Hypocrisy at its finest.

  2. Mark Lambert says:

    Females are licentious ? What cave are these people living in?

  3. robert e curry jr says:

    U know women are God’s gift to Man, human men…! Everything woman was going to be was extracted from Adam by the Master Geneticist, God Almighty..! I am a Minister of the One-ness of God… I live , Hear O Israel the Lord our God is one Lord…

    This poster of that beautiful young lady does not demean human women, it celebrates a movie n the female form, its nit vulgar nor suggestive…! In my life n experience dealing with humanity, I find the ones that complain about posters, like this, the beholder has the problem with lusty voyeurism, n that’s why the over stated point of view is proclaimed from a ” CLERICAL CARE FOR HUMANS THAT MIGHT LOOK N LUST…!!! ” . Thanks but nah..! I am the steward of my soul, n this hyper treatment/mistreatment of females is past archaic n strange to say the least! Make your on films no one will even care… r.e.curry.jr

    • Daiyu says:

      May be you should publish an article about what is done with such posters in Saudi Arabia or Iran, and not in some town in Israel. I live in Tel Aviv, and I haven’t even heard about this removement of Jennifer Lawrence from the posters, leave alone being affected by this. Moreover, in Bnei Brak you can walk around freely in short skirt or sleeveless shirt. There’s law, and no one would stone you to death. At least there was not a single case till now. I don’t know, what your motives are, but perhaps you should concentrate on real problem and not add to ridiculous accusations against Israel which are, sadly, so loud these days.

  4. Price says:

    I’m a shocked how many times white trash Christians are in these comments. If it was the n word or another racial slur Variety would have censored them. So much hate toward white Christians and I hate to bust your bubble but there are milliins of black , Asian, hispican Christians.

  5. rob says:


  6. Dave J. says:

    It must suck to still live in the past!

  7. zfhzdj says:

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  8. ohms says:

    Those Muslims. Always opressing and repressing women…. Oh… wait…

  9. theactualH says:

    Why would you even write an article about it? MOST of the cities and cinemas in Israel present the regular poster with JLaw but for some dumb religious decisions in small areas where extremely religious people live they don’t… Why would you write about it and write such misleading title? Don’t you have enough things to talk about?

  10. FU says:

    Jerusalem is NOT the capital city of Israel. Slick whitewashing under the rug mention though. If it is said long enough, maybe it’ll become true, right?

    • Big Matt says:

      Israel named Jerusalem it’s capital in 1949, although the United Nations still lists it as Tel Aviv. So the question is, does the United Nations decide what the capital of a country is, or does the country itself decide what it wants it’s capital to be. If we (the US), changed our capital, would the United Nations have a right to claim otherwise?

  11. Matthew Kane says:

    “Licentious” isn’t really an accurate word to describe the viewpoint of the most strictly religious Jews about images of women. “Immodest” is the exactly accurate word.

    It’s not, as commonly believed, an issue of inflaming the libidos of men. Men are supposed to lower their eyes in any case.

    The point of view is that women should not draw attention to themselves and the media should not draw attention to women because modesty requires women to stay in the background outside of domestic life (where they are very much in the foreground).

    And, has been pointed out, this point of view is held by a very small number of Israelis and only a very small number of neighborhoods expect everyone to hold to these standards.

  12. Jeni says:

    For the most part this article (no offense) is an inaccurate representation of life in Israel. It portrays the country as being sexist and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Israel promotes women more than Anerica does. I lived in Israel for a few years. I am neither Jewish nor religious so am not biased. I just get frustrated at the constant mis-representation of a really incredible country. This article makes it sound as if women are oppressed in Israel like they are in countries run by Shariah Law. Which is ridiculous. Girls wear skimpier bikinis on the beaches of Tel Aviv than they do in LA. I’m sure there a few areas that ban the regular movie posters because there ARE ultra orthodox religious that are ultra conservative but that is the minority certainly not the majority.
    Okay I’m off my soap box.

    • Annie Logan says:

      So the important thing is that woman can wear little bitty bikinis at the beach but the idea that a strong woman shouldn’t be showcased on a movie poster because woman are supposed to be in the background and modest? Ummm ok

    • Daniel says:

      Exactly. It is the height of hypocrisy that white trash christian america would wag their finger at Israel about sexism.

  13. Daniel says:

    This is really a pathetic article. Just one tiny neighborhood big deal. As an Israeli I can tell you almost everyone i know will see this movie. There are probably more white trash christians in the usa who would like to see this banned. Murica ..Land of the guns…home of the brain dead christians.

    • As an Israeli, you should learn to understand, those “Brain Dead Christians” you denigrate are the strongest supporters of Israel on earth. American Christians believe God when He said, “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Genesis 12:3 Israel is still the apple of God’s eye.

      • Maverick says:

        Those “brain-dead Christians” in this “Land of the guns” are Israel’s biggest ally. And geopolitically, increasingly it’s only ally. Everybody complains about Christian America and its guns, until they cry for help.

        And there’s a great irony of an Israeli complaining about guns in America–Israel’s seen its share of causing some violence, too.

        I do stand more with Israel in matters more than its Palestinian neighbors, since Palestine’s variously been against America even before Israel was a reinstated nation (many Arab nations sided with Hitler during WWII–nationalizing Israel only made them hate the West even more). Still, I don’t look the other way to some incidents that Israel started. As a famous Jew once said, “Cast the first stone.”

        By the way, I’m not a Christian. Heck, I’m not even all that patriotic as American, honestly. America has our issues, and it’s past and present are not pretty. But I do just get tired of people not well in position to go running their mouths who do go running their mouths.

      • Correct Hassan! The bible-believing Christians do support Israel.

      • Daniel says:

        White trash america thinks that I will burn in Hell if I do not submit to their false messiah. Do i really need to lay out to you the millions of Jews murdered by christians throughout history? These people want us to die so they can get their “armageddon” going. If there is one thing white trash christian america and islamic terrorists have in common is that they are violent, impulsive people. Soemthing we can all do without.

  14. footballscott says:

    Radical Jews have displaced and killed ALOT of Palestinians.

    • Annie Logan says:

      LMAO So you want to paint all white Christians with the same brush. Who else in history painted all members of a religious group with the same brush? I’m trying to think of his name…oh yeah, it was Hilter-it was bad idea then and it’s bad idea now. Open your mind bigot!

    • Maverick says:

      1. There’s a far-cry difference between a “Christian” and someone who actually reads and adheres to their bible well. “Catholicism” and its daughters Protestantism and Orthodoxism did not originate from Christ or his apostles.

      They were a fraudulent order who borrowed identity from the Apostolic churches, who shamelessly incorporated pagan celebrations mixed in to pose as “Christian” ideals, like Christmas (even though Christ was born in autumn, biblically, for the feast days you’re familiar with) and Ishtar Day (even though Christ was said to had died shortly before the first day of Unleavened Bread and risen shortly before the weekly sabbath ended–all before Sunday)

      Thus the real reason for their “universal” (Catholic) approach, and why even biblically, apostles spoke about a false church rising, and even later personified it as a “great harlot.” Protestants are not much better, since they still keep these errant holidays ordained by Catholicism, such as Christmas. A Protestant is like a runaway child who keeps their momma’s credit card. “Christians” are just no authority on the book they so typically claim gives them authority, but readily contradict.

      2. The joke’s on “Christians” going to “hell”–there’s no “Hell” biblically, but instead, the concept of “geenna.” (Or “gehenna,” as you as Jewish might be familiar with it.) There is no “Hell” in either “Old” or “New Testament”–only mix-up taught by the Catholic church, misunderstanding “gehenna” (lake of fire) as “hell.” “Hell” was only this Earth molten into a lava state, to make room for the New Earth (Isa. 65:17; Isa. 66:22-23; 2 Pet. 3:10-13; Rev. 21:1, etc.)

      3. Don’t be so quick to call other people’s messiahs as “false.” Even if you don’t believe it, you’d be better to not be so hasty, since many would brand the Judaic brand of “messiah” isn’t interpreted as false, and if you’re Orthodox, you’d probably flip your sh*t and call it antisemitic.

      4. Jews don’t have one of the world’s most advanced military technology for nothing. You’re pretty much living on a constant state of being ready for WWIII. You’re ready for 360-degrees of war, basically, and well-armed, thanks to that “violent” nation you’re criticizing. You’re constantly seek the U.S. for added protection. So, yeah, again, cast the first stone, and don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

      5. America is VERY divided on the issues you overgeneralize everyone here as being. For as many as the kind you criticize, you have just as many debating against them. It’s often pretty bitter, in fact. But hey, if anyone can afford to be prejudices, it’s *certainly* the Jews, right?

    • you should learn about something called the gulags guy…….spoiler alert hitler got his idea from someone…biggest irony of all some of the world biggest genocidal madmen were communist atheists jews,maybe I should group them all together like you do Christians,and muslims I’m sure,and say hsit like oh Trotsky and lenin were Jews and evil,ther for all jews are Zionist commies and promote genocide….you know just like all those Christians are dumbasses,many dumbasses but also gullible hypocrite dumbasses who ironically have helped fund Israel more then anyone on the planet… the hypocrisy is indeed endless and around in Christians as well,you just fail to see your own part in it,and Christians killing millions of jews throughout history huh….again you must have not heard of the soviet era beteen 1917-1950s…because again the communist govenments,including many elites within the movement who were literally jewish by blood,are some of the biggest mass murderes in history,hell they put the exegerrated 6 million ww2 holocaust numbers to shame to be honest,and guess what many of those victims were…..lower class pesants/Christians/civillians in Russia and some of Europe…how about that more hypocrisy,hell even an Israeli editor recently wrote an article titled never forget some of the biggest mass murders in history were jewish, was an article about communist genocidal madman gendrik yagoda one of the leaders of the gulags back in the’good ol days’…some sick people seem to think…everyones played there part,but judging an entire group race religion r atheists whatev based on the actions of individuals or even smaller groups is never realistic or accurate,theres a hell of a lot more history then just Stephen spielbergs movies after all….so you might wantto think again before singling out so called Christians as some genocidal murderous through history like its some exclusive “Christian”trait,which it isn’t a kkk member claiming to be a Christian for example would be mistaken, the beliefs are incompatible, like Hillary Clinton or dick chenek claiming to be American patriots when there really treasonous terrorists,you can claim to be something but its your actions not your title that determine what you are,so just like Christians or people claiming there Christians have indeed commited genocide and chaos in the past and today,…yeah..and so have jews,and muslims,and atheists,and Europeans,and Africans,and Asians, some worse then others but all never fair to judge the entirety of the people race religion or whatever based on the actions of the minority even if it is a large chunk of them with such misguided twisted beliefes at times,i can assure you jewish people just like christiansand muslims and atheists have more then allplayed there fair part in chaos and evil and hypocrisy in the past in the present and in the future,i an also tell you many are frauds and aren’t legitimate of what they claim anyways,a real jew or real Christian or real muslim ultimately have different beliefs but would never physically force anything on anything on anyone,while still spreading here word and living together and without turning into degenerates like general population is in America,israel,england all over th world some worse the others but that’s a side issue,all have done there fair of genocide they just all don’t get fucking Stephen Spielberg Hollywood funded is all to tell mainstream about it,hmm I wonder why that is lol.

      • Maverick says:

        I don’t agree with most of your tone or claim, but I do agree that, yes, atheist Jews were in large responsible for many of the tenets which would have Communism commit literally some of the worst atrocities in human history. The irreligious are always condemning religious violence, but are too quick to forget that the man with the highest single death toll in the 20th century on his hands was an atheist (Mao Zedong), with Stalin not too far behind. All fueled on ideology spawned by atheist Jews. History’s had plenty of share of blame to go around–enough to shut everyone up.

  15. Brian, how many people do radical jews go around and kill? And second, why do people fear making fun of Islam but not Judaism. If you don’t know than I can tell you the obvious.

  16. Brian says:

    Can we now make it official radical Jews are as messed up as radical Muslims? No wonder they hate each other. Sad part is Americans are getting killed for the Jew-ISIS hatred.

  17. COJones-Grande says:

    Why even bother to advertise in that area?

    • H says:

      “Why bother”? Israel is a tiny country – about as big as New Jersey – and most of it is completely secular. Some neighborhoods (and specifically the city of Bnei Brak) consist of mostly orthodox people, but the rest of the country doesn’t. So there’s no “area”. These are bits and pieces of Israel, and trust me, it’s not something most Israelis are proud of.

  18. Tomas Agusto Mivergara says:

    Not sure why Middle Eastern Cultures/Religions are so dry in the head, for the most part. Must be all that sun and sand that makes them belittle women and others! Nothing like a free america to fend off from these retrogrades!

  19. DonkeyKong says:

    A tiny section of Israel with religious kooks does it and the news media sensationalizes it. Muslim countries routinely do worse than this and no one bats an eyelid. This type of misogyny is present in entire Muslim countries, not just within pockets of extremists in Muslim countries. It’s even prevalent in a country with just a 60% Muslim majority like Malaysia, where I’m from. But hey, it happened in Israel and it’s always fun to bash Israel to appear to be on the side of “human rights”, right?

    • teriekwilliams says:

      Can you go anywhere and not hear criticism of Sharia Law and anti-woman ideals in Islam? I applaud that. If it’s also true in a small Israeli suburb, or a large city in Russia or the countryside of Australia to any degree, I applaud that too. Expose the backwards beliefs of everyone everywhere.

  20. Robert The Bruce says:

    That’s why the United States Constitution guarantees equality for all. Some rules/laws are simply not with the current societal changes that are part of our world.

  21. Max says:

    Women don’t stand a chance over there. Primitive, violent taboos, idiotic “customs”. As poet Robin Morgan wrote in another, similar context. (Paraphrasing). “It is anti-revolutionary for women to show themselves in public. It is also against tradition.”

  22. wiles11 says:

    Since this practice is routine in this particular cult, the only reason I can presume it’s being treated as “news” is because it affords yet another opportunity to blather on about Jennifer Lawrence and get more page views — and heated, loaded comments — than Variety’s more legitimate articles often see. I suppose in that sense, I took the bait like everyone else, but it’s reassuring to know that a bunch of creepy Jewish men can still get their rocks off to young women in tight pants INSIDE the theatre while still appearing to be puritanical and superior in the lobby.

    • Yes, how they justify forbidding the image in a newspaper ad, but permitting the image on the screen, is beyond me. Is it because inside the theater her picture is continually moving, appearing and then disappearing?

      Righteousness based upon legalism is false.

  23. goatsandmonkeys says:

    Too bad that those are the cults that over-breed. One more generation, and they’ll have total control of the country.

  24. carl6351 says:

    so! she will still be seen in the movie and they will enjoy her work. why do we always read into something that means nothing?

  25. LA Showrunner says:

    As a Jewish Man I find this sexist practice completely unacceptable.

    Any group that treats any sec or skin color as with supreme or unacceptable should not be allowed to conduct business with American companies.

    But equality is merely a buzz word in Hollywood. It is not something power holders really care about in Los Angeles. They certainly won’t lose a dime defending equality.

    We all know it is all for show here!

    • For generations (and better or worse) Hollywood has propagandized the American public and altered our cultural and political norms.

      So arguably, if it’s liberalization you want, American entertainment is the vehicle.

      See rock ‘n’ roll.

      • Federov says:

        Hollywood has no interest in ‘propagandizing’ the American public. These are the people that buy the tickets.

  26. EV docmaker says:

    Lovely how Hollywood is so comfortable with the Zionist Apartheid settler-occupier rogue State of Israel. Any notion that anyone in Hollywood has a conscience is simply not reality.

  27. Muslim Extremist says:

    I approve.

  28. Jason says:

    Are posters not being edited in an area of Israel? The title is not falsely advertising and anyone who reads the article will see that. There is no need to edit the title. What the world needs is people that just go live their lives accordingly and stop complaining about every single little thing. We live in a world where the world whines. There are millions starving and you complain about a poster??????

  29. manuel says:

    Who give a damn, it’s bnei brak a 99% religious people live in, no wonder they censored ( I doubt they even watch the movie) the poster (which many buses drive through this block) which aim at the non-religious/people who go to cinema.
    Please edit the title, I am form Israel and is unfair. What about the muslim countries do they post the same uncensored poster?

  30. Guy says:

    The title is very misleading and makes it sound like a nation-wide phenomenon. This is one isolated town and a couple of even smaller neighborhoods.

    I’m pretty certain that in Amish villages in Pennsylvania there aren’t such posters either, but no one would claim the US as a whole censors women. The only difference is that Israel is so small, that there is no physical separation between these communities and the rest of the population.

  31. Jeff Rittenour says:

    hey come out of your caves already…

  32. Tracy Britton says:

    And she is completely covered up = even long sleeves – no skimpy low cut hot pants kinda outfit! High neck even!

    • Annie Logan says:

      It sound like it is the idea that she is proud, stong, front and Center is the problem. The religious extremists think that woman should should be modest and not call attention themselves.

  33. Lvjj says:

    If they cant even take a poster, why bother advertising and why bother giving them the film at all? BTW, Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel.

  34. Cathy Boyle says:

    Oh is that poster advertizing a movie? I thought it was a bra advertizement

  35. Florence Row says:

    Israel. So backward in so many ways, yet so many Jews will try to convince you otherwise.

  36. As long as there is a bias attitude toward the equality of women then all sorts of other prejudices can be justified.

    • Vavoline Johnson says:

      No its not Florence Row. Israel along with the US and India has given the world some of the most technical and medical advancements in the world…so a handful are backward…as if they aren’t here in the US?

    • Anonymous says:

      Israel is NOT backward just the ultra orthodox who are horrendous!

  37. Laurel says:

    Your headline was utterly inaccurate, and obviously designed to capture the anti-Israel contingent, Ms. Kamin. Change it. It went from “Israel” in headline to the article’s VERY FIRST line which said “Some Israeli towns”. The world already knows that there are repressive towns in Israel; that’s no “get”.

    That said, where’s the reportage on what they did with the movie poster in Iran? Saudi Arabia? Other oppressive and repressive countries? You think J-Law’ll show up on the poster there? What–you mean the film isn’t being RELEASED there? WONDER WHY???? Report on that, Ms. Kamin!

  38. Jon says:

    I don’t blame them for censoring her out, given that the image was so heavily ‘shopped. She it not that tall, nor that lean.

  39. Jewish Supremacist says:

    Ah yes, the ‘O so tolerant and ‘progressive’ Jewish community who can’t even stand to see a woman in a picture!

  40. Keri C says:

    Ahhh, the ever popular ‘click bait’. This happens all the time. An article’s title is such that it makes people say WHAATTTT???? and they quickly click on it because they want to see the details. Then you get to the actual article and see that the story is not nearly as extreme or controversial as the title makes it seem. Although some people don’t even bother to read the article, they just go straight to the comments section to say all sorts of angry things, usually things that have been addressed in the article already. But the websites don’t care. All they want are your clicks so that they can get paid. But really, read the article first. Saves a lot of the ranting time.

  41. John Z. says:

    But, yet, they’re showing a movie showcasing a female protagonist. At least their religious priorities are in order.

  42. I doubt Jennifer is too worried since that is a digitally altered look at her body

  43. Guy says:

    All the above mentioned are bullshits !!!
    Here at Israel we are waiting for the movie, love Jennifer !!!

  44. Niv Loewenerg says:

    Sadly Israel is a religious country. Not as in the majority of residents are highly religious Jews, but as in the religious people in Israel sadly dictate a lot of the country’s actions, therefore creating a bad image worldwide of things such as shown in this article. I’m an Israeli. I’m Jewish, I was born Jewish, but hell I don’t give a shit about religion. I’m not religious in any way shape or form. Those extremist fuck heads who won’t allow the image of a woman on a poster for a movie. I drive on Saturday. I don’t make 30 babies because “God wants us to fill the earth”. This article only applies to a small group of people (who unfortunately still live here), the extremists, religious people. Thus irrelevant to the very large majority of the residents in Israel.

  45. Nabil says:

    Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel
    Tel Aviv is
    Jerusalem is Palestinian and will remain Palestinian

    • Florence Row says:

      Agreed. Jerusalem was stolen from the Palestinians, and then Jews rewrote history and tried to persuade the rest of the world ‘Palestine’ didn’t exist. Funny how most of us don’t believe them.

      • JustSayin says:

        You are correct. The history of the Jewish state indicates it was established by an international nonprofit Jewish organization looking for land to establish a Jewish state following the Holocaust. Then a narrative was created and marketed to support the illegal occupation of another country, i.e. Palestine. But what I find really amusing is European Jews claiming Palestine as their ancestral land when we know melanin-deficient European Jews could not have come from Middle Eastern stock. All the ancestors of REAL Israelis were dark-skinned people.

        People of European descent represent less than 15% of the world’s population and Google just outed them as a transitional species between Lucy and modern day humans. Be glad you are not one of them.

      • Vavoline Johnson says:

        Flo, are you as dumb and ignorant in real life as you are anonymous on the internet?

    • Palestine was never a country, Jerusalem was never mentioned in the Quran and there’s proven history that Jews lived and had a kingdom in Jerusalem long before the Islam was created (Also, Jerusalem is important to Islam only because Muhammad wanted to lure Jews into the new religion.)
      So really, Jerusalem was never Palestinian.

    • Bob Kahn says:

      No. The only people making Israel look bad are the Debra Kamin’s of the world who report meaningless nonsense like this and make it appear that all Israelis think this way. I am not religious eithesr and don’t care for those who think the way they do, but other Western nations have been known to do things so as not to offend their “true believers”. It goes on everywhere, but Variety is adding fuel to the Israel hatred by making it sound like it is unique and very extremist. This is just a pointless, hate inducing article and the journalist is the real extremist.

  46. Tinyisraeli says:

    So I see this article is trying to show Israel in an uber religious form… Well all I can say as an Israeli is that u pick the extremists and then talk bout em , and u qoute the most anti Jewish newspaper in Israel awesome journalism u have here

  47. loco73 says:

    Even this largely irrelevant example shows the stupidity and ignorance organized religion stands and is responsible for. People still continue to equate faith with religion. And if the image of a woman on a movie poster causes such a problem for people so as to shake their faith or somehow “entice them to impure thoughts”, then either you never had any faith to begin with, or you are a complete hypocrite and your so-called religion, more than likely, is a sham.

    Ditto to all those nutbars among Muslims who have a meltdown everytime a drawing or caricature of prophet Mohamed appears in a publication anywhere in the world, and then feel the need to go out, burn stuff and murder people.

    Ahhhh religion…the gift that keeps on killing…

  48. Hugh Manatee says:

    Why would the movie with her in it doing such things be any less of a problem, and thus why would you even advertise the movie in their areas?

  49. Denis MacEoin says:

    This ius a silly report. If you l,eave the ultra-Ortodox/Haredi communities aside, Israel is a highly secular nation where women go out in bikinis on the beach, serve in the army and air force and navy, are singers, actesses, models, etc. Tel Aviv is often listed as the world’s greatest party city. Israel is the only country in the Middle East to give fiull rights to gays, the only country to give women complete freedom. So, a minority are fundamentalist and disapproving, yet you report on this as if the whole country is censorious. Why not take the trouble to report on Muslim countries, where even a woman’s face is considered unsuitable? If you are singling Israel out for this treatment, be aware that this is anti-Semitic under the International Working Definition and the US State Department Definition of the term.

    • James says:

      The first words of this article read ” Some Israeli towns.” Further down it refers to the activity happening in “a handful of cities.” To state, as you have, that the article reports “on this as if the whole country is censorious” appears pathetically stupid on your part. What gives?

      • Guy says:

        Most people base their opinion on the title alone (this is also the only part that is actually seen on social media). Since the title is slanderous and stands in contrast to the body of this article, I think he has a great point.

  50. James says:

    Pointless article…

    • Bob Kahn says:

      Actually James the all important title of the article is Jennifer Lawrence Removed from ‘Hunger Games’ Posters in ISRAEL. Most people scan articles and therefore this article implies to the average individual that Jennifer Lawrence is being slandered in ALL OF ISRAEL. Therefore this article is not only pointless but slanderous. I can’t understand why anyone would print this nonsense and I think this journalist should stop be sanctioned.

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