‘Revenant,’ ‘Hateful Eight’ Screeners Leak to Huge Piracy Before Theatrical Release

The Revenant Movie Reivew
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

UPDATED: “The Hateful Eight” and “The Revenant” have leaked to piracy sites after screeners were sent to voters for awards consideration, according to data issued Monday by Excipio.

Both films were slated for a Christmas Day release.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Revenant” is being plundered by pirates at the fastest rate; having attracted over 739,580 unique IP addresses downloading the film in the last 24 hours. Quentin Tarantino’s “Hateful Eight” drew 569,153 IP addresses, while “Creed,” which is already in theaters, rounded out the top three most popular torrents of the last day with 499,082.

“Revenant” piracy swelled to 1,145,840 IP addresses on Tuesday, while “Hateful Eight” ballooned to 864,282 and “Creed” rose to 803,738.

This is yet another roadblock for Tarantino, whose “Hateful Eight” script leaked online last year, almost killing the bloody Western entirely.

Fox, Weinstein Co. and Warner Bros. did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Other Oscar contenders made available online illegally in the past few days include Jennifer Lawrence’s “Joy,” Michael Fassbender’s “Steve Jobs,” Cate Blanchett’s “Carol,” Brie Larson’s “Room,” Tom Hardy’s “Legend,” Chris Hemsworth’s “In the Heart of the Sea” and Saoirse Ronan’s “Brooklyn.” “Joy” drew 225,884 IP addresses on Tuesday and “Steve Jobs” reeled in 173,576.

Hive-CM8 is one of the piracy groups taking credit for the leaks.

“DVDScreener 1 of 40. Will do them all one after each other, started with the hottest title of this year, the rest will follow,” Hive-CM8 said after posting “Hateful Eight” online. According to TorrentFreak, the illegal copy of the film is “extremely clean and free from timestamps.”

This has become common in piracy circles in recent years during “Oscar screener season.” Ellen DeGeneres, last year’s Academy Awards host, was linked to a leaked screener of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” The pirated copy of the Ben Stiller dramedy that surfaced on file-sharing pirate networks in January 2014 included a watermark with “Ellen DeGeneres.”

More recently, “The Expendables 3” — a Sylvester Stallone-starrer — leaked online three weeks ahead of the U.S. premiere, hurting its box office potential.

After the “Game of Thrones” season five premiere wound up online this summer from an advance DVD screener, HBO shifted to a streaming-only policy for advance reviews following years of mailing out DVDs to critics and journalists.

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  1. The Revanant best movie 2015,,,,hahahaha

  2. WhoCaresHollyWoodisTrash says:

    I hope Liberal Hollywood goes bankrupt. Most of their movies suck now a days anyways. Bring me back to the 80’s when they weren’t forcing their liberal propaganda in movies. At least the 80’s had conservative propaganda that taught people the difference between right and wrong when it came to Abortion. I love that the Nightmare on Elm Street movies had positive messages to our Youth hidden in them.

  3. Jeff Turley says:

    I hear the exasperation of the industry, and the gnashing of their teeth at what they think is lost revenue due to downloading. I also note that most of the most popular films downloaded did quite well at the box office turning nice profits for the studios that produced the films. So obviously downloading isn’t killing profits. I would wager that most downloading comes from people that don’t have easy access to cinemas, live in remote areas, or other countries where most of these films aren’t available are only there for short runs. Many uploaders encourage those that grab the films to purchase the DVDs or a ticket to the cinema if they like the content. I am sure many do.

  4. MovieJay (@MovieJay) says:

    I love how the industry keeps calling them “leaks” when 99% of the time it is due to hacking, not leaking. Almost every single big Oscar title “leaked” every year was not an upload of a DVD screener, but an upload of the same screener in digital form. Critics and Academy members aren’t just sent hard copies of movies anymore; they are sent passwords in their e-mails to stream these movies online at sites like vimeo. Hackers get the pass codes and then upload the movies but that doesn’t stop the industry from perpetuating the meme in their headlines that shady “interns” who can’t be trusted are “leaking” the movies, when in fact there have only been something like 2 or 3 such cases ever.

  5. Avenger07 says:

    Based on the article and some comments the films for which there’s tons of expectation are the one being pirated first, then someone explain to me why is it that shit, remake of a popcorn flick named star wars has not being leaked yet? …….it is sad that the films that are actually original and visionary like the revenant and the hateful eight are the ones being affected the most bt this.

  6. Consuella says:

    why they want to harm filmakers ?

  7. stevenkovacs says:

    I definitely understand the concerns, but, one likely watches online when they have no intention of wanting to pay to see it in the cinema, or on VOD/DVD, so where is the loss? This is a 10+ year-old issue, and the studio’s films are still setting B.O. records!

  8. Notenotions says:

    Why couldn’t screeners be prevented from being pirated by exclusively streaming them one time only to a pre-authorized authenticated login?

  9. Buggin Out! says:

    Sad that this still goes on. Illegally downloading movies is straight up and down theft and hurts the filmmakers more than anyone else. Especially a film like The Hateful Eoght where the whole premise of the creation is to see it on the big screen in its glorious original form.

    • teriekwilliams says:

      It’s clearly not going to stop. With prices of $15+ for a movie at a theater, a greedy movie and theater industry, an unsympathetic consumer base facing their own economic hardships, piracy will abound and thrive unless these industries control the internet, which even an ardent anti-piracy person doesn’t want.

      Secondly, nobody really cares what Quentin Tarantino’s intention or vision of how his film or anyone’s film should be seen. The theater experience may be special to him and many other people but such an opinion doesn’t have to be shared by everyone. Some rather watch movies on their computers, or smart TVs rather than the theaters, and that’s fine too. And if the price is $40 for a movie and snacks/food, I don’t blame the guy who’d rather stay home.

      • Buggin Out! says:

        I can’t even launch a comeback. Every word you said is true. I remember Arnold Schwartzennger walking into a premiere of his movie was asked a question on piracy and in a most candid answer, he stated everything you just said.

  10. idun215 says:

    Add Concussions and Bridge of Spies to the list.

  11. David says:

    It’s funny that the biggest box office films and highest rated TV shows all are also the biggest pirated films. No not always, but it sure seems when I have read articles about the most pirated they coincide with the biggest in box office and TV rati8ngs; proving there is not always a connection.

    When a film flops, piracy is a convenient scapegoat to point to but the honest fact is if a film is worth going through the hassle of downloading from a pirate site and putting yourself at risk (unless you know how to protect your IP and all the jazz whcih most people do not) it is also worth seeing on the big screen. “Kick Ass 2”, as an example, flopped not because of piracy, as the stars and company say, it is because it was 1) Hyped to be a blockbuster when the original was a surprise indie hit and 2) It had none of the fun, surprise, or spirit of the first. And it was not a top pirated film for that particular year or period! So in short… it sucked. Fan boy word of mouth sank it and it’s only name star, Jim Carrey, having a crap fit over it just as it was released did not at all help bring in the non-fan boys. Oh yeah and Ht Girl was depressing and her abilities neutered for most of the running time.

    SO, the lesson children is… “The Revenant” will rock if it is worthy of rocking as will the “Hateful 8” if it too deserves to roll.

  12. named says:

    well. welcome to the 21st century – sit your a$$ down – take a deep breath – and enjoy the ride. theres no coming back =)

  13. This does happen every year. If major movie makers want this to stop something has to change. Streaming only to voters could stop this.

    • WhoCaresHollyWoodisTrash says:

      Why don’t they just have a Movie Screening where those reviewers come to a Theater to watch it? How hard is it to do that? Stop sending copies out of your horrible crappy movies that no one would have even seen if they weren’t leaked.

    • Warner Brown says:

      Only problem is streams can be ripped most of the time with simple plug-in/add-ons out there. The only other way to stop this is to simply stop sending out DVD’s, and instead hold special screenings for voters with high security/no cellphones or cameras allowed. That would solve the whole problem.

  14. nicolassaad says:

    Revanant was an amazing film.

  15. Bill says:

    Simple new policy – serialize screeners with individual IDs hidden steganographically.

    If your screener hits the Internet you lose your membership including awards eligibility and ALL Academy benefits.

    At the very least it would stop the loan-out of screeners to household staff and friends.

    Truly it’s sad that the Academy has become so reliant upon the votes of members too lazy to go see the nominated films in a theater during one of the tens or hundreds of FREE and CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC showings.

  16. Bill says:

    These leaks have got to be PR for the films as there is zero reason the screeners shouldn’t be watermarked to death with the Academy voter’s name.

  17. Joshua Day says:

    This happens EVERY year to movies that come out in the winter and send screeners out for the Oscars. Last year it was American Sniper and a couple others. Its always going to happen, and people are still going to go see the movie.

  18. Nat Mac says:

    The industry as a whole should stop issuing screeners for one awards season and make Guild members attend actual screenings like in the old days, pre-1990’s. Or better still, make Guild members more aware that they can go see movies for free at most every major theater chain during awards season. Just try it for one awards season and see if that impacts piracy at all.

  19. reader says:

    This article helps piracy truth is I had no idea these movies were available or how to find them until Variety shared that info.

  20. Joe Wilson says:

    If you want to see” The Revenant ” before it comes out just get the movie “A man in the wilderness” released in 1971 starring Richard Harris in the main role. Same movie about the same man with different actors.

  21. Jimmy Green says:

    QT is so derivative and has shamefully stolen hundreds of director’s ideas and scenes. He is a copy cat director that wallows in violence and trivia. Why would anyone want to see his crap?

    • teriekwilliams says:

      Take 100 films you love, create a new film with a new theme, and skill and then your comment might be worthy of respect. All art is theft. I’m sure the story of Avatar is the first time you saw that story.

    • HAHAHHAHA says:

      Because they like to be entertained?

    • All art is stolen, broken down, re-synthesized, and re-distributed. There are no new ideas.

      • Lucifer says:

        That’s just ignorant. There are plenty of new ideas, but they are usually never going to be made into a movie or TV show because remakes, sequels, and spin-offs do much better when it comes to money. Also, while plenty of writers, directors, etc. have borrowed someone else’s work, be it for an homage, or to just steal it, QT’s movies are made up almost entirely of scenes from other movies with just different actors.

  22. Eric says:

    “More recently, “The Expendables 3” — another Sylvester Stallone-starrer — leaked online three weeks ahead of the U.S. premiere, hurting its box office potential.” The fact it was a horrible movie hurt its box office potential, not the fact it was leaked.

  23. James says:

    I have been looking for the Steve Jobs movie for the past twenty minutes and can’t find it. Why must you lie to me Variety?

  24. Eclair says:

    Never support piracy if you want films to be made.I’ll stick to legal means and pirated videos will never substitute for the theater if it is a movie I want to see. Also the studios need to develop better security so that they can trace he leaks. Although I think these did not leak early enough to do damage.

    • teriekwilliams says:

      I still go to the theater, but I’m starting to think it should be phased out. If they greedy bastards really think a movie and a snack should cost $40+, maybe they should die.

  25. Free says:

    Not crazy about watching anything online, personally, nor do i condone stealing, but this will always happen when you do limited release screenings of films that have people a genuine interest in seeing.

  26. John Th says:

    I believe this is called Karma. I can’t help but laugh.

    Tarantino attacked police and the Revenant director (whatever his name is) signed a petition calling Trump a “bigot” and “xenophobe”. These directors should just shut up and direct!

    Karma. Looks like the police had some allies in Hollywood that leaked the movies. Here’s your “surprise” Mr Tarantino

    • Marie says:

      He is against corrupt police you idiot.

      • David K. says:

        Let me get this straight… are you saying that you support corrupt police officers, and those who murder people?

        What a bizarre world we live in. I guess like sexual fetishes, no matter what the topic, there’s always one guy, somewhere, who’s ‘into it’.

      • John Th says:

        “He is against corrupt police you idiot.”

        Then why didn’t he mention specific cases? He got up on stage for 20 seconds and said “I call murderers, murderers”. Idiot

    • cadavra says:

      So you’re saying the police condone piracy? Nice.

    • Spider says:

      Don’t be stupid John! Theft is theft, no matter how you slice it!

    • Frank Speak says:

      So you think it’s okay for piracy to exist because you don’t like their politics? It’s not karma, it’s theft!

      • Rand Miller says:

        I want to ask a question. This may sound stupid, and I’m sorry if it does, but I like to have this conversation to see what people think.

        Remember when cassette tapes and CD’s were the main means of music? So lets say, you hear a song on the radio, and you record it on your cassette tape along with other songs to make a “mix tape” for a friend. Now, you just recorded copyrighted material from the radio and gave it someone else and you didn’t and they didn’t pay a single penny (except for the . But now they have it. Even CD’s… say one person buys a CD and then copies one of their songs and put others on it again to make mix CD’s (or even say full albums) for road trips… and then the person who receives that makes 10 copies for it for all their college friends for road trips! One person paid for a CD but many many other people received it for free. Do these people deserve to be considered ‘pirates’ and charged with ‘piracy’?

        With the internet you can basically look at it like one giant storage space for one person who shares the property they have with others (hence peer to peer [p2p] sharing) they add their music onto a file storage website and someone else can download it. Like if you had that CD and you handed it to them, but this time it’s on the internet.

        I want to add that I am a HUGE movie buff, and I spend a lot of money on Criterion Collections and BluRay box sets because I love to see them in great quality, and man do I love movies. I just feel like unless you are SELLING them for profit I don’t a lot of difference. I might be ignorant. But its just an opinion, and hopefully it can open a civil discussion about piracy. :)

  27. J C says:

    Kinda gutless that Variety runs an article about this, talk about making it public knowledge, people who have never streamed or torrented are on the hunt now

    • Jake says:

      I see where your coming from, but let me throw out some points.

      1. They might not have actively complained in the past, but have record companies ever said its ok to make tapes and share copyrighted songs with friends? I can’t imagine they would.

      2. The internet changes everything, and laws must be updated accordingly. Technology makes accessing something that you otherwise might not have had access to extremely simple.

      If you love an artist, you should buy their stuff.


  29. Kayla says:

    I mean… Why would you bring MORE attention to this? And of course the studios didn’t comment… Why would they want to let more people know about this.

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