‘Hateful Eight’ 70mm Projection Issues ‘Rare and Far Between,’ Weinstein Company Says

The Hateful Eight
Courtesy of The Weinstein Co.

Despite a strong opening for Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight” 70mm Roadshow engagement, projection problems plagued several screenings over Christmas weekend.

Some projections were out of focus, while others had no sound or experienced soundtrack synching issues, according to reactions on Twitter.

Erik Lomis, distribution chief for The Weinstein Company, asserted that the problems occurred at fewer than 1% of the weekend showings.

However, Indiewire’s Samuel Adams posted a poll on Twitter than found 19% of respondents reported projection problems as of Monday afternoon:

“Those tweets don’t give an accurate picture of how well the Roadshow 70mm showings have gone,” Lomis said. “They represent issues that were rare and far between. And when those select occurrences happened, the projectionists immediately fixed the issue or switched to the DCP print, so moviegoers all still got to see Quentin’s incredible film. Part of the risk and thrill of 70mm and celluloid film is honoring its imperfections and the history it brings with it. The box office numbers speak for themselves to how well audiences are responding to this film.”

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

A press screening in early December at the Majestic Crest Theatre in Westwood also had presentation problems.

“The Hateful Eight” wound up the weekend in 10th place at the U.S. box office with an impressive $4.6 million at 100 venues in 44 U.S. markets — the largest 70mm release in the last 20 years.

The Weinstein Co. moved up “The Hateful Eight’s” wide release in the U.S. to New Year’s Day — a week earlier than previously planned — with the aim of taking advantage of strong buzz.

“The Hateful Eight” stars Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walton Goggins, Demián Bichir, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Bruce Dern. Tarantino’s eighth movie follows a bounty hunter (played by Russell) traveling with a prisoner (Leigh) to post-Civil War Wyoming, where they and six other strangers seek refuge in a stopover on a mountain pass during a blizzard.

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  1. OnTheAisle says:

    They are misrepresenting the problem. At our local cinema, the print faltered on Sunday. We have had the standard print at every screening since. They are using the Thursday to Sunday data to cover the enormity of the problem.

  2. Black Spartacus says:

    Oh oh oh… It was the Police Union that sabotaged the 70mm projection NOT! How about QT fans ask Mr. Social Justice Warrior for YOUR MONEY BACK! He’s $ rich he can part with HIS money! Just like Obama! Obama’s in the 1% because he controls OUR MONEY supply like Congress! He could be broke, but it doesn’t matter he controls the whole country! That’s 1%, just like having access to secret bunkers etc. etc. It’s a breakaway civilization controlled by the Government & Shadow Government! I bet those Q-T fans sure H8 70MM ha ha!

  3. Buck Wilson says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so harsh on film. Digital has problems every day. Consider this: in 2005, 98% of all screens in the country were FILM. The distributors told theaters “Hey so film is expensive and even though current digital technology is inferior, if you don’t switch, you won’t get our product anymore” So to the tune of $50,000+ per screen, nearly every screen in the country transitioned or closed if they couldn’t afford it. Now here in 2015, we’re at 99% digital or more. All theaters laid off their projectionists. They scrapped their ‘worthless’ film equipment. I mean you don’t need them anymore, right? When suddenly, BIG MOVIE COMING OUT EXCLUSIVELY IN 70mm!! We have 3 weeks to get an old refurbished projector/platter setup installed in 100 theaters at once, but can’t tell you which ones yet, oh and hey, find someone that can tune the equipment and run the film…. Oh, Star Wars is out on all the biggest screens? Whatever, just put it in the smaller screen down the hall. PS, it’s in an aspect ratio that less than one percent of the screens in the country are properly formatted and masked for so there’ll be cropping/bars on all other screens” Literally everyone should be amazed it’s going as well as it has because statistically it should have been much much worse. Most venues got their print and equipment set up only 2 days before opening day.

  4. It was painfully long,boring and repeated over and over with garish blood scenes.Save your money,quick to vod.

  5. Mark Bigford says:

    I saw it in 70mm at pacific place in seattle. It was fine. No problems… Except who brings a crying baby to a movie thats rated R? That happened.

  6. blair says:

    hateful eight was masterfully done….the cinematography, dialogue, acting, editing, story, setting, themes, homages….everything was awesome, and those mocking it clearly dont know about film and are just butthurt that QT can back up his own ego with amazing creative films that their weak feable dull minds could only dream of being capable of doing….the ppl that bash tarantino love boring ass over p.c. garbage like kings speech or something really respected yet boring and basic as hell…or maybe they like derivative movies like star wars that robs them blind of their money and they buy into it hook line and sinker….QT haters are never cinephiles and know nothing about film, which bothers them so much because they all know they are idiots and resent people lauding QT since they dont have the brain capacity and film knowledge to understand why his films and writing is awesome

  7. blair says:

    this article baited people in google search results….i typed in ‘hateful eight box office’ and this article was in top tier area…why? on top of that, the headline on google only says “projection problems’ but once you go on site it clarifies that ‘projection problems rare and far between’…so its baiting, and misleading headline story…also the anti QT haters in this comments section know nothing about film, and are complete idiots

  8. BruddahNui Nui says:

    If it say’s Tarantino or for that matter Weinstein I don’t waste my money.

  9. julio says:

    Tarantino is NOT an artist

    He is best described as a “SHOCK JOCK”

    His movies have zero lasting value and are forgotten the minute after they are seen

    Shallow, worthless drivel

    Weinstein will go down as a rich loser. Never anything of value

    Tarantino and Weinstein were made for each other – cheap, money grubbing promoters of video trash.

  10. tesla says:

    what a shame, having been dissapointed in quentin tarantino for many years ( i think kill bill , from dusk till dawn and his ‘death’ movies were all horrible, ) —————-it turns out the basic plot acting and dialogue of h8tful 8 make it his best movie since resovoir dogs and pulp fiction.

    it was better than django in my opinion, but that’s because django focussed more on action and less on dialogue than h8ful 8.

    i watched all of it and wasn’t bored for a second. it’s a superb acting and storyline, simple and good.
    and its not over

  11. raykenn says:

    My condolences to the actors but, I will not spend a dime on anything that benefits that scumbag tarantino.

  12. rich beckett says:

    Hateful Eight is a terrible film! The dialogue is a joke! I walked out after 15 minutes. Quentin is full of himself. This film is a total waste of your money and time even if it plays well!

  13. Ken says:

    Let’s see if Tarantino (doosh bag) will start blaming the cops for this! Boycott this film at all cost. Slime balls like this elitist clown don’t deserve protection from our police men and women. Let’s see if he can walk the streets of East LA at night and get home alive!

  14. Funz says:

    Q-Tard has not be relevant for 20 years. Nothing has changed except his push for Cultural Marxism has increased and people have started calling him out for it.

  15. Sardondi says:

    This is on the movie theaters. Young movie theater employees have absolutely no experience with handling and running an actual film on a projector as opposed to making keystrokes to show movies which exist only as 1s and 0s and are transmitted and projected digitally.

  16. al92lt1 says:

    No big loss, the movie is a 5 out of 10 at best.

  17. Mary Mac says:

    BOO freakin’ HOO….he’s an ass and a creep. His movies are great, but personally I think he’s a crybaby azzhole…..he needs to get over himself……

  18. John Harris says:

    Projection woes are evident even in the best of digital presentations. Congratulations on keeping the essence of motion pictures alive. Forget the static. Go see Super Panavision 70 and THE H8TEFUL EIGHT.

  19. Goober says:

    It’s a shame Kurt Russell is associated with the stain of Tarantino.

  20. Gee, sorry to hear about these problems Quentin. The DVD-release that is available all over the Internet is just fine. Watched it in the comfort of my own home.

  21. Shana Thomas says:

    Watched it Christmas Day, did not experience any issues and enjoyed the film immensely!
    WTG Tarantino! I appreciate the work.

  22. Charles Krauthammer says:

    More anti-White garbage. Do not want.

  23. Ben L. says:

    I wish that commie &^%$ would take up BASE jumping or try a wingsuit in the Alps………..I’d recommend a quart of bourbon prior to either endeavor…………and 6 Xanax………..

  24. Howard Mays says:

    Same director directing the same cast of actors with the same story line in costumes of a different era while spouting of hypocritically when off screen. Will not see this even at gun point.

  25. Mel says:

    Stop supporting all of this gratuitous violence in films. And you wonder why people have become desensitized to it and we have mass shootings. People like that weird, socially-maladjusted geek Tarantino are part of the problem. Stop glorifying him.

  26. Just the title alone screams racism and I just can’t support that type of behavior no matter if it is made by a champion of the people.

  27. Richard says:

    There are now 2 reasons to miss the new movie “The Hateful Eight”. Two cop haters, Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson.

  28. Jack Carter says:

    According to the article, “Indiewire’s Samuel Adams posted a poll on Twitter than found 19% of respondents reported projection problems as of Monday afternoon.”

    According tot he screen shot from the tweet: “72% No :) 28% Yes!”

    Do you people actually review this stuff before you write/print?

  29. Movie Man says:

    I’m a fan of his work. The problem is fanboys (like people comenting here) get the in-jokes. The people of Chicago and elsewhere ,for the most part, DO NOT. I almost gotten beaten up after Django because I was white. This movie is a vile call for a race war. Very ugly & hateful to be sure. Saw in in glorious 70mm at The Music Box but this movie just wasn’t worth it. It’s biggest sin? It’s BORING.

  30. tdrag says:

    I will NOT watch any film that includes the Racist Samuel L. Jackson.

  31. KS says:

    Very boring movie. The ridiculous circumstances mixed with long who cares dialog scenes about nothing made it hard to watch. The overuse of the N word becomes uncomfortable.

  32. Jeez I missed it! ON PURPOSE! He may make good movies but he is an asshole and I refuse to show any support for him or his movies.

  33. terri says:

    Was an awesome movie ! Showed perfectly at downtown disney

  34. Sara says:

    Was perfectly projected in LA.

  35. Chris says:

    Saw it in New Orleans, everything looked and sounded perfect.

  36. Chicago860 says:

    Anyone find it interesting that the promos mention “…the director who brought you…” but not his name? They think we’re that stupid.

    • trewsdetroit says:

      Not at all…by saying that the promos know you’ve seen the movies he’s directed, and proceed to list all the great films he’s blessed us with. Hateful Eight was a great Xmas Eve gift to myself. Oh, I saw it at AMC 20 with ZERO projection/sound issues.

      I strongly encourage you all to see it in the intended format while you still can.

  37. Saiful Rimkeit says:

    Tarantino IS a hateful technical difficulty.

  38. How many sharks does Quentin Tarantino get to jump before the public realizes that he is not the same creative genius that produced movies like True Romance, Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. He has gone from medium budget unpredictable original and creative film productions to high-priced highly predictable film genre clichés

    • brijazz says:

      “Highly predictable”

      In Django Unchained, you were able to predict that one of the two leads was going to spontaneously sacrifice himself just to get the chance to kill the bad guy? Or that one of the most loathsome characters in a ‘black revenge film’ would himself be black?

      And hey, even if you DID see all of this coming… you still watched the movies. Studio accounting doesn’t differentiate between earnest dollars and spiteful dollars (and there were plenty of those dollars coming in, as Django Unchained is Tarantino’s biggest commercial success to date).

    • jhs39 says:

      His previous two films won 3 Oscars and were box office hits, so many people clearly disagree with you.

      • Goober says:

        I will agree that box office receipts demonstrate that many people disagree with the poster, but Oscars? Not hardly, they’re given by a bunch of Hollywood group-thinkers, and are given as often to support a PC cause as they are to actually good films.

  39. Filmjeff says:

    Less than one percent of 100 theaters… means less than one theater had problems?

  40. Wisebruce says:

    Film is usually superior to digital projection, especially 70mm. It is highly unusual for film projectors to have problems unless the equipment is not maintained and the operators don’t know how to properly thread and focus the projectors. I saw Star Wars on digital and then found a theater that showed it on film. My friends had to admit to me that the film version had a much better, brighter, richer picture than the digital. So don’t blame film …blame the people that operate the projectors.

    • HML says:

      The trouble is that film theatres did away with professional & sklled unionized projectionists everywhere quite a while ago. Much like as America has gotten ridden of much of it’s skilled middle class labor force who had the temerity to expect decent salaries and minor safety protections as well.
      They originally trained their managers to be projectionists as well…but, who then felt they were doing 2 jobs for one, so they would often delegate the projection work to candy people and ushers slipping them a few more minimum wage hours and a new spiffy title-tada-projecrionist. The exploited using the even more exploited.
      Theatres truly get what they deserve now, even with digital making it far, far easier. Still, I see sudden show stops, house lights forgotten to be dimmed and out of focus or no sound shows quite often. Then you waste many minutes as they try to find the correct, sometimes sole, staff person equipped to fix the problem(s). And, I’m not talking about small mom & pop operations but large chain plexes in usually big areas. Greed, as it always does, will only continue to make matters worse.

  41. boozelover says:

    This is sad. It is a bit like the kids that can’t write cursive, or do a math problem without a calculator. Only worse; art being pruned to a specific peg slot by cost cutting and mandatory simplicity. Lomis et al and audience- Do not let these theaters off the hook so easy, call out their ineptitude. Being only able to press a play button barely qualifies you to own a home theater. IMO, if you own a theater and do not have the ability to screen a film print, then you should be taken out back and beaten with a stick.

    • jhs39 says:

      Why should projectionists be able to run 70mm projectors when Hollywood stopped using the format in 1970?

      • cadavra says:

        Not true. Many theatres–especially repertory houses–have maintained 70mm equipment, and often did festivals of such classics as LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, MAD MAD WORLD, VERTIGO and 2001. Moreover, occasionally films are still shot and exhibited in 70, such as THE MASTER, HAMLET and FAR AND AWAY. Hollywood stopped using Ultra Panavision in 1966, but continued to use Super Panavision, which is a non-anamorphic process.

      • boozelover says:

        Because its real. I dont know- maybe you are right. I read off of my kindle, but collect old books becasue I like the look, feel, and smell. Perhaps I am holding onto something that is not there any longer.

  42. Scott says:

    I watched it online last week and thought is was “OK”; (definitely nothing worth paying to see). It reminded me of a 3rd rate Spaghetti Western with past-their-prime actors. Maybe what is being perceived as problems in projection is just Tarantino’s way of completing the crappy Spaghetti Western movie effect; don’t bother seeing it in a theater as it will be available on Netflix or Crackle in a few months for those that don’t want to see it on one of the myriad of streaming sites that already have it.

  43. Gary Gibson says:

    Firstly, there is nothing wrong with the 700 prints as each of the 320 prints struck by the lab in Burbank CA was screened by the staff for imperfections. I saw a screening at the AMPAS in Beverly Hills several weeks ago and I found the titles to be out of focus so that may be what people are talking about. One problem is that you are training popcorn vendors to project real film instead of pushing a button and going back to the concession stand.

  44. This trite, long-winded, violent Tarantino pean to outright misogyny (one woman bound throughout, no less) should be eschewed by everyone with even a minimal sense of decency. Aside from that, the movie is a cinematic black hole on its own dubious merits – that is, it purely sucks.

  45. John Miller says:

    If you spent the money to go to a 70mm screening, you wouldn’t be happy if they switched over to digital! I was thinking of going, but in St. Louis, it’s almost $16 to see it in 70, and that’s at the matinee.

  46. Mike says:

    Anti-white bigotry is so bad in this movie it seems more like a black panther meeting than a movie.

  47. GozieBoy says:

    Will never again see a Tarantino film. Ever. It’s just that simple.

  48. Logan Moncrief says:

    The movie was just okay. It’s pretty much a western period rehash of Reservoir Dogs with much more liberal use of the “N” word. Without Sam Jackson it would have been a complete failure. Sure would like to see Tarantino be a little more creative next time.

    • moleculeism says:

      You nailed it, the gratuitous use of the word N*66#R by each white member of the cast every 30 seconds was completely awkward, weird, and unnecessary. To add insult to injury, QT kills every single black character in the movie and one of them by shooting his d*## off. Slow the heck down Tarantino.
      It’s similar to Reservoir Dogs but far inferior. 2hours and 45minutes stuck in a cabin with racists southerners and a black guy with a fake letter from Lincoln…. talk about exciting…yawn…how does QT expect to get away with all this? Oh yeah by releasing it on out of focus 70mm, brilliant.

      • jhs39 says:

        It’s not at all gratuitous for the period. The movie takes place shortly after the end of the Civil War. You clearly never read Huckleberry Finn, which makes Tarantino’s use seem positively tame. The word n***er is used over 200 times. That’s the way people talked.

    • Trumbo says:

      jhs39 says:
      December 29, 2015 at 12:08 am
      ” You clearly never read Huckleberry Finn, which makes Tarantino’s use seem positively tame. The word n***er is used over 200 times. That’s the way people talked.”

      Did you cheer when the schools banned Huck Finn recently?

      And no, that’s not how people talked back then. It’s how *some* people talked – just like today, some use that word. Go in any inner city and you’ll hear it a dozen times before lunch.

      How do you feel about the word ‘Jap’? Ever count how many times that’s been used in fiction, in films, and is still used. Are the Japanese complaining? No. Neither are the Irish over ‘mick’ or Italians over ‘Wop’. It’s only the blacks or rather the white liberals who seem to care about its use. Most blacks use it, too.

      Stop being such a apologetic liberal PC thought-policeman wannabe. Grow a pair and deal with it. Language is language. It’s use should never be banned or silenced because it upsets others. Try reading ‘1984’ or a little Bradbury or Huxley while you’re at it.

      “All the books, Montag. All the books.”

  49. Marc Winger says:

    Wasn’t Tarantino the one that’s been bashing the police, promoting the Black Lives Matter false narrative? I think so…

    • moleculeism says:

      Exactly, I’m convinced the entire BLMovement scene that he created, was an expedient move to give himself some cushion with the BLMovement. He drops so many gratuitous and unnecessary N-Bombs in this new movie that he would have been completely boycotted by blacks if he didn’t prostrate himself before BLM beforehand.

    • Just Wonderin' says:

      …and your comment relates to 70 mm projection difficulties exactly how?

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