Harry Potter ‘Wizarding World’ Opens at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2016

Harry Potter 'Wizarding World' Opening 2016

Hogwarts is headed to Hollywood after debuting in Orlando and Japan.

The hit Harry Potter attraction, “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” opens in Universal Studios Hollywood in spring of 2016. Unlike its Universal Studios Orlando counterpart, the signature flight simulation attraction, “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey,” will be in hyper-realistic 3D.

A new ride, called “Flight of the Hippogriff,” will be Universal Hollywood’s first outdoor roller coaster.

“Wizarding World” will include the restaurant Three Broomsticks and the pub Hog’s Head. Food carts will also sell magic neep and butterbeer.

“The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood will be a game changer in the Los Angeles market,” said Larry Kurzweil, president of Universal Studios Hollywood. “We expect its arrival to set record high attendance and will have a lasting impact on L.A. and California tourism for years to come.”

This will be the fourth “Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” joining Hogsmeade worlds in Orlando and Japan, and Diagon Alley in Orlando. Universal has wanted to expand the attraction since it opened in 2010, spiking ticket sales by 20%.

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  1. gurpreet Singh says:

    Very good

  2. Fred S says:

    This isn’t exactly news. Universal announced their intention to build this Harry Potter attraction at USH back in late 2011, and broke ground on it in 2013. They’ve been building the land for almost two years. The framework is already up, and photos of the construction can be seen on the web.

  3. Stephanie ward says:

    This sounds fun

  4. haiya / shalom✋ says:

    Shut up! :D :D

  5. Grandma Weasley approves!

  6. Muhammad A. Roomi says:

    It was nice to go through the Harry Potter’s new episodes. It could be very interesting for his outstanding achievements in the showbiz

  7. Ellen Siefert says:

    who will head up exhibit?

  8. Captain Obvious says:

    It would really help if Universal made it easy to actually get into their park. The complete lack of clear signage for visitors in regards to parking, drop-off and shuttle is incredibly annoying and irresponsible. One parking garage is $17 but involves a major hike from your car to the park. The drop-off area is the same as the valet area but you wouldn’t know it because it’s unmarked. The closer garages are in the $30 range, and the shuttle from Lankershim Blvd. is free (if you can survive the precarious street crossing from the Metro station parking lot). None of these options are clearly explained or marked anywhere, and throw in that many visitors are coming from other countries and you have what can only be described as a clusterf&%k. Then you get inside and become easy marks for the 100 ways they upsell you, and by the end of the day it’s a wonder that any parent ever plans to return with the kids.

    The park is great and offers lots of fun, top-notch attractions…but it would go a long way if they were clear, upfront and honest about their offerings and prices.

    • This isn’t just an issue at Universal… have you been to Disneyland? Or any other amusement park in Cali, Orlando, or anywhere else? It’s just the way they’re set up. And the parking is horrendous. Just take Uber… the drivers know exactly where to go, & it’s cheaper round-trip from my house than parking AND I can get dropped off right at the park entrance! Even as a local I take Uber to Universal. Just prepare yourself before you go, read blogs, and you’ll save yourself the headache of getting lost at park entrances before you go. But don’t think this is just a Universal problem… it happens everywhere, and asking a local or Uber driver to help will save you a ton of time. We’re all very used to getting in/out of the parks (and have tips & tricks for saving $ on the park tickets, souvenirs, & parking!)

  9. PETER says:

    Just what we need, more traffic on the 101, Hollywood Freeway, with no planning. Our L.A. City Council people suck! Follow the money!

  10. James says:

    I really wish that universal would kerp the classic rides of back to the future and terminator

  11. Sylvia says:

    It will be interesting to see if Disney responds to Universal’s new Harry Potter attractions.

    • Angel says:

      Universal owns Harry Potter, but Disney owns Star Wars, which they are already expanding on. Disney has no rights to the HP franchise. Star Wars will be their big bank in the years to come, especially with the new episodes in the works.

      • Angel says:

        Oh jeez. *eyeroll* I’m sure everyone knows what I meant. I just forgot to put in the word “rights”. Universal owns the RIGHTS to use the Harry Potter theme, characters, etc. Nobody owns HP except Rowling & her handlers. Happy? And actually, you’re misinformed. Disney has been trying to get their hands on Harry Potter for quite a while. Rowling met with the Disney people and they couldn’t come to an agreement over creative control. Universal, on the other hand, agreed to just about every demand that she had made. That is why WWoHP is at Universal and not Disney.

      • Dan says:

        Universal doesn’t own HP: They license the character from Warner Bros. who no longer has a stake in theme parks (used to Six Flags – hence the DC Comics-themed rides). There was simply no other game in town, that’s why HP isn’t at Disney, Six Flags, etc.

    • MickeyMad says:

      I believe Disney feels they operate in their own world and are not impacted (nothing they give credit to anyway) by these types of developments. Their answer in Florida when Universal opened Wizarding World, was to discount hotel rooms and package entry fee’s to make it look like they were the better bargain. I’m sure some Disney accountant has already presented how this response is much cheaper than actually building a competitive attraction. It seems Disney believes that rides are too expensive to put into parks where the finances are meeting projections. People are coming anyway, they don’t need anything new. Besides, Disneyland got a new parade this year and a remade fireworks show. That should hold people for the next 5+ years, right?

      Thank you Universal for keeping the theme park experience fresh!

      • Krissy says:

        Actually, there are plans to expand Disneyland and California Adventure. Two parks I visit several times a week, universal only once every couple years. The new parade is amazing and people are waiting half the day to see it. The fireworks are always great. World of Color is also a new show. Peter pan is being plussed up, Matterhorn just was. Alice received some beautiful touches last year. The buzz for the 60th anniversary is huge so I don’t think HP would steal as many people this summer as they will next year. So you can say universal keeps it fresh, and yet most are still heading over to Disney….at least on this coast. I am disappointed in the HP expansion…they made it sound grander when it was first announced. If anything I hope it gets Disney’s butts moving and they go ahead with rumored plans quicker than they maybe would have otherwise. The competition is good for the guests!

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