‘Halloween Returns’ to Resurrect Michael Myers With New Director

Halloween-The Curse of Michael Myers
Courtesy of Miramax

Dimension Films and Trancas International Films are starting production on “Halloween Returns,” the 11th film in the Michael Myers franchise, in July.

Marcus Dunstan is directing from a script he wrote with Patrick Melton. The duo teamed on the scripts for the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh “Saw” movies.

John Carpenter originated the franchise in 1978, directing and co-writing with producer Debra Hill and creating the Michael Myers villain as an escaped mental patient. Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis starred in Curtis’ film debut as the heroine Laurie Strode.

The most recent films in the franchise were directed by Rob Zombie — 2007’s “Halloween” and 2009’s “Halloween II.”

“Halloween Returns” is produced by Malek Akkad with Matthew Stein as executive producer. The logline is currently being kept under wraps.

“Michael Myers has taken a long break from the bigscreen, and we know fans are eager to see him return,” said Bob Weinstein, co-chair of the Weinstein Company and Dimension Films. “We are excited to be back in business with Trancas and look forward to bringing one of the scariest installments of this classic franchise to audiences worldwide.”

Dunstan and Melton are repped by Paradigm, Underground’s Trevor Engelson and attorney Dave Feldman.

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  1. JL says:

    I’m hoping this is a final resurrection of the beloved and despised Michael Myers. I’m a pretty big fan and purist of the “Halloween” series, not to mention a fan of John Carpenter. I have slightly high expectations for it and really would love to see the atmosphere of ole.

  2. and will the bring out also FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 A NIHTMARE ON ELM STREET PART 2

  3. yes iwill like to see a Halloween 9 come out not really a Halloween 3 after Halloween 2

  4. oleirishdragon says:

    Halloween Returns won’t be Halloween 11 because it’ll be Halloween 9 and Halloween Retribution is not Halloween 9 no more like it was back in the early and mid 00’s. The rob zombie films won’t count. So Halloween Returns I’m assuming will be the 9th film in the original continuity.

  5. Robby Z says:

    No!!!!!Halloween 1 was not the only good film.Halloween 2/1981 was great.

  6. Robby Z says:

    Ummm Johnny Carp is not going to be involved in Halloween Returns but I wish he wud consider it but he won’t.It SHUD cont from Halloween 2/1981.Actually Halloween 1, 2, 4, The curse of M.Myers and Rob Z’s H1 were all good films.The rest were Avg at best.

  7. Bill B. says:

    This is one former fan (in 1978 only) who is not eager to see his return. Other than the original, this is one character that has never appeared in a decent movie.

  8. odesa says:

    even thoe i hate what rob zombie did to the haloween franchise and to me so blatint disrespected john carpenter with his version ( having michael eat on camera and making noises as he killed and just screwed it all up the fact remains that michael myers and halloween is still one of the best in horror cinema just like jason and freedy just like me when i was a kid watching michael for the first time and the screaming in the middle of the night nightmares that gave me my love for horror and no matter who directs it or produces were still gonna watch it so we can bring michael myers back to life and have that connection that fix that the characters fans love soo much

  9. Ko says:

    Why this title? Did Halloween itself go away and return? Did Haddonfield ban the Halloween celebration like small southern towns? Do they now celebrate Halloween on the Sunday before the actual day Halloween falls on?

  10. jhs39 says:

    Michael Myers has not taken a long break from the big-screen when you consider that the next Halloween is going to be a reboot rather than a sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2. 6 years for a 3rd Halloween reboot? Sounds way too soon to me–on top of that the later Saw movies were god-awful. Dimension actually thought the Rob Zombie Halloween movie was such a turd that someone from the studio said when Halloween moved forward again it would be without Zombie–but then his movie was a hit so he ended up making a sequel that was basically a giant F.U. to the studio with an ending that made it impossible for Dimension to do a direct sequel with or without him–he killed off Michael Myers and put the evil in the body of Myers’ little sister who ends up in an asylum like he did.

    • Matthew says:

      He has, notice they are continuing the original series, one thing you fail to realize is that they are picking up after Resurrection so yeah that is a long time he has been away. Rob Zombie is out and has not a damn thing to do with it. Chill your nuts.

      • Spookywhiz says:

        The film will take place years after Halloween 2 (1981) following officer Hunt from that movie who is now Haddonfields town Sheriff. It will skip the films 3-8 and create a new timeline based off the original 2 films…..Not gonna be a crappy Resurrection sequel.LOL

      • stevenmillan says:

        This film is actually a new sequel that’s not related to any of the other films,for it’s a retooling of their planned but cancelled(for Rob Zombie’s two HALLOWEEN films) HALLOWEEN:ASYLUM(that was to have starred Donald Sutherland[as the asylum director/chief]) with teen characters added for Michael to play off against. Let’s see if this sequel actually gets filmed and released,since Bob and Harvey Weinstein and Malek Akkad are notorious for being very shady(after the way they coldly gave the axe to Patrick Lussier’s and Todd Farmer’s HALLOWEEN 3[H3]/3-D).

  11. brian says:

    Wow, a terrible D-list director who has only done gory sequels to shitty franchises. This is dead on arrival.

  12. cadavra says:

    “The logline is currently being kept under wraps.”

    Wait–you mean it’s NOT about an unstoppable maniac in a Shatner mask who goes around stabbing random people to death?

  13. Seriously!!!! This is one franchise they can leave alone!

  14. nani mantz says:

    Yes I would love to he apart of this movie some how too😍😓!!!!!!!

  15. nani mantz says:

    Hells yes cant wait !!!!!!!

  16. rage_the curse says:

    Look I wish John would come back but he’s not, thank god they r not going with Zombies story, and I know they will never do the thorn story which i love too see but alas we get a new one I think they r going with what happened after 1978 night which was 1, 2 anywho can’t wait 😊 hope it dose not sux!!!!

  17. Leon says:

    I hated the remakes. They were awful. Rule 1 no more female leads. Boring and overdone. Rule 2 you can’t replace Donald pleasant so don’t even try. Rule 3 ask john carpenter very nicely to come back and give home a budget. Rule 4 the soul of Halloween died on sept 11 2001 so stop ruining his legacy.

    • Jonathan says:

      Wait why do you say Halloween died on sep 11 2001??

      • theotakux says:

        I’d assume he’s mistaken and meant November 11 2005 when producer Moustapha Akkad & his daughter were killed in a terrorist attack in Amman, Jordan.

    • AD says:

      Oh and I 100% agree about bringing John back!

    • AD says:

      Ruining whose legacy? I can’t think of anyone involved with Halloween who died in the Twin Towers. If you mean Moustapha Akkad he died Sept 9, 2005 in Amman.

  18. thisismenow says:

    I missed this part, but is this part of the Rob Zombie reboot mythology or is it part of the original mythology. Because if they are continuing the Rob Zombie mess, I’m going to pass.

  19. Anthony P says:

    I really want to audition for a role in this film. It would be a dream come true to be part of the iconic Halloween Franchise

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