‘Grace of Monaco’ to Premiere on Lifetime, Skipping Theaters

Grace of Monaco Cannes 2014

Nicole Kidman’s troubled Grace Kelly biopic “Grace of Monaco” is skipping a theatrical release and will be airing on Lifetime on May 25, the network announced on Tuesday.

The drama opened the Cannes Film Festival in May to mostly negative reviews, with Variety‘s Scott Foundas calling it a “cornball melodrama.” The film was plagued by drama onscreen and off, with the Weinstein Co. originally making a $5 million deal to acquire U.S. rights to the $35 million production.

“Grace of Monaco” takes place in 1962, six years after Kelly celebrated her “wedding of the century” and finds her yearning for a return to her acting career. It also stars Frank Langella, Parker Posey, Paz Vega and Tim Roth as Prince Rainier III.

The movie is executive produced by Claudia Bluemhuber, Uday Chopra, Uta Fredebeil and Bill Johnson, with Chopra also serving as producer. Olivier Dahan directed from Arash Amel’s screenplay.

The Weinstein Co. originally dated the film for November 2013, drumming up Oscar buzz, before pushing it back to spring 2014. The movie’s release was then pulled indefinitely.

Last year, the royal family of Monaco objected to the movie, issuing a statement that read, “The trailer appears to be a farce and confirms the totally fictional nature of this film.”

“I mean, obviously, I feel sad, because I think the film has no malice toward the family, particularly toward Grace or [Prince] Rainier,” Kidman said of the controversy at Cannes in May. “It’s a fictionalization. You take dramatic license.”

Lifetime has recently aired biopics of Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Brittany Murphy and Elizabeth Taylor.

“Grace of Monaco” will air on Lifetime at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Memorial Day, May 25.

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  1. sarah caroline says:

    We were so happy that this farce of a “film” would not be shown in the US, but now it will be seen by more people – for FREE! All I can hope for is that people are smart enough to know that this movie contains as much truth as any other craptastic tripe Lifetime has aired.
    I’m glad I sat through the joke “Biopic” about Brittany Murphy now. They couldn’t even be troubled to hire an actress that looked remotely like her – and here we go again.

    I am so tired of people enjoying lies and almost 50 year olds playing 26-year olds. If you watch this, know that the late Princess Grace’s family read the script, corrected a few historical differences, and it was rejected. THEN the family very politely asked that people understand that the movie is terribly filled with untruths.

    How sad that as another set of Grandchildren that Grace – who loved children so and was God-Mother to dozens – never got to meet were just christened in Monaco. Interest in the Principality will be high and people might watch. That makes me sad, especially as someone who researched Grace’s life for over a decade and knows some of her family. It seems that even Ms Kidman no longer wants any part of this mess.

  2. John says:

    It was certainly no Oscar contender, but I didn’t think the film was half bad. Was it 100% authentic? Hell if I know. I only know so much about Grace Kelly and I wouldn’t dare to presume that a fictionalized film would give a 100% honest portrayal of anything. I do think Kidman turned in a fine performance and Roth is acceptable. It’s an alright movie and certainly didn’t deserve all of this nonsense that it’s gone through to get released stateside.

  3. Sarah Caroline says:

    I am furious about this, especially for Princess Grace’s children. I worked hard on a boycott of this piece of trash when it was being made and we thought we had won the battle- but this might just be worse. Now it will be free to watch and new generations who know nothing about this truly special lady, who was as kind as she was beautiful.(and had no vanity, she never believed she was beautiful).who cared deeply for others, and is a HUGE part of why Monaco is what it is today, will now learn a bunch of lies and believe that was who she was.
    The errors in this film are comical to those of us who know about things like why the Princess did not take the role in “Marnie”, that she was not involved in any political decisions at all, and most importantly, that she and Prince Rainier did grow to love one another… but it worries and saddens me that this will start the rumor mill running at top speed again.
    Ms Kidman did distance herself from the film and talked about it being “fictionalized”, but only after it debuted at Cannes. Actions speak louder than words… I imagine she cashed the check, so to speak. If she donated some or all of what she made to one of the many charities Princess Grace worked tirelessly for, that would really mean something.
    I guess this is what it feels like for Marilyn Monroe’s fans- except I am a “fan” of Grace’s because my best friend is her cousin. It is just foul that anyone can say anything they want about a fellow human when they have passed from this life. Please know, Grace’s family publicly asked that people not see this film, or at least understand that it is not an accurate portrayal of their Mother, or the events in this film. Prince Albert has an active Facebook page and you can read what he wrote there.

  4. Edward Lozzi says:

    When are producers going to learn—that when you take it upon yourself to recreate history with modern day subjects with the people portrayed,who in many cases are even alive today, that your film will fail-not only in the box office- but at award nomination time. Just see what happened with two of the biggest examples: The Hurricane with Denzel Washington and HBO’s Spector with Al Pacino- both complete fabrications of history and in fact hurt people alive today. The lawsuits and box office loss always hurts your bottom line. Please learn.

  5. JoLi says:

    No one was up in arms when Julia Roberts appeared on TV, why all the comments re Nicole? She and Nicolas Cage filmed the Hemmingway film and that was released on HBO. The only difference here is Harvey was behind GoM, but he’s past shelf time also.

  6. Bill B. says:

    It’s apparently a lousy movie under any circumstances, but it was doomed from the start by Kidman’s miscasting. She’s just not physical right for the part. Charlize Theron would have been a much more appropriate performer for this role, though I guess she’s lucky to not have made it.

  7. Ken / Toronto says:

    GRACE OF MONACO has been available on dvd for weeks now here in Canada. Ran it last week, in fact. It’s not great but the production values are good, and Ms. Kidman does – on occasion – channel Grace Kelly quite nicely. I think the best that can be said for this flick is that it wasn’t on the same level of mediocrity that Naomi Watts’s recent ill-fated biopic on Princess Diana was.

  8. Chris Etrata says:

    This is a fictional situation but this situation is a lot like Medellin on the show entourage. If you think about it, both had a list stars (though Entourage has fictional characters), both were biopics about someone famous, both had huge buzz leading up to its world premieres, both were considered oscar contenders… and both were ultimately panned amongst its premiere. Weinstein had both films (or at least a parody of him on entourage though he made the $1 dollar deal after the premiere where as weinstein made his purchase before). And when cutting them didn’t work, they were denied theatrical releases (with Medellin going straight to dvd and this going to something even worse. Lifetime).

    These situations, though the entourage one is fictional, are both very similar.

  9. Colin Vickery says:

    Grace of Monaco was released in Australia months ago and is already on DVD here. Watched it the other night. It is pretty bad. Nicole Kidman never convinces as Princess Grace and Tim Roth looks completely bored as Prince Rainier. A subplot involving Monaco having a tax stoush with France completely overwhelms the film. Nice locations – that’s about it.

  10. First of all Nicole is a redhead and is so badly cast– Tim Roth as her Prince — Give me a break !!! I was engaged to Her brother Jack and met Grace – and knew a lot of what was happening – To Lifetime ?? That is awful- a tragedy for the memory of Grace !!

  11. Kenny says:

    Lifetime? So you know it’s crap.

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