‘Gods of Egypt’ Director, Studio Apologize for Lack of Diverse Casting: ‘We Can Do Better’

Gods of Egypt Trailer
Courtesy of Lionsgate

Gods of Egypt” director Alex Proyas and the film’s studio, Lionsgate, have issued apologies for the lack of diverse casting in the mythological action film, which has generated controversy for its predominantly white cast.

Proyas issued a statement apologizing for the lack of racial diversity in the cast on Friday. “The process of casting a movie has many complicated variables, but it is clear that our casting choices should have been more diverse. I sincerely apologize to those who are offended by the decisions we made.”

Lionsgate also acknowledged the need for more inclusive casting in a statement obtained by Variety, which reads: “We recognize that it is our responsibility to help ensure that casting decisions reflect the diversity and culture of the time periods portrayed. In this instance we failed to live up to our own standards of sensitivity and diversity, for which we sincerely apologize. Lionsgate is deeply committed to making films that reflect the diversity of our audiences. We have, can and will continue to do better.​​”

The public apology stands in contrast to Ridley Scott’s response over a similar controversy prompted by the casting for his Egypt-set epic, “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” which was banned in Egypt for its “historical inaccuracies” last year.

Scott defended his decision to cast white actors Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton in the lead roles of Moses and Ramses as a matter of practicality. “I can’t mount a film of this budget, where I have to rely on tax rebates in Spain, and say that my lead actor is Mohammad so-and-so from such-and-such,” Scott told Variety before the film’s release. “I’m just not going to get it financed. So the question doesn’t even come up.”

21st Century Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch, who owns the studio behind “Exodus,” then poured fuel on the fire when he weighed in on the furor via Twitter, writing, “Moses film attacked on Twitter for all white cast. Since when are Egyptians not white? All I know are.”

The cast of “Gods of Egypt” includes Gerard Butler, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Brenton Thwaites, Chadwick Boseman, Geoffrey Rush, Elodie Yung and Courtney Eaton.

“Gods of Egypt” bows in theaters on Feb. 26, watch the trailer here.

Lionsgate and Proyas’ statements were first reported by Forbes.

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  1. Jason Todd says:


  2. anthony Durant says:

    I just checked the latest DNA results from the Amarna Mummies which is the family of King Tut and his parents and grand parents and guess what it says they are about 80% Black African.

    Also I find it very strange that the University of Cairo did a DNA test on the mummies of the same Pharaohs and refused to publish the results. LOL! The writing is on the wall sorry everyone Ancient Egyptians were by and large Black Africans. There was even a long line of Pharaohs that were Nubian some of you people on here are stupid or believe your own lies. Also to the guy who says West Africa was primitive with no History is a a ignorant racist and very dumb to history if he never has heard King dom of Mali which for centuries the greatest center for knowledge in the world was-The University of Timbuktu. This is where a lot of today’s arts, sciences, and arithmetic was cultivated at. People from all over the globe including Europeans & Arabs came for higher learning. So I hope that foot in your taste good sir. Thank you and goodbye!

  3. Carla WM says:

    Time, money and a lot of preparation goes into making these epic movies I don’t believe for one minute this is an oversight or mistake but it’s unfortunate in 2015 that this is still an issue. It should be banned here just as ‘Exodus God’s and Men’ was banned in Egypt by the very people who know for its inaccuracies. Hollywood has a long way to doing better

  4. Adrienne says:

    Soooo…..I just watched the performance of a Hamilton song on the Grammys last night. You know, Hamilton…..the darling of Broadway that EVERYONE is praising? Since when was Aaron Burr black? I could care less and thought the performance was wonderful! Am I offended that he was black? Nope. Do I give a rat’s arse that he is black? Nope. Do I appreciate what a wonderful talent he is and that he gave a great performamce? Yup. I am so tired of this garbage. It’s a MOVIE!!!! You don’t see old white men marching in the street over it. Everyone needs to get over themselves and put your energy toward something that matters. Seriously….go volunteer at a soup kitchen or a children’s after school program. I simply ask that you stop whining.

  5. everybody says:

    Egyptians are not black. I lived there for 13years and they have olive skin to white skin.Arabic people in Egypt have darker skin lighter than Mexicans unless the work out in the sun. The do not have round heads large flat noses and are not black at all.

    Also if this movie put all black actors in it it would make no money. How about black people stop making everything about race, you are the most racist people on the planet. You blacks don’t even like your own race your all disgusted by your own women and find only white women attractive.

    • Mirembe says:

      If the present “Egyptians” had not destroyed the majority of the artifacts, you would see that ancient Kemet (before it was called Egypt) had various shades of brown to black skin. This is what happens when people depict history the way they want. Hollywood’s versions of Egyptian history is absolutely not truth.

  6. CC says:

    Omar Sharif, an Egyptian was white…BTW And a actor…

  7. CC says:

    In regards to the backlash against GOE……no egyptians, etc…. DId any one ever watch the oldie of Cecil B DeMills “Solomon and Sheba” Well, a Russian, who was white BTW played Rames (Yul Brynner), and the others also was white. AND there was ethiopians in the movie and so forth. Did Cecil get slammed? No. Because it was just a movie. A rendition of the bible via HW. AND! A box office hit by all including other countries. Just sayin. People have come a long way in their nit picking…. Blacks do their own movies, Indians do theirs…..(Bollywood) yet this movie is done as it was. Pitiful. **Queen Latifah did a rendition of “Steel Magnolias” with a all black lady cast, did white actresses whine and start in….No. Just a movie. Character not race should be what people look at…and when judge, judge themselves first.

  8. Aton Ausar says:

    The apologies from Lionsgate concerning the Whitewashing of African History, Pantheon of Neter and Ancestry in their profane vision of the “God’s of Egypt” is insufficient.

    Would an apology be enough if they created a fictionalized version of our struggles called “Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement” starring the cast of “Friends” ?

    Would you support a movie casting Joey and Chandler as MLK and Medgar Evers? The apology is hollow not because of a lack diversity. It is an insult and a glaring demonstration of white supremacy and privilege to do with another peoples history “as thou wilt”.

    Whether you call my momma a whore or if you say my mater accepts remuneration for bestowing sexual favors – you’ve still got an ass whipping with your name on it.

    Scrap the movie or suffer the consequences.

  9. Robert says:

    The apologies are a good first step, but it does not change the overall problem that has people frustrated and angry. The director and the studio refer to “diversity,” which is not the actual point in this case. The issue is not about diversity or lack of diversity in the casting of this film, but about the absolute inaccuracy in the depiction of the people and their religious deities in the story being told.

    It is not a matter of anyone being slammed by the “PC police” or some such thing, as many commenters here are asserting. The movie is called “Gods of Egypt” for goodness sakes. Ancient Egyptians simply were not Caucasian/European and neither were their gods – period. By depicting them as such is insulting and infuriating (except to the ignorant among us; you know the types: those who would think the Egyptian pyramids were used for grain storage facilities, for example). And frankly, this being the 21st century, it is also quite embarrassing – especially considering that films today do have a global platform (and most people are just not as simple minded as certain TV networks and websites like to project and assure), and that very global movie-going population might in fact actually prefer a bit of historical accuracy in their movies, even from an escapist popcorn flick like this.

    So what this is all about is respecting the historical and cultural facts when appropriating the stories of other cultures/peoples that are being depicted in Hollywood films. Only those who insist on propagating ignorance think “it’s no big deal” when a story regarding another people and/or culture is being blatantly and embarrassingly misrepresented to such a degree as this film presents. It is in fact a very big deal, otherwise why do you think the apologies from the director and studio that have come forth? They now realize the public has passed a tipping point regarding this issue and are scared for their investment (and rightfully so) due to the collective outcry, hence their mea culpa.

    Yes, make the big budget historical and fantasy movies, but why not also be respectful and a bit accurate in the process? Yes, this is a fictional CGI-fest, meant solely as entertainment. But if it’s supposed the “Gods of Egypt” then OK, go and be as entertaining as you can be about it, but do it right and be “Gods of Egypt”, not the “European Gods of Egypt”. That’s all that people are asking for here. Nothing more and nothing less.

  10. BrooklynMBH47 says:

    For the sake of your ignorance saying that we only came from slavery read about the 14th century King who is the richest man of all time. Mansa Musa 1.

  11. BrooklynMBH47 says:

    Wait are u not the same person that said ” Egyptians are Caucasians”? I’m confused or are u confusing yourself. We were often told our history began with slavery. I’m not claiming that they were only africans in that time period, but this is going to far from the point of the original discussion. This may come off wrong but people tend to only believe the writings of white writers so read Homer’s description of the Ethiopians and Egyptians.

  12. BrooklynMBH47 says:

    You need to do a little more research bruh. Just because arabs are there now doesn’t mean they were always there. Arabs were one of the ppl that invaded Egypt. Reads some more of what was written and look a statues. Africans don’t only have one specific feature but one specific feature that some of us has are wide noses. Just like some of the statues.

  13. The African Americans that were transported mostly from west Africa had no history to cling to so they disparately are trying to claim Egyptians are black. Egyptians are Caucasians and left arts and writing depicting clear differenes between them and African blacks. Mummies and writing every where in egypt proves the same. There are no blacks in egypt today or one thousand years ago or 5000 years ago. Historians do not pay attention to afrocentric black maniacs in America because they would claim that the moon was visited by Africans very time soon.
    If you have no history then claim one. That is what people that where migrated from west Africa few hundred years ago are thinking today. They have nothing to be proud of historically so they manufactured lies that do not stand a chance in the books of history and archeology. They see every thing in black white or yellow. So if a civilization on the medeterranian that is not built by European master’s must be built by blacks..what a non logic

    • anthony Durant says:

      Wow my brother I would think yo would be an ally in this discussion rather than opponent. Now let me be clear are you saying Ancient Egyptians were mainly Copts or 100% Copts and completely devoid of any Negro Black Africans what so ever? So your saying the Pharaohs Kashta, Piye, Shabaka, Shebitku, Tarharqa, and Tantimani were not black African? Also that is a lie that no black people live in present day Egypt Southern Egypt you know where most of the Pyramids are located are filled with blacks til this day Cairo just does not have any blacks but Cairo has no revelance to Ancient Egypt. Also my brother I will admit in the later years of the empire it did have a copt presence which you can take pride in but it also has a Black African presence I can take pride in as well. No the slave trade did not extend to Egypt but during the 5 invasion lets count them Assyrians-Persians-Greeks-Romans-Muslims that black population were refugees and spread out through Africa. Also Black Egyptians place of origin is the African great lakes of Uganda and they themselves say Kemet originated from the nile not the Middle East in fact no where can you find a artifact that they said they originated anywhere but inner Africa and if so please share it. Have you seen the bust of Queen Tiye or King Tut? They are portrayed as Black African as possible what are you saying they were just portraying themselves in Black face? We both can share in the pride of this great civilization no need to selfishly deny the truth. t

  14. Bubba Sett says:

    Ohhh, more fake internet hubbub! How original! Whatever it takes to promote your garbage CGI illuminati predictive programming, mind control schlock. Lizards!

  15. John Urban says:

    Was this supposed to be an academically vetted documentary or a movie meant for the purpose of entertainment? I know Bette Midler has has profound difficulty with the casting and content of the movie but I wonder if she was as concerned over an accurate and historical portrayal of witches in Hocus Pocus. Whatever.

    • therealeverton says:

      If the film started in the Salem Witch trials and the inhabitants of Salem were depicted as 99% Japanese I think she’d have had something to say yes. Compare like with like and follow actual logic.

      Clash of The Titans is “fantasy fiction” to most, but GREECE is still a real place and the Greeks and their neighbours a real people who look a certain way and NOT another way. All the populace of Greece and Sparta etc. in these films aren’t cast as Asian and Black Africans for a reason, same here.

  16. Vince says:

    PC at it’s best. The problem is everyone has to say “I’m Sorry”. Grow a set and tell all the cry babies if you don’t like it you shell out the money and make the movie. Than see how many actors want to work for you, hell maybe you can be the next big item on the block.

    • therealeverton says:

      No putting people in a country who actually MATCH the people that should be there is not Politically correct, it is either just correct, or historically correct – to the best of knowledge.

      If they’d made Gladiator with 99% Chinese people it would be stupid. It isn’t politically correct for aa Roman film to have mostly white people in Rome

      • therealeverton says:

        @ scoutinorbit says:
        The salient point of my comment is this
        “– to the best of knowledge.”

        So you do your best. Now Romans are white according to any history I’ve ever done. They took many slaves and conquered people but the Romans, like modern Italians were white people. I stand ready to be corrected, not so long ago Dinosaurs all lived in swamps and now they’re birds so… But you’ll have to convince me Romans weren’t white people.

        What the Egyptians gods were BELIEVED to be is a red herring here. The gods can be anything, especially with their penchant for animal heads etc. BUT the Egyptian people SHOULD reflect the “real” people to best of our knowledge. That should be people of MANY races. Egypt was centre of the known world, and empire that had many visitors AND slaves of varying kinds. The populace should reflect that but/and the main majority of people should NOT be white. Just as if you were filming London and had no Asian, Oriental and black people you’d be filming a lie BUT (however much there are areas with predominantly non-white peoples) you MUST have white as the majority.

      • scoutinorbit says:

        Except Romans weren’t strictly white either. Its not accurate in the least to cast Danes as Egyptians but neither are the Egyptian gods aliens with lasers that can vaporize pyramids. This entire argument is a waste of time.

  17. think sometime says:

    The issue is not “lack of diversity”. There should not be white actors cast in Ancient Egypt because white people did not exist there. It is about presenting a completely implausible lie. Peppering in a few black minor roles would not have helped. As Scott indicated, if producers will only get funding with white leads, then stick to portraying white history. Do not fixate on the history of a people whom you do not even understand (e.g. his ignorant Mohammed so and so comment) or respect. P.S. Funny how Hollywood has no problem finding black and mixed talent for slave and servant movies, but can’t find any leads when it comes to Egyptian epics. And before anyone starts, I am NOT about to debate who lived in Africa 10s of thousands of years ago vs who lives there today.

  18. Why does no one complain when they make an all black show that was originally all white…Like Wizard of Oz, The Honeymooners etc…..

    • T'omm J'Onzz says:

      ‘Thor’ ring any bells? and that was just /one/ Black man and /one/ Asian.

    • BrooklynMBH47 says:

      Those type of shows or movies have no historical relevance.

    • therealeverton says:

      1. They do.
      2. They shouldn’t because of the “status Quo element”
      3. There’s a big difference between a special “reversal, or change up to hit a point on sex, race or religion, and just “whitewashing” something to exclude minorities. And the key is in the word “minority”.

  19. Niko says:

    Something wrong with being white? Seems to me these statements are a prejudice against whites. Oh I forgot that is the only race that has no protection.

  20. Joe Smoinski says:

    …Oh, PLEASE! Did these people complain when Hollywood tried to pass Johnny Depp off as an American Indian? HELL NO! Go whine to YOURSELVES, you Politically Correct ASSMAGGOTS! They are probably trying to use this to cover up how CRAPPY the movie actually is.

  21. Christy Cook says:

    Everyone is arguing over the diversity. How about how terrible this movie looks?

  22. 85wzen says:

    I remember the 10 Commandments, and my mother always laughed because Edward G Robinson played Daniel a Jewish Man who Owned Jewish Slaves of the time, she found that very funny. So I mean really, this is America, and there is always that weird Historical Oddity or our Culture which is decidedly Anglo Saxon… the rest of the World is just that big old place out there…

    It could be more realistic and maybe that will happen now that many people are looking a bit more closely… but I think it may take you all quite a long time to do so…

  23. BrooklynMBH47 says:

    At least someone see’s the big picture of the issue.

  24. Dowell says:

    For every conservative posting here who thinks this is a pc issue instead of a historical one; imagine if they remade BRAVEHEART with an all black or Latino cast?? Wouldn’t that be ridiculous and draw anger from anyone white/European? Why should it be different for movies about Egypt? You’ve been brainwashed to believe that everything interesting in history had to have European influence, that’s just not reality.

    • John Urban says:

      It’s an entertainment movie. It’s fake. Not real. They would also not be speaking English.

    • UYTRE says:

      Braveheart is a historical character. This movie is just fantasy nonsense. Like the Thor movies, where Idris Elba is a warrior in the mythical viking realm of Asgard.

      • BrooklynMBH47 says:

        It’s delusional for anyone to believe that ancient Egyptians were arab. That is not factual history. Read sometimes it’s there for anyone. Yes Sudan has pyramids, it is in Africa and it is along the nile river, just like Egypt.

      • Dowell says:

        Your history as well as movie lore is flawed. Morgan Freeman played a Moor in the Robin Hood movie. That would be historically correct, not political correctness. As far as your outrage over black Egyptians, I suggest you toss everything you learned about Egypt and start over. Look up Kemet, Kush. Africa’s history has been obliterated by revisionist history. There are more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt. The face of the Sphinx is clearly a black man. Arabs are racially classified as Caucasian. Look at their features, look at King Tuts, and his mother/father. But I know you won’t try, you’re probably one of those people who complained about the new Black character in the new Star Wars movie.

      • UYTRE says:

        “Fantasy? So why aren’t there any Black knights in any King Arthur movies?”

        Look up the cast of the new King Arthur movie.

        Djimon Honsou plays a knight.

      • UYTRE says:

        Yes, fantasy. That’s how you get Morgan Freeman in a Robin Hood movie. Wait till you see who’s in the new King Arthur movie. I personally don’t care whom they cast.

        This whole bruhaha has nothing to do with that, and everything to do with the delusion that Ancient Egyptians were black. Which they weren’t. I don’t hear Arabs complaining. They would actually have a point.

        Gods and aliens are a distinction without a difference. It’s about as realistic as Stargate.

      • Dowell says:

        Fantasy? So why aren’t there any Black knights in any King Arthur movies? Fantasy more than justifies having a diverse cast since it isn’t real right? Just like Cleopatra was fantasy with Eliabeth Taylor in that role? No, the fantasy is that European fantasies of history have been shoved down the worlds throats for too long. It will be enjoyable to watch this movie crash and burn at the box office just like Exodus did.

      • therealeverton says:

        You’re wrong on both counts. Braveheart is set in a REAL Scotland / Britain. This film is, at least partially, set in a REAL Egypt. Therefore the humans in this film have NO reason to be less “Authentic” in basic terms than the humans around Mr Wallace. Egypt was also a hub of the ancient world and should be full of various peoples from all over the “known trading world.”

        You’re wrong about Thor because Idris Elba plays one of a race of ALIENS. Aliens are set as distinct from gods. The gods are usually a representation of the area and people they are with. The Asgardians in Thor are aliens who were seen as gods and are as diverse ethnically as we are.

        By your logic they could have all of the people of ancient Egypt al be Chinese, or Maori because it is just a fantasy. Harry Potter is fantasy “nonsense”, but set in Northern Europe and Britain in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, so it has to reflect t the people who lie here now (then) and not be fill of Mongol warriors.

  25. alex says:

    the screenwriters really hit the trifecta of schlock, the last witch hunter, dracula untold, and now gods of egypt.

  26. S. Muller says:

    When will Empire be more diverse? Who gives a hairy rats ass! Only EXTREME racists are so obsessed w/ race. Most don’t even notice. I had to laugh when Chinese (in America) we’re complaining there weren’t more Asians in Star Wars. And then director J J apologized?!! Can u imagine that happening in China w/ white or black folks?

    • BrooklynMBH47 says:

      The world is way too sensitive now, but when certain done for the world to see, they should be addressed. Earlier in the year a Texas woman noticed they have africans being brought over as immigrants n not as slaves in the textbooks. If you let things go sometimes they will be remembered in history that way.

  27. drenn1077 says:

    Anyone who desired or is pleased by this apology is racist.

  28. Essam Ferris says:

    As an Egyptian American Actor living in Hollywood, I only get offered Auditions for Arabic Speaking roles especially terrorists and when It comes to Egyptian Historical roles, They offer it to the Brits…Shame on some of the decision makers in Hollywood. I and many others include 90 million Egyptians Will NOT watch a movie that is falsifying the history of our Great Pharaohs.

    • The whole campaign against casting white actors as egyptians is made by Black american cut called afrocentrics, they are a group of black americans who hate the fact that they descend from slaves and primitive west african tribes so they appropriate and steal other people’s history based on psuedo-science and psuedo-history
      EGypt being on the north African edge is one of their favorite targets to steal
      they suffer identity crisis and are madly fanatic racists :)

      • Ron Rutherford says:

        ..i wonder if they realize that in one of the later dynasties, all of the rulers were actually of EUROPEAN descent, and NOT Egyptian (or African.  I guess that their POLITICAL CORRECTNESS  does NOT allow then to see THAT.  

    • BrooklynMBH47 says:

      It’s wrong how are u are type casted for roles, but I’m sorry the egyptians of today were not egyptians of that day.

      • Essam Ferris says:

        I lived in Egypt for 20 years and Egyptians just you know don’t consider themselves Arabs. We are only Arabic speaking country…I bet you if you trace my DNA, It’s pharaonic all the way and our faces can tell it all. This wrong casting must be fixed Hollywood.

      • think sometime says:

        No, LAB, the better alternative is to cast black actors. It is true. Arabs are recent migrants to that area and do not represent Ancient Kemet

      • LAB says:

        “The Egyptians of today were not the egyptians of that day””?? Are you really saying an egyptian should not be cast to play someone from Egypt? So the better alternative is ….to cast white extras?LOL

  29. Bill says:

    It’s hilarious watching the left trip over each other over who can be more offended at ridiculous things and who can be fastest to apologize for them.

  30. loco73 says:

    What is important to remember…actually what is imperative in this case, is to apologize for the apology…and then someone else has to apologize for that apology and then…well you get the picture!

  31. John says:

    Yeah, they aren’t gonna make big budget movies with all unknown actors. I doubt there are enough, if any, decent big stars of Egyptian (or similar) descent for a movie like this. Egyptians are also not black by the way so enough from that stupid argument.

    • BrooklynMBH47 says:

      Ancient Egyptian were african, do your research be you make ignorant statements. They could of put black A list, b list actors in the movie.

      • T'omm J'Onzz says:

        @BrooklynMBH47 “hypocrites”??

      • Ron Rutherford says:

        Ever hear of the Ptolmyic Dynasty. idgit?  

      • BrooklynMBH47 says:

        Someone like you would believe hypocrites was the father of medicine. If you would read and not just believe everything people tell you blindly you would know imhotep was the real father of medicine. Google, read a book smh.

      • UYTRE says:

        Africa is a continent, not an ethnic designation. Current Egyptians are also “African”. And Arab. Black Ancient Egyptians are like blond Ancient Egyptians. Mostly fictional.

  32. BMan says:

    My Culture with my people, African diversity,in my country there are very diverse people with different languages.

    • Christinne says:

      The fiction is in ur head. Go and make some research and STFU.

    • BrooklynMBH47 says:

      If you read history and actually do any research you would find that arabs were invaders. They were not in Egypt in that dynastic period.

      • BrooklynMBH47 says:

        Africa’s rich with history in general not only Egypt, also Ethiopia. Many of the women that the pharaohs married came from Nubia. Don’t pick n choose somebody’s words for the sake of your argument.

      • BrooklynMBH47 says:

        During the Golden Age through the 19 dynasties no one said it was all African there were many invaders from the shepherd kings to the Persians even the Asians. How many people rule in Egypt at different times n that is a fact. Egypt is only one part of Africa there’s Sudan if you go if you look in Sudan there is pyramids all over Sudan. They were practicing making them. Then Imhotep came the world’s first multi genius, came with the step pyramid and you can see the progression of the pyramids got bigger and better.

      • BrooklynMBH47 says:

        Please don’t pick and choose when the man does not give you any real facts behind what he’s saying. When Mary Lefkowitz had her debate with dr. John Henrik Clarke she was real quiet. The woman went to Greece about 5-6 times never went one never made one trip to Africa Egypt anywhere near there. She just replied on writing from other office and her so-called credible sources with no backing.

      • Black history professor *Clarence E Walker*. refers to Afrocentrism as “therapeutic mythology” asserted as a way to promote the self-esteem of African Americans (a term he does not like) “by creating a past that never was.” referring to the Afrocentric Wetdreams that the Egyptians were black,the jews and the Moors. You see how these blacks never take interest in the Histories of West Africa (where their ancestors come from) Instead they claim the civilizations of north Africa which they have no connections to. They can’t come to terms with the Fact that their south Saharan ancestors were Primitives who never build anything of note and contributed nothing to humanity.Compared to the Civilizations of the Europeans,Asians,Middle easterners and even the Meso-American civilizations.(These deluded Afrocentric revisionist go as far as claiming that the Olmecs,the progenitor civilization to the Aztecs,Mayansect. Were in fact black and not native American,implying that sub Saharan Africans (who never built anything that was see worthy) came to the Americas long before the Europeans and the Chinese

  33. Phil Ayling says:

    The film was shot in Australia instead of Egypt. Perhaps they cast people who swear that they don’t “identify” as white.

  34. Jay Dee says:

    A Scot, a Frank, a Pole, an African-American, and 3 Aussies. That’s a little diverse, anyway.

  35. Gandhi part 3 says:

    For all the sanctimonious PC idiots on this thread, do this. Write your own movie, get financing by casting completely unknown actors (who have to be of Arab descent), release it in the US by telling everyone who doesn’t see it they’re racist, and when the film massively bombs, have fun in bankruptcy court. But then, you can always call the bankruptcy court racist as well.

    Everything is racist now. The word means nothing. Congrats to the PC people for making a mockery of real racism.

    • BrooklynMBH47 says:

      It’s not arab decent it’s african decent. They could of cast a famous african America for the film. The movie is based on mythology, farfetched mythology, but at least make something accurate.

      • “African Descent” this is the lame execuse black american afrocentrists use to claim egyptians were Black
        when u tell them Africa is a land mass, a geographical term that has nothing to do with race then they start the psuedo-science and psuedo-history to claim all Africa was Black in antiquety althought all egyptian mummies indicate a caucasoid person from their narrow nasal noses to their straight and even some times blonde hair just all mediterranean countries

      • UYTRE says:

        Africa is a continent. What’s “african descent”? What about North Africans?

  36. just sayin' says:

    this is not about diversity. this is about the filmmaking, director and producers. It’s about not thinking about authenticity…or worse…not caring .There are always compromises for funding, and choices are made…but extras in a world populated by dark skinned people who are cast white is just poor filmmaking.

    • S. Muller says:

      They cast the guy from 300 in this fictional sci-fi movie because people will go see him in this sort of epic over other ethnic types.

  37. BillUSA says:

    This isn’t Egypt.

  38. Michael says:

    Egypt is in Africa.
    Egypt has always been in Africa.
    The ancient Egyptians were an African people.
    Most present day Egyptians are descended from conquering Arabs who invaded centuries after the fall of Egyptian civilization, which goes back at least 5000 years. It was already ancient by the time it was conquered by Greece, and Rome.

    • UYTRE says:

      Wrong. DNA analysis shows Ancient Egyptians are almost identical to current Egyptians, as both came from the fertile crescent. This Egypt was black (negro) crap was started in the 60s by the black power movement. No Egyptologist believes this crap. Google it.

    • BrooklynMBH47 says:

      Moses supposedly studied in Egypt for 40 yr then got accused of murder, a law he didn’t go and get yet from “the 10 commandments”… if you go research history the got the commandments from the 42 negative confections.

  39. marie says:

    And don’t forget, the film looks horrible. Did anyone pay attention to what happened with Exodus film?

  40. curious1 says:

    Diverse? Try accurate, Have these people ever set foot in Egypt?

    • Michelle says:

      Exactly. For research they probably watched Cleopatra.

      • Fred says:

        Why would an American step foot in Egypt now? Knowing how much they hate our freedoms, religions, and skin color that we would probably be killed within a week. I’m sorry we were talking about Hollywood stereotyping a bunch of day players something really evil. Notice how after the massacre in France not one single Arab nation or religious group in the middle east condemned the slaughter?

        You came here why? Because you don’t want to get your head lopped off for talking about seeing a woman’s ankle? By the way, I mean the amount of Americans working and cast in films in the Middoe East is staggering I think its zero. You’re just an extension of the thinking you brought with you. So why would we be interested in your opinion considering your thought process and your cultures human rights record. It’s called being a hypocrite. Yeah so what we kill woman for inhumane reasons and hate anyone not of Islam…but your anger is “Oh yea well look at how you cat your movies!”. The great thing is here you have a right to say what you said with a few comments disagreeing. Where you live they would give me 2 choices after my opinion….Hatchet or Rubble. You’d have better luck with Bush and Cheney are war criminals and should be put on trial.

  41. BrooklynMBH47 says:

    He made a statement saying that he cannot have the lead role as somebody named Mohammed, but historically if you look it up there was no Mohammed there it was by majority Africa people. The people called the shepherd kings, the greeks or romans yet.

  42. UYTRE says:

    This is an outrage! The giant snakes are the wrong race too!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Hollywood only seems concerned about a rigid devotion to matching the race of characters when they were specifically written (or drawn, for comic books) to be white – otherwise it’s ‘what the audience expects / wants’ (white), which is an untestable stance when they keep whitewashing characters over and over.

    Now it’s this one, the studio is sorry, but only because it is on the mass audience’s radar now. Meanwhile development and preproduction continues on many projects with similar situations.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      Not true. Hollywood delivers what the audience demands and the audience responds positively or negatively. Take Tyler Perry. His movies are retreads and his box office returns continue to fall. Straight Outta Compton scored big, because it was well written, acted and directed. And look at Broadway’s massive hit Hamilton. The roles are played by actors, regardless of color. Thomas Jefferson is played by a Black man and it’s sold out for at least the next few years. You want wood to change and deliver more? Well, the film’s have to well written and well done. And the public then jasd

  44. Keith says:

    You can do better? Why didn’t you do better instead of posting now where your jobs are potentially on the line if the movie crashes and burns? Apology NOT ACCEPTED. Take your idiotic revisionist crap and stick it. I certainly won’t be going to see it and I hope others don’t either. It’s 2015. BE BETTER THAN THIS GARBAGE.

    • hasdibravo says:

      It’s too late (financially and legally) to do anything with Gods of Egypt, but Lionsgate will be releasing Power Rangers movie with a very diverse cast. One race for each Ranger: white, black, Hispanic, Indian and Chinese. Out on January 13, 2017, the Friday before Martin Luther King Jr. day. Very fitting, no?

    • Michelle says:

      Here here!

  45. Davyjc says:

    Hollywood is so clueless. It’s not just the arrogance of directors like Scott. It takes an entire structure to consistently approve such stupid and insipid casting decisions. Studios would rather continue to offend entire countries (including audiences) in order to make sure they reach the highest profits possible. But the world has changed for the so-called Masters of the Universe. People have stopped going to see these films because everyone knows they represent bad history!

    • KWK says:

      What “history”? I watched the trailer the other week…it’s merely another generic-looking CGI’d fantasy-legend-adventure by the look of things…not to be taken seriously as any kind of important cultural study.

      • Gandhi part 3 says:

        It does look like a crap movie. At the end of the day, that’s what matters. No one will see it if it’s crap.

        The PC crowd will call me racist for that, but what don’t they call racist these days?

      • joy karen says:

        @KWK when a persons says “…not to be taken seriously…”, just can’t help but wonder—–

      • therealeverton says:

        He is referring to Exodus, which is history to millions of Christians, Jews & Muslims.

      • Maria says:

        I agree… i noticed they are giants and ride giant snakes. Nothing accurate with this movie, they could have called it “Gods at War” and it would be the same.

  46. Arnie Tracey says:

    Rupert Murdoch has as much sense as Stewie’s (fr “Family Guy”) teddy bear, and about as much stuffing in his head.

    • Denzel Rowe says:

      You do realize you’re the ones being racist yes? At least with regards to Murdoch’s tweet. You people are the one’s saying that all people of this specific race are in this specific part of the world and there are no exceptions at all. ….das racist.

      Also, Ramesses the Second, famous ruler of Egypt, was of Berber decent and actually red hair, and very possibly was fair skinned. So, casting some rulers of Egypt as white red heads…is actually historically accurate. But you wouldn’t know this, because you don’t understand that race is not limited to a countries boarders.

    • Charleston Ratcastle says:

      I agree, modern Egyptians are certainly not white. They are Arabs.

      • Joy Karen says:

        Amwar Sadat looked just like anyone on the Southside (of anywhere). But it’s okay that the movie portrayed Ancient Egyptians as all white. After all he did apologize. That’s what we do today for any wrongdoing: just say sorry and keep right on doing it.

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