Watch: Gerard Butler in ‘Gods of Egypt’ First Trailer

Liosngate has released the spectacle-laden first trailer for “Gods of Egypt,” starring Gerard Butler, Chadwick Boseman and Brenton Thwaites, three months before its Feb. 26 opening.

Alex Proyas directed the story of an unexpected mortal hero — played by Thwaites — who enlists the powerful god Horus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) in an unlikely alliance against Butler’s power-crazed Set, the God of Darkness, who has plunged ancient Egypt into chaos.

Boseman plays the deity Thoth. Filming took place last year in Australia.

Lionsgate’s CEO Jon Feltheimer has asserted that “Gods of Egypt” carries a budget of $140 million with the studio’s exposure at only $10 million due to Lionsgate’s output deals and Australian incentives.

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  1. Rara Munyin says:

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  2. Alfred Winthrop says:

    The ancient Egyptians weren’t white or black. This film looks terrible, as if they are trying to do superheroes in ancient Egypt. Hollywood is an endless well of rubbish.

  3. I kinda have to agree with Robert’s comment “Filmmakers of Hollywood, listen up: This is the 21st century. I, and many others, are tired of the pathetic “whitewashing” and historical revisionism as seen in far too many of the movies you have been peddling to us.”

    It is a pity that the background looks so fake, trashy and plastic, especially in a time when the makers and set producers don’t even have to travel to Egypt to see the authentic version. I really am tired and feel it is a bit of an insult to a country and a people when a modern day film is made based loosely on a legend or story, without being more faithful to facts. Films are such a good way of teaching stuff, why not be true to a story and a culture? If you are going to make a film….why not make a really good one. The devil is in the detail!

  4. LOLs says:

    The CG looks awful. Seriously, the old stop motion animation looked more realistic than this garbage.

    Also, why are there blond and blue-eyed, white Egyptians? There are a ton of Middle Eastern, Persian, and black actors of different shades who actually look like the Egyptians depicted in hieroglyphs.

  5. stevenkovacs says:

    Relax, it’s a film, no one is going expecting a history lesson. Don’t like it? Don’t go see it!

  6. Robert says:

    How very Caucasian these gods of ancient EGYPT look. How very British these gods of ancient EGYPT sound. How very sad and downright insulting it is that after all the many discussions pertaining to race and culture that has taken place recently, Hollywood once again demonstrates an embarrassing lack of insight and respect, showing a pathological inability to adhere to basic historical facts regarding a time and a people and a religion that had nothing whatsoever to do with white people or European history, yet Europeanizing the representations of the gods worshiped by ancient African people who were not themselves white Europeans. Embarrassing, insulting, and shameful!

    Here are some facts: White European people were not the people whop populated ancient Egypt. White European people did not build the pyramids. And white European people were not the model for the gods of ancient Egyptians.

    I have been to Egypt and learned something about the rich history of the country’s ancient people and their culture. This film, as demonstrated by this trailer alone, is an absolute disgrace.

    Filmmakers of Hollywood, listen up: This is the 21st century. I, and many others, are tired of the pathetic “whitewashing” and historical revisionism as seen in far too many of the movies you have been peddling to us. I have had enough. I will no longer spend my money at the theater for fraudulent films like this, and I am sure there are many others who feel likewise and will do the same. Start showing respect for your subject matter and stop insulting the intelligence of your audience!

  7. OneTwo says:

    The Crow was a great film. This looks like digital illuminaughty vomit. Wish Butler would clear space on his schedule from churning out garbage to make a sequel to RocknRolla.

    • S. A. Young says:

      I’ve also been pining for a sequel to Rocknrolla for 7 years, but I live in hope. I think this one could be great campy fun. (It’s not a documentary folks, relax) I have higher hopes for The Headhunter’s Calling and Hunter Killer. We’ll see

  8. Marie says:

    A movie set in Egypt and there is a black person in it?!?!

    Why is there so much CGI in this film? It is too bad Gerald get cast in these pointless over budget films. And he has great potential of being a great actor, just look at Law Abiding Citizen.

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