‘Ghostbusters’ Female Cast Taking Shape at Sony

Ghostbusters cast
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After years of trying to spin off one of its most popular properties, Sony looks to be getting closer to getting a “Ghostbusters” movie off the ground.

Sources tell Variety that Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are in early negotiations to star in the “Ghostbusters” reboot.

Paul Feig will direct and co-write the script with Katie Dippold. Feig tweeted a photo of Wiig, McCarthy, McKinnon and Jones on Tuesday.

Story details are unknown other than this film centers on the next generation of Ghostbusters, who happen to be female.

Rumors have swirled for a while about whom Sony had met with for starring roles following the leaked Sony emails that said actresses such as McCarthy, Wiig and Emma Stone had met for roles.

Ivan Reitman is producing.

Scheduling still has to be worked out among the actresses, but if the deals are finalized, the studio would be its closest to rebooting the franchise in quite some time. It is also unknown what character each woman would be playing.

Wiig’s latest pic “Diary of a Teenage Girl” just premiered at Sundance, and she is currently filming the Fox sci-fi pic “The Martian” alongside Matt Damon. She is repped by UTA and Odenkirk Entertainment. McCarthy is repped by CAA and can be seen next in Fox’s “Spy.”

McKinnon and Jones can still be seen on “Saturday Night Live.” Jones is repped by APA and Integral Entertainment and McKinnon is repped by UTA and Principato-Young Entertainment.

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  1. So long as it’s not Rebel Wilson I’m content. She is an embarrassment to Australia.

  2. sheboon alert says:

    What if they accidentally bust that Spook?

  3. Chris says:

    All women with one African American one? I sense that one of the biggest “Awe inspiring” movies of my life and many others’ lives as well is being transformed into an empty shell hub for an agenda that has no place with the franchise. What about the Mexican Americans? Oriental? Middle Eastern? I would dare to say that this cast change is racist, sexist and insensitive to the genetic make up of this country…Is that the agenda here? A sexist female agenda that excludes other races?

    Stick with the original cast or what’s left of it because you indecisive ignoramus’ couldn’t get it together. This is a train wreck and a severe slap to the face to all of the targeted audience who have waited sooo long for a 3rd installment starring the original cast…….well……now, what’s left of it. I move to boycott this franchise on the grounds of pure blasphemy.

    I hate to do this but the truth is I wanted this movie to happen as badly if not worse than any other die-hard fan. But not like this. This is a complete 180 degree turn from the entire image of the franchise.

    This isn’t a social experiment…it’s a movie that has deep roots in a lot of people’s lives and memory and in modern cinematic art work. To make a change like this is too drastic. I feel like Sméagol from the Hobbit. It’s Faaaooolllse! False! Golem! Golem! (jumping around in a fit or rage) Inside of course.

  4. Chris says:

    One point before I go back into my hole…Proton Packs are very very heavy…That fact alone makes this all woman cast practically unreasonable on top of already making me feel sick for the other obvious agenda based reasons. Louis Tully had an even more difficult time wearing the Proton Pack than the Ghostbusters did….Which, well, just goes to prove my point even further. The women casted don’t look as if they have the muscular fortitude to lug around a Proton Pack.

    Furthermore, The dynamics around what made the Ghostbusters “The Ghostbusters” was the cast. Of course Egon’s character has passed now and the others have certainly aged some. But, maybe Egon has a daughter…And…Have you ever seen a Ghostbuster sprint? I mean, they never really moved around much anyway. So they age thing doesn’t even hold water at all.

    • Daniel G says:

      Are you sure you’re upset because ‘women are too weak to carry big heavy manly props’ or is that just a smokescreen to hide that you just don’t want to see an all female cast

      There’s a lot of reasons I think this ghostbusters reboot is a mistake but a baseline fear of women isn’t among them

  5. Chris says:

    Peter – “We’re the Best. We’re the beautiful. We’re the “ONLY” Ghostbusters…”

  6. mike amaral says:

    I think it should be made its a great idea to get the female actress a shot i think it would be a good movie and funny I`d give it a shot to check out. I think it would be interesting id like to see it in theaters

  7. Myka says:

    It simply shouldn’t be made or rebooted period.

  8. Mark Panioto says:

    Melissa McCarthy is an annoying one trick pony. Wiig, McKinnon and Jones are hysterical!!!

  9. Richard says:

    I’m curious who the demographic is for this. Maybe Kristin Wiig fans? I personally find McCarthy annoying so that’s sort of deterring me if she get’s cast. I loved the original GB and I’m hesitant to see this if it ever get’s made. This feels like a “wait for it to come out of Redbox” sort of movie. But I’m sure some people will call this bold and go see it. I’d be more tempted to go if Murray pops in as a cameo just to sort of hand off the torch. Maybe like a brief scene where the last of the old guard fights some ghosts and comedically dies. A full remake of the original Ghostbusters wouldn’t be worth the watch for me. I’ve already seen that story and changing the gender isn’t going to make much new to me.

  10. mbailey585 says:

    Well, it would be impossible to have the original cast—at least for Dr Egon Spengler, played by Harold Ramis who died not too long ago. Besides that, the remaining actors have aged considerably. I don’t mind seeing a woman play a Ghostbuster, but if the script isn’t well written, this all female cast will serve to be nothing more than a cheap gimmick. I’m skeptical.

  11. Newshound24 says:

    I don’t know any of these women. When GB came out, I knew at least about Akroyd and Murray. Women only? Maybe they should pitch this to the Lifetime Channel instead of Hollywood. And maybe the studio should just buy a restaurant and call it the “PANDER Express”.

    This smacks of what they did to the cartoon show when they rebooted it for the 90s into “Extreme Ghostbusters”. (Because, ya know, everything in the 90s was… EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEME!) They pandered just as flagrantly then, too. They replaced them with a token black guy, a possibly-lesbian asian feminist goth-girl, a token hispanic, and they threw in one white guy, but because they wanted him to be a ‘minority’ as well, they made him a cripple. It was an insult to the intelligence, and that’s what this all-female cast feels like as well.

  12. considering no fan of the original will go and see this in a million years. im curious to see who sony thinks will actually want to pay to see this garbage. my guess is no one, we could be looking at the biggest boxoffice flop ever here. you think kids are going to be running out to get leslie jones ghostbusters action figures? you must be out your goddamn minds

  13. Toni says:

    Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible idea. This will be the worse remake ever! Don’t even bother.

  14. Aleasha K says:

    Alright guys I agree it should be the original cast members. Before I get bashed These are my thoughts. The original actors either declined the offer or the producers didn’t ask for a reason . I am not a feminist but I am a female I believe in equality in all people and races . The producers probably thought since all of the original cast members couldn’t or didn’t want to be a part of this film they would have these comedic women step in and ” maybe ” pick up the roles as their wives to Finnish their legacy ….. Stay open minded people it might be good

  15. filmsharks says:

    I can imagine studio executives sitting in a conference room licking their chops.

  16. Terrible idea. Its going to flop. Wheres the originality!!!??

  17. Michael says:

    Doesn’t anyone in “holywood” have any original ideas anymore? Who in the world really wants to see these constant remakes and do-overs? Geez… And I agree… Bridesmaids humor??? Was that even funny? it’s like 7 yr olds making movies. ugh.

  18. Anton says:

    Um, this is not off to a good start then if Bridesmaids humour is the precedent. No wonder Bill Murray ran and ran and ran.

  19. Nathan L says:

    This has to be a joke…who will watch this rubbish?!….most men or original fans won’t…what a disgrace!…Egon would be turning in his grave, hopefully he haunts them!!

  20. Litlesprite says:

    Well that’s one I wont be watching. Could they please STOP casting Melissa McCarthy in movies? Her lame physical comedy style of acting got old very quickly when they decided to ruin “Mike and Molly” by turning it into “The Molly gets drunk and falls down Show”.

  21. Richard K says:

    What a joke! Is this to make the feminists happy around the word?

  22. Don’t get me wrong, I love these ladies as comedians. That said, I was looking forward to a third Ghostbusters when it was first talked about. The only problem is, I was looking for a Ghostbusters 3 with at least part of the original cast, not a reboot. As it stands at this moment, I don’t know if I want to see what they are proposing.

  23. SaiyanKron says:

    Judging by the fan reaction I saw…this movie IS a splendid idea…if Sony/Columbia’s end goal is to go bankrupt, because from the sounds of it, this venture could very well ensure that….

    or to paraphrase Egon…”They produced films…BIZARRE films INTENDED to bring about the END of THEIR STUDIOS and now it looks like it MAY ACTUALLY HAPPEN.”

  24. Brett Caton says:

    “who happen to be female”

    No, who are chosen to be female as a part of Hollywood’s pandering to feminist audiences, who cannot stand the fact that many successful movies have men in them.

    So rather than make a movie with an all female cast (like they originally claimed), they are now just having it that all the Ghostbusters are female. Huh. Predictable.

    Feminists – create – nothing. They couldn’t produce a good comedy to save their lives. So they rely on re-using a comedy made by men, scratching out the subhuman fiends and putting in females instead? Why not just call it Man-busters, and get it over with?

  25. Adam Long says:

    Please!!!!!! NO MELISSA MCCARTHY!!!!! I’m so sick of her in every female comedy. That being said…just say no to this reboot.

  26. David Gaston says:

    I don’t need a new Ghostbusters movie, thanks. The original was a perfect film, to me. Stop running classics into the ground.

  27. Jason Hunter says:

    IT’S GONNA BOMB WORST THAN ISHTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t Remake Everything #leavetheclassicsALONE

  28. Jack Fisher says:

    Harold Ramis is rolling in his grave!

  29. Rahrah says:

    Maybe they don’t understand their audience with this franchise?? Just terrible. Pretty sure all the boys who grew up on Ghostbusters will either consider this a travesty or just force a smile and try to endure it. Leaves nobody happy.

  30. mssandora says:

    Ugh. I don’t mind the notion of a reboot, but with the exception of Melissa McCarthy all of these girls are from SNL. Is this a Lorne Michaels joint? The great thing about the original was the mix of personalities and characters. The humor was done in a subtle way. Whereas I fear this will be everyone tripping all over one another to see who can “outfunny” the other. Disappointing.

    • SaiyanKron says:

      Coincidentally, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, who, as we all know, star in the film, also wrote the film and created the concept…both men are also SNL alumni…so technically, the first film COULD at least in part be considered a Lorne Michaels joint by that logic…difference is though…these two are actually FUNNY…and SNL wasn’t as funny since the late ’90s…and in the ’70s and ’80s, when Murray and Aykroyd were on on the show, was when SNL was at it’s FUNNIEST.

      • KJCM983 says:

        Actually it was written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. Dan Aykroyd developed the initial concept on his own, although that version was somewhat different.

  31. I thought Leslie Jones was a drag queen…..

  32. jazz carpenter says:

    this is pathetic…all the great women they could have come up with, and this is what they threw up instead…wow…

  33. James says:

    What a massive waste of time and effort, not only is Song ruining a franchise, they are disregarding the fans who have been hoping for a GB3 for years. Hollywoods time is clearly over, if this isn’t an indication of simply cashing in on the Ghostbusters name, i dont know what is. The fans would be better of saving their cinema money and using it to fun a fan film. At leas they would get a film for the fans, by the fans.

  34. J says:

    A Ghostbusters movie without Murray, Aykroyd, Ramis (RIP), or Hudson? Okay.

    A Ghostbusters movie with an all-female cast? Fine.

    A Ghostbusters movie featuring Melissa McCarthy’s abrasively egregious brand of humor? Please… God… No…

  35. joe says:

    Here’s who should be the G busters: Will Ferrell, Jack Black,Kevin Hart and Jeff Daniels. I’d cast Conchatta Ferrell from Two and a half men as their assistant/secretary. A cast like this would give the original cast a run for the money.

  36. gus says:

    McCarthy will get paid 8mil with big back end (no pun intended), Wiig will get 4mil, and the other two will get paid about nine dollars and a free soda, but they’ll be thrilled to be in something called Ghostbusters and the high visibility will help them earn more in other areas. Did you really think the studio was gonna pay top shelf salaries for four A-list women? Hell no.

  37. NR Hicks says:

    this is just silly. why would they even consider making this in the ghostbusters mould? would be better if they had the 4 of them as some sort of hi tech paranormal investigation unit, totally seperate

  38. NOOOOOO!!! Are you f’ng joking? Horrible idea!

  39. Courtney Williams says:

    This is gonna suck big time & nobody asked Ray Parker Jr to sing the awesome theme some like he did in the first two movies

  40. Dear Lord! This is a terrible idea! Kate McKinnon is the only person on this list worth watching. Can’t we just leave well enough alone and let the “Ghostbusters” films die with dignity?

  41. joe says:

    Here’s a thought: in all fairness with the politically correct crowd, why not a remake of “Little Women” with an all male cast? Be funnier than this Ghostbuster turkey.

  42. love the Leslie jones addition!!!!! She cracks me up!

  43. Amanda Ozz says:

    this would be a sick cast. Kate McKinnon should def be in there.. I’m down for her, Wiig and Emma Stone. Leslie Jones might work too but I don’t know her well enough yet

  44. The whole concept of changing genders for a reboot just screams “We don’t know what else to do.”

  45. Dee Apatow says:

    Dumb. Yea I said it. Great top rate actresses, u have Kirsten Wiig, McCarthy…but wtf? Where’s the continuity from the cartoon and 1&2? Just do a fresh reboot with good male actors…Dave Franco? Jonah hill? Jay Baruch as Egon, Jason Biggs, Eddie Kay Thomas, and Thomas In Nicholas from American Pie fame…why r u guys doing a fem version? I’m not a sexist @itch, but why r u guys mess in it up for us late 20, 30+ guys that want to see it done right? Oh and Andy Serkis as slimer holler at me drakeolmos1981 @gmail.com…I got ideas for days…Peace

  46. OH… MY… GOD!!! THE CALAMITY!!!

  47. shemitch says:

    I was hoping to see the original guys, who could be retired now and after an accident happened that they saw on the news about Egon,they would honor his memory by donning the suits one last time.. That I would want to see.

  48. Pelta says:

    I love how they’re trying to make it seem like a step forward for women in movies. It’s not. It’s sloppy seconds. All they’re doing is taking a memorable franchise and rebooting it with an all female cast in order to please the gender activists. Studios are terrified of original movies, so I guess we can expect to see more remakes with all-female casts if this turd does well.

  49. Rick Medanie says:

    What a bunch of sad losers. The commenters here, I mean.

  50. Stacey says:

    I still don’t know about this. i think funny should trump gimmicks. They missed their opportunity to do a 2012 Mayan End-of-the-World movie. Just sayin.

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