‘Furious 8’ to Debut April 14, 2017

Furious 7
Courtesy of Universal

Furious 8” will hit theaters April 14, 2017, Vin Diesel confirmed at Universal’s CinemaCon panel in Las Vegas on Thursday.

Choking back tears, Diesel told the crowd of theater owners, “It means a lot to me to get your blessing.” He took the audience back to two years ago when, on the same stage at Caesars Palace, Diesel and Paul Walker, the actor who died in a 2013 car crash, said they planned to move forward on a seventh film in the action franchise.

“We were giddy and excited,” said Diesel. “You all gave me so much confidence. There was so much love.”

At various points after Walker’s shocking death, it seemed that Universal might have to cancel the production. Shooting was not yet complete when the crash happened, but special effects technicians and stunt doubles enabled the completion of the project, resulting in what domestic distribution chief Nick Carpou termed “a cathartic experience for fans of Walker.”

Just before Diesel made his announcement, footage screened of the final moment of “Furious 7, “a scene in which the two characters go on one final car race before going their separate ways.

“You’ve been so loyal all along,” Diesel told exhibitors. “You helped us create history here.”

“Furious 7” has hit $1.15 billion at the worldwide box office, making it No.7 on the list of highest-grossing films of all time. It’s likely to end up with more than $1.4 billion overall.

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  1. This article will help the internet viewers for building up new website or even a weblog from start to end.

  2. shubham goswami says:

    I love this movie,and i love u vin diesel and my life best movie is a f&f series….

    I hope your movie….

  3. helen says:

    I hope don omar and tego are in this one

  4. court97 says:

    Fast and Furious is a legacy and I was and still am a fan of Paul Walker and he would want this franchise to continue until it’s time is good and ready to be over. I can’t wait to see what this franchise gives us next, the characters the battles the cars it’s all amazing to watch.

  5. Bobby Sanchez says:

    I like all the fast and furious movie .i think they still have to make the new fast and furious 8.

  6. nina says:

    I love it ,that was my favorite of the furious, they should continue with the fast & furious 8 so walker would be looking down and said he proud of his fam …. Love you guys RIP paul Walker

  7. sna thakur says:

    I like all parts of f&f…. Early w8ng for next part…m big fan of f&f.. Louw ya ol….

  8. Ak says:

    i am waiting for the next part i like fast 7

  9. rasa says:

    The curious wait to watch the next version has began now..hope it will carry some great acts or sequences of Paul as a tribute to his life…

  10. rasa says:

    The wait to watch the next version has began now..hope it will carry acts of Paul as a tribute to his life.

  11. ashley says:

    They Shouldn’t make a 8th film it won’t be the same with out Paul and if you do make a 8th film you should do a very touching video with clips of Paul and a very touching song at the end of the film more touching than at the end of the 7th film.

    • Alexansra says:

      There will be walker’s brother in the movie. He will be Brian’s brother. So I hope it will be something interesting.like in every movie.

  12. Amber says:

    I feel that making a number 8 is the biggest mistake that can ever be make. The movie should be done with the wonderful touching ending that was given to us. Why proceed with this it seems the franchise is being greedy. Nothing was left out that you need to keep doing this, you are making a mistake.

  13. Mandi says:

    So looking forward to a more impressive one! Hoping that they’d still at least show something about Brian’s life. Gonna miss Jordana too.

    Feeling naughty? See you at -FakeABaby –

  14. James wheeler says:

    I just hope the writers and director realize bigger isn’t always better as production starts on 8. This is my favorite movie franchise of all time, but I was extremely disappointed with 7. It’s success is highly based on the death of our beloved Paul Walker in my opinion. The franchise as a whole, is straying farther and farther from its roots of fast cars, sexy ladies, and heart pumping races. One race scene in 7 of letty in her flip flops… come on guys. Lastly drop Dwayne Johnson! He’s absolutely horrible in this cast and role.

  15. DANNIE SCOTT says:


  16. DANNIE SCOTT says:


  17. ELLA FRAZIER says:

    fast and the ferious was the best of the Fast and the farious movie, I have seen, all the fast and ferious collection. U should stop NOW, and maybe stop NOW. { Y } because u can not TOP THIS great movie FAST AND.FURIOUS 7. maybe COME back in about 10 years, an THEN DO a FAST and the furious 8. JUST ME THINKING. U DO NOT WANT TO FAIL WITH 8.

  18. Nader Mohamadieh says:

    I’m really sorry about Paul walker that he died

  19. Nader Mohamadieh says:

    I’m very excited to see it this movie

  20. amr eltorgoman says:

    fast and furious will never be the same without paul walker

    • Bill B. says:

      They will continue to milk this formula dry until the public no longer cares. There are worse things. These movies are not exactly art. Walker was the only thing of interest to me.

  21. simone blue says:

    you need to integrate Pauls brother Cody into the film some how because I cant imagine it without one of his brothers

  22. veery veery nice. i am fann of u all team..best all movies.….super…

  23. Renggo says:

    Can’t wait for this film!

  24. cyndi says:

    Honestly, there has to be at least one more movie to tie up loose ends, but at the same time Vin, there’s not much of the team left…. I think 8 should be the last one, and then you all should re-release all of them in a box set. Special edition or some shit…. Either way, looking forward to 8 but at some point it will need to stop….

  25. taylor says:

    I love fast movies but.i think its time to stop filming the movies i dont think its a good idea anymore paul died so its not.worth watching without him

    • Dave J. says:

      I liked the Paul Walker character too, but it’s a little naïve to assume that the movies cannot work without any of the original members when there are lots of ppl who also drive fast cars too!

  26. katie says:

    14th april 2017 will me my 27th birthday love love fast and furious 😊

  27. Sandara lim says:

    Yeah!!!!!i like it

  28. Crump says:

    This franchise should have never even been created. One movie was enough This is just stupid.

  29. indy says:

    Yeah glad to hear that vin…keep up the good work…RIP paul

  30. Jose says:

    Can we get the grown up version of the movie? Fast and the Furious 1 &2 were great. After that it seems like Disney invested heavily on the movie because it completely detached from reality. If you are going to make stunts you may want to keep it close to the realm of what is possible. Otherwise, it’s just show poor tradesmanship.

  31. Tonya Yost says:

    Yuns made a great show,hope everything is still great,R.I.P. &we miss ya Paul. Hi Vin Diesel I am a fan of yuns too,I Luv all ur Fast&Furious&all ur movies &shows too,yuns gave us a thrill,I can’t wait to c this one keep up the awesome job!!!! :-)

  32. loribean61 says:

    Paul walker was blessed to have all of u for friends, specially Vin Diesel. Paul is and always will be missed.. praying for his family and friends god bless

  33. Mason Maxwell Wilcox says:

    Cant wait hopefully they do a Tokyo drift 2 would be well worth the wait. Hopefully they do casting I wanna be a apart of the fast family

  34. adidiks says:

    I can not wait to watch the movie.

  35. makarubiya mehu says:

    yes. plz. ff8

  36. skylech says:

    woow ds super cool

  37. So what’s left? I foresee… Diesel manning a tank with nitrous oxide and going turgo off a ramp into a cartel base. Not just explosion, but drugs in the explosion and shit! Totally dope.

  38. You make I’ll watch it.

  39. Megan says:

    Article failed to mention it was Walker’s BROTHERS who were the “stunt doubles” !!

  40. carakeys says:

    So will Walker’s character be cancelled or someone will replace him

  41. I love it! I am glad to see the action isnt stopping. I loved the tribute to Paul in 7 and I know 8 will be no different! Vinn Diesel you are a true friend and Paul was blessed to have you!

  42. Anandha raj says:

    justin bieber involve the F8

  43. stephanie Tester says:

    So looking forward to fast and furious 8 vin diesel is an awesome actor and the other actors and actresses are as well ,Paul walker will be missed ,hopefully they will let his brother act in 8.

  44. bob says:

    ive watched all fast and the furious all action pact ,its sad paul walker died it reminds us of our short life, this isnt the first time an actor died near finishing film, remember bruce lee game of death brandon lee the crow. john erik haxum died while still in series cover up how bout john ritter in his series. if its a movie or series life goes on yes the series and movie changes unfortunetly outta our hands. personally leave it alone! but its up to them if they want to make 8. there will always be supporters an haters but its us expressing our right to our opion .

  45. paul walker died, as sad as this is, they need to let the FF franchise die with him. but hey hollywood will do anything to milk this as long as they can. personally i find it in poor taste to paul walker, he would have wanted it to end with him. LET IT GO HE IS GONE OKAY???

    • David says:

      Do you know for a fact that Paul would want the series killed just because he was? More than likely he’d be happy for them to keep going.

  46. Jason Burk says:

    I have watch all the fast and furious movies as I was growing up. I enjoyed watching Paul walker and Vin diesel in them movies. Hoping to see more furious movies in the future and actually meet Vin Diesel in Person

  47. Deborah says:

    the mere thought of another FF without Paul is disgusting

    • Dave J. says:

      Well, not all of the F & F movies with Paul Walker are very good either! It’s a little premature to assume to sh-t on a series when there are lots of other ppl who drive fast cars! I mean, I thought Lucas Black was pretty decent from Tokyo Drift- they could reprise his role again!

  48. Melissa says:

    wish I could of seen it I went on the first night of it showing and they had sold out guess I should have pre ordered the tickets

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