‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Gets R Rating for ‘Unusual Behavior’

50 Shades of Grey

Those looking forward to the impending release of “Fifty Shades of Grey” are likely to see the film for its sexy scenes, hot stars and… “unusual behavior”?

The MPAA has deemed “the strong sexual content including dialogue, some unusual behavior and graphic nudity” worthy of an R rating — although readers of the racy book might wonder how it’s possible to depict most of the action without getting closer to an NC-17 rating. Based on E. L. James’ risque bestselling romance novel, the film has a built-in fanbase of devotees.

Jamie Dornan, who co-stars in the film opposite Dakota Johnson, told GQ magazine that he researched the role of Christian Grey by going to sex dungeons and reading about bondage and BDSM.

“If people are into that they’re into that,” he said. “By the way, if people make such a hoo-hah about the violence against women aspect of it, it’s far more common for men to be the submissive. And it’s consensual! There’s weirder sh– than that. I think plane spotting is far weirder than S&M. That I really don’t get. I can understand why people are into S&M, but standing outside Heathrow Terminal 5 waiting for Ryanair to come in?”

The Focus Features movie will take it all off February 13 when it opens in theaters.

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  1. John Shea says:

    Who goes to the movies to see USUAL behavior? As for plane spotting, I hear masochists quite enjoy waiting for Ryanair planes, and even flying in them.

  2. Pam says:

    Read the book(s), but do not think I could see it in the theatre! I saw the trailer at the opening of Gone Girl and was too embarrassed just seeing the trailer in the theatre let alone the whole movie.

  3. cdhaskell says:

    I still wanted to know how Fifty Shades Of Grey was able to get R rating instead of the NC-17 rating. I can’t wait to see what kind of rating that the DVD will get when it become available.

  4. Bobbi says:

    The Fifty Shades cast and crew have put a lot of time, energy and thought into this production. For the past year, the marketing and PR has been brilliant and now with an R rating, they clearly know what they’re doing. The diversifed soundtrack, alone, featuring artists and composers from Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Frederic Chopin, TheWeeknd (Earnend It), Ellie Goulding (Love Me Like You Do), and of course Beyoncé with a remix of Crazy In Love and Haunted…is and will be amazing. Gray is the new IT color promoting clothes/accessories, home decor, nail Polish/makeup, lingerie, and bedroom toys. The posters and teaser trailers are mysterious enough to keep fans interested, wondering what scenes will be included and wanting more. people in other countries have already bought or have won tickets to the movie (pictures of receipts on facebook and instagram) and in America are already asking how far in advance of opening day, they can purchase tickets. Regarding the chemistry between Jamie Dornan (Christian) and Dakota Johnson (Ana); these are professional actors. They pay their bills by pretending to be someone or something they’re not. These guys are no dummies. They know exactly what to do to entertain an audience – so they can be hired again to pretend to be someone they’re not, so they can pay their mortgages. It’s all very simple in its complexity. Literary snobs and nay sayers can complain and criticize all they want. The fact is, the Fifty ShadesTrilogy is, and will continue to be, a huge financial and intrinsic success and will boost the careers of everyone involved – it already has. Looking forward to the movie.

  5. Marc Ludena says:

    If they aren’t going straight for the NC-17, they’re doing it wrong.

  6. Martin Williams says:

    Is the rating system somewhat redundant these days? Content has never been so accessible and after the initial cinema release it is available to pretty much anyone who can operate a computer which in many cases is kids well below the ratings ages more so than a lot of adults.

  7. macd says:

    For all those lusty souls lamenting the fact that “50 Shades” has been rated R rather than NC17 by the MPAA blue-noses, don’t despair. There’s a way to outwit the ratings board, and the jolly folks who made “Basic Instinct” showed exactly how to do it. The initial cut of “Basic” they submitted to the MPAA contained plenty of nasty footage they never intended to keep in the release version to begin with. So every time they were given an NC17 rating, they simply snipped out a few seconds of the naughty stuff and then promptly re-submitted the movie–and again got the dreaded NC17. This went on for quite some time until the MPAA finally caved in (even if you liked “Basic Instinct”, how many times could you sit through the 2-hours-plus film until you could no longer stand it?), So the MPAA finally put an end to their misery and gave “Basic Instinct” the desired R rating, even though it still contained enough raunchy scenes worthy of an NC17 and was precisely the version that the movie’s makers desired for its theatrical distribution. Hopefully, Universal employed the same tactics with “50 Shades of Grey”. If not they still have an option unavailable to the purveyors of “Basic Instinct” now nearly 25 years ago. Even If the theatrical version of “50 Shades” is so sanitized that outraged moviegoers stay away from it, thereby causing it to bomb at the boxoffice, the release of an “unrated Director’s Cut” DVD containing all the deleted “hot stuff” theatrical audiences felt deprived of will earn Universal a fortune. Frankly, I have no interest in seeing “50 Shades of Grey” in any version, but I do look forward to reading about its performance at the boxoffice–and what Universal will resort to if by any chance the movie tanks.

  8. Kittu Pannu says:

    Reblogged this on The Many (Mis-)Adventures of Kittu Pannu and commented:
    Lol this will be an interesting one.

  9. Ian says:

    so whats it rated in Canada 14A?

  10. Diana Pahule says:

    R? Then they didn’t do it right. lol

  11. Kalynne says:

    counting down the days until it is released, cannot wait to see it :)

  12. Rikilee says:

    In other words, the sky is still blues.

  13. ck0420 says:

    I had a feeling it would get the R rating. Everybody knows that NC-17 is basically the “kiss of death” for a film. Universal wants their films to be successful, and the NC-17 rating would hamper that. A lot of theaters won’t show NC-17 rated films, which would majorly affect the amount of money the film would make at the box office. I personally can’t wait to see the film, though I wish there would be a second release that’s rated NC-17; that way, the R rated version makes the money the studio wants/needs, the fans can see the raunchier NC-17 version if they so choose and people can decide to see the R rated version so they won’t be forced to basically watch softcore porn with a bunch of strangers.

  14. jhs39 says:

    9 1/2 weeks (1986 starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke) was based on a similarly themed erotic novel and was released successfully with an R rating. The fact that Fifty Shades of Grey is being released with an R rating shouldn’t surprise anyone–there has never been a commercially successful wide-release NC-17 film. Universal was never going to hamper the commercial prospects for Fifty Shades of Grey by releasing it NC-17.

  15. Dunstan says:

    This film is obviously not aimed at me but female friends who read, or attempted to read one or all of the books pretty much agree on one thing: lousy writing. To me, the trailers released so far look laughable. Dornan’s acting is boring and I’m not sure Dakota Johnson is anyone’s idea of sexy.

    • Cosimo Borgogni says:

      You cannot judge acting off of a trailer. That is unfair towards the people who have put in a lot of time and effort into their work. Dornan has done great work in The Fall and other projects. And considering that the book is terribly written and formulated, this movie (represented by a very well made trailer) looks far more mysterious and intense. Also, according to the books, the guy is supposed to be good looking and the girl is supposed to be average. Dakota Johnson is not supposed to be mainstream sexy, which makes this casting very effective.

      • Abby says:

        You can most definitely judge acting off of a trailer. They have ZERO chemistry and the acting makes that glaringly obvious. Granted, you can’t expect much from something written so badly.

  16. cdhaskell says:

    I can’t believe that Fifty Shades of Grey got a R rating instead of the NC-17. I can’t wait to see how anyone explain how the film got the R rating.

    • jhs39 says:

      There has never been a commercially successful wide release NC-17 film. Fifty Shades of Grey was always going to be Rated R. There will undoubtedly be an unrated version released on video but if you’re expecting explicit sex from a movie made by a Hollywood studio you will likely be disappointed.

      • cdhaskell says:

        I keep forgetting the reason why NC-17 is the kisses of the death. I believe that I will waited until the movie is available on DVD because we both know that the director will release the so-called director cute version.

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