‘Fifty Shades’ Dominating Box Office As It Eyes Record-Breaking $76 Million Opening

fifty Shades of Grey 5 Shades

Fifty Shades of Grey” is not only heating up screens across North America, but lighting a fire under its competition as well.

The Universal drama opened to $30.2 million on Friday on its way to a projected, record-breaking $76 million long weekend. If estimates hold, the R-rated pic will easily dominate the previous Presidents Day weekend record holder, “Valentine’s Day,” for the best showing ever for the holiday. Garry Marshall’s “Valentine’s Day” opened to $63.1 million in 2010.

The erotic romance could also break the current Valentine’s Day box office record, which was also set, appropriately enough, by “Valentine’s Day” with $23.4 million.

Early Friday estimates had pegged the film for an $85 million long weekend debut after a record-setting Thursday-night launch of $8.6 million — overtaking “Fast & Furious 6” as Universal’s highest-grossing latenight preview of all time.

The film, which began rolling out internationally on Wednesday, opened at No. 1 in 56 of its 57 territories, including the U.K., France, Germany and Russia. It grossed $38 million on Friday for an early total of $66 million. The film is on track for an international weekend take of $158.3 million, which would make it Universal’s second highest opening weekend of all time, just behind “Fast & Furious 6” ($160.3 million).

“Fifty Shades of Grey,” based on E.L. James’ bestselling romance novel, carries a fairly modest $40 million production budget. The film is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and stars Jamie Dornan as an enigmatic bondage-loving billionaire who falls for Dakota Johnson’s sexually inexperienced college student.

The holiday weekend’s other new entry, “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” is also doing strong business.

The actioner was runner-up with $10.5 million on Friday. “Kingsman,” starring Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson, eyes $34.5 million by Sunday and an estimated $40 million this four-day weekend.

The spy thriller cost approximately $80 million to produce and has already launched in several foreign markets, where it had grossed almost $20 million by Thursday.

Last weekend’s victor, “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water,” was third on Friday. The toon grossed an estimated $6.5 million as it approaches a $31 million weekend. “SpongeBob,” like “Kingsman,” is projected to take just under $40 million.

Two other holdovers — both Warner Bros. pics — rounded out the top five.

“American Sniper” continued its hot streak, taking in $3.4 million on Friday. The Iraq War drama from Clint Eastwood could earn just under $18 million this weekend and $20.5 million by Monday, reaching another milestone by crossing the $300 million domestic mark.

Meanwhile, “Jupiter Ascending” grossed $3.2 million this Friday en route to an estimated $7.3 million weekend — a 60% drop. The fantasy pic, directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski, could make $8.5 million by Presidents Day.

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  1. makarizo sanchez says:

    The bible says that hell enlarges itself and is without measure. It’s sad to see just how many people are heading there.

  2. Big Dumb Ape says:

    I saw online that author E.L. James issued a public thank you and told all the women who shelled out money to line her pockets and see the movie: “You. Are. More.”

    Yes, ladies, just remember — you are more if you don’t go to school and develop your brain or be a doctor or lawyer or computer programmer or business person or whatever else.

    No, no, no — forget all that silly stuff. James wants you to know that “you are more” if you toss all dreams and ambitions out the window and INSTEAD simply go and find some rich guy that will pamper you… well, so long as you agree to become totally submissive and let him blindfold you, ball gag you, tie you up and even physically abuse you, so he can get his kink on. And THEN you are “more.”

    On the plus side, with so many women laughably defending this thing and saying it makes them feel good, I guess Ray Rice is now off the hook. So, that’s good for him and makes this a win-win thing…

    • Bobbi says:

      Sooo, then BigDumbApe? From your comments, it appears you haven’t read the trilogy or enjoyed the movie. If you had, you wouldn’t sound ignorant (meaning uniformed and disinterested). If you’d read, or even skimmed, the first book, you’d realize your comments are inaccurate. In fact, Ana Steele, portrayed by Dakota Johnson, has sacrificed her social life by becoming a straight A literary student and university graduate, with a goal of becoming a publisher and by the third book owns her own company. You’d also would’ve known that she doesn’t become his submissive, as she’s too strong willed and goal oriented, and frankly Christian, portrayed by Jamie Dornan, admits she’d make a lousy submissive for those very reasons, and is willing to try things HER WAY. From then on, their relationship is negotiated and consensual. Ya know, literary snobs and nay-sayers can be as negative as they want, but fans of this franchise will support it until all three books are adapted to the screen, because we love the story….and 100 million people agree. It’s pretend, and fun entertainment like Super Man or Cinderella. So why not lighten up a little and just admit this thing isn’t going away any time soon and don’t stress out about what other people might enjoy… We have another couple years to go… Can’t wait!!

  3. Rich Hamrick says:

    Put me to sleep. 2 hours of my life I want back.

  4. Terry says:

    When men watch this stuff it’s porn. Women call it art.

  5. TP Prattle says:

    The comment section is more censored and “moderated” here than the movie.

  6. History repeats – remember the glory that was Rome; all great civilizations fell from within due to moral decadence, America will be no different unless we get our sh*t together ASAP….

    • JANNE READ says:

      You stole my thunder. Counld not have said it better.This Country has lost its moral compass and what people fail to understand, you don’t have to be religious to be moral and have integrity. Today it seems the goal of many is to screw (literally and figuratively) as many people as you can.

  7. Ken says:

    I guess one can only affirm that anti-God and anti-moral movies will always sell. Satan lures man with sex and sinners will eat it up.

    • ceecee54 says:

      50 shades is sure to lure the youth deeper into depravity and immorality. This so saddens my mommy heart.

      • Daisy33 says:

        The Wikipedia page on Fifty Shades show fans of the book are women with eating disorders and had past abusive relations. This is where “Happy is the barren womb that never bore a child” plays out. Parents must be so sad if there daughters are into this book and film.

  8. Steve Sharkman says:

    Don’t underestimate how many lonely, horny women there are.

  9. Hadit says:

    I have to admit. I find the multi corporation roll out of this crap very interesting. A “love” story for Valentines day about a young naive woman manipulated, stalked, abused and raped by a (of course) wealthy Man who apparently can’t get an erection unless he is hurting someone. If he was poor it would be an episode of CSI and he would be demonized and arrested or as most of our “entertainment” is he would be killed. This is nothing but Eugenics through mind control and social conditioning, in my opinion. This is what we have come to expect from such an exceptional society. What are we going to do about it? Nothing but what we’ve always done. Sacrifice our children to the Gods of war to assure these degenerate satanist remain in power over us.

  10. Tim says:

    record breaking box office…for Valentines Day weekend. big deal.

  11. lynda says:

    Women keep demanding equality & to be thought of as MORE than a sex object yet helped make the author of the POS book/movie a millionaire. This book is about demeaning women as stupid sex slaves & idiots. HOW does this help women. It is just more liberal claptrap to brainwash the women who read/watch Porn to think there is nothing wrong with this type of behavior. No baby, you HAVEN’T come a long way. Still nothing but a sex object & stupid too boot.

  12. Michael says:

    This garbage was a massive best selling book among women and very few if any men would voluntary read the book or see the movie. Which makes me wonder just how far women’s intellect has evolved. They seem to love this garbage, are fascinated, many obsessed with small shiny objects, and the majority of them vote democratic, hum!

    • Nicole says:

      So,By this logic am I to make a judgment call of a man who watches porn,frequents a “gentleman’s club” or buys sex? Would his intellect be called into question? Men seem very judgmental in regards to female sexuality because of how they perceive and interpret sex. So, are men obsessed with large and inflated objects? Most men with kinky sexual proclivities vote republican.😜 Or is that too broad a statement..ohhh way….

  13. Dalgoda says:

    In a broader sense this movie, as the books, bait the lowest common denominator (as the Saw and Hostel films did) of the movie going public. We are suckers for obsessing on disasters and love watching people with issues deal with their lives because we do not have to look in the mirror and think about our own. So, now, we justify BDSM as normal because well….they must have had issues as a child so this is just how they deal with it. Frankly, I’m waiting for the tshirts to come out that say, “We only beat the ones we love…until we use the safe word.”
    Let’s not even get into how terribly written the books were or how inane the movie is.
    But, hey…this is the America we live in now.

  14. Anne says:

    In a broader sense, the movie casts a light on drug use, child abuse, and human rights. Drugs led to his abuse as a child, which affected him deep and dark.

  15. I am a Feminist because says:

    So all the little Mommies out there have a sexual fantasy about meeting some milquetoast twenty-something billionaire who duct tapes them to a bed and sticks his fingers up their bums?

  16. Vincehugh says:

    This is the problem with this type garbage that does nothing to protect the family and moral values we try and teach our children. And most American’s would agree with that. Problem is that Mr. and Mrs. America have no voice in expressing our outrageousness at the blatant sex on TV and movies because the profit makers of this stuff is the media itself which simply doesn’t report the criticism. The media is far too powerful in our country. Other than Fox News, it does not represent the views of most Americans. This type pornography is okay, but it should be kept secured and not embellished and glorified to the general public and our children.

  17. mike says:

    I would rather stay home and look at red tube instead of paying 10 bucks for crap!

  18. EllieEnlightened says:

    Shows the moral decay of our culture.

  19. Mike says:

    Don’t go. Just don’t. Don’t be part of the degradation of our culture. Take a stand.

    • lynda says:

      I agree. And to think that 17 year olds can view this sexual perversion is beyond the pale. Is THIS the “transformation” the liberals/democrats kept promising our nation/our youth? It is sickening.

    • Vincehugh says:

      Mike, I agree, take a stand, but how? The media simply won’t report the criticism. I think the only way we can overcome the power of the sex driven media is to have a presidential candidate that will rock the boat and tell it like it is, on camera, live on a major network TV show. At least get the talk going.

      • Anonymous says:

        This made me laugh. Keep dreaming, no ‘Presedential candidate’ is going to come in and rescue you. Just make decisions in your own life and stop trying to control other people.

  20. independent_forever says:

    This country is so hypocritical now…people curse the porn industry YET crave movies like this ONLY because they push the limit between NC17 and hard core movies. How about being honest about what type of movies you truly like….and as for this movie…I won’t waste my money but in terms of this “buzz over the sex” that is constantly being drooled over….people act as though this has never been done before….I’m beginning to think Americans have very short term memories and are losing the ability to recall MANY past events….

  21. “Sex got me to the ER” episodes will have a lot more to work with now. Just great. Worse than little kids chalking four letter words on the sidewalk.

  22. sargintrock says:

    Sodom and Gomorrah sells while Old Yeller is something to be snickered at. Our culture is a cess pool and just for thinking out loud, many have already written me off as a fool.
    If our children aren’t slaughtered in the womb, their bodies are poisoned by vaccinations at birth and their minds are destroyed by a clever, anti-family agenda of 24/7 “if it feels good do it” programming at all levels of entertainment Media! And God help the millions of kids who are living without knowledge of a strong man’s guidance as a Father figure. I GRIEVE and GNASH my teeth at the coming Judgement of this once Great Nation!
    REPENT, RECEIVE, REJOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. A says:

    If anyone was wondering how far our society had slipped, here is your answer … total collapse is immanent.

  24. Bill Carson says:

    We are never called to watch or spend money on movies like this. May God have mercy on those who seek out such “entertainment.”

    • Jade says:

      From a Christian perspective this is very true. Even from a non-Christian perspective, some things should not be mainstreamed, especially as this glorifies an abusive relationship and bad fan fiction.

  25. Rob Clary says:

    This just shows how empty most people’s lives really are.
    I hope 50 shades makes billions off this herd. That’s why these drones exist.

  26. mustcrochet says:

    Wow. As a pastor’s wife, I have dealt with abused women (AND men) for over 30 years. I have never seen a relationship based on S&M, bondage, humiliation and all the other garbage that is glorified in this movie EVER bring a husband and wife closer or make a marriage better. The book is a lie, this movie is a lie, and people are flocking like lemmings to this garbage. What a sad commentary on our society.

  27. Jam Bo says:

    In the old days, the young maiden had to deal with the mistreatment and “bondage” of her Evil Step-Mother and two mean Step-Sisters to win the heart of her rich, handsome Prince … nowadays the young maiden has to submit to the literal bondage and mistreatment of S & M to win the heart of her “prince”. How times have changed, America.

    This is what happens: the story of Cinderella is morphed into the story of Sinderella.

    At some point, in our Race to the Bottom, people will have to confront one simple questions: Is this all there is? Are we really turning away from religion and morality for this?

    Anyone supporting this movie is essentially climbing up to their roof top and screaming: I MUST have MORE of this … and even fouler and darker and more wretched … because my life is so boring, my relationships so devoid of any emotional depth, and my sexuality is so utterly devoid of any true intimacy, commitment, complementarity, joy, or fruitful consequence.

    Can you even imagine what serial killers and abusive men are thinking as they look around the movie theater at so many single, young, attractive women flocking to the movie theaters to see this?

    It’s so sad.

  28. AJsDaddie says:

    This was supposed to be a blockbuster. Critics highly invested in this twisted crap continue to move the goalposts in order to make it a “sensation” when in reality it’s a tepid soft-porn movie with a mediocre response. First, it was going to be one of the biggest movies of all time. Then they quickly moved it to “the biggest movie ever released on President’s Day”, which is like being the tallest midget – nobody releases movies on President’s Day. And even then they had to lower the expectations. Just yesterday it was $80M, now it’s down to $76M. That makes it comparable to, say, Austin Powers Goldmember. Which was a much classier flick. Heck, it’s not doing much better than The LEGO Movie, which was released roughly the same time.

  29. K (@GizaDog) says:

    Soft porn is winning at the box office? haha

  30. pompey says:

    All dying societies immerse themselves in debauchery to try and forget reality…..nothing new here.

  31. Vincehugh says:

    Just curious…does this type movie benefit our children in anyway? Or does it do just the opposite. I find this stuff outrageously bad for our moral disciplines and religious values that have kept families together and happy. All this blatant sex in movies and TV is fine for adults on private secured media, but not embellished and glorified for Hollywood and NY TV profits! I know, I’m not cool, but I’m right!

  32. Last one out, turn off the lights……we are about finished here…..

  33. I saw the movie and the “worst” scene reminded me of an old movie. In it two young Southern slaveholders take two black girls upstairs and spank them with their belts etc….

    Of course this movie is probably 40 years later so it shows more, but still not all, and the cinematography is much better. The point is, there is nothing really new here, in fact at one point I thought the movie was starting a comedic twist.

    This movie has less sex than Showtime, HBO, or Cinemax, but the critics are all wrong about the acting, characters, and story. I simply found it entertaining. It’s one of those that runs for 2 hours but seems like it’s over in 5 minutes. I found the closing scene indicative of sequels – and then remembered this title is book 1. There are 2 more to go. I never read them.

    As for the feminist contingent who seem hell bent on becoming men and object to every hint of female surrender, I simply can’t put this in perspective as a seminal event. There is far more entertainment out there that contradicts your mission, and it’s quite popular. HBO’s “Rome” for example, which is now on Amazon blows away 50 Shades of Grey in that regard.

    And while I’m opining here, let me add that the Bible is a pretty sexual book. Don’t equate prude with religion. Its simply not supported by the evidence. Queen Victoria perhaps at least for her subjects, and of course the Catholic Church which modified it to prevent the French interpretation from spreading. I recall a couple of scenes of Christian naked from the back, a few of Steele from the back and side or above the waste. That’s pretty much it. The sadist theme is very mild and easily eclipsed by most television and even our own news. Our own CIA/Gitmo in reality with torture, waterboarding, etc.; and many tv shows, even including “Alias” are far worse. In the name of “safety” the U.S. government makes this film kindergarten material, which is an area far more deserving of your attention than a romance novel film.

  34. EM says:

    So, it takes a movie full of dominatrix sex to break all the records these days. Just shows how in the toilet and morally bankrupt our society really is today.

  35. The left is always caught up with the notion that Constitutionalists are somehow racist or greedy. That is a socialist/communist lie. But the GOP is dead now and the only consolation is that Democrats have evolved collectively into bald face communists. I have give you all the way out of the slaughterhouse. You must move now or we all die together.

  36. ronnie johnny says:

    This movie will bring on divorce, mid life crisis and affairs. It is a depiction of fantasy and borderline pornographic. It is sad to see our nation support this. It shows what we truly value in life and the fantasy of what we think life should look like.

  37. Dr knot says:

    50 reasons not to go see it.
    1. its stupid.
    50. its still stupid.
    get a life people.

  38. About “50 Shades”, we have to stop filling our heads with trash. My mother who just passed suddenly from pancreatic cancer always said watching ugly movies was like putting filth into a beautiful box. I would throw velvet lined and change the word filth to excrement. How’s that?

  39. Plan II.
    The following is a basic description of a Mega-Structure which would serve as a totally self-contained miniature city the purpose of which is to begin to reverse the negative human impact or “footprint” on the Earth. The reason to reverse the human “footprint” is obvious and does not merit serious discussion. People’s wants and needs are all basically the same, but our collective need for pristine environment within close proximity far outweighs the individual’s desire for land to be chopped up and dotted with the endless sea of urban sprawl that has turned the world into a Frankenstein like planet. Those who would lose land to this necessary terra forming should be compensated fairly.
    The Mega-Structure would be approximately 200 stories tall, built in an hour-glass configuration, much like the cooling tower of a nuclear power plant. It would contain a double-helix super structure with pistons for flexibility and carbon fiber reinforced bricks as the main building medium. It would have a rounded bottom that would rest on a huge crater filled with 10’ diameter steel balls filled with recycled plastic. The design will be resistant to seismic activity and allow for great longevity due to its strength and simple design. The structure would have four cores that back each other up should one to three of them fail. Each would serve as the main conduits for utilities including elevator shafts and would be located in the base of the structure. The lower half of the structure would be solid living and business quarters, in the middle of the structure would be a huge atrium where you could look up and see the sky through the top half of the structure that is lined with terraced balconies. The walls of the structure would have large openings in the center to allow for more light and exposure to the middle atrium. There will be no corners in this or any other structure designed to house humanity in large numbers.
    Each Mega-Structure can be built using prisoners supervised by the Nation’s military. Mega-Structures can have a cultural theme with individual levels representing different time eras for aesthetics and cultural preservation.
    The Mega structures would be surrounded by pristine environments that would be maintained as such, but special communities could exist outside the structure to preserve cultural integrity and tradition. The Mega-Structure could be linked to cities and other Mega-Structures via Mag-Lev and by road. The structure should be made strong enough and in such a manner that when the technology arises to move the structure through gravitational force, its structural integrity will allow for it. In the distant future, the structures may be encapsulated and retrofitted to allow for possible deep space travel to other destinations. This will take the pressure of the environment so people could also live in a log cabin, house or a teepee if they chose. This is not to be imposed.

  40. 50 shades of misleading advertising says:

    This movie is a scam for those who are not familiar with the book. The advertising suggests a story of a wealthy man seducing an innocent girl into a world of sex, while in reality, the movie is about a guy with a sick childhood who now gets off on beating woman because he is sock too.

  41. I have to say I enjoyed “The Kingsman” much more than 50 shade. I know I am not the movies target demographic.. But a bad movie is a bad movie

  42. Elmer says:

    Oh…..also…..it was very offensive to people with morals and ethics…I was offended and I’m not old. I drink n party…..mingle….frolic…etc….and it was offensive to me. This movie is evident of what entertains Americans.

  43. Elmer says:

    It was shallow…..baseless….almost pointless……boring……everything a movie and novel should not be. …many other people thought the same.

  44. Elmer says:

    Just saw it……worst movie I’ve ever saw in a theatre….!!! We left in middle of showing….got a full refund…

  45. Steve Martin says:

    I didn’t even know it came out already. I guess that sound of silence on the city tonight is … well…a lot of people getting busy…

  46. Fitty Shades of Cent says:

    Funny how men are “pigs” for being sexual but it’s okay for women to slide around this nonsense.. Gotta love double standards

  47. Gail Richardson says:

    Remember these words…..“define deviancy down.” It’s in the article.

    I have not read the book and I won’t and I will not see the movie! I’ve heard the whispers, listened to the girls and women giggle and swoon and gossip and guffaw over the book. It doesn’t take a Christian or any religious person or an atheist or an agnostic to know this is wrong!

    You may have toddlers, pre-schoolers, grade schoolers, middle schoolers, high schoolers and on up. How could anyone want to have their children view this perverted junk! And they will, because it’s out there! Would you actually leave your child in the company of the kind of people who write, film, produce and then view this pornography? Do you not worry that someday some child you know will come under the grooming of some deviant, perverted pedophile that is laying in wait for them? They are spilling out of the woodwork you know! They are everywhere! It is pornography! What do you think these people get off on? It will be around for the centuries now.

    Those little toddlers of yours will view it someday. I can’t believe anyone could be proud to participate in this filthy garbage and that is exactly what it is! It has nothing to do with whether I am a Christian or not. It is morally degrading and it should be for everyone! If you have any respect for yourself, you should recognize this for what it is and you should do the right thing and not support it. It’s not too late.

    • concerned person says:

      I refuse to support it based on the fact that the novel is poorly written and I’m not into bondage. My daughter has no interest in it either. She thinks it’s stupid.
      Hopefully, the girls who are interested in it are doing so just to be popular, or be associated with the current popular trend just so they’ll be in with the “in” crowd, the “cool” crowd. But you’re right, they will end up being influenced by it.

    • jenny89 says:

      None of this is wrong. It’s none of your business what people do in the bedroom. I like being dominated by my boyfriend so arrest me.

  48. tobythetiger says:

    well it just shows you what a sorry state of mind the world is in,,

  49. rob wastman says:

    After 50 years of progressivism and women’s rights the degradation and exploitation of women is at the top of pop culture. That’s progress?

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