‘Fantastic Four’ Stars Tapped for CinemaCon Honor

Fantastic Four Casting

The cast of “Fantastic Four” — Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell — has been selected to receive the CinemaCon Ensemble Award.

The honor will be presented April 23 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas as part of CinemaCon’s awards show. “It’s not very often that we have the opportunity to award an entire cast for their stellar performances,” noted Mitch Neuhauser, managing director of CinemaCon.

“Fantastic Four,” which will be released by Fox on Aug. 7, is a reimagining of Marvel’s superhero team and centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate universe, which alters their physical form.

The film is directed by Josh Trank from a screenplay by Jeremy Slater, Simon Kinberg and Trank, based on the Marvel comicbook by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The producers are Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn, Hutch Parker, Robert Kulzer and Gregory Goodman.

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  1. jimmy woo says:

    I’d like an explanation of this so called award. Corruption?

    Four months before the release?

    Mark down Cinemacon as a corrupt organization!

  2. jimmy woo says:

    Must be a bribe or something. I can see no reason for a film, not due out for four more months, to receive an award for ensemble. Just what could they have done to deserve this? Booby prize? Politics?


  3. Bob Schwartz says:

    Are they giving out award before a movie is released? I guess if they can give a noble Peace price to someone for nothing….

  4. ConcernedFan says:

    Are they giving out awards for being least faithful to the source material now?

    • Chris Jones says:

      Did it ever occur to you that maybe the the cast is will put together? Also I think it’s pretty safe to say you haven’t seen the film nor do you have insight to make such an inquiry. But let’s hypothetically say the film deviates from the comic representation too much for your liking, since when has a comic book cinematic adaptation not deviate from the source material? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

      • ConcernedFan says:

        It’s cute when the shills defending this try, but facts are facts.

        This takes no inspiration from any version of the comics, with terrible decisions like generic black costumes that look like they’re in a Divergent film. Hilarious bad choices like putting springs on Reed, heat vents on Johnny, and no pants on Ben. Speaking of the cast, they’re all terrible for their roles. Reed is too young, Sue is too old, Johnny isn’t related to Sue, and Ben is like 1:4 scale of the Ben in the comics.

        No version of the Fantastic Four in any comic series has ever been anything like this, hence the universal hatred in the fanbase. Some deviation is ok, but slapping the title of an existing property on something completely unrelated is a bad choice every time.

  5. WinterFell1701 says:

    what? how can you give an award to a bunch of actors for a film that noone has seen yet? ridiculous.

  6. Eric says:

    How do you give a movie an award, when it’s 4 months away from its premier? From what I’ve gathered, this movie may appeal to some audiences, but fans of the comics will dislike the complete change of a popular origin and the movie in general. I would love to see the FF handled by the people who know then best, Marvel. Hopefully Marvel’s attempts of downplaying them in comics and this movies inevitable flopping, will bring them back to where they belong.

    By flopping I mean not meeting expectations. I would be surprised if it didn’t get number 1, its opening weekend. I just don’t see it being well received.

    • Chris Jones says:

      Did you just say that you hope the Fantastic Four is downplayed in the comics? Yet inexplicably you’ll claim you’re a fan of the source material. Pathetic.

  7. Eric Chaney says:

    This is great news, i hope the movie is great, i mean haters are typical in their dissent for this film, its like they only care about the studio instead if the actual film itself. from what i seen it looks good, interesting and creative, and reminds me of the fantastic four that i know and love, their true core. i mean you can tell they love these characters, the writer and director, so i’m happy

  8. Paully says:

    Give the Crown Jewel of the Marvel Comics Universe back to Disney Marvel. This movie is an extortion and a thinly bailed attempt to keep lucrative rights alive for Fox. Their track record artistically with the FF has been terrible. One thing I do know .. You don’t pick a fight with a Godzilla sized mouse. As I under stand it D has struck back at Fox by killing of the FF in comics and stripping the Fox musical Fanfare from all Star Wars films ( a big deal for fans). In any event this movie will be terrible and the fan community is going to make an example of its non cannonical approach. One big question though .. If you don’t like the Fantastic Four why make the movie ?

    • Alan Walker says:

      A few questions:

      1. Do you actually know what the definition of extortion is…because how can you extort something that you already have in possession? It’s Fox’s property…they’re just utilizing it.

      2. If Fantastic Four is so lucrative of a property, why did Marvel Comics cancel every comic book iteration Marvel’s first family?

      3. This isn’t so much a question as it is a criticism…you suck at metaphors, literally.

      4. Do you honestly know how insignificant the comic book fan community is in terms of cinematic revenue? I’ll throw you a bone…not very!

      5. How can you insinuate…well you did more than “insinuate”….that 20th Century Fox has absolutely no adoration for the Fantastic Four as intellectual property when they’re the one’s who have actually put for a substantial budget for a full length feature film and while Marvel Comics is a separate entity to Marvel Studios/Disney, they couldn’t be bothered to continue the actual comic book? Apparently you all believe that Marvel Studios/Disney had a hand in that. But instead of upheaval and disdain…you all applaud it as some kind of triumph.

      In actuality…it’s woefully apparent you’re just rancorous about 20th Century Fox deciding to adapt the Fantastic Four once again…Maybe you’re a shill to a particular studio company or maybe you can’t decipher that sometimes a different interpretation of source material can lead to bigger and better things? Whatever the case…grow up!

  9. …why? This movie has more bad word of mouth than any “hotly anticipated” movie ever! Why not let’s wait & see, save the praise for later? Trying to bounce back from the worst trailer reaction in comic book movie history? But yeah, I guess it makes sense to just give them praise now, and shower them with accolades 3 and 1/2 months before the release. They’re all very talented, but what the hell is this?

    • Alan Walker says:


      Well simple….it’s a very talented cast…my guess is the people at CinemaCon board committee have a rough cut of the film and decided that they’re performances were so spectacular it warranted an CinemaCon Ensemble Award? Also, last time I checked…no one takes neck-beards whining like banshees online seriously. When you say this had the worst trailer reaction in comic book movie history…allow me to be emphatic when I say…What are you talking about?!

      This film’s teaser trailer received largely positive reviews… Graeme McMillan of The Hollywood Reporter gave the trailer a positive review, stating that it’s a “surprisingly strong step in the right direction for a faithful adaptation of an often-problematic property.” Abraham Riesman of New York’s Vulture also responded to the trailer positively, saying that the film “could be the most innovative and tonally unique marquee superhero movie.” Interest is only growing for it and I firmly believe that every film deserve a shot…if the film doesn’t deliver it will panned…but that’s not what you’re worried about is it? You’re worried that it might get critical acclaim and praise and will undoubtedly get a sequel.

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