‘Fantastic Four’ Director Says the Studio Wrecked His Movie

Fantastic Four: Josh Trank Implies Fox

Director Josh Trank suggested on Thursday that he wasn’t responsible for the final cut of “Fantastic Four,” which has been widely panned by critics prior to its Friday release.

“A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would’ve received great reviews,” he wrote of the 20th Century Fox and Marvel pic. “You’ll probably never see it. That’s reality though.”

The tweet was quickly deleted from his account.

A spokesman for Fox could not be reached for comment.

“Fantastic Four,” starring Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan, has only a 9% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes. Variety critic Brian Lowry wrote that it “feels like a protracted teaser for a more exciting follow-up…that might never happen.”

Trank, who previously directed “Chronicle” for Fox, was scheduled to shoot a “Star Wars” spinoff next for Disney and Lucasfilm but abruptly left the project earlier this year. He later explained his departure, saying that he needed a break from high-profile movies.

“I want to do something original after this because I’ve been living under public scrutiny, as you’ve seen, for the last four years of my life,” he said. “And it’s not healthy for me right now in my life. I want to do something that’s below the radar.”

Speculation emerged following the announcement that Trank been fired from the “Star Wars” film due to erratic behavior on the set of “Fantastic Four.”

“None of those facts were true,” he said. “And any of the facts that were true were spun in such a maliciously wrong way.”

“Fantastic Four,” which cost $120 million to produce, is still expected to debut to $40 million at the box office.

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  1. Patrick Doyle says:

    I watch Fantastic four till the very end so while to me it isn’t all bad. So what goes wrong with some of these movies that could of been great. The writing is what I point too the stories are horrible! Fantastic Four, Green Lantern, Superman, Bloodrayne, Electra, Daredevil, Hulk and so on the stories are stupid. Ironman, Thor, Captain America, Antman, Batman and the Avenger Series so far and built on very creative science fiction with a good story line. I was thinking to myself as I was watching the film that the older series had the better Dr. Doom but this story had the better Reid, Sue and it was a toss up for johnny as both were good. I think they introduced and defeated Doom to soon and is there not anymore villains for the four to fight? Four films, two villains seems a little dumb to me. I hope to see more of the Four but I doubt it unless some other studio does it….

  2. Tim says:

    For an August movie release it wasn’t bad and it kept my attention. Some of these movies have so much overbearing action, it actually puts me to sleep. It basically is a setup for a sequel, which could be good. There was nothing wrong with the story telling, but seemed like someone overcut the film. I’d like to see another version left on the cutting room floor on dvd. If the studio thought they ever had a chance at topping the Avengers, those guys just were naïve. Thought it was better than some of the other Marvel movies like say the 2nd Thor.

  3. Clay says:

    This movie was a big letdown. I wouldn’t have even gone if I had done my research and realized that this want linked to the rest of the marvel universe. But sadly I did. It was really dumb how long it took to explain their powers. Doctor Doom is my favorite marvel character, he is so methodical and villainous. But instead of showing how he plans to destroy the world, he comes in for 5 minutes and dies. What a joke. And then they didn’t link it to the rest of the marvel universe and I was downright done. Sadly I was an idiot and didn’t know that Fox had the movie rights.

  4. Michael says:

    Isn’t a fact true by definition? Yes. That’s a fact. Otherwise it’s a rumor, not a fact.

  5. Eric C. says:

    I recently saw an interview with this guy. He seriously looks a basement dweller that studio exes plucked out and gave him a budget to make a movie.

  6. D says:

    This director who is just starting is kind of full of himself and ungrateful, isn’t he. Biting the hand that feeds him. They are both to blame for the movie’s failure but if he wants to have a career he should sit down and stay quiet.

  7. Dan says:

    From the get go this movie has been a mess, from the director saying he wasn’t going to read or use source material, to the re-imaging of the characters race (which for the most part, is forgivable, but does truly stick out as a attempt to be PC). The studio themselves is to blame as much as the director. They see what Marvel does, they could easily mimic the formula, stick to the source material and give us a FF movie to be proud of. Yet, they feel the need to tinker and change things that don’t need changing. ALSO STOP RETELLING THE ORIGIN, if you must, put it over the starting credits. Jump right in, assume that most people have already seeing the previous versions, we don’t need to sit through another 2 hours of how they got their powers.

  8. Max Walker says:

    I liked the adult version of fantastic four back in 2005 and 2007. I hate the 2015 one. I wouldn’t even see it. Why is it that they always have to do
    Reboots that ruin the old ones? This fantastic four is a grade F-. The old Spider-Man with Toby McGuire is better then the new. They should’ve continued with the old one of fantastic four and the silver surfer 2005 and 2007 which is much better. STOP REBOOTING!! Don’t see any movie that is rebooted. It really SUCKS!

  9. Signore says:

    Isn’t the real problem with the so-called action hero films is that the plot and the characters are always the same? After awhile it’s a case of diminishing returns. How many times can a person watch some shallow-to-the-core super-hero fight some shallow-to-the-core super-nasty. The audience can easily predict what is going to happen, and, are generally right in their prediction. Such banality craves some complexity, some depth of character. some twist that reveals a characteristic unique and not seen before. I realize that a lot of writers can’t get out of the Joseph Campbell hero’s journey mode and in fact think his formula is the only one to follow, nevertheless, if they looked into myths and folktales from other cultures, they would find characters like King Vikram and the vampire or the Chinese stories of the Door-gods, all interesting sources to recreate in a super-hero film. Finally, the politically correct attitude that has infected these films is bothersome. Female heros that act like men is a bore. A sensuous female who has power beyond her sexuality would be an interesting addition instead of the teeny0bopper girls who can talk just like a guy.

  10. Dave says:

    Note to 20th Century Fox, Sony, and Marvel: (raises hand) “I solemnly swear that I will never see a Marvel comic based movie in the theater unless the movie is 100% financed by Marvel with no other Studio associations.”

  11. Jay says:

    Trank screwed the pooch on this one. He made bad desicions and backed horrible ideas.
    First off, casting a Black guy as Johnny Storm was a mistake, but you just had to push a PC agenda and a worldview where a minority demographic absolutely has to be included in your movies to make it more “real”. I hope all your little supporters who defended this position are happy now, that they backed a fourth failed installment of the FF franchise.I got called a racist many times for pointing out that this one change is going to anger many fans and hurt the movies bottom line, and lo and behold I was right…..so basically “I told you so”!

    Second, Trank ignored large swaths of FF history and storylines. Sue and Johnny aren’t related? Doom has powers other than magic and his mind? the FF as government lapdogs? This is not the FF that fans remember, and love. I will give you credit for how they got their powers, another dimension works just as well if not better than being caught in a cosmic space storm, but one good change to the history does not forgiv you for all the bad changes!

    Tranks last mistake, was believing his own hype, his first superpower movie was great. But that is because it was something new and fresh that had no built in fan base to please,you can’t expect the same results from an already established property with decades of stories and a multitude of fans, without doing your research and paying proper respect to the source material. Leave the fresh ideas at home, and give the people what they want to see, a great movie about their favorite comic book. Not a vivid reimagining by Josh Trank!

    • Sb says:

      What exactly is “my win”? I happen to not be black…. THAT response is why people may think YOU as a person are racist. I wasn’t talking about box office money at all. So what people didn’t see it. Who cares. But the actual people who saw the movie knows that it didn’t suck because of the black guy. It sucked because the writing or maybe the editing was horrible and it was boring. And having Zac Efron as the Torch wouldn’t have changed that.

      • Jay says:

        I never assumed you were PC, I’m referring to a specific type of person here, but not you individually, although you may or may not fit the mold.

        As far as bad numbers vs bad movies are concerned, you are correct the don’t have to be the same, but in this case I believe they are. if you liked this movie, more power to ya, but as far as I am concerned, they should have named it something else, because outside the powers and names of the characters, this wasn’t the FF in my book.

      • Sb says:

        I’m not PC. At all. You keep bringing up things that You assume I’m saying. My last sentence in my last response stands as to what I’m saying. Any white actor couldn’t have made the movie suck any less. Period. Again I’m not talking about numbers. Bad numbers do not indicate bad movies. There are a couple box office flops that I enjoy. This movie just lacked all around.

      • Jay says:

        the “my win” comment is in reference to the PC crowd who insist that not having an adequate representation of a minority in a film, makes it unworthy of being made. It wouldn’t be enough to create a new character of color that has a significant role in the movie, it just has to be a core character. This PC crowd does not care about the source material, they don’t care about the opinion of longtime fans, they don’t even care if their actions might make a movie flop, their misplaced sense of social justice trumps all reason or understanding.
        I firmly agree there needs to be more color in comics and movies, but don’t do it at the exspense of 60+ years of stories, instead create bold new characters that are intriguing and that make people want to read or watch. Chronicle was great IMO, I liked Jordan in it, that was a good place to start in making a superhero movie with more people of color, why not put more effort into doing movies like that instead of pissing off fans of another property?

    • Sb says:

      So the writing was lacking because of the black guy? He was actually one of the FEW positives the critics said about the movie…you don’t have to be a racist but your statement is flawed. Jordan didn’t make the movie suck.

      • Jay says:

        I never said the writing was off because Jordan was black. I said casting Johnny Storm as black would anger many fans and hurt the studios bottom line. Fox and Trank turned off a lot of long time fans by using such flagrant PC casting. I know actual comic readers do not have the numbers to get a movie made just for them, but there are enough of them, that they will be missed if they don’t attend the movie. FF was expected to get about $40 million over opening weekend, but only got in the low to mid $20’s. Reviews alone are not a solid indicator of if a movie will make money or not, so I think it’s a pretty easy guess that a lot of fans just didn’t show up because they didn’t like what they saw in previews and articles leading up to the release of this horrible movie. And the most hotly debated issue with this movie has and is the recasting of a lead character as a minority. And I still have not seen a review praising Jordan, I saw a few for Teller and Bell, but Jordan is absent from the reviews I have read.

  12. Kyle says:

    How can you trust a guy to make and edit a movie of this magnitude and they can’t even spell “received” right in their tweet..? Lol

    • Patrick says:

      So you are saying they should have appealed to racist comic book readers? People who use PC are not exactly enlightened.

      • Ish says:

        He’s not racist he’s got a black mate…. haha . MCU movies succeed not because of colour of actors , because they created these characters and treat them with care and respect. Fox is like an abuse step dad that just wants to get the most out of there adopted kid with out nurturing or caring how it grows up. If they really cared they wouldn’t have put this pile of poo out for people to ridicule. They must think the public are really dumb and would rate this movie regardless. umm sorry I lost the point of post .. Lets pretend for a moment the movie was good , your telling me you wouldn’t go see the movie because of a Black Jonny storm . That’s sad bro.

  13. The Dark Deceiver says:

    Ugh, what a dumbass. It’s obvious that it’s his fault, and he’s trying to play the blame game to save face. Let’s hope this failure of a director never gets his hands on another movie again.

  14. Robert Gobar says:

    A Director, whom I’ve never heard of, is complaining about too much public scrutiny?
    This movie was just flat-out bad. A HUGE disappointment. Whoever decided to rewrite the ORIGIN of the Fantastic Four, ought to be BANNED from writing ANYTHING!!!!!

  15. Enquiring Mind says:

    Oh your headline has a typo. Here, I fixed it:

    “Fantastic Four’ Director Says He Never Wants to Work in Hollywood Again”

    It’s always entertaining to watch over-privileged a-holes shoot themselves in the foot.

  16. Richard says:

    Maybe Fox wrecked Trank’s perfect FF movie. I’m certain they made it worse. But Trank is rumored to have stated you don’t need to have ever read a single FF comic book. Maybe you don’t, but only if you don’t care for the source material and want to create your own version. How good would a movie version of “To Kill a Mockingbird” have been if the director didn’t read the book, had no respect for the source material, and believed he could just invent the movie from pieces he’d read about or heard?

    Okay, no. I’m not implying an FF movie could be on the same level as To Kill a Mockingbird. But the point remains true. Yet, people who hate comics and see them as a poor source still make movies out of their subjects, and the resulting movie screams out their attitude. Example? Joel Schumacher and his Batman & Robin.

    Having seen the new Fantastic Four, it appears the movie makers were embarrassed that this was a superhero movie, so they tried to make it “something better”. Through the resulting mess, all that comes a across is the filmmaker(s) didn’t like superhero movies in general or the FF specifically. It’s no more watchable than Batman & Robin, although it is thankfully, 25 minutes shorter.

  17. mark j says:

    lots of people complaining about a black guy playing in the 4, but I dont think its because he’s black its because he’s the typical i wanna be a gangster black guy. Most Americans are fed up with the whole ” lets turn the US into a gang infested, drive by shooting nation.” When you have a white guy play an “outlaw type” you think egotistical. When you think of a black guy doing the same role you think ghetto gangster selling drugs on the street. There lies your problem. Do people want to see your neighborhood gangster turn into a super hero. Not likely. And thus you have a flop. Should have cast the lead character as a black guy or cast the thing as a black dude, because then you could have avoided the gangster mentality that people are so annoyed with.

    • I agree.
      The main thing isn’t so much that Jordan is AA. It was his take on the character. If we want to see “Straight Out of Compton”, we would wait til next week.

      We want to see Luke Cage, Black Panther, Cyborg,and other AA Supers on the screen. We’re not going to tolerate them casting Matt Damon, Mark Walburg, or (heaven help us) Tom Cruise and these iconic Supers.

      We met these characters, we know these characters,we love these characters – WE WANT TO SEE THEM ON THE BIG SCREEN THE WAY THEY WERE CREATED. …period.

      • Me says:

        There is nothing gangster about Jordan. You have to be kidding me. It amazes me how ppl can be racist and then give a bullshit explanation of how they’re not being racist in the same statement. That takes skill. Alot of stupidity to think ppl won’t see what you are doing, but alot of skill also. There is absolutely NOTHING gangster about Jordan in any NVR he has played in or in real life. You ppl are fuckin nuts!

      • Ish says:

        who cares about race, its just a movie . I go to the movies to be entertained. Ive read comics all my life and I have no issues with colour changes either way as long as the movie made it work. ( We are after all talking fantasy world afterall ) . If the actor suck he sucks regardless of colour. If hes good , hes good actor that played the part well. A movie fails because of bad direction and studio influence. I would watch a white cyborg movie.. ( but it would just be a rehash of robocop)..

      • veronica says:

        Well, said, well said. I would also like to add that race changing a white character to black in order to be politically correct is condescending to AA. And yes I am Black.

  18. First he had a bad concept; Then he put it in motion; Then he spit at his core audience for telling him where he went wrong; Now he blames someone else for his ill – conceived debacle and destruction of an iconic American Super-hero tale. Trank is a loser.

  19. Mickey says:

    Trank is a typical millenial. He’s the star of his own soap opera, everything revolves around him, and nothing is his fault.

  20. Manny Bruce says:

    I just saw the movie and I must admit that it wasn’t that bad. Some of the negative comments are exaggerated. Sure there were room for improvement but over all it got the job done. The movie is a darker and of a more dramatic flick. A 180 from the light hearted previous movies. I got where there were trying to go with it. I think the movie did a good job on the characters development and their relationshios to each other but they needed to really show case their powers and added more intensity to the threat. It was a little rushed in that category. Doom was a bad ass but again not enough time in displaying how bad he was . The THING special effects was decent but not great but hey , it took 2 movies before they made a great looking Hulk. If they improve on the special effects and add more intense action , I believe they could have a great franchise. By the way , most of the audience enjoyed it with some applause at the end. Comic book fans like myself ( I was a big FF collector ) needs to loosen up some . Nuff said.

    • Not quite ‘Nuff Said’. Trank is an embarrassment for the way he handled his core fan base who let him know in advance that no matter how good his film was, they would pan it for the liberties he took with changing the origin story and miscasting the actors. The fans didn’t want the race of their beloved Johnny Storm changed without a GOOD reason. Did you think critics would not agree? Trank’s reason was because he has a ‘mixed family’. So What? He should have made the film the ‘Fantastic Trank Family’. Trank did nothing ‘New’ with his approach to the film – he just did it with the Fantastic Four. His instincts were mis-calculated and now he refuses to take responsibility for his childish approach to putting his stamp on an icon property(Think about Peter Jackson’s ‘King Kong’). Trank’s mis-steps on Social Media should be the end of his career. Next time (if he gets a next time) he tries to infuse politics with a comic book Legend in a film, perhaps he’ll err on the side of caution and not be such a big blow hard.

  21. Ambrosia says:

    As an unnamed individual who has worked on movies, studios have time and time ruined many movies. Movie’s that looked like utter shit at time’s have been phenomenal. This isn’t the first time fox has fucked it up for themselves. Remember Sony’s fiasco with spider man 3? A great film series, until 3 came out, Sony forced venom in, and ruined the franchise. Fox already ruined Chronicle, and let’s be real here. Wasn’t the greatest movie of all time, but it was good for what it was. You knew what you were seeing, and what to expect, it was successful critically and financially. Hate it all you want, but it succeeded. Then when the sequel got green lit, what does fox do? Tell him to fuck off with his script because they wanted the exact same movie over again… So he gave them best wishes and moved on, I wouldn’t be shocked if Fox wouldn’t let the film just be. If anything Fox has blew this film series too many times and marvel/disney has given them the finger, sorry, wait not sorry fox time to dress your wounds and give it back you lost in humiliating fashion.

  22. kips says:

    act like an adult don’t point fingers your movie suck accept it

  23. It’s too bad studio intervention was necessary, as according to reports from the set, Trank was erratic, showed a lack of focus on what he wanted the movie to be, may have been high or drunk at times, and was MIA for the last chunk of production. Sounds more like he collapsed under the pressure, and the studio had to come in to fix the mess.

  24. riambek says:

    Saw the movie tonight, and I absolutely had to vent somewhere. I had a bad feeling right off the bat when there was no IMAX or 3D version. The movie builds up like something is going to happen, then there is a BS battle with Doom and its over. As a comic book fan who has thoroughly enjoyed the Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy run, I have to ask, “Why?” Wow, this was bad. I repeated “wow” all the way home. I can’t say there were any memorable scenes, there was no Stan Lee appearance, and there was no teaser at the end. Everything great that I took for granted to see was completely absent. I enjoyed the X-men and Spider-Man movies as well, but the former run features the Infinity Gauntlet plot that they all share. I came into this moving waiting to see how they would bring the Fantastic Four into the Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy mix. I left with the greatest movie disappointment I can remember. If you don’t enjoy comic book based movies, I don’t know why you are reading this. If you do, stay as far away from this movie as you can.

    • ebert311 says:

      I share your pain. I just wanted to tell you that had this movie been a success, they would have only had a crossover with X-Men. It’s based on who owns the rights to certain movie characters. Fox owns both of them so that’s why there could have been a crossover in theory.

  25. Amy F says:

    Chronicle was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. It was so bad that I don’t care if I go see Fantastic Four. I’m gonna see Ant Man again.

  26. JIMMIE says:

    It’s funny though on the commercial for the movie they’re are saying critics everywhere are saying big things about this movie……..yeah lol.

  27. Tony Masters says:

    What really makes this an issue is that Hollywood is literally throwing obscene amounts of money and resources to directors like Trank, David Ayer, and Zach Snyder with the idea that one-trick-pony directors can make a quick, internet-social-media-buzz-driven buck for the studio. None of the studios involved with these directors had the foresight to see their backgrounds before investing heavily into the current franchise-style of superhero cinema. All three (probable exception to Ayers), have a severe lack of experience and fleeting success with most of their work. Trank, only having done TWO other productions, was given $120 (and maybe more) million budget on his second film; Chronicle was a moderate success, relying solely on social media following and overused ‘found-footage’ format of lazy camera directions and cinematography, not to mention forced storyline and evern more dreadful scripting. This is not too different from giving a one-time efficient pizza delivery guy the gift of a Mercedes Benz AMG65 for deliveries, then expecting said driver not to screw up the car on his subsequent runs. Studios should NOT put marketing before green-lighting insipid one-hit-wonder writer/directors and their feeble projects. Just because Lucas got away with making billions with Star Wars doesn’t mean it will happen with every entry-level writer/director that generates more than twenty hits on their Youtube channel.

  28. occultology says:

    Every time you point a finger at someone else, three fingers point straight back at you.

  29. Paully says:

    Cry me a river jerk.. I’m glad Disney/Lucusfiilm won’t let this trash er Trank near Star Wars. Give DF back to Marvel/ Disney..

  30. People are saying they feel bad for the actors. Why?!?! You should read scripts before agreeing to them. The 2005 FF is a great time at the movies, this movie is pitch black, more expensive, bloated and unappealing. Not to mention shitting upon the source material.

    • Cory Huff says:

      Speaking as an actor, a script can be good, even really good, and a lot of things can ruin it. Directors and editors have far more power over how the final film turns out.

    • ComicFanatic says:

      2005 FF is just as bad, if not worse lmao. Doctor (Electro) Doom, Jessica Alba as Sue Storm?? Not to mention the sequel in which arguably the greatest villain in the Marvel Universe is reduced to a cloud.

  31. Cat Webber says:

    You can’t polish a turd. EVERY Fantastic 4 movie has been horrible,add this one to the dump.

  32. Mr. Mike says:

    Maybe the number of overgrown babies going to these movies is decreasing.

    • ComicFanatic says:

      Comic book fans are overgrown babies because they like seeing adaptions of stories they’ve loved? Film elitists are pathetic.

      • Sb says:

        These movies aren’t being made for the comic book fans. They are being made for the new generation of kids. The same kids that probably haven’t touched a real comic in their life. They are the ones who will like the movies that are made.

      • John says:

        No, the problem is their “stories” are getting remade again every five years. In the first 20 years of this century, we’ll have seen no less than 3 NEW versions of Spiderman, with multiple films for each version. That’s sad.

        Make something new. We’ve seen this already.

  33. Carlos Teran says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if WB tinkered with the movie, as Trank never had a final cut. I really hope they never get to produce the sequel, just like it happened to Amazing Spider-man 3.

  34. Jerry says:

    there are too many superhero movies. they are cliched, predictable, and annoying.

    • BernardG says:

      Unlike action, rom com, or horror movies, right? Right? And you said there are too many superhero movies. How many is too many to be exact? Look, i still can count the annual output of superhero movies within my 5 fingers. Compared to action, horror, drama or rom-com, there are hundred of them.
      Yet you are saying they are too much? You are movie elitist snob aren’t you?

  35. WGA says:

    I read all 15 drafts of this project from the very first crack at it from the uncredited writers to the shooting script by Trank. They were all terrible. There was no fantastic version.

    • Frank says:

      Prove it. I actually read a review of the original cut that was screened in February that said it was pretty good. How did it differ? What was different?

  36. swhite says:

    I saw Fantastic Four last night. That is 100 minutes of my life I can never get back. It was painful. It took forever for the storyline to develop, and then when it did it was ridiculous. The characters never really connected. I felt sorry for the actors. They did the best they could with the writing they were presented with. I ended up never rooting for any of them. There was nothing there to root for. By the end of the movie I didn’t care whether they won or not. I just wanted it to be over.

  37. mefive says:

    Trank sank this movie with his ‘vision’ A black Jonny Storm, a warped version of Dr, Doom and completely ignoring the source material, was a recipe for disaster.

    • Sb says:

      Yes because the black Torch is why the movie sucked…it has nothing to do with the writing…and the editing was great…but the black guy ruined it all…and how DARE they have a black family adopt a, very appropriately cast, white girl..The blasphemy of it all!!

      • Jay says:

        I was critical of a black Johnny Storm, and for almost a year many other FF fans were critical of this decision as well. And do you know what almost everyone who didn’t want a black Johnny Storm said? They said they would not see this movie. Judging by the total profits on opening weekend, it appears that most fanboys lived up to their word, they didn’t want to see this PC Johnny Storm, and the movie suffered because of it. So yeah johnnys race had a lot to do with this horrible movie. Call me racist all you like, call all the fanboys who didn’t see it racists too, the bottom line is the comic community voted with their money this weekend, and said they don’t want their core stars changed so dramatically to suit the “colorblind casting” crowd. We want a white Johnny Storm, a black Luke Cage, and a purple Thanos. So enjoy your win while you can, the failure of this movie, is almost certainly going to make movie studios think twice before making such sweeping changes again.

    • ComicFanatic says:

      The black Johnny Storm had nothing to do with anything. Johnny’s characterization has nothing to do with him being white, and everything to do with him being a hot-headed smart ass. This film suffered from script problems, not casting problems. Multiple reviews say Johnny was the only one who gave this film his all.


        Well, I might as well be called a racist too or an uncle tom,since I don’t subcribe to the PC crowd hijacking of establish characters either. I’m BLACK ( and NO, I don’t know ALL Black people and “we” aren’t a hive mind borg ) I’ve been reading these comic books for years an I want the characters I KNOW to be what they are portrayed in the comic books to be the same on screen as well. I know that the sole failure of this movie isn’t because of .Jordan, obviously but the overall disregard for source material characterization an underestimation of the comic book fan base that DOES pack a punch when they want to( the fantastic 4 comic books have 60 years of history that’s been long sucessful before the arrogant FOX and their lack luster comic book movies came along, directed by even more egotistical directors ) I HOPE this is a BIG BLOW to FOX an a sure WIN for Marvel, imagine the quality of a F4 film(even the XMEN,since FOX screws over the XMEN too IMHO) if done by those who have the UPMOST UTMOST (what ever) respect for their own work,and that’s MARVEL ent. THE XMEN maybe FOX’S cash cow. but their attempts to keep up with MARVEL is cute but utterly laughable when it comes to the xmen, since they have “stepped their game up” by way of quasi reboots like “1st class ” and days of future past, STILL, Marvel would OWN FOX if it had the rights back to F4 and the XMEN. example: ROGUE WOULD BE Rogue and Wolverine wouldn’t be THBC Beyonce.

      • No PC says:

        I collected comics throughout my childhood. I amassed over 10,000 comics. Fantastic Four was among my favorites. I am close to a lot of comic store owners and I will say that almost all my fellow collectors refuse to see a Black Johnny Storm. Why? Because Johnny Storm was never black and peoe won’t tolerate rewriting history like we are simple victims of PC.

  38. Manny Bruce says:

    To follow up I think the Studio couldn’t get a big name Director to touch the script so they gave the job to Mr. Trank and he jumped at it thinking it was his big break. He forgot the saying that ‘ All that shines isn’t gold ‘ . Mr Frank got pimped by Fox. Fox Studio smacked him around to direct a film that he had little control over the finished product and if the film flops he will be on the front line. FOX wouldn’t have gotten away with this on a big name Director because they would have had the clout to put in certain product development protections in their contracts inorder to protect their reputation . Now Mr Trank is demoralized and disgusted with the Hollywood system. The Hollywood machine will chew up and spit out a bright eye inexperience new jack Director. I guess he didn’t get the memo. Next !!

  39. Chris says:

    Josh Trank’s Chronicle is an absolute masterpiece! He should have made a sequel to that movie instead of deciding to do this reboot

    • Jay says:

      I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece, but I certainly did enjoy chronicle, and would not have missed a sequel. But after screwing with FF so badly, I will never see another Josh Trank movie again.

      • Vice says:

        According to josh trank the studio interfered with his vision. Stop putting all the blame on him when you don’t even know what the hell is going on behind the scenes .

  40. Manny Bruce says:

    I thought the Writer is responsible for the plot content of a movie and the Director is responsible of transferring the Writer’s script to the camera with some liberties to make minor script changes but any major script changes from what the Studio green lighted to finance must be made by the Studio. The Director do decides on the actors casting but the script determines characters set up and the Director selects the best actors that will perform to the characters of the script. So basically the movie is already written by the time a Director is hired. Unless , he was hired as a Writer and a Director.

  41. matt savage says:

    No Josh Trash. You sabotaged your own movie with a piss-poorly thought out cast, a rediculous re-imagining of the franchise, and blatant disregard and lack of respect for the source material. Don’t blame the studio. Point the finger at yourself. You hack! If the movie bombs, and there’s a high probability that will happen, the failure is on YOUR hands. Nobody else. A failure that is deserved.

    • ComicFanatic says:

      The movie is clearly heavily inspired by Ultimate FF. The cast wasn’t the problem, read a review of it. The cast is consistently one of the only things praised, but people like to clamor after that because “oh no, Johnny Storm is black”.

      And there were multiple rumors before the release of the movie that stated that Fox was interfering with Trank’s original vision. The film may be getting shit reviews, but unless we were there to see why, you can’t lay blame on Trank.

      • Jay says:

        I have read about 20 or so reviews of this movie, and only three had anything positive to say about the cast, and that way exclusively about Miles Teller or Jaime Bell, not Michael B Jordan. In fact they leave Jordan’s name out of every review I have read, it’s almost like the reviewers are too scared to say his was miscast, I wonder why that might be? Oh yeah that’s right, you can’t say anything against a minority without being labeled a racist and blackballed in your entertainment career.

        Stop defending this horrible movie, and just admit, Trank and his Casting stink!

    • Elijah says:

      i dont think he did. the Fox has always sucked at making movies, so chances are he’s telling the truth. stop being a hater

  42. Anonymous says:

    Guy is a total hack anyway.

    • Tony Masters says:

      True that on both! Trank’s Chronicle massively sucked and Fox’s history with comic book franchises (yes, I am going there!) suck. Sorry, Singer and Ratner’s X-Men series were atrocious while Fantastic Four, Daredevil, and Elektra were just god-awful. No excuse for the director OR Fox; both should stop what they’re doing and really rethink their next step if they want to last in the business.

  43. JoelR says:

    Fox is known for this. From DAREDEVIL to EXODUS, Fox has recut or made the director recut numerous films. When the director;s version is made available (as was done with DAREDEVIL and KINGDOM OF HEAVEN), the results are films which are superior to what the studio released theatrically.

  44. Brian Urso says:


    • wilavitt says:

      WTF is “AVENGERS AGE OF APOCALYPSE”? Did you mean “Age of Ultron”? Jesus, dude, just quit commenting. You obviously don’t know anything you’re talking about.

      • Jay says:

        To be fair, Avengers age of Apocalypse does sound pretty tempting. I wouldn’t mind seeing a storyline covering this pairing.

  45. Phade says:

    “He later explained his departure, saying that he needed a break from high-profile movies.” He needed a BREAK FROM HIGH-PROFILE MOVIES, eh? He’s done ONE “high-profile” film, this one, and it’s obviously bad. Chronicle itself wasn’t even mid-profile, it had a meager $12M budget and did well so this hack thinks his “next big thing” status is in jeopardy. A grand total of TWO movies under his belt and he needs a break. Yea…poor guy.

  46. Sith McGarbage says:

    “I want to do something that’s below the radar.”

    He’ll be lucky to film Chronicle 2 in his backyard with sock puppets after this chokejob.

  47. ObserverMI says:

    Can no one take responsibility any more? Have to always ‘blame it’ and ‘point fingers’ at others for what they did? Weak.

    He signed on the dotted line, knew what he was getting into, that he didn’t have final cut and all the other factors yet…. he blames others.

    Grow up child. It’s probably a good idea (not his own I bet), he takes a ‘break’ from all the so called pressure.
    Yea, give the next project to an appreciative, hungry adult.

  48. Andy says:

    No, by all accounts you had an even darker, less faithful version. It might have been more coherent, but it still would have been utterly misguided. People don’t just dislike it because of the story, they dislike it equally because of the ethos.

  49. Phil Ayling says:

    He wants a break from “high profile movies.” His tweet will probably help move that along.

  50. David says:

    In other news, humanity is not responsible for global warming, Fukushima, or Kayne West.

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