Donald Trump Mocks Obama for Watching ‘Star Wars’

Donald Trump Mocks Obama for Watching
Courtesy of Disney/Rex Shutterstock

The force is evidently not with Donald Trump.

The Republican presidential candidate shared a video via social media that boldly accuses President Obama of prioritizing “Star Wars” over the war on ISIS.

The 15-second clip, which Trump captioned “We need a real President!,” begins with the typed statement “We are in a serious war,” and is followed with images from a news stories about ISIS members obtaining fake passports and coverage of both the Paris terror attacks and the San Bernardino mass shooting — the Paris attack is believed to be linked to the militant group, but the San Bernardino shooters pledged allegiance to the group on social media and then deleted the posts.. The choppy clips then fade to a black screen that reads, “Our president is busy with another war,” followed by a clip of Obama saying, “OK everybody, I gotta get to ‘Star Wars.'”

The president was referring to the Dec. 18 White House screening of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” that he and wife Michelle hosted for families of fallen soldiers.

The ad leaves viewers with the message, “Time for a leader with real priorities.”

Watch the full video below:

We need a real President!

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  1. Margaret says:

    I am beginning to cringe everytime Trump opens his mouth

  2. Lauren says:

    Another “pump for Trump” here, as it is presented from one side only.

  3. Sam says:

    I am a brown Asian who doesn’t live in U.S., I like Trump and want him to be Preident of US. This is why.
    U.S. President is very important for world security and stability. Look at how Obama has failed the world. When ISIS was raiding Iraq and collecting thousands of Tanks & armoured vehicles & arms, Obama did nothing. He only approved action when months later ISIS started genocide of Yazidis. Destroying Yazidi families, killing men in front of women & then raping those women & justifying it with Islam. I have yet to hear word “Yazidi” from Obama or condemn their genocide. So much for protector of minorities. I think he was pushed into action. ISIS became strong because of the 1. arms which US & its allies gave to Struan rebels who in turn switched to ISIS. Turkey has been openly supporting ISIS. Erdogan is closest friend of Obama and he has been openly playing this double game. ISIS also looted Iraq arms including thousand of Tanks & APC’s and transported it openly. Obama did not care to bomb them till they gained strength and he could no longer justify being non involved. So Obama has lost trust of decent people of the world that he cares about world peace. Obama has shown that he didn’t care about Paris attacks. ISIS has been smuggling billions worth oil through Turkey and Obama had prohibited his Air Force from attacking those tankers so that civilian drivers stealing & aiding ISIS are not killed. Are you Democrats so foolish to buy that. Erdogan & Turkey are involved in this trade & Obama is helping. It was only when Putin started bombing these oil tankers that U.S. followed. Today most of the world respects Putin more than Obama including French Preident.

    That aside why are people calling Trump racist. He said “Mexico is sending its criminals to US through illegal immigration” he didn’t say “Latinos are criminals” which most leftists in U.S. accuse him of. That is unfair and when people see that they support Trump. Besides I have never seen Trump say anything racist. Even Don Lemon of CNN doesn’t think Trump is racist. While Obama always indulges in race baiting. His administration has disproportionate number of black people & he spent 20 years in a racist black chick which regularly curses whites & US.

    I can keep going on at the amount of hypocrisy in Anerican left and that is why I like Trump who is. Straightforward. He talks and tweets extemporaneously and if you do that it is natural that you will say things which can be controversial. But trust me controversial extemporaneous is better than staged political correctness

    • Bill B. says:

      I am so glad that you do not live in the U.S.

      • jsm1963 says:

        Also, the U.S. has been bombing the ISIS oil infrastructure for more than a year before Trump’s comments. They must have nothing but Fox News® in your country.

      • jsm1963 says:

        “While Obama always indulges in race baiting. His administration has disproportionate number of black people…” That quote from your little essay demonstrates that you have know idea what you’re talking about. And what’s a disproportionate number of black people? Not enough brown Asians for you? Shouldn’t he just be hiring the best person for the job regardless of race? I won’t hold my breath waiting for your answer.

      • Carlos says:

        Sam, you seem fixed in the word Mexico. Mexican is the word some people call Latinos in California. Puerto Ricans in NY and Cubans in Miami. I don’t have to be born in Mexico to take offense becuase my wife was born in Mexico.

      • PullThe OtherOne says:

        The mere fact you started off by saying “I’m a brown Asian…” tells me you’re a white guy. Not even a decent attempt, dude. Geez!

  4. lee says:

    Donald Trump! He is already a great leader, as Obama and all running for office try to imitate and implement (If only for show) his proposed policies. He dominates the political landscape and sets the agenda.
    Trump, Cruz, Carson are on top, and in agreement. Trump will be the nominee and all the supporters of Cruz ,Carson and even Rubio and others will go to Trump over 90%. Trump is a very hard worker he is averaging a speech a day since he announced. Makes the others look lazy especially Hillary and the Communist Bernie Sanders. I predict Trump will win in a landslide never seen before in any country because our government has become a one party system with the Republican establishment pretending to be conservative while lining their pockets and not keeping their promises. They are of the Government, by the government and for the government. Trump is of the people, by the people and for the people! And the constitution! A self made man. A wonderful example.
    TRUMP 2016!!!!!, Hillary for prison 2016, “the energizer” And Bill can’t help her. Bernie should move to China or North Korea they agree with him and take Bill Ayers and the Clinton’s with him. Then they can live in what they aspire to.
    GO TRUMP a truly great leader! Who truly love America and what it stands for!

    • BlueCornMoon says:

      Sam is just some lowlife white guy trying to pose as an Asian. Trump is a disgrace to the USA. A loudmouthed bigot who’s only out there to make sure the most ignorant people in the US get out & vote based on his lies & misinformation even tho he has been caught in one lie after another. H

    • lisagblanck says:

      hahahahaha, now go turn off Fox. Trump doesn’t exactly DO anything. He lipflaps nastily about what others do, but never says anything concrete about his own plans. He has to hire people to give him his ideas. If they don’t work, they’re fired. He can’t set an agenda… he can’t even set a table. He doesn’t do “a speech a day”, he has flunkies to make sure his one speech is farmed out to every news organization that will air his fluff and nonsense. Keep that head in the sand, and your ear on your heartbeat, because it’s gonna stop when Trump gets DUMPED.

    • SmokeySteve says:

      @jism1963 – The U.S., under 0bama, has not been bombing the oil infrastructure in Syria or Iraq. They are more interested in preventing environmental damage than saving the lives of innocent people being slaughtered. Not one oil well was bombed. They hit some trucks recently but not the source of the oil.

      If you are going to support 0bama no matter what he does then fine. But don’t lie for him and attempt to call it fact.

      • jsm1963 says:

        No reason to lie:

        “The U.S. had been conducting limited airstrikes against the terrorist group’s oil infrastructure for more than a year, but significantly stepped up the intensity of its attacks when it launched “Operation Tidal Wave II” on Oct. 21.” –

        See article “Coalition Aircraft Disable ISIL Refineries in Syria,”, DoD website, September 15, 2014

        Also, “Airstrikes Destroy ISIL Oil Infrastructure, Tactical Vehicles,” DoD website, June 8, 2015

    • Mike says:

      Could you explain Trumps policies? Here, let me help… NOTHING! Trump casts dispersions at everybody but offers NOTHING! NOTHING!

      Come on, try it… explain just ONE policy chump has campaigned on… and I’m not talking about his bombastic BS. What are chumps hardcore policies?

      • Sam says:

        Could you explain Obama’s policy on ISIS. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING. Isis is experimenting with Chemical weapons & it is just a matter of time when it plants them is underground trains at large scale killing potentially hundreds of thousands and Obama orders US Air Force not to bomb ISIS Oil infrastructure because it will kill civilian drivers who help ISIS steal it. Obama’s policy to arm Syrian Rebels who side switched to ISIS gave rise to the monster which is now out of control
        Trump has been saying for a year now to bomb ISIS Oil infrastructure & now US is doing it after Putin started to do it

  5. Augustus says:

    How much time is he gong to spend dying his ridiculous hair?

  6. Diana says:

    Hosting the movie for the family of fallen soldiers is commendable and for someone to find fault with the President for doing something good only goes to show how far Donald Trump will go for headlines and grandstanding. He cannot even acknowledge kindness. Just because the president was watching Star Wars with the families is NOT an indication of a lack of focus but caring of people which is what is lacking in Donald a Trump.

  7. jow clinton says:

    TRUMP all the way, he is the only one that says what he wants and not worry about the PC police.. GO Trump..Obama is weak and still inept 8 years later.. show the world what a real leader looks like, not some wimp putz golfer wanna be

  8. Terry Salrter says:

    Liberals are not normal people,but they draw the crazies like fly’s to a dog turd.

  9. ACR Scout says:

    I served a career in the Army, when we were at war, and I was in the hostile fire zones I worked a 7 day work week, usually 18-20 hour workdays and caught the 4-6 hours sleep when I could, usually cat napping because the other side did not work an a set schedule . Even when I was not in the combat zone, safe here in the states I worked 10-12 hour days, still seven days a week. Now that I am retired, I still work 8 hours a day and I have not been to a movie in over a year, Star Wars included. Obama’s lame excuse that he “needs his sleep” just an indicator of the low quality of leadership our troops have in this CinC.

  10. says:

    Happy new years eve Donald. Enjoy ur self. We can regroup n the morning.
    Just wondering would you actually stay at white house or just use as a offic re

  11. Alpha says:

    Obama should be busy running the world without distractions like posing for photos and walking just for exercise. What really ticks me off is that I recently learned Obama does absolutely nothing for several hours a day, every day! And his BS excuse is that he needs his sleep. And he sits down to eat and takes his time enjoying his food. The most powerful man in the world should use every available amount of time solving the world’s problems by using medical technology to refrain from lazy sleeping, and act like the wise man he should try to be by walking with an IV nutrition bag and colostomy bag and stop wasting his damn time doing foolish things getting in the way of acting like a true leader!

  12. People take Donald so literally… Its obvious to me that he was specifically talking about this but criticizing the president and general for his lack of prioritizing the war on Isis… And terrorists in general. The presidents lack of attention in favor of movie watching, Golf etc etc is what he and I are tired of. Of course, President Obama considers Isis the JV team!

  13. Me says:

    If Trump the duck sticks lips out any further. He could look like Jar Jar Brinks. Stupidity that comes from his mouth matches that of Jar Jar.

  14. Nonof Yerbiziness says:

    Yeah, Don ! That’s the way to win…Mock the MILLIONS of Star Wars fans ! Dumass !

  15. Christina says:

    Yet Trump took 10 minutes today talking about he likes hair spray better than foam!!! He is a clown!!!

  16. Trumpa the Hairpiece has spoken with his foot in his mouth again. He was watching ” The Donald Does Dallas” about the same time.

  17. Nick says:

    I feel bad for the Apprentice guy, because he will never get to see a movie in the White House movie theater, and that has to hurt his ego like nothing else.
    He will always be just an apprentice.

  18. Nick says:

    Who is this Donald guy? Anyway, good for president Obama enjoying a good American movie.

  19. YNagato says:

    Trump only permit people to watch “The Apprentice.”

  20. TryThinking1956 says:

    Why is anyone listening to the crazy shite coming from the mouth of this racist pig with a severe inferiority complex? As long as folks take his ramblings seriously, he will be news. Donald Trump is a sexist, racist, xenophobe with delusions of grandeur. His racist, German father was a despicable slumlord who preyed on the most vulnerable New Yorkers of Hispanic and Black origins, fattening his bank account as his tenants braved cold, rats, roaches and street criminals. This is the legacy that the younger Trump built his “empire” on…with the backing of the thugs who owed his father favors and who allowed him to continue to build on his father’s criminal activities. He married 3 women of questionable background – all of whom were at some point prostitutes. Donald Trump is a dangerous, unhinged egotist who uses the inherent racism of his followers to create chaos. He cares not for the damages he leaves behind – only for the opportunity to all the people who never accepted him into their social circles because of his family’s Nazi origins and poor white trash background. Why do you think he had to pay people to attend his wedding to the Eastern European prostitute he currently calls his wife? You all don’t know this piece of feces…

    • craig says:

      And you do. All you do is throw out these words about Trump hoping that some will stick. But any one who has seen Trump in public, at a speech or even on his tv show knows your more insulting than him. You took your ideas and turned them so negative about Trump that no one will now believe. Lighten up your pants are to tight.

  21. Will says:

    In the military you basically work 24/7. I mean normally you would do 40 hours a week, but they can call you anytime including during leave. I went in during a time after 9/11 which turned our 40 hour week to almost 80. I am pretty sure the presidents job is likely the same. He is more than likely working even on vacations. God forbid he sit down a couple hoirs to watch a movie.

  22. Katy says:

    Obama certainly knows it’s all about us (the good) against (him) the evil.

  23. Hubert Williams says:

    So Trump has something against honoring our fallen soldiers and he wants to be their commander in chief. Amazing

  24. 8james38 says:

    Trump, you are just such a total jerk. Incredible.

  25. Rosemarie Camacho says:

    Trump for President!

  26. Jack Christian says:

    Donald, whatever you are, thanks for telling it like it is.

    • lisagblanck says:

      Please move to Canada. or Mexico. You’re wasting our air here in the US.

    • Mike Vasuvious says:

      What exactly is he “telling like it is….” He’s rude, boorish and has a sad, sad lack of facts—he’s not telling it like it is, he’s telling it like you WANT it to be–a racist, mean spirited country who solves everything by insult and injury! Just unbelievably stupid that anyone supports this moron!

  27. Steve says:

    You can never satisfy Republicans. They’ve hated everything Obama has ever done as president but if he’s not being presidential 100% of the time they’re still furious.

  28. Brad75287 says:

    Trump spoiled, No not really he can be a jerk it isn’t like he married into a political position or moved to a state where he’d never lived to run for Senate and get Sec of State job as “participation medal”. Or had a Father and brother was president. Or used his ethnicity to get a political sugar daddy and lie to people in florida about his position on immigration to get elected while taking his entire family on vacation on a borrowed credit card.

    So if you are going for “not spoiled” who would you want Cruz or Trump ? I’d pick Trump.

    • Will says:

      They need to find a different republican. Trump has a mouth that is going to get him in trouble. He needs a filter. Republicans need a George H Bush. He only did one term. Its too bad he is 90 now. He was the best Republican president in my lifetime. He did what was needed to be done and not what was popular, because that is what a President of a Republic is suppose to do and sadly I think thats why he lost.

      • Anthony says:

        As a democrat, even I respected Bush Sr. But he was too moderate, and these days moderate just ends up putting you in a position where only a few people can respect your nuances while everyone else finds something to be dissatisfied about.

  29. Nonuna Persona says:

    Donald Trump is a spoiled little 69 year old brat.

  30. louise_1 says:

    Donald Trump is such an ignorant person. Not to mention he’s such an embarrassment even with money.

  31. SteveD says:

    Trump is living proof that you can earn billions, be very famous and successful in life, and STILL be a loser.

  32. Tony says:

    Donald Trump must be a twilight fan.

  33. Isn’t the society that the President of the United States is obligated to defend more than just the attention paid to terrorists?

  34. RAWR says:

    Misleading title. Trump isn’t mocking Obama for watching Star Wars. He is mocking Obama for not getting his priorities straight – watching movies while ignoring terrorists.

    • Judy says:

      Special showing at the White House for military families of fallen soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan . . . that is the “Star Wars” premiere President Obama was attending. Sounds like his priorities are right in order to me. Without those other two wars, we wouldn’t be embroiled with “daesh” (ISIL/ISIS) right now. Think about it.

  35. Tired of This Dude says:

    I believe Commanders-In-Chief have been watching flicks in the White House for DECADES. Mr. Trump is a total buzzkill.

  36. Hey Donald! I will keep it short. Please grow up already! We are all in this mess together.So lets all try together to get out of it!

    • Judy says:

      Yes! So true! Grow up, Trump . . . such a sassy bratty person he is showing us. A President of the USA needs more of “all the right stuff” than “The Donald” is showing us.

  37. chris says:

    i’m a republican and i’m so tired of Trump acting like a classless cur. He is proof that a significant number of people, when frustrated with the status quo, will follow a subpar politician straight into the gutter.

  38. Ben says:

    Lol Frump is a joke and just needs to drop out no better yet win the republican nomination so Hillary can wipe her ass with him….

    • Brad75287 says:

      Wipe the floor with him ? Now she is only allowing questions from people under 12 at her town hall meetings because she doesn’t want questions about her husband that would make the writers on Mad Men blush.

  39. Lola says:

    When I first read the headline all I could think was give the president a 2-3 hour break to watch a movie. The president is still human but I understood slightly where the idiotic trump was coming from (in no way did I agree with his comments and don’t think the president seeing Star Wars was bad but I guess I could somewhat understand how that may look bad). Then I read the article and I realized just how evil and how crapy of a man trump is. He failed to mention in his stupid little video that the president was seeing it with families of fallen soldiers. He wasn’t seeing it just for kicks. He was seeing it and spending time with the families of people who died for our country! That is a great thing to interact directly with these families and show these families that the president cares and is thankful. Trump failed to mention that! He’s such a disgusting, lying pig who changes every truth to his advantage. If he becomes president, I’m completely embarrassed and don’t want anything to do with this country! That man is terrible. I can’t find any good in him. In all my years of voting, I have never been this passionate about hoping someone looses. In all other elections I could accept that the person I didn’t vote for lost and a different person became president. But I can’t accept this man. He makes me so upset with disgust….. I really don’t know what else to say!

  40. Ken says:

    The president was referring to the Dec. 18 White House screening of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” that he and wife Michelle hosted for families of fallen soldiers.

    Apparently the Presidents Priorities include families of fallen soldiers. Donald, your a tool.

  41. ISIS is an international organization of cut-throaters, rapists, sadists and lying pseudo-religious psychotics. However, the last time I checked, the Paris terror attack was in France, and this is a United States election. Pres. Obama could have done nothing about the tragic episodes in Paris. Apparently, Mr. Trump, such a paragon of warrior-class bravado and martial experience, feels differently.

    Ergo his bloated ego (or campaign rhetoric), if the Donald is so gung-ho to put ISIS on ice, I am sure he would gain many votes if he would demonstrate the courage to slip into an outfit of brawny BDUs, strap on weapons and ammo, button up in an MRAP, and deploy to Syria or Iraq to show his voter base how he would Rambo-dispatch these monsters of the collective human id. That is, if he is not too busy mulling the take of his branded casino and high-rise empire, as he whispers to suppress talk of his several taxpayer-subsidized bankruptcies. May the farce be with him.

    • Brad75287 says:

      Uhm… you don’t know how ISIS developed do you ? ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria… ISIS was created because Obama pulled out of Iraq. (we created ISIS)

      • racqueteer says:

        *Buzzer* ISIS didn’t start in Iraq. Nice try though.

      • Hubert Williams says:

        If Carter had stood up to thugs in the first place we probably could have curtailed this problem before it grew. Or, perhaps we could blame the Shah of Iran for getting himself replaced by the Islam radicals and the US for giving the Shah refuge. There is plenty of blame to go around. At the center is we the American People elected people to act in our behalf that refuse to act on anything but what is in their parties best interests. Not their constituents, just the Party.

      • 8james38 says:

        No, Brad. Not because Obama did what Iraq asked him to do. They wanted the US out, and then they fell flat on their faces. Now they seem to be getting somewhat together – after asking for some US help again.

        But what created ISIS? The war that GW Bush started, and then continued with the stupidest mistake made by the US in many years – disbanding the Iraqi Army. That one mistake left all the soldiers and officers of Iraq without a job, and furious. They form the backbone of ISIS. It was GW Bush and the idiots he had working for him. Read some history, Brad, because you weren’t paying attention while it was all happening.

  42. Shining Genji says:

    yup, and the President wasting his time with the families of service men and women who died, loser soldiers every single one of them. Like McCain letting himself get captured so that he could hide out in a North Vietnam POW camp while the real heroes kept fighting, and the Donald himself got draft deferment after draft deferment — but hey, going to an expensive military (high) school was exactly like being in the real Army, according to the Trumpster.. But real hero soldiers kill the enemy and do not allow themselves to be killed by the enemy, obviously, and real presidents do not have the families of loser soldiers visit the White House.

  43. Josh Mernes says:

    Another inane comment from the King of Idiocy…

    • ACR Scout says:


      Yours is without a doubt the most ignorant, idiotic, vitriolic rant posted on this thread.

      Obama neither attended a military school (like Trump) nor served a day in uniform (like McCain), but he has the arrogance and audacity to constantly offer lip service to the troops while behind the scenes attempting to cut veterans benefits, while claiming to enhance them.

      Case in point was his failed plan to force soldiers to buy health insurance out of their meager pay, so that he could divert the cash currently going to the VA, to pay for Obama care.

      Anything and everything Obama has done in office, has never been about “compassion”, it has been a pure political calculation, nothing more.

    • niko says:

      WTF???!!! are you talking about???. OBAMA does not make it a priority to thank the US soldiers. TRUMP does at every chance he gets. Thats a fact and he is very outspoken about over hauling the VA that has allowed VETS to DIE under O-Fvucktards watch. Its clear your bias against TRUMP has superseded your ability to grasp reality.

      • Will says:

        That VA system has been broken long before Obama, Bush, and Bill. The VA varies between states. It is the states that are responsible after they receive the funding from the federal gonverment. Thats why we have states like Utah that has a outstanding VA and Louisiana has a horrendous VA. Also congressmen are ultimately responsible for the VA.

      • Hubert Williams says:

        Yes, we know he has “Great respect” for everybody and everything. Not to mention “Wonderful relationships” with them also.

    • niko says:

      hahah, Im glad Trump scares you and obviously intimidates you, you should be scared because its about time your PC tin god O-LOOSER, falls and takes your liberal BS culture with it.

      • Will says:

        In certain situations I agree with you that PC has gone overboard, but in most situation political correctness has now become a term for ass holes to throw around to justify their continuance of wanting to be ass holes.

  44. Josh Mernes says:

    Look in the mirror and you’ll find the REAL joke, your Royal Tinfoilness…

  45. Alex says:

    I guess Trump missed the part where Obama wasn’t screening Star Wars for just himself.

    • Brad75287 says:

      I think you are taking the analogy a little too seriously… somewhere Jon Stewart is face palming because of your comment.

  46. Dunstan says:

    Donald Trump may be leading in the polls of Republicans but it’s time the media stopped reporting every assinine thing that comes out of his mouth.

    Trump is nothing more than a bully, a narcissist and a mental defective. He has no grasp of the real world and would be the worst president of all time. He is woefully misinformed and uninformed.

    And he has no neck.

  47. Marie says:

    So it is easy to state Trump doesn’t know how to have a sense of humor. Making comments about Star Wars is completely inappropriate but making strange comments about your daughter (like if she weren’t your daughter you would date her) is what a real president would do, right Trump?
    Before anyone ask he did make those type of comments, even the Daily Show made fun of it.

    • t says:

      Lets see Trump was of age to fight in Vietnam. hmmm

    • “Has done nothing,” Well, Niko, define “nothing.” As of last month, U.S. warplanes were RUNNING OUT OF BOMBS TO DROP. I’ll repeat that, with a bit of extra information so your apparently subdued IQ can process the concept. This “do-nothing” president has authorized the regional U.S. military leaders to strike with U.S. warplanes wherever and whenever necessary or possible. Here, I’ll share a piece from Fox News with you, since that may well be where you get the bulk of your “information.” Just to be clear, the headline says: US Air Force running out of bombs to fight ISIS

      Umm, since the use of U.S. military force usually follows the directives of THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF, I would say to you that if this is a “do nothing” president, please purchase a ticket for Syria or Iraq and go hang out in an ISIS position for a while. We look forward to your report.

    • joe m says:

      Ahh the daily show everyones source of real news

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