Director Uwe Boll Slams Hollywood Stars, Says ‘F–k You’ to Fans in Video Rant

Uwe Boll Video to Fans: 'F--k

Director Uwe Boll went on an expletive-laden rant on Sunday after his new film struggled to reach its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter.

He also blasted Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Robert Downey Jr., who are “laughing” at low-income families who pay to see their “Marvel Avengers bulls–t dirt.”

“Basically my message is ‘f–k yourself’,” the German filmmaker told movie fans. Boll also ridiculed the staff at Kickstarter, who he said manipulated him into thinking his new movie, “Rampage 3: No Mercy,” could raise $55,000 in a month.

The sequel to “Rampage,” his 2009 film, has only raised $24,500 with three days left. It’s the third failed attempt to reach the target goal after efforts on similar sites like Indiegogo.

“What retarded amateur idiots collecting money on that website,” he said of Kickstarter. “For me crowd funding is absolutely dead.”

“I have enough money to play golf until I’m dead,” he added.

Boll is well-known in the film blogosphere for his temper. In 2006, he famously challenged movie critics to fight him in the boxing ring. Footage from the matches was used on the DVD extras of his horror pic “Postal.” He also invited directors Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary to step into the ring. Both filmmakers declined.

In one of the two videos posted on Sunday, Boll also blasted Hollywood’s newest investors in countries like China and India: “I’ll find another Chinese, Alibaba idiot…who wants to see his f—king yacht in Cannes to f–k supermodels. That is the movie business!”

“Iron Man does not exist. Captain America does not exist,” he said. “Wake the f–k up!”

WATCH: Boll rips Kickstarter, fans:

WATCH: Director slams Brad Pitt, George Clooney and more

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  1. Psy Ops says:

    All three Rampage movies were great. If President Trump did not win, you would be staring Bill and a million others in the face. We were so close to total civil war that if you didn’t see it, you would die on the ground. People were on the edge of the last straw with lies, sin, sillicone valley and politispeak you just don’t know how lucky you are.

  2. Josh says:

    This guy is as out of touch with reality as he accuses others of being. First, if he’s got so much money, and can’t raise enough to make his film, why not just pay for it himself? Worried his amazing film and stupendous directing won’t get a return on his investment? Hmmm? Secondly, he accuses movies like Iron Man and Captain America of being bullshit, as if his movie Rampage isn’t part of the same action, over-the-top, hero, implausible shit (go to IMDB and look at the list of “important” films he’s directed and produced). Thirdly, is Rampage 3 REALLY an important movie?? Fourthly, sounds like his only attempt to do something about the genocide in Darfour was to make a movie about it. Wow! Helpful. Fifth, is he actually having a tantrum because Clooney was only interested in pushing his own movie? Duh! I didn’t hear Mr. Boll talk about helping anybody else with their struggling films. Sixth, what has he done to help with the problems in Darfour since failing to make a film about them? Seven, he’s sitting here calling people out as pussies and assholes while we’ve just sat through listening to some whiny, whoa-is-me, overly egotistical baby have a tantrum about how no one would help him make another “important” movie. As for his comment about how the celebs are laughing at lower income families (why lower income?) who spend their meagre earnings on their Hollywood fluff, well, he showed rather similar colors with his statement about having “enough money to play golf until (he’s) dead”. I’m guessing he’s also been quietly laughing at lower income families for quite some time.

  3. David Dodge says:

    he should offer not to make movies if he raises enough to retire. I think he would be astonished how much money that would bring in.

  4. Alex says:

    I don’t think you realize what you’re saying. If people knew about rampage 3, they would have went along and considered it. Key word, considered. We have so many sequels now, that the only ones we care about are the ones that we grew up with constantly. The reason that the avengers is an amazing sequel, is because people were growing up with the cast, the movies, the story, etc. It’s one big comic book. And you’re worried about a movie that was hardly publicized? No not even. It wasn’t even in production yet. How daft do you have to be to insult the world because no one was interested/aware?

  5. Joe M says:

    The classic “you’re breaking up with me? No, I’m breaking up with YOU. I’m a good guy. I want to be in this relationship, but, it’s pathetic. And I’m walking away head held high.” Hollywood was always outta your league, bud, and you’re right: no one cares about Rampage 3, and you probably never should’ve had the money to make one film.

  6. Chad says:

    This from the man whose most well know picture’s plot line is “A man with a thirst for revenge builds a full body armor from Kevlar and goes on a killing spree.” Iron Man doesn’t need to exist to be a fun source of entertainment. You have every right to make movies with no redeeming quality. But if NO ONE wants to pay you to make them then… go fund yourself.

  7. Dave J. says:

    It’s kind of strange how he slams movies or other forms of entertainment when Uwe Boll himself involves himself with the very same thing he complains about! Wasn’t Bowe involved with “Blood Rayne 1 &2”, “Alone In the Dark 1 & 2” and “Far Cry” movies adapted from video games!

    And I don’t recall Brad Pitt and Angela Jolie doing a super hero movie! Pitt did help to get “World War Z” made based and somewhat different than the graphic novel, while Jolie was doing the “Tomb Raider” movies, the same thing Bowe was involved in.

  8. THisguyBoll says:

    And guess what, your movie doesn’t exist. Not that anything you’ve produced should at this point, they’re all horrible.

  9. julie says:

    I like this guy too. he certainly isn’t afraid to speak his mind. I applaud him

  10. v3kter says:

    I like this guy

  11. Ignacio says:

    Terms of Enrampagement the sequel. Just saying…

  12. Ben Jones says:

    Hmmm. Here’s a thought… make something people want to watch!!! Super Troopers 2 met their goal of $2 *million* in just 26 hours… and then more than doubled it before the month was out! Maybe he should stop “Rampaging” (yes, pun intended!) and learn to take a hint! ;)

  13. Dave says:

    Maybe he can’t get crowd funding because his resume is filled with terrible movies he terribly directed and people want to see an actual return on their investment. Before blaming everyone else, maybe you should blame yourself first Dr. Uwe. Your Napoleon complex is annoying, not entertaining.

  14. Leanne says:

    lol…all I can think of when I watch this is the “angry german kid” on youtube.

  15. Michael Duggan says:

    Another entitlement baby that thinks the world owes him something.

    Go play golf or die. Your choice.

  16. Gregory says:

    the most infuriating thing of all here? the idea that Uwe Boll has fans. *shudders* just imagine such a thing.

  17. Xtopher says:

    What I like most is that while you gave him coverage for this ridiculous behavior, you DIDN’T link his Kickstarter! Kudos! Good job on that!

  18. John Trapp says:

    “I have enough money to play golf till I’m dead”

    Then why don’t you finance it yourself you effin efftard

  19. Dee Malbon says:

    So let me guess you don’t believe in Santa Clause. For goodness sake if you are a jealous p****k, which you are then keep your comments to yourself. If children want to believe in Iron Man and Captain America let them, they are not the idiots as you call them, you are. If you want your film to be made and seen by everyone then you just blew it pal, your comments will see you so far down the food chain you will be eating off the pavement.

  20. “Bitter??? Table for one! Right this way!”

  21. Yeah, Hollyweird is full of tools, toons and nitwits galore…no news there.

    But slamming on people because they would rather watch a movie about fictional super heroes instead of fictional losers struggling with angst, the agony of existence and whatever other fruit-loopy Eurocrap topic is prevalent over there? That is simply ludicrous to whine about as both are as made up BS as the other. At least it is more satisfying to cheer on a winner instead of some self hating moron.

    People want escapism because they are frustrated with their real lives in a world with few jobs left, full of corrupt government and politicians, a world owned by corporations who manipulate us with corporate cronies for politicians, massive advertising campaigns that make people think reality is what they see in a 30 second infomercial, and more and more isolation from real breathing warm blooded homo sapiens.

    Movies merely reflect that alienation and frustration. They don’t cause it, nourish it or catalyze it, Boll, you goose stepping wack-job.

  22. Lassavou says:

    This guy is so embarrassing. On behalf of my fellow Germans…sorry, world -.-*
    Seems like he didn’t know anything about the workings of CF. Probably just wanted quick money. Moron.

  23. this director is right.. there is not one thing he says that is a lie. Sadly Hwood is nothing more than a huge joke of exaggerated corporations that use “awards” and corporate actors to advertise really really bad movies and has nothing to do with art….a one point it all has to give.

    • Dave J. says:

      If he’s going to make an comparison or an analogy, compare it with the works of “Citizen Kane”, “Akira Kurosawa” or “Sergio Leone”- not with the “crappy” movies he makes!

  24. bane says:

    I’m sure he’s right about most things he said but is he really that naïve to think that Holly weird would be anything but a vicious soul sucking super narcissistic fake environment to try to work and make money, it’s like bitching about getting wet when you’re a lifeguard tell us something we don’t know new moviesz suck but that’s all they make now are these big blockbuster CGI pieces of junk and that’s why I don’t go to the movies and pay to see that shit…

  25. eddie alfaro says:

    no one is asking the obvious question if he is so rich why couldnt he front the 55k he needed?

  26. I’ll bet if he asked, the Koch brothers would pony up the $20,500 necessary to meet Uwe’s expectation.

  27. I don’t know if Uwe Bolle is a jerk, I’ve never met the man, but I skipped the article and watched the videos and I find myself agreeing with him, if not in rage then in disbelief. The Internet and American culture in general have shown a proclivity for the meaningless, trite and redundant. On Kickstarter, a joke campaign for potato salad raised over $55K. Amanda Palmer, already wealthy, wanted to raise $200K for an album, but fandom brought her over a million. Even Ariana Huffington, billionaire at large, has used Kickstarter to promote a book. A site that was once for true indie artists seems to have been taken over. And Kickstarter pumps up the projects by the famous and wealthy to the exclusion of smaller campaigns by people who are not a household name.

    Culture in general favors the shallow. It makes millionaires of reality television participants, who become “stars” for little more than their sex tapes, asses, and manufactured dramas. People are salivating over no-talents like Kim Kardashian while making artists, like Uwe Bolle, beg the public for money. It’s disgusting, but I see no sign of change on the horizon.

    • thesnappysneezer says:

      Uwe Boll is already wealthy, he could pay the 55,000 easily. People supporting Amanda Palmer are buying the cd before it is made. Loyal fans will support those they like. Uwe Boll does not have that sort of fan support because people are not loyal to him, they don’t like him as he is well known as a hack director. People will support a property like Veronica Mars or Supertroopers because they know and like it and want more and they do get some quality items for their support.

    • mggfilm says:

      It says a lot when people are more willing to give 55k to a guy making potato salad than to Uwe Boll to make another garbage movie.

      And yes, he is a jerk in real life.

      • N.M. Hill says:

        If you’ve ever seen a Uwe Boll film, you’ll understand why more people support a random guy making potato salad than support Uwe Boll making another film.

  28. Tim Timmison says:

    So here is a guy who considers himself a “thinker”. Yet, he uses a slur on the mentally handicapped by calling people “retarded”? What a “dumbkoff”!!!!

  29. Janine says:

    I have no idea who this director is but he is now my new favorite!!!!

  30. Craig Eliot says:

    I believe he may have a point. For instance, in the world of animation, there is no reason why fairy tales and singing penguins should be the fare. How about a real adult animated film? How about, say, a movie version of the “Polity of Beasts” or something serious and meaningful like that? Or is that too politically incorrect? But damn it, we’re adults and want to see adult movies! He has a point!

    • mggfilm says:

      It’s mostly that no one wants to see those. I mean I’m with you, I’d like more adult-themed animated films like we used to have in the 80’s, but it’s not good business these days. In fact, animated features in general are hard sells which is why Disney has opted to stop making them and instead remake all their classics in live-action.

    • tazzman says:

      No he doesn’t have a point. The people vote what they want to see by going and seeing them. If they wanted My Dinner With Andre animated, they would have voted. They like escapism.

  31. John Boylan says:

    “How do Old Germans Tie, their shoe Laces”? Why in little Knott-Zies!!

  32. Mitchell says:

    No talent loser.

  33. yeziam12 says:

    So some guy who filmed Rampage is angry cause he couldn’t others to fund his sequel to his BS hate filled movie…enjoy your golf moron, Rampage should never have been made in the first place…it was terrible and vile…I hated it…meet me in the ring.

    • Chris Young says:

      Rampage is one of my favorite movies! You hate hate filled movies? So you make a hate filled comment about hating a hate filled movie and and invite the filmmaker to “The ring” so you can hatefully assault him?

  34. azfederalist says:

    “I have enough money to play golf until I’m dead,” he added.

    OK then. Bye.

  35. my new hero!!!! same love I have for Ed Wood. Uwe is so cool.

    • mggfilm says:

      Yeah but Ed Wood films are charming in their incompetence. Uwe Boll movies have all the charm of a film student trying to be Quentin Tarantino

  36. Bill Dinge says:

    Well, if this inept clown would produce a decent film that movie goers would like to view than he might make more money than a low wage fast food worker. Stop whining, your movies suck, what do you expect. Even the low income workers you speak of won’t go see your crap. They know what a good movie is …

  37. darryl0223 says:

    I couldn’t agree with him more. There is so much garbage coming out of hollywood these days that I simply cannot bare going to the movie theater. I mean, really. What grown man really wants to go so a movie featuring characters from Marvel comics? I echo Uwe’s remarks … F**k you!

    • What grown man wants to see movies featuring MARVEL Comics characters? Several million of them, the last time I checked the BO numbers and home video sales figures. It’s the same kind of “grown man” that goes to see the latest Star Wars film.

      Now, regarding Uwe Boll? Have you seen his movies? They generally suck. His “In the Name of the King’ franchise were just awful films. Weak story, bad camera work, and bad acting. They are barely above the average SyFy standard fare.

  38. shawn says:

    I love German…it makes everything sound angry or sarcastic. Rammstein forever.

  39. JWood-the-other says:

    The world needs more directors like him.

  40. Some cheese to go with you whine, sir?

  41. John Guest says:

    Has this guy ever directed anything anybody might of heard of?

    Other than his immediate family and his cat, I mean.

  42. P00P says:

    Kickass torrents

  43. Jerry says:

    Unlike other directors, Boll is honest about his contempt for the audience.

  44. JustSkiles says:

    He actually challenged Tarantino to fight. Real violence which Quentin is afraid of.

  45. Hiding in the ceiling says:

    Captain America doesn’t exist?! My world is shattered. That’s it. From now on, I’m only going to see movies about real people, like BloodRayne and House of the Dead.

  46. Bryan Lee says:

    Perhaps if this guy wasn’t such an asshole…he might actually get people to donate to his movies…

  47. That took a lot of Bolls.

  48. Uwe bolls gots fans? Now THAT is news.

  49. JB says:

    If you have enough money to play golf until; you die then fund your own damn movie. And why would Kickstarter NOT want you to succeed? If I’m not mistaken, they only make money of your campaign is successful! You should look inward OR at least in the mirror!

  50. Buzzcuts says:

    That’s pretty funny referring to Boll as a director

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