Daniel Craig Says He’d Rather Kill Himself Than Do Another James Bond Movie

Spectre 007 James Bond Daniel Craig
Courtesy of Sony Pictures

There’s been endless headlines speculating about who could play the next James Bond, and now the current famous superspy has stepped forward with his thoughts on the role.

Daniel Craig spoke candidly about the role and its future in a new interview with TimeOut.

“Look, I don’t give a f—. Good luck to them,” Craig said when asked if he cared who played Bond next. “All I care about is that if I stop doing these things we’ve left it in a good place and people pick it up and make it better.”

Right now, the blue-eyed Bond, who appears next in “Spectre,” can’t fathom doing another 007 film.

“Now? I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists,” Craig said. “No, not at the moment. Not at all. That’s fine. I’m over it at the moment. We’re done. All I want to do is move on.”

Craig went on to say that if he were to decide to go ahead with another Bond movie that “it would only be for the money.”

Whenever he does choose to hang up the Aston Martin keys, Craig did say that he would have one bit of advice for his successor.

“Don’t be s—,” Craig said. “You’ve got to step up. People do not make movies like this any more. This is really rare now. So don’t be s—.”

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  1. Veronika says:

    Please, stop make James Bond movies. The “mojo” gone long time ago. Last few attempts looks like another Hollywood spy blockbuster. OK, make another, just don’t use James Bond name in it.

  2. rob lutz says:

    I don’t blame him. Skyfall was dog shit and full of massive plot holes. sam mendes is an idiot, or maybe he doesn’t give a shit about the quality he’s just directing them for the $$$$.

  3. Placido says:

    The fact that Craig’s Bond movies are not very good, or that he is horribly mis-cast and one-dimensional in the role is really not Craig’s fault…after all, he didn’t produce the movies or cast himself in the part. These movies were crapped out 5 years before they were made, and years before Craig was hired.

  4. Lars says:

    I never liked Craig as Bond. Danny is more of a “bad guy”-type. He’s a little too rough around the edges to be Bond.

  5. BRice says:

    I liked him as Bomd but his comment seems extreme – you’d rather kill yourself than get paid millions of dollars to do a job most people would die for? Okay then. I’m rooting for Richard Madden to replace him

  6. Jim says:

    Statham… Jason Statham! He would be the ultimate Bond! Smooth and cool with some of the best fight choreography skills ever!

    • Intosh says:

      Statham’s acting skills are so limited that he probably can’t even play Rambo, let alone James Bond. If Statham plays James Bond, then the Bond-girl must be Megan Fox. First pairing in a Bond movie devoid of class and suave, ever.

  7. Alex Edward says:

    I think people are taking negative points from a brief and open interview. I really liked Daniel Craig’s honest reply, he really mean it indeed. He is the highest paid Bond ever then I don’t why people are now more concern when he said the money is only reason for doing Bond, fairly enough. The person who is carrying the tag of 007 from nearly a decade definitely want to move on, similar happened with Sean Connery. Daniel Craig is a great Bond, he has done a fantastic work in previous movies, he is fed up after shooting for 8 months consecutively and definitely need a break. I have read that he is contacted for five Bond movies in total, I think it would a great choice to bring him back for Bond 25 and 26 and then give a chance to someone like Fassbender

  8. faelice says:

    Have no idea what “don’t be s—” means– articles should be clear, especially when reporting what someone has said. If it is a quotation, the words the person used should be given to us, otherwise you aren’t reporting– EVEN if it is explicit language. A simple filter that warned of explicit language, or a black-out which could be hovered over with the mouse to reveal the text would solve any issue or qualms people might have about someone’s eyes being offended by a “curse” word. Would think a publication would be concerned with this sort of thing, instead of appearing childish… “oh no he used a bad word we’d better not show it!” Come on, Variety.

    • Paul says:

      Everyone else in the world with a real job has to work 12 months consecutively every year for 30, 40, 50 years and still sweat retirement so BOO HOO. This guy has pocketed 10’s of millions and after his contract is over he never has to work another day in his life. So you will find very few people feeling sorry for his work load. The other 4 months out of the year he lives the life of a king most people don’t even get 2 week off paid. He just comes off as an ingrate.

  9. Alex says:

    Reading these comments confirms for me that there seems to be a deep divide between fans who see Craig as an amazing Bond who brings the ‘refined thug’ of the books to the screen, and those who rather prefer the somewhat more fun, over-the-top, and more debonair Bond portrayed in the older movies which fans of the books tend to dismiss as camp nonsense.

    Craig’s Bond tries to be a real person in the role – reacting the way you might expect a human to react to their situation, whereas the older film Bonds tended to be aloof, beyond the cares of others and unflappable.

    Some of us prefer our Bond to be one or the other of these, and I can see the appeal of both. Maybe The second era of ‘real’ Bond ought to end here, and the more escapist one to return a while?

  10. William Donaway says:

    I grew up watching Bond movies with my dad since the ’70s. The Daniel Craig era has been my favorite by far.

  11. Todd B says:

    The James Bourne, I mean Bond, that Craig played was a solid character, but the movies were only OK except Skyfall which was horrifyingly bad. Hopefully Spectre is at least good. I don’t see why the Roger Moore type Bond can’t still be successful. Connery obviously was great as well. Who would’ve guessed Remington Steele would actually be the one to kill James Bond.

  12. PG says:

    Pleasant answers. I presume he’s fed up with the question(s), but even so…

  13. Murphy's Law says:

    Good. And he already killed the Bond franchise. He sucked so badly in the role that he did for George Lazenby what Barack Obama did for Jimmy Carter. (Hint: Lazenby is now running around yelling “No longer the worst Bond ever!”)

  14. Ricki says:

    Craig has been a poor 007. He seemed to want to have the character be a mere cartoon of who Ian Fleming had created. His MetroMan image and self-deprecation of a woman-abused spy, was a little sickening. And as he cashes in on the image of Bond, the hypocrite decries the character, as a true feminist would.

    I applaud his stepping down, and, truth to be told, I’d claw my eyes out before I saw another Craig-007, and that includes the one ready to open…I’ll pass on that.

  15. Don Case says:

    Every actor who’s ever played the iconic character swears off of it when a difficult shoot is over. He will do another, you can count on it. He’ll just be filthy rich when he’s done,

    Can’t blame the man for that…

  16. Jim Higbee says:

    Gee, I’d swear I see him playing Bond in Heinekin commercials. What a hypocrite!

    • Jenson says:

      Which I assume he gets paid for – and he admitted he’d only play the role again for the money. How’s that hypocritical?

  17. Fen Needwood says:

    I liked him as Bond, and I don’t like the actor, so it says a lot that he brought the character back to life. Much more brutal and real, like the stairway fight in Casino Royale where he doesn’t come out of it all polished and slick in an unwrinkled suit (as previous Bonds do). The action was much more realistic too – no obvious CGI and no campy stunts. Daniel Craig was a good Bond, in the top 3.

    • Paul says:

      Well for starters he never did it for free so I don’t really get that statement about only doing it for money, that is the only reason most people do anything. Also, he was not a well know actor before Bond. He was in Boob Raider and the Golden Compass and lets not forget Cowboys and Aliens(Big Deal) I liked his Bond character the story had no camp and a harder edge to it. Bond has always been a murderer at his core. They showed that in Craig’s version of Bond. He just comes off as an ingrate now that he has money and fame in his pocket he’s got an attitude.

  18. Cebes says:

    The movies are good but he never looked like a Bond character. He looks more Russian and English.

  19. My;es says:

    Craig has been an excellent 007 in some of the most spectacular Bond films ever made. To watch these films, and knowing how long they take to make, I can only imagine how much it takes out of Craig. Each film pushes the envelope further and further because they feel they must make each new Bond film more spectacular than the last in order to keep from boring their easily jaded audience. Craig is not opposed to doing a goodly number of his own stunts. These are NOT your father’s or grandfather’s 007 films. Not by a long shot. The demands placed on each new Bond are double or triple what they were for the last, and CGI is used as sparingly as possible in this incredible series. The producers want ultimate realism, and the only way to get that is to dispense with CGI whenever and wherever possible. CGI is good, but not good enough for this series which sets the bar so incredibly high. Nothing takes the place of the real deal, as any discriminating Bond fan will tell you, and Bond films are the real deal far more than any other super-adventure films being made these days!

  20. MARTY says:

    I wish Craig never started with a Bond movie. He does not fir the 007 at all. Craig has no personality ir sense of humor which 007 must have. Good riddance!

  21. Mr. Craig should have stopped before Skyfall- the worst Bond film of all time!

  22. Wrich Printz says:

    It’s 2015. Do we really need to censor people when they give you a direct quote? I may watch my language, and you may watch your own, but in reporting, should not report what the person said?

    How are the words he said more offensive than the idea of slashing his own wrists? We don’t censor those ideas (and we should not)- just because they may be offensive. The same should go for his language which is far less so.

  23. stevenkovacs says:

    It may make sense to move on now, but, I’d love to see Craig do one more Bond film! He stepped up and delivered a great Bond!

  24. I wonder what caused Daniel Craig to not just fall out of love with the role of James Bond, but despise it even… going so far as to say he not only doesn’t care who plays him next, but that he’d rather break a glass and slash his wrists than play him again…. to me it seems a bit rude and lacking appreciation for a role that literally made his career, and made him more money than every other role combined… but I guess no one’s telling the full story…

    • Chris says:

      Yeah, I just read the source article. Variety has clearly cherry-picked some quotes to generate pageviews and controversy. The context of the quote, especially when considering the fact that they just finished an 8 month long shoot, was that he is all Bonded-out at the moment, not that he is resentful of being Bond.

      Imagine eating the same thing every night for dinner for 8 months straight, even if it were filet mignon, if someone were to offer another piece of filet, one might consider responding as Craig did in this article. The article as a whole makes him seem grateful, and in fact, still in shock, that he had the opportunity to play Bond.

  25. ErnstStavro says:

    We just had another George Lazenby. Yeah, time to move on. Let’s get a good Bond this time.

  26. ErnstStavro says:

    We’re over making you rich anymore, Craig. I’ll never watch another movie of yours.

  27. T'omm J'Onzz says:

    i think i was done with ‘Skyfall.’ i was disappointed with – *SPOILER ALERT* – the death of that character, and with the fact that Moneypenny wasn’t reintro’d as a man (in contrast to M’s womanhood, tho i’m relatively pleased the other choice they made for her). Craig noted that he was up for a same-sex kiss as Bond, felt it was within the character, so what would be amiss with flirtations which aren’t serious, never consummated?

  28. Barbaree says:

    I think you got something there. He would make a unique villian.

  29. Marc says:

    “There’s been endless headlines speculating…” As a journalist, or one who aspires to be, please stop using “there’s” in sentences, when “there are” or “there have been” should be used. The object word “headlines” is plural. Are you saying, “There has been headlines”?

  30. Joey Fatone says:


  31. Fred762 says:

    I’d rather he slash his wrists too b4 he gets another 007 film!!

  32. Pat. S. says:

    He had about as much Bond as a Post-It-Note.

  33. colin says:

    People who know nothing about the behind-the-scenes reality of being involved in this particular franchise think they have all the answers and of course, dump on the actor who has the temerity to decide when he’s had enough. Internet, you never let me down.

  34. Karl Driver says:

    I’m pretty positive he lobbied hard to get the initial role. He was OK as bond but there have been better.

  35. Sara Bellum says:

    you left out black

  36. bob onnit says:

    Considering how bad he was in that stupid Cowboys & Aliens movie, he should be glad he made some dough as Bond. He’ll likely fade into obscurity. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out Danny boy.

  37. Kay McCann says:

    Sullivan Stapleton or Phillip Winchester from the StrikeBack series.

  38. His contract says he has to make one more.

  39. deb kondo says:

    Great, I would rather slash my wrists than watch him in another Bond movie; he was miscast from day one. Let’s draft Sam Heughan for the quintissential Bond!

  40. bigbearbound says:

    The only people who shouldn’t “do it for the money” are pastors. Actors think too highly of their lofty profession.

  41. Jeckyll says:

    Daniel revived the series. It hadn’t been very good for a long time until he took the part. I’m 61 years old and thought I’d never find anyone to replace Sean Connery. Daniel Craig was actually somewhat better. For those who thought Roger Moore was good, that’s when the series when to the dogs. It was a cheap not funny comedy with a guy that couldn’t act. Sorry, but Craig might say stuff I don’t care for, but he made the franchise series 007 again.

  42. Marsha Moore says:

    Amazing how these actors, once they are set for life. Decide to MOVE “on”. what he will find out is that Bond movies are about BOND, not them. Good riddance.

  43. socal444 says:

    Daniel Craig is a hypocritical douche. Step 1, he vaults to superstardom and wealth by playing 007, then step 2 he s..ts all over the franchise by stating that he prefers suicide to playing the role again. Why not just exit with class, and say that I’ve done all I can with this role, and now it is time for someone else to step into Bond’s shoes? I am fairly certain that he will have several movies go in the tank before he begins to do toothpaste commercials. At least I hope so.

  44. Pouncekitty says:

    Love all these nitwit actors who fear “typecasting” after they already are. Too late, Daniel. Just take the millions and quiet down.

  45. Sandalwood says:

    Craig made Bond to angry. He’s supposed to have fun, tongue in cheek. I won’t be sorry to see Craig go.

  46. Dalton says:

    I’m going to be in the minority here, but I think Roger Moore was the best Bond. I liked the tongue-in-cheek humor and wit of the 70s Bond movies. Not interested in seeing the deep, dark, gritty psychological backstory of the character, don’t care to witness future Bonds come to grips with and be cured of their “misogyny”, don’t think 51 year old Bond “girls” are particularly attractive. That’s not what Bond was about to me. The earlier Bond films were unabashed and frivolous male fantasy, but of course women won’t allow that these days. We have to be retaught, just as I’m sure we will be in the upcoming all-female reboot of Ghostbusters.

  47. Bill B. says:

    Nearly everyone of them eventually want out. Connery hated the role. Connery was great, but Craig made it something new & special and I will miss him. I don’t think any of the others were remotely as good as Connery and Craig nor do I think most of the Bond films without them were much good either. I watched Goldeneye for the first time the other night. Man, was it ever leaden, corny & just awful. I’ll miss Craig in this, but he’s a serious actor who wants to do more than one role as any good actor wants, so we were lucky to get 4 out of him. I don’t know who would replace him. I doubt any major star would want the role as it’s too much of a commitment and the role is limiting. It will go to someone just on the fringe of stardom as this role can create a superstar.

  48. Brad says:

    He’s proving to be the spoiled jerk we secretly knew he was. Sorry fans.

  49. Oliver Jenner says:

    Dear scriptwriters: A great actor (his portrayal of Werner Heisenberg in the film/drama ‘Copenhagen’ was second to none), but could we have a Bond with a brain next time please, rather than a caveman who just seems to be eye candy for the girls.

  50. OttoRommel says:

    This HIT PIECE article is a piece of S___. Read the real interview on TimeOut. This is taken out of context to make him sound bad.

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