Cocaine Snorting Oscar Statue Removed From Hollywood Boulevard

Plastic Jesus Oscar Cocain

A life-sized Oscar statue snorting cocaine has been removed from its place on Hollywood Boulevard. Street artist Plastic Jesus set up the Oscar statue, bent over and snorting cocaine with a credit card, three days before the Academy Awards.

The artist has since moved the statue back to his studio, but plans to display it again on Melrose Avenue on Saturday.

This is not the first time Plastic Jesus has made art that comments on drug use in Hollywood. Last year, the artist placed an eight-foot Oscar statue with a heroin needle called “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret” to comment on the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The artist says the installations are meant to call attention to drug addiction not only in Hollywood but society in general.

“We only hear about drug addiction when a high-profile Hollywood celeb has a meltdown and goes in to rehab or dies,” Plastic Jesus told Variety.

The most recent installation comes in the wake of the death of “Parks and Recreation” producer Harris Wittels, who was found dead in his home of a possible drug overdose.

“Another Hollywood drug-related death, and nothing will change,” Plastic Jesus said.

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  1. ifirefly says:

    Your facetious comment is not at all funny, dawg. (Another outdated term) Drugs help no one but the cartels, and possibly the CIA or covert alliances seeking to overthrow the country. It is the children of these people who suffer most–in silence; keeping up appearances and good grades to cover for their fucked up parents, thinking it will never happen to them, and nobody understands…but as high as 46% of families nationwide hide addiction secrets of some form. When will we wise up and take back our lives? If you can’t do it for yourself, do it to honor the next generation.

    Addictions never relieve pressure, they postpone it, and make it worse. Porno is another one comedians joke about, but it is no joke. Why do you think so many young men need the ED pill to get it up? Conditioning through unreal visuals makes responding to a living woman impossible. Get help. Hit a gym. Find religion. Volunteer to help others, even if all you do is pick up some trash, or paint over graffiti. Find a need, and fill it. That is the only cure for the hole in your little lost soul.

    BTW, many in Hollywood are well aware of these issues, and have vowed to stop them. They are forming their own groups and studios to make good films again, celebrate truth and virtue, and stop sinking deeper into the abyss of addiction.

    See: Hope for the Warriors, Unite4good, unite4humanity, or the church, synagogue, shrine or mosque closest to where you live will have a few suggestions. There is always someone suffering under more “pressure” than you are; find them and serve them, and you will find peace and healing.

  2. JRW says:

    This is interesting, however, most actors/producers I know and enjoy working with are either straight edge, never touched the stuff or don’t do it any more (in a program). I don’t think anyone can stay successful and keep up that crap.

    It’s not cool any more kids. That was the 80s. Be interesting. Don’t be a follower.

  3. Fred Revnew says:

    It is other peoples business, because some people actually care about other people and don’t want the harm that is caused by addiction to be rampant in society.

  4. I fail to see what business it is of anyone, what someone else is doing, unless it affects the public negatively.

  5. So sad to hear this. I had to get enough coke so that it would last me for a while.

  6. It would be more accurate if someone was forcing the statues to do the drugs.

  7. slomomojo says:

    Could have replaced the straw in his hand with a bottle and put a pile of vomit where the cocaine is. Problem solved! After all, alcoholism is soooo acceptable.

  8. ascii says:

    So next year they get around to the pedophilia?

  9. showbiznsider says:

    In your headline, there should be a hyphen between “Cocaine” and “Snorting.” As it reads now, you’re saying the cocaine was snorting the Oscar statue.

  10. Duder NME says:

    You’d think Hollywood would quit, considering how being a druggie is so yesterday’s news and is no longer considered chic. These cliche statues prove that.

  11. gc says:

    Brilliant and to the point. Yup, the truth is offensive.

  12. Adrian Paul says:

    I guess it had to be removed, but it was funny…..and relevant.
    click for more

  13. Cam says:

    I LOVE the statue! This guy has an amazing and astute sense of humour… Truth hurts, eh?

  14. Atomic Fury says:

    That is so f***ing hilarious.

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