Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie Coming in 2017

Director Christopher Nolan on the red
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Warner Bros. will release an untitled Christopher Nolan movie on July 21, 2017.

It’s his first feature since “Interstellar,” which opened last November and scored worldwide grosses of $673 million, with Paramount handling the domestic release and Warners on the international rollout.

Warner Bros. has all rights on the new project but gave no details. The dating announcement was the first news of the project.

The studio handled all three films in Nolan’s Dark Knight series — “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” — along with his 2010 sci-fi hit “Inception.” The trilogy grossed $2.45 billion worldwide, while “Inception” took in over $800 million.

Nolan produces through his Syncopy label with spouse Emma Thomas. He directed and had screenwriting credits on the Dark Knight trilogy, “Inception,” “Interstellar” and his 2006 drama “The Prestige.”

Nolan came on to direct “Interstellar” in early 2013 and co-wrote the script with his brother Jonathan Nolan while producing the film with Thomas and Lynda Obst.

The Nolan movie is the fourth title to be dated for July 21, 2017, following Universal’s “Pitch Perfect 3,” EuropaCorp’s “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” and an untitled Blue Sky animation project from Fox.


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  1. Carol jenkins says:

    I am trying to contact Christopher Nolan about his Dunkirk film
    My father in law was the last man on the beach at Dunkirk and his story is in the imperial war museum
    Can you help please?

  2. Vivek pv says:

    Nalan sir please notify me before release your next film

  3. Gokul Jagadish says:

    Nolan,Please do the 4th batman by your own and never give it to Ben affleck…witing for your upcoming project…i know it will be a hit since you always study the topic thoroughly…eagerly waiting for 2017…

  4. Chetan R. Shende says:

    Eagerly waiting for your upcoming movies 🎥
    All of your movies are the best

  5. David says:

    I’m pretty sure with his track record of brilliance and cutting edge filmmaking we should be looking forward to a reboot of the Police Academy films in the style and fashion they finally deserve. :).

  6. Daniel says:

    I read somewhere a while back that he had the rights to “The Foundation” series by Isaac Asimov. If that is the 2017 movie it will I hope be brilliant.
    Asimov was one of the few writers to put all aspects of human society in his depicted future of the Galactic Empire, Trade, religion, politics and war. It is my favorite science fiction series, the first three books. It turned to mush after that.
    Fingers crossed for the next few years. “Inception” was absolutely brilliant, gave the grey matter a bit of a work out and “Interstellar” was excellent. His depiction in visual effect of a multi layer temporal many universes world was brilliant. Hey and I like a “Person of Interest” All good

    • Ryan B says:

      It’s good to hear that there is another Nolan blockbuster to look forward to soon. Was a little late on catching Interstellar a few days back which was great. BBC2 also showed The Prestige over the weekend and it was good to rewatch that gem. For me, Nolan’s in a league of his own. At 45 years old, hopefully there’s much more to look forward to. Thanks for the update.:)

  7. Christopher Nolan is by far one of the greatest directors of his generation. Check out Christopher Nolan’s Master Class: His Indie Film Gem

  8. Roy says:

    Just hope it’s not another drama. Or even worse, some neo-noir sort of drama.
    Fingers crossed that it’s something that meets up to the standards of The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception and Interstellar

  9. Alex says:

    another DC comic book movie possibly? Wonder Woman or Justice League. Maybe WB changed the releasing dates

  10. Al Swearengen says:

    Interesting, a summer spot signals to me that it’s going to be blockbuster’ish.

  11. Lawrence of Al says:

    Is this just click bait? Had to wade through two pop up ads to leave a comment. It must be said: a filmmaker plans to make a film in the next few years! Wow aren’t we fortunate to be at the 1st car if a hype train.

  12. Ken says:

    Thanks for the warning, Dave.

  13. Uzbikiteen says:

    Nolan has an informal agreement (i.e. no contracts yet) from Anne Hathaway to play the lead.

  14. Richard says:

    Just got around to watching Interstellar over the weekend and completely underwhelmed . Someone give Nolan an editor too many painfully long stretches of boring exposition boring family drama barely livened up by some nice visuals and one or two scenes that almost raised my pulse . As is becoming a Nolan signature a ridiculously complicated plot that usually is resolved by a M. Night Shyamalan like twist .Hey Chris a New York Times crossword puzzle is complicated and sometimes hard to crack but rarely is it profound . Gravity did the whole personal journey in space the year before in 91minutes better cheaper and made more money and accolades . Hope he takes a different path on his new project .

  15. Great news. I really like Christopher Nolan’s films.

  16. Mark Suennen says:

    The title is “The Dark Knight Rises”, not “returns”

  17. Aj says:

    July 21… as in the day of Apollo 11.

  18. Lisa says:

    His legion of acne-faced fans have already voted it the greatest movie ever made on iMDB

  19. Alley says:

    I fearlessly predict Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman will be cast. And either McConaughey or Bale will play the lead.

  20. Richard H says:

    The third movie in the Dark Knight trilogy is not “The Dark Knight Returns.” It’s “The Dark Knight Rises.” May wanna fix that?

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