Christian Bale’s ‘The Promise’ to Launch Kirk Kerkorian’s Company (EXCLUSIVE)

Christian Bale The Promise
Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Tracinda Corp., the holding company founded by the late Kirk Kerkorian, has unveiled production company Survival Pictures with the Christian Bale-Oscar Isaac drama “The Promise” as its first project, Variety has learned exclusively.

Survival is described as telling stories of “perseverance, endurance and the inextinguishable fire of the human spirit” to reflect Kerkorian’s values. Kerkorian, who bought and sold MGM and United Artists three times, died on June 16 at the age of 98.

“The Promise” will be produced and financed by Survival Pictures managers Eric Esrailian and Anthony Mandekic, with “Hotel Rwanda” director Terry George helming from a script he wrote with Robin Swicord.

The story is set during the last days of the Ottoman Empire, which was dissolved in 1922, with shooting in Portugal and the Canary Islands scheduled for the fall. Mike Medavoy (“Black Swan”) is producing for his Phoenix Pictures banner with Esrailian, Ralph Winter (“X-Men”) and William Horberg (“Milk”).

The script centers on a love triangle with a medical student, an American journalist based in Paris and a beautiful and sophisticated woman. Bale will play the reporter, and Isaac will portray the student, who’s conflicted by old-world traditions.

Bale was last seen in “Exodus: Gods and Kings” and stars in two completed Terrence Malick titles — “Knight of Cups” and “Weightless.” Isaac will be seen in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “X-Men: Apocalypse.”

Longtime Kerkorian attorney and spokesperson Patricia Glaser said, “Survival Pictures was born out of Kirk Kerkorian’s unwavering dedication to telling inspiring human stories for audiences around the world. ‘The Priomise’ will be a wonderful love story and will open the door to the championing of human rights. This film fulfills a longstanding dream for Mr. Kerkorian, who was thrilled to participate in the development and casting process.”

Anthony Mandekic, Patricia Glaser, Dan Taylor and Sheri Sani will serve as executive producers along with Kerkorian, who will receive his first such credit.

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  1. I used to live in the village in the south of Spain where they’re casting all the extras from. I should have stuck around.

  2. Kelly says:

    So many stupid celebrities do the same thing…now that I have made it in hollywood I will make or work on an independent film or non commercial film …it will have subtitles, foreign landscapes, weird soundtrack score and unknown european actresses in it and be really silent most of the time… everyone should see it its a masterpiece!


    • Anita says:

      And obviously all we “all” care are stupid flying superheroes fighting with other superheroes to save a world with a simple plot like McDonalds menu.FYI…’unknown European actresses’ are unknown for those who doesn’t want to recognize the world outside of their backyards.

  3. buffalobilly says:

    what a hack
    alwys jus follows that biggest ole paycheck…

  4. anashebarton says:

    Reblogged this on Adventures with Anashe!.

  5. Kelly says:

    Exodus sucked and so did Blackhat and Bale is actually so mean, rude and demanding just like the rest of these celebrities; they get surrounded by so many “yes” men and audiences don’t respond that way…its why exodus and blackhat failed at the box office

    • Debi says:

      Totally Ignorant and Idiotic comment. If you hate celebrity in general just keep away. Dont measure a person who has worked with 1000s in last 30 years by 4 passing minutes. Everyone has such moment in their life. If you had to comment about someone first know the whole thing. Go and read what other crew of Terminator Salvation members had to say about Bale. Surely whole of Hollywood is not Bale’s “Yes Men”, he doesn’t even own an production company. Bale is one of the best actors working todad if not the best. He can choose his project. Bale dont finance the terminator film or paid McG, it was the producer who needed Bale. And McG himself wanted to work with Bale badly. McG never had anything to say against Bale. If Bale had asked for change and they not liked it then they could went on with other actors. Its ridiculous to blame Bale for the whole thing. And films flops because they are badly made not because the previous film of the actor was a flop. Every star, how much big he is has mix hits and flops in their career. And you are saying Bale should not have cast because his previous film not worked in Box-office. Sorry dude thats not going to happen in reality. He will be cast by directors and producer whenever they get the chance, its upon Bale what he is going to choose. Anyway, looking forward to ‘The Promise’.

      • Kelly says:

        Just because you disagree with an opinion doesn’t mean its wrong.

      • Kelly says:

        Not ignorant. not idiotic. i have quotes to back it up and facts.

      • Kelly says:

        Of course actors will defend other actors their movie makes money and they get to work again duh..

        Big name actors are some of the worst people to work with; they force PAs to hold their cigarettes between takes, Denzel Washington, they demand helicopters pick them up before shooting begins i.e. Jim Carry Series of Unfortunate Events and force crew members to take other elevators while they get a private elevator to themselves i.e. TOM CRUISE collateral

      • buffalobilly says:

        ur so invested in this story

    • Kelly, Bale wasn’t even part of Blackhat. Blackhat was led by Chris Hemsworth. And why do you think Bale is mean, rude and demanding? Where do you get this from? I think he is one of the actors who actually stayed normal and grounded. A very likable actor.

      • Kelly says:

        Heath Ledge made Bales Batman watchable again…Batman Begins did not come close to the second one at the box office.

      • Kelly says:

        I know Bale wasn’t in black hat….bale was in Exodus and it sucked ass

      • Kelly, I think it is the other way round. It is the studio and the producers who want to have the big, famous actors! Not the actors run the show. Studios and their producers do.
        Also, how can you still come with that ancient old Bale freak-out on the set of Terminator. He already apologized for that and in all honesty, don’t we all sometimes have a bad day? Or react unkind to other people? He is just human like we are. Our stuff is just not interesting for the public and that is why we can hide.
        And maybe he was rude with McG, but then again these comments are without bigger context, so it is kind of hard to know how it all came about. And seriously, you are talking about a Terminator and a McG movie here. First of all that movie and story sucked big time and I guess McG is not really famous for being the most brilliant guy in the business. So cut Bale some slack. I am more pissed with people like Robert Downey Jr. who is greedy and arrogant.

      • Kelly says:

        Blackhat and Exodus …Ridely Scott films that tanked at the box office ….recent box office performances were not taken into account for future projects such as this one

        So many actors use their celebrity famous card to get movies made when really they should use their last picture or last chunk of films…but Hollywood doesn’t do that…they let actors run part of the show and its why a lot of Hollywood box office flops happen…

        Bale yelled at a DOP on the set and also said this

        “McG’s introduction to Bale was itself kind of salty. “I’d flown to London to gauge whether he was interested in the John Connor role,” says McG. Bale, whose work in The Dark Knight had helped that film become a mega-blockbuster, read the script and told the director to “fuck right off,” says McG. But Bale left the door open a crack: “Get the script to a place where we can read it on a stage like a play, with no effects, no explosions, then I’ll do it.” April 2009

  6. PETER says:

    Chris Bale is always excellent so looking forward to this and Bale’s other new movies.

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