Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur Film Delayed Until 2017

Charlie Hunnam's King Arthur Pushed Back
Courtesy of Facebook

Warner Bros. has pushed back Guy Ritchie’s untitled King Arthur movie,  starring Charlie Hunnam, from next July 22 to the following Presidents Day weekend on Feb. 17, 2017.

The King Arthur movie, which also stars Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey as Guinevere, Jude Law, Djimon Honsou and Katie McGrath, will open against Sony’s “Bad Boys 3” and 20th Century Fox’s “Maze Runner: The Death Cure.”

Warner Bros. will also move an untitled New Line horror film — also known as “Lights Out” — into the July 22 slot from its Sept. 9 slot. Warner Bros. announced Friday that it would open the Tom Hanks movie “Sully” into the Sept. 9 date.

The King Arthur movie is produced by Akiva Goldsman, Guy Ritchie, Joby Harold, Tory Tunnell and Charlie Hunnam. Village Roadshow co-produced and co-financed the King Arthur movie and “Sully.”

“Lights Out,” produced by James Wan, follows a woman who’s terrorized when the lights go out. It will open against Paramount/Skydance’s “Star Trek Beyond” and “Fox’s Ice Age: Collision Course.”


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  1. Observer says:

    The production and look on this looks great. I’m looking forward to soaking in this one.

  2. j says:

    guy ritchie… uh oh

  3. wow Charlie pushed other projects to make this film this sucks for him and his followers. sigh

  4. Dg says:

    There won’t be a good King Arthur movie until someone puts Bernard Cornwell’s Winter King trilogy on screen.

  5. Monika Escobar says:

    Be Aware ! …… that soon the world will know who the REAL King Arthur was ! This Glastonbury Arthur Myth has to end! We want a film of the hidden REAL KIng Arthur who was King of Glamorgan & Gwent in Wales who lived in the 6th Century. There were 2 Arthur´s!

  6. Filming this movie is a monumental mistake for Guy Ritchie and the producers involved. They have based the story on French romantic rubbish, when the true story of both King Arthur’s I & II has yet to be told.

    The first King Arthur fought the Roman’s and the second King Arthur fought the Saxons, as chronicled in the ancient British histories.

    Check out these you tube videos for more information.

    The Birth of King Arthur II.

    The Death of King Arthur II.

    Let’s make the real King Arthur II Movie.

  7. Amalgamate says:

    Ritchie is so stupid-another King Arthur movie? come on, dudu-your movies keep flopping because you aren’t thinking!

  8. 85wzen says:

    Man, I have to admit that every single picture by this guy has been pure shit… I know that he is popular with famous people, he married Madonna once but hellfire, can someone tell him NO. Many of these Directors like Guy here should be Directing Commercials…. ah put Brian Singer in that list and the other asshole Fitcher!

  9. teri says:

    Excalibur…. best movie about King Arthur, ever!

  10. Lewis says:

    This movie is gonna flop at the box office no matter when it opens. Nobody gives a shit about King Arthur movie.

    • Tyrion says:

      That’s what they said about his Sherlock Holmes movie before it opened and revived Robert Downey Jr’s career and spawned a franchise. The Man From Uncle may not have set the box office on fire, but this is an entirely different film and should do well whenever it opens.

      Game of Thrones revived interest in this kind of storytelling, and it will be over by then. GoT fans will want to see this.

      • Amalgamate says:

        actually, no one said that about Sherlock Holmes-you do know who Robert Downey is right? One of the biggest stars in the world-it was a sure hit!

      • MSpence says:

        One Holmes sequel isn’t a franchise.

        The first Holmes/Ritchie film was a Dec release. The studio backed what was a modest budgeted film ($90mil) and got a return on their investment.

      • Tazzman says:

        What the hell you talking about revived his career? Iron Man and a crazy turn in Tropic Thunder revived his career not a crap Guy Ritchie Holmes flick.

    • Pixworks says:

      Of course it’s gonna flop, whenever WB pulls a “take it out of the summer” approach, it usually hurts the film more. Pan and Jupiter Ascending didn’t get any help despite getting a changed schedule, and putting King Arthur against the final Maze Runner and the next Bad Boys isn’t gonna help it.

  11. Michael says:

    Can’t wait for another King Arthur film! Said no one.

    • zelda says:

      You don’t get it. Women will be going to see this and they have zero interest in the childish Maze Runner movies or Bad Boys. It’s a good move.

      • MSpence says:

        Hunnam has a “large female fan base” really? Is this the fan base who didn’t go and see “Crimson Peak”, which cost upwards of $50mil and only made $30mil at the BO?

      • Kaitlyn says:

        Women have been talking about this since Guy Ritchie started posting his Instagrams. Charlie Hunnam has a large female fan base. Of course they are going to see it.

      • jedi77 says:

        You must be kidding, right?
        Women are going to see this?
        Uhh, no they’re not. No one is going to see this.

  12. Rudy Mario says:

    Ha. Here we go again. Looks like Warners has not Kearns it’s lesson. This flop director made a disaster called UNCLE recently and tge suits are going at it again. Also this King Arthur BS is running thin. How many times do they recycle the same BS ? Another flop in the making…

    • jedi77 says:

      Yeah, it was pretty predictable.
      Add to that the King Kong Skull Island sequel, and WB is getting ever so close to being the least moneymaking studio i Hollywood.

  13. cadavra says:

    Swell. Maybe that’ll give Ritchie time to make that ROCKNROLLA sequel he promised us seven years ago.

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