Carrie Fisher Responds to Body Shamers: ‘Blow Us’

Carrie Fisher Responds to 'Star Wars'
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Carrie Fisher has responded to those criticizing her appearance in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and, as usual, she did not mince her words.

“Please stop debating about whether OR not I aged well,” she tweeted. “Unfortunately it hurts all 3 of my feelings. My BODY hasn’t aged as well as I have. Blow us.”

She went on to emphasize that there is more to her than flesh and bone.

“My body is my brain bag, it hauls me around to those places and in front of faces where there’s something to say or see,” Fisher tweeted along with a photo of her canine sidekick, Gary Fisher.

Fisher also retweeted one of her followers who said, “Men don’t age better than women, they’re just allowed to age.”

Earlier in her press tour for “Force Awakens,” in which she plays General Leia Organa, she divulged that she was pressured to lose more than 35 pounds for the new film.

“They don’t want to hire all of me – only about three-quarters!” Fisher said in an interview with Good Housekeeping. “Nothing changes, it’s an appearance-driven thing. I’m in a business where the only thing that matters is weight and appearance. That is so messed up. They might as well say get younger, because that’s how easy it is.”

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has been shattering box office records since bowing on Dec. 18, currently holding the title for fifth-highest domestic grosser ever. It has light-sped past $1 billion in global ticket sales.

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  1. Sheryl Anderson says:

    Absolutely. Who expects a general in his/her 60’s to be a beauty contest winner? No one complained because General Norman Schwarzkopf wasn’t svelte and unrealistically gorgeous. He looked like what he was. Why shouldn’t General Leia Organa look like the real thing, rather than some ridiculous fantasy woman-general for adolescent doofs?

  2. Aaron says:

    I agree with her views on everything, don’t get me wrong..The only thing that I don’t understand is why its not ok for her to have to lose weight to play in the movie but actors have been known to add and lose weight for a LOT of roles in the industry…sometimes to the point of putting their health in if that’s an issue, I think its an issue as a whole, not for a specific person/race/gender/whatever.

  3. Carolla says:

    Liberal Uber Feminist Hollywood while making films about feminism- are the sole abusers of women in our culture.Or is this another Bill Hill deal where its do as I say not as I do! Its really the entertainment industry that has created a living hell for women over 30!Over 50 you belong in a nursing home to them! And if they go after Cosby- is the legal industry going after all of the Studio Heads, Music industry Giants, Rappers,Agents,Producers, Directors, Actors, Lawyers & entertainment Law firms, Union bosses? Just wondering!

  4. TOM says:

    I was more pleased with Carrie’s appearance as opposed to Karen Allen (Marion) in the last Indiana Jones movie. She must’ve been pressured to ‘look younger’ and had too much facial/Botox injections. Her (new) appearance was very distracting from trying to watch that idiotic movie.

  5. David Stockdale says:

    To all the haters, Carrie Fisher is a beautiful woman who has aged normally. We should all applaud her for not enforcing the already unrealistic images of women and aging being sold by Hollywood.

  6. Steve McKay says:

    I think the key word here is “blow”. Hint hint.

  7. tobelknight says:

    I thought Carrie Fisher looked great. She was perfect. Now, do we want to get started on Kylo Ren, aka Snape?

  8. No, Leia, you still good, not slave-Leia-in-a-metal-bikini good, but a-General-in-the-resistance-faced-with-complex-issues-over-the loss-of-your-son-to-the-Dark-Side good. Everyone who doesn’t think so can spend 1,000 years in a Sarlac pit. Shame to waste the metal bikini, though. Give it to Rey!

  9. Bill B. says:

    She’s smart, funny and good looking and I don’t blame her for not appreciating the comments, but if you are going to take on a role that you are not physically correct for, then don’t take it.

    • Rita Reader says:

      No, she complained she was asked to lose 35 lbs for the role. She didn’t lose the weight. She stood her ground and was put in the film anyways because it would not have been the sake without her.

      When I saw the film I thought she looked great. At no point was I thinking, “hmm if only Carrie Fisher had lost 35 lbs this movie would have been so much better.”

      I was psyched to see her there and thought her acting was spot on.

    • Galadriel says:

      Not physically correct for?!?!? She IS Leia, old or young. That’s a ridiculous thing to say.

      • demelzabunny says:

        They were hiring the actress, not her body. It shouldn’t matter how she looked.

      • Bill B. says:

        She complained that she had to lose 35 pounds for the role. If she didn’t want to do that or resents having to do that, she had the option of saying no. I like the woman, but it was her decision to fit their mold.

  10. Dawn Young says:

    Carrie, you have aged perfectly! xxx

  11. mary says:

    People grow old. What the he.. is wrong with people who expect aging celebrities to stay gorgeous, when they can’t accomplish that themselves?
    What is wrong with getting older ? Looking older?
    Ridiculing people for the natural process we all know as aging, is cruel, hateful, and about as crappy and low as it gets.
    I think all these people need a reality check.. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror.. If you are young, kiss it good bye.. Cause it won’t last long.
    Ridicule someone for something that actually matters.. Like their character..
    How utterly stupid to make jokes about someone for how time effects their looks.. Good grief… Are we as a society truly that petty?! :”(

  12. Jennie says:

    If there is one thing we probably know
    about Carrie Fisher is that she can take
    care of herself and her emotions. While
    the negative comments are hurtful, rude,
    and well just plain lame. Take a look in
    the mirror 38 years from now and see how
    you look. She has chosen to age gracefully
    and naturally and her inner beauty still shines
    through. May the Force be with her always:)

  13. Caroline Purtell says:

    Ms Fisher: I was so very happy to see you in the new movie along with Harrison Ford I you look amazing! You don’t need to explain anything to anyone! I feel very sorry for anyone who is judgmental on your looks and weight! Shame on them. Let them send you a picture of whet they will look like at our age and see if they still look like they do now! again I will apologize for the stupidity and rudeness of these people!

  14. Real Schpiel says:

    Other actresses near Carrie Fisher’s age: #BernNadetteStanis #DebbiMorgan #PamGrier #LynnWhitfield #VictoriaRowell #AngelaBassett. Notice anything?

  15. hoophog says:

    Ironically, if anyone shamed the “body shamers” with intellectual shaming, the poor fools wouldn’t get it…at all. They think they really have something of value, when actually they are really quite disposable and forgettable. Next!

  16. Roll says:

    It’s really funny to think about the people making such dumb comments. I mean they are all super models right? Hardly. No one looks perfect, and looks aren’t even important anyway. People can be so stupid.

  17. Tiny West says:

    There is no aging badly, it’s just called aging, something we all do, and anyone that says there is bad or good aging are superficial idiots, and as for Miss Fisher, she will always remain to me and countless others an eloquent and beautiful lady yesterday and today.

  18. Paige says:

    And you think Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford look good? Puleese

  19. KCMalone says:

    She’s Frickin’ Awesome and everyone who says otherwise can blow off !
    When she came on screen, I teared up. I don’t CARE about all that crap people are saying… I saw my childhood come back to life and I LOVE her for it!!

  20. Wayne Weber says:

    This is soooo unfair, I am a man, but the bias is real and has to stop!!!!
    It is ok for Mr Ford to look MUCH older then her, no one saying anything about that????
    Pls give the woman a break!!

  21. Kevin Williamson says:

    I honestly thought Carrie Fisher looked great. I was so excited to see her again along with my other Star Wars galaxy favorites. It doesn’t matter what the masses say about Carrie, it’s how she feels about herself that matters. Great performance and an awesome movie.

  22. Rhonda says:

    Good for you Carrie….WE ARE NOT ALL KARDASHIAN WHORES….I want every one that posted a negative comment to post a picture of themselves in the Princess costume in chains with Jabba….then let the world critique you…

  23. Steve Mc says:

    She had a mini stroke is why she can’t move her mouth that well. Leave her alone.

  24. Daniel D says:

    Big deal. She’s just older and people change. I can overlook the drug abuse which is very evident in her slurring during interviews. Sad. Something not right in her head is obvious but so what. Otherwise she looks good.

  25. She looked fine for her age in the movie. Had she looked like a knock out, she would not have looked the part of a aged woman and war hero. As for her losing weight, civilian life adds weight, and speaking from my past military experience, you cannot be over weight to be an effective soldier.

    I am really becoming annoyed by the idiots attacking Fisher, she played her part well.

  26. Ben Dover says:

    Whatever. What a whiner. Be grateful your career has enjoyed this minor rebirth. Hopefully your character is knocked off in the next episode since you forgot how to act.

  27. Dr. Frederick says:

    It’s not so much her aging it’s what the drugs have done to her features. As someone who has worked with a lot of addicts, the lock jaw verbal display and raspy voice is very common with crack addicts and freebasers. Although she has admitted drug abuse in the past it seems the past to her was probably “yesterday “. Truly sad to see what drugs have done to her. Even in Austin Powers she didn’t seem that gone. She still looks good despite the abuse.

  28. Carrie Fisher you’re a true badass, a role model, and you’re gorgeous. Thanks for being you!

  29. JJ says:

    Who said she looks bad anyway.? I never heard those stories. Hell if I did as much blow to kill an army I would hope to look that good too. Surprise she’s still alive actually. You look fine Carrie. You may be working on half a cylinder but at least you do it gracefully.

  30. Acrophile says:

    You look just fine. I cosplayed Leia for ten years before I felt too old, now I finally feel confident doing it again. Thank you for making it OK to age and be female at the same time! Leia still rocks, and so do you!

  31. rcasha says:

    According to the background story,her character was a military leader not a fashion model or even a foot soldier. Besides, according to said story she went into something of a depression due to her son’s actions. In short, I’d expect her to look older, haggard and rather grim.

  32. Dear Carrie Fisher: YOU look fantastic. I am amazed and inspired by you, and I HOPE that when I’m older (and by that, I mean in years) I have the ability to be half as beautiful, successful, and spunky as you. You’ve aged beautifully, because you’ve lived beautifully. Keep rocking this world the way you always have.

  33. ZeroSet says:

    So, a woman who split up with the love of her life then found out later he was murdered by her son, his father, no less, had her son go bat shit crazy and become a ruthless, mindless, would-be galaxy conquering murderer, whose brother took off and left her alone to fend off an evil empire trying to murder her and everything about her, who lost the rest of her friends and family and ENTIRE PLANET 3 episodes ago.. whose father turns out to be a ruthless, mindless, would-be galaxy conquering murderer following an evil cult leader into the furthest depths of human madness and cruelty.. well now… this woman is supposed to “age well”?

    Who gets to define what women should look like, say, do, sound like wear… ?? Who gets to define what it is to “age well”?

    By those insane standards did Ford and Hamill “age well”? If not, why no mention, no bitching about that?

    Star Wars… remember? It’s freakin’s Star Wars people, not some dumbass wet t-shirt contest!

    … May Some Intelligence Be With You

  34. Angela says:

    Maybe some people have forgotten what normal aging looks like without surgery, liposuction or wrinkle fillers. Thought she (as Leia) looked exactly like she should,and would as a mother and leader of an ongoing rebellion. And Carrie Fisher is a hoot-saw her being interviewed by the guy from Saved by the Bell (she called herself a ‘Sass Factory”) and on Kelly & Michael-OMG with her dog Gary. Yeah, she’s much more than her outside appearence and that’s not bad either.

  35. Kris says:

    This topic drives me crazy , why can’t women age without being insulted. Truthfully did Harrison Ford look that great? And last time I saw Mark Hamill in anything he had to be close to 300 pounds. The old double standard will never end.

  36. Hey, Judgers! Carrie is no longer 18…. big surprise! I was 18 in 1960! Which one of you stopped aging? Tell us your magic secret. Carrie you look just right and beautiful just the way you are!

  37. Michelle says:

    When I saw her, what struck me was she looks a lot like her mother Debbie, who aged incredibly well!
    Her mother, Debbie Reynolds, spoke to a graduation luncheon when I graduated from UNR in 1987, she was vibrant, hysterical, and I don’t even remember how old she was but I know she was still performing on stage in Reno and Las Vegas in musical variety productions.
    Carrie has had an incredible vibrant career both on and off screen. She is hysterical and has a biting wit. Who cares if she isn’t 20 something anymore!

  38. mamielle says:

    I thought she looked great, she hasn’t aged any worse than Ford has. In fact, my friends and I were angry that they put her in a dowdy, form-hiding rag to wear on screen. I’m sure she could have rocked a sexier, more form fitting and glamorous costume which would be more fitting for a queen/princess!

  39. fawmanyawaka says:

    I love Carrie! I don’t care how she aged…….I love her spirit and zaniness!

  40. Miss Lonely says:

    Mark Hamill aged, Harrison Ford aged, and Carrie Fisher aged. Yet, the only one people are talking about in terms of “looking old” is Carrie Fisher. What does that tell you about our society? Hmmm.

    • Michelle says:

      Yes, a vast majority of us are vain and judge others, especially women horribly harshly based on looks.

      • mary says:

        The problem with our society is that we have lost real values. People are shallow and petty.. Looks and money matter far more today.. And its reflected in how people treat others.
        There is nothing more unnerving than to see old celebrities with hack job face lifts.. They neither look young or old. They look like caricatures.
        Used to be old people looked soft, pleasant and safe..Now they look scary.. Trapped trying to look youthful. Only looking like old freaky people.
        I have not seen this movie yet. But I am glad these characters look like I would expect them to look. Aged and and mature.. As normal time would predict they would..
        Seeing any of them looking unrecognizable, faces twisted into some weird caricature of their old selves. Would ruin it for me.
        Knowing they look just as they should.. Makes me want to see this MORE.
        I admire the women in Hollywood who aged normally.. I love seeing those women..
        I am freaked out by the twisted grotesque faces of those that fell into this age shame and ruined themselves.
        I give Carrie Fisher much respect for knowing the value of the real deal.
        And I hope that none of the negative comments make her choose to “fix” what is natural, and in my opinion, the beauty of being older..
        Young people’s opinion on aging.. Should not matter ..Simply because they know nothing about it..

  41. yodelman says:

    To any negative commentators on Carrie’s looks at near the age of 60. I wish for all of you to remember those comments when you look in the mirror when you reach our age. It’s not the same friends. You will be surprised. Greatly surprised! You might be able to fool yourself that you look young. You will not fool anyone else. I hope no one feels they have to criticize your appearance on the internet. You certainly don’t want to spend time defending your aging appearance. You will be busy trying to look younger.

  42. Jacques Strappe says:

    Fer chrissakes, it is 30 years later. Looking the same is abnormal and really weird. Ms Fisher is a beautiful women and she has a strong sense of self. Rock on, girl. Ignore the troglodytes who are in the minority but sometimes their trash talk sounds the loudest.

  43. Cherie says:

    I thought Carrier Fisher looked GORGEOUS. Hell with the haters! My husband and I loved the movie.

    • Karla Shea says:

      Give me a ******* break, she was gorgeous then, she is gorgeous now, it never had anything to do with whether she was a size 3, or Whatever! She IS Princess Leia because she is an intensely talented artist who made the role hers! I’m so glad she brought it back, it was spectacular!

  44. DSykes says:

    Good on her! I thought she was great, but then I never stopped to worry about her or Mark’s or Harrison’s weight.

  45. Alicia says:

    So nobody mentioned the “aged” Harrison Ford?

  46. Cherie Marks says:

    Love Carrie Fisher in all shapes and sizes! Would have watched her in Star Wars no matter what. She is an amazing writer too and has so much wisdom and wit. Love her!

  47. rqd2 says:

    honestly, she is sexier now than she was then.

  48. Well, the reality is General Organa has been abandoned by her child and the father of her child, lost her planet, lost her adoptive parents who were killed by her real father, her brother skipped planet leaving no word if he’s alive or not, the Empire is STILL trying to kill her and wipe the galaxy of the Rebel scum….have I left anything out? Hell, in REAL life I would expect to see anyone who’s gone thru that and still has enough going to be a general would be allowed to age, be a bit over weight, and allowed to be as drunk as they wanna be when they wanted to be drunk. Now, being retired from the military I can say that Carrie Fisher DOES resemble and sound like very senior officer material. So it is obvious to me they typecast her.

  49. Phil Ayling says:

    “Blow us”? While I dislike internet shaming, I don’t see her cussing out those Producers who told her to lose weight and get a trainer as a condition of her employment. She seems much more temperate with that criticism.

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