Watch: TV Anchors Tell Off Cara Delevingne in Awkward Interview

[WATCH] Cara Delevingne Told Off in
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UPDATED: A few TV anchors were not happy with Cara Delevingne, and it made for one cringe-worthy interview.

The model and actress appeared on “Good Day Sacramento” to promote her film “Paper Towns,” and the interview grew tense as she seemed less-than-enthusiastic and the anchors called her out for it.

One of the anchors starts the interview by calling Delevingne “Carla,” and it’s all downhill from there. Her co-host then asks the actress if juggling several projects helps her focus.

“No,” she answered. “I don’t know where that comes from.”

Delevingne gave several sarcastic responses to the questions. When asked if she relates to her “Paper Towns” character, Margo, she jokingly replied, “No, I actually hate her.”

One of the co-hosts asked Delevingne if she was “just exhausted,” and she explained that the John Green movie had just had its premiere the night before, and that it was an emotional evening.

The interview reached a head when the anchors asked if she’s irritated or it’s just the news show, and she responded, “No, I think it’s just you.”

“We’ll let you go then, how ’bout that?” one anchor said. “Why don’t you go take a little nap, maybe get a Red Bull?”

After the interview ended, the anchors continued to make comments about Delevingne, with one host declaring that she “was in a mood.”

“You make $5 million for six weeks of work, you can pretend to talk to ‘Good Day Sacramento’ with some ‘oomph’!” one host said.

Delevingne fired back on Wednesday.

“Some people just don’t understand sarcasm or the British sense of humour,” she tweeted in reference to the interview.

She also re-tweeted Zach Braff, who wrote “@Caradelevingne or how it’s condescending to ask an actress if she’s read the book.”

Watch the entire trainwreck below.

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  1. Lucinda says:

    It stings my eyes to see these 3, unfunny middle ages nobodies tearing into this beautiful young woman. Obviously, a rich, successful and beautiful stylish young sprig is a threat as well as a painful grain of sand in the eye of that woman anchor (Marie or Maria or whatever her name is) who is still reeling from the pain of long having reached her sell-by date. Kudos to her though for managing to trap a man before she was hastily put back on the shelf. It’s sad that a woman of such advanced age should be acting so foolishly childish and unprofessional and I applaud Cara for having the decency to remain as calm as she did and hold with the ‘interview’ with the ‘journalists’ as long as she did.

  2. Kathy Cassidy-Gerhard says:

    Right out the gate the interviewers treated her rudely and good for her she wasn’t going to take it. And then it seems they realized what morons they were and tried to turn it on her. The best thing was she had the good sense to politely walk away and they kept talking and making even bigger fools of themselves. Good Day Sacramento or where ever it was, more like Good Bye

  3. It’s hard talking to three show-room dummies whose fake excitement is saccharin sweet. They were just cringe-worthy plastic people.

  4. Cara may have been tired, or very worn out, or something. She probably had things going on and wasn’t 100% there. That’s life. Nevertheless, she did come off as uninterested and even bored. She didn’t smile even once! Her job was to promote this film, and she should have done it in spite of what’s going on in her life, and she didn’t do it. And the anchors were completely out of line, acting as they did, because that was 100% unprofessional and uncalled for. It’s THEIR job to make a disinterested, bored, even rude guest interesting by getting them to talk, and they failed miserably.

    So shame on both of them. The only people who benefited from this interview are popcorn manufacturers.

  5. Angie says:

    I watch Good Day Sacramento every morning they are the best local news around … I didn’t even know who Cara was until this interview she acted like she didn’t even want to be interviewed, she was rude and I’m glad The anchors responded the way they did we don’t tolerate attitudes like that in Northern Cali .. Love Good Day …,

    • Nicole says:

      Maybe they should have gotten her name right and not asked condescending questions. And “we don’t tolerate attitudes like that in Northern California?” Really? Like they were the epitome of class and maturity? Sounds like you all need to get over yourselves and not take stuff so seriously.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What is it with the reposting of stories/tweets? Move the hell on already.

  7. Chris says:

    As I’m English I can tell you that she was just miserable and trying to make a joke but failed. She wasn’t being rude. We just keep it real.

  8. Christina Socorso says:

    Those anchors should be ashamed of themselves. They attacked that young girl for no reason. Disgusting. I’ll never watch their show. I guess that’s the only way they can get ratings, since they’re SO boring.

  9. tanya says:

    Completely unprofessional . I’m disgusted by the interviewees.

  10. tanya says:

    SPEECHLESS…these interviews wouldn’t last 5 minutes in Australia. I can’t believe you were so composed Cara. Epic fail..did you 3 drongos read your script this morning??

  11. lisa marsh says:

    The interviewers did a terrible job and were very rude. They couldn’t even pronounce her name correctly and seemed jealous of her. Maybe she was more peppy on other interviews, because the people interviewing her weren’t rude and incompetent.

  12. Mia says:

    Jeeeeez that middle anchor is a B*TCH! First they get her name wrong and then continue to be rude throughout the interview. And then to bash her like that as soon as they cut her. Woooooow they owe her an apology. I think they were the ones “in a mood”.

  13. Kayla Story says:

    Okay, first the anchors got her name wrong, which you could tell she was offended about, but was mature enough to bite her tongue, and then they ask ridiculous questions that hardly were about the movie. They were attacking her from the very beginning and yet they want to act like she was in the wrong simply because she have sarcastic answers followed by real and genuine ones? I’m thankful I don’t live in Sacremento, so I don’t have to watch these jokes of news anchors in the morning. I’m with Cara all the way. The “news anchors” we’re very rude and unprofessional. They owe her a huge apology.

  14. Murray says:

    Sarcasm is not bored rudeness…would have had more respect for you Cara if you said I was having a bad day instead.

  15. Jay says:

    It was definitely the host that were obnoxious. She was being sarcastic to be funny, and it’s not as if she deadpanned the whole thing, either. The hosts asked ridiculous questions and didn’t like the sarcastic responses, so they were terribly rude to her. It did look as if there was a bit of a delay, so that she was not hearing them AS they spoke, which also made the interview awkward. The female host is awful. The “nap and Red Bull” comment was ridiculously uncalled for and was mean spirited.

  16. Bec says:

    Wow!!! What an embarrassment for the station – on their part! They basically bullied Cara and made fun of her “tiredness” by asking insulting and useless questions, and LAUGHING! It seemed like the third guy jumped in to add some “drama” because she did seem exhausted (but at the same time grateful to be living her dreams).

  17. Ehh I don’t know, she did seem obnoxious with the sarcastic remarks before every answer. Asking if she read the book was not rude, every actor/actress who does a movie based on a book is asked the same question. Kristen Stewart was asked a million times if she read Twilight. Not a big fan of Cara, beautiful lady but not a fan of the personality.

  18. Kimbie says:

    Wait a minute! I thought it was Good Morning Sacramento who were obnoxious! She was joking around and doing nothing offensive and I felt like the interviewers were jumping all over her, they were rude and completely unsophisticated. Yeah, they’re the idiots not this young actress who seems to have much more of a brain and also seems to be a lot more genuine.

  19. emma says:

    These people were utterly offensive. They asked rather insulting and useless questions. I think Cara handled herself quite well.

  20. jk smith says:

    The journalist were the ones being assholes
    They actually thought the stupid questions they were asking and the way they were asking them deserved an answer.
    I think they must of overslept and had too many red bulls.

  21. g stern says:

    Cara, You win…you were polite, self effacing, honest. and why would they ask you if you had read the insulting.. also i think there was a time delay on the questions , so she didnt answer immediately..and the scary muppet with the red hair asking your questions…sacramento..really… i think they was a bit of green eye from the lady too

  22. Jacke says:

    Ahhh… Americans..

  23. Ginny Curbow says:

    I think the anchors were rude

  24. Christine says:

    What rude anchors. I think she was totally appropriate and funny. They seemed like jerks.

  25. Michelle Pearl Mobley says:

    I never heard of Cara before this assault on her by these nobodies in Sacramento. Those are the lamest TV anchors on morning news anywhere. They think they are clever, but they are just, well, “Sacramento” … where the “C” and “D” rated TV news people go when they just aren’t any good at their craft.

  26. I think it is probably just them. Cara is being funny in her own way and those overly energetic morning commentators are being rude to her, especially that woman. She probably does think your questions are kind of dumb and loaded and I think so too. Really her responses are about what they should be. She says what everybody else is thinking. You go Cara!

  27. patti says:

    OMG! They are sooooo rude!!! She was perfectly fine.. a******s

  28. Sayo Eweje says:

    She was very clearly being sarcastic…every “rude” comment she made was immediately followed by an actual serious one. These anchors just didn’t get it.

  29. Henry Wilson says:

    What a tempest in a teapot. I think the teevee personalities in Saco are a tad sensitive. Perhaps slightly more insightful questions would help your interviews along?

  30. Camilla Mariann says:

    OMG, so apparently you don’t have to be a grown up to get a job on TV. You guys really owe her a BIG sorry. Okey so what if she wasn’t nice, to point it out like that, that is exactly what teachers tell kids NOT TO DO. Wtf is wrong with you guys?! You were attacking her from the beginning, how would you have reacted. I’m getting to where I don’t have anything more to say cause this was just WOW.

  31. Ciaran says:

    These guys manage to have high paid jobs on a morning show dispite having low IQs and little or no sense of humour, you’d think they’d at least get her name right.


  32. Grace says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is bashing on Cara Delevingne. The news anchor woman was being rude and making snarky comments to her. She was being sarcastic and making jokes. There was no reason for the women to be rude about her seeming less active then usual.

  33. hananh says:

    I honestly thought she was having fun with them, that seems very much like her and other interviews I’ve seen her in. maybe the fact that there was a bit of a delay made her seem less interested and I don’t think until they told her to get a red bull or take a nap that she was at all upset or could even say she was coming across as rude. I feel like talking about her after she was gone was very unprofessional and just mean spirited of the interviews, I don’t think she did anything wrong and that one guy is just an idiot. there is no reason to make someone that uncomfortable. what did he hope to gain from telling her that she wasnt as excited to talk to them. just being mean really.

  34. Shannara says:

    You can go two ways with this interview. The first way, Cara (not Carla) did give the appearance that she was not interested in what was going on. The second, the anchors were very unprofessional in their handling of the interview. I tend to side with the second opinion, but let me explain why.

    First of all, they totally messed up their basic facts. Carla. Really? They were lucky she didn’t comment on that fact. Second, yes she gave sarcastic answers (never read the book/script, she hated Margo, ect.) but she went back and gave the “correct” response after she had her bit of fun. Third, they had no right to call her out on how she seemed lethargic and not happy about being there. It’s their job to ask her about the movie (and occasionally the book). Fourth (I hope, losing track here), the comment about her taking a nap and having a Red Bull was so unprofessional I almost laughed. When did they become her life experts? I’m certain she knows exactly what she needs to feel better. Fifth, after she had left, they imediately started to nitpick her behavior, behind her back. In public. On TV. On a station that attracts lots of viewers. THAT IS SO UNPROFESSIONAL! Generally, we’re taught not to speak poorly about people when they’re not there to defend themselves. But did these “professionals” keep that in mind? Nope. In their heads, they were wronged and they should be able to put their own spin on it so they can come out on top.

    Now, remember, Cara did have her shortcomings. She could have made an effort to sound happier and could have laughed off certain comments, but all in all, I think Cara did a fine job of handling what was given to her, which was a bunch of poor news anchors.

  35. Lauren says:

    Wowwwww those reporters weren’t good at conversation or humor. Then they were just rude

  36. What assholes holy hell

  37. Steven says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why anyone is even talking about this person to begin with. As far as I can tell, since she popped up what seems like overnight, she’s just another model-turned-actress who isn’t even that attractive or done anything yet acting wise that deserves the 15 min of spotlight that she’s getting right now.

    • Sereen says:

      Overnight? She’s world-famous supermodel, the face of Burberry since 2011 and has been in Vogue 3 times since that year (also she was called the ‘star face’ of modelling 2013-2013). I wouldn’t call that 15 minutes… just because you are unaware of something, does not make it insignificant, Sir.

  38. Errol says:

    The interviewers are made stupid questions, come across as complete obnoxious and it is totally unacceptable to mock an actor who agreed to be interviewed, particularly behind their back. They should apologise or face disciplinary action for insulting her by saying she should take a nap. They are there to make interesting conversation, not to prescribe fatigue treatments. We are aware that news and live TV in the US is s**t, this just confirms it. Fortunately, Cara’s performance will endure the test of time, whilst these broadcasting nobodies will soon be forgotten.

  39. Jan Ritchie says:

    Mediocre interviewers and high school bitching is not the level of professionalism that you expect on TV!!!! Maybe when she was on UK TV they had better interview techniques and questions and maybe she wasn’t so tired! on air is not the best place to verbally run down personalities you’ve just badly interviewed!
    A bad workman blames his tools!!!
    Get professionals in to do the job properly!!!!!!

  40. Jay Z says:

    Cara is calling out the newscasters for their sarcasm but she won’t take responsibility for hers. She says its British sarcasm and the newscaster were using American sarcasm. Why is her’s right and the newscaster’s wrong.

    There is enough blame to go to both sides! The newscasters should have done a better job with the questions and knowing her correct name. On the other hand, Cara should not have been so “sarcastic”, I saw the interview it was a bit over the top with sarcasm!

    • Sereen says:

      It’s not quite the same thing, their American ‘sarcasm’ (I wouldn’t call it that, but since you gave it that name I’ll go with it) was basically dictating that as a female celebrity, her mood should be to their liking i.e. ‘perky’ and ‘happy’, and shaming her that it wasn’t so. Was it their right to police her behaviour/attitude like that? Absolutely not, she was polite and answered their questions and to expect more is downright ridiculous. On her part, her answers were quite rightly sarcastic, she was asked questions that were irrelevant to the movie and more about why she wasn’t acting the expected image of sunshine that apparently women are supposed to be. Also, if you’re British you’ll understand that was totally normal sarcasm, that’s pretty much how we converse in this country ;)

  41. Joe says:

    First, On the one hand, those newscasters just dropped the ball, ‘out the gate,’ by mispronouncing her name. Second, ‘I’ll take, most over asked, pourly phrased, straight up boring, questions, for $500, Alex’? No onder she was bored…. That being said, Carla (kidding), your job is to be enthusiastic at these things…. They’re long? Exhausting? One does sympathizes. but champs rise above. feel meh?

  42. Alice Sillis says:

    The Good Day crew were upbeat and gave many positive boosts to the film and tried to engage her…. she clearly hasn’t experience in the 3 minute interview format where she is supposed to talk up the film…Mark S Allen, the entertainment reporter in the segment stated that he enjoyed the film and gave her performance a great review… she was snarky and definitely doesn’t care about the local interviews… Northern CA is not a small market but somehow she believes herself to be too important to sell the film. BTW I am a long time viewer of the Good Day Sacramento show and these people are super kind to all people, especially young adults who are promoting their organization, entertainment or charity… My daughter was interviewed as one of the patients upon the opening of a new pediatric hospital. . She had started cancer treatment 3 days previously, was 1 week post op and did the interview in her ICU bed… She was polite, attentive and cooperative with the reporter….. Difference was that my daughter was grateful to be interviewed and was more than happy to help the reporter by answering questions… even with a chest tube and IV’s running… NO EXCUSES Cara… get off your high horse… My daughter is a 6 yr survivor and often says that she is no hero, that doctors and nurses are the real heroes… learn that other people contribute to your success and achievements.

    • g stern says:

      I think you have to understand that everyone isn’t American ! Even if you are being inteviewed on american television,it wont make you give american type answers . Humour is different the world over..Cara was being Ironic, in her answers to the questions..

    • deeez nuuuts says:

      the f*ck are you talking about? shut the hell up seriously.

      • ize says:

        Are you serious? Cara was absolutely normal, the GDS newscasters were plain rude, NO KINDNESS SEEN OR WHATSOEVER specially fron the woman in there. Your daughter gets interviewed and that makes them good people? Please… I wish I could take your comment seriously, but it is obviously coming from a 5 min fame place in your life, that is not even yours,

      • char says:

        I watched fully expecting to dislike the actress………The Good Day Sacramento hosts were horrible!!!! Their questions were so mundane and stupid. She answered exactly how the question was posed. Glad I don’t have to watch their show. You don’t sit there and go on and on about a bad interview. Where is their professionalism? Obviously they didn’t have it at the beginning or end of the interview.

  43. says:

    Cara, I’m so sorry you were so disrespected for NO REASON!! She make a few light sarcastic jokes, followed by respectful and fleshed out answers, I think with her sarcasm gently pointed out that the questions were kinda dumb, typical dumb, but dumb – she hit a nerve in all of them about not being that good at what they’re doing. I agree with whoever said they should be fired, or at least heavily reprimanded. Good morning Sacramento should publicly apologize. After seeing that interview, if I were an agent or manager, I would never allow my client on that show.

    • Courtney says:

      Completely agree with your entire comment. I’d like to add I think she handled the whole thing really well.

  44. Cara was really sarcastic which some people don’t get but the anchors were rude and unprofessional:

  45. tamikuhn says:

    The anchors for this television station should be fired immediately. They behaved as arrogant egomaniacs. Their obvious lack of intelligence and cultural sensitivity cannot be overcome. Get them off the air and into a desk job where they never interact with the public.

  46. Sherry says:

    OH MY GOODNESS – The anchors at this show should be completely embarrassed by their unprofessional behavior and lack luster questions! GROW UP – I was not all together aware of Cara before this interview and apparently neither did you by starting a professional interview off, which, by the way is YOUR JOB, using her incorrect name “CARLA”- Did YOU READ the script before you jumped on your high horse to do you anchor job this morning? – perhaps it is YOU who needs a red bull to stay awake enough to do research for your interviews – I applaud Cara’s comments and well thought out responses as well as her professionalism in the face of such juvenile morning show whatever you call them – I definitely would not use the word journalist to be sure! Cara – if you were my child or acting and represented a movie I produced I would be over the moon with your interview – be sure you have gained a fan in me and I will be going to the movie and flowing your career! OH an Whoopi – you are not famous – you WERE famous! Cara is a much better representation of what the word represents whether “newby” or whatever you would like to label her – She is class and has style and will be the future instead of your past what to hold on to fame lame conversations!

  47. solomo says:

    lmao. That was pretty entertaining. I enjoyed the sound effects they put over the interview clip once it ended.

  48. Laura says:

    First off, that anchor lady was so so incredibly unprofessional and rude. I mean at least learn to say her name right. And then they asked so many stupid, condescending questions. I personally think Cara handled herself extremely well.

  49. omglynnie says:

    Uh, what????

    She was just being herself. Her answers are pretty hilarious and down-to-earth and they reflect her character. She doesn’t need to put on an act like she’s overly excited or happy that she’s being interviewed by these dimwits. The article is soooo misleading. These guys started pissing her off with asinine questions like if she’s irritated or exhausted on a live interview, it’s really unprofessional of them.

  50. i think the questions she got asked were so lame and irrelevant. no wonder she couldn’t be bothered.

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