Box Office: ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Will Dwarf ‘Hitman: Agent 47,’ ‘American Ultra’

Straight Outta Compton
Courtesy of Universal

Straight Outta Compton” could move from gold to platinum territory in its second weekend of release.

The rap drama from Universal and Legendary will continue to dominate the box office, earning an estimated $30 million and pushing its domestic haul past the $100 million mark. That’s a nice return, considering the fact that producing the N.W.A. biopic only set the partners back $29 million. To capitalize on the strong word of mouth, the film will add more than 200 theaters to its current crop of 2,757 locations.

With its unstinting look at urban poverty, “Straight Outta Compton” may be the year’s most unorthodox blockbuster. Its continued success could spell trouble for a trio of new releases hoping to make a splash during the dog days of summer.

Of these new entrants, “Sinister 2,” a micro-budget horror venture from Blumhouse and Focus Features, should be the least impacted. The sequel to 2012’s “Sinister” should pull in $15 million, slightly less than the $18 million that its predecessor racked up in its initial weekend. The film, which cost less than $10 million to make, will unspool across 2,758 locations.

Fox will also try to shoulder in on the tail end of popcorn movie season, unveiling “Hitman: Agent 47” in roughly 3,260 theaters. It marks the second attempt to transform the Hitman video game series into a viable bigscreen franchise. A 2007 effort racked up just shy of $100 million globally.

This one substitutes “Homeland” star Rupert Friend for “Justified’s” Timothy Olyphant as the follicly challenged secret agent who sets the mayhem in motion. The late Paul Walker was originally attached to play the title role, but his 2013 death in a car crash forced the studio to recast. “Hitman: Agent 47” should pull in between $10 million and $12 million when it debuts, slightly less than the $13 million and change that the first “Hitman” made during its inaugural weekend. It cost $35 million to produce.

That leaves stoner comedy “American Ultra” hoping to get a little buzz. The Lionsgate release debuts in 2,700 theaters, where it is expected to generate $7 million. Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, who previously collaborated on 2009’s “Adventureland,” reunite for the look at a cannabis-loving sleeper agent who finds himself on the wrong side of authorities. Mellows will be harshed.

That extends to the movie business as a whole. Despite the presence of blockbusters such as “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Minions” and “Jurassic World,” domestic ticket sales may fall shy of record numbers. The current box office stands at $4 billion, according to, short of the $4.3 billion in receipts that the industry had hit at a similar point during 2013 — the current highwater mark. In this case, Hollywood will have to settle for second place.

In the arthouse realm, Sony Pictures Classics will field “Grandma,” a well received comedy with Lily Tomlin; Broad Green Pictures will launch “Learning to Drive” with Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson; and the Orchard will push out the offbeat murder mystery “Digging for Fire.”

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  1. Sal says:

    Yes, Straight Outta Compton is gonna slay again this weekend.

    Hitman 47 (10%) and Sinister 2 (4%) are getting trashed in reviews like Fantastic Four. Not surprised….

  2. Jim Harlow says:

    And the best thing about this film is that its creators are going to pour all the money they made back into the neighborhoods of Compton to educate and change their community! Planned parenthood centers, so no more poor, unwed mothers creating children they cannot afford!! Scholarships to encourage teenagers to learn and stay in school! After school interventions for kids that would otherwise be on the streets joining gangs! Wait… They’re not? Oh. Never mind….

  3. Guest says:

    This movies brought in people from all different ethnicities. When I saw this movie there were white, black, hispanic and asians there.

  4. Maria says:

    For all the promo American Ultra has and is doing seems like it’s a flop.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Straight Outta Compton is gonna destroy this weekend. This weeks new releases are weak as hell.

  6. I am not the Ghetto demographic at all, I am a white 62 year old woman. Not into the Gansta Rap, but I like Ice Cube. I went to see his effort and see his son. I loved the movie. My theater was filled with All races, but mostly older whites and Hispanics. You do realize that the white teenagers in suburbia were huge fans of NWA.

    • Guest says:

      Ghetto demographic? Congrats on making yourself sound ignorant. You couldn’t think of anything else? Urban areas? Minorities?

  7. Debb says:

    2asudad90 #not living with reality…. The viewing audience for this movie was mixed with all races and I saw many of them!!!!!!! It’s gonna make plenty of cash..the overseas market hasn’t even been tallied yet!!!
    Wake up…from your bigoted slumber!!!!! Not everyone viewing SOC is black and ghetto!!!!! I know you wish it to be so; however, IT IS NOT!!!!!!!

  8. LOL says:

    America will have impecible taste this weekend if the box-office prognosticators are correct.

  9. asudad90 says:

    It will make about $90M but run out of gas once all the ghetto people have seen it.

    This movie will not play well in middle America. The country is done with the black racists class and race war on whites.

    • Matt says:

      @asudad90 I’m just going to say that you are mistaken and leave it at that. Your type of ignorance is just baffling.

    • Truth Speaker says:

      @ asudad90 Aww what’s the matter? You can’t accept the fact that this movie is doing extremely well, for a what you call ghetto movie, well this movie spoke truth, and that was how thing’s was during those times, now this new generation gets to see how it was, you can hate all you want, but you can never change it’s success :D anf for your info I’ve seen the movie 3 times, and it was a mix of different people, Blacks, whites, latino, asians, it’s beautiful ain’t it lol :D

      • jose says:

        Spoke truth, was there anything in the movie about the not a Dr. Dre beating on women….real tough thug…if you went to see this movie “You Straight Out Stupid”

      • Richard says:

        Well I haven’t seen it yet but remember this movie was produced by the members of the band and they try to present themselves in as good a light as possible to tell an inspiring story. I understand thier misogyny in lyrics and treatment of women and Easy-E are not really adrressed. Bio-pics rarely tell the whole truth and should be take with a grain of salt and not as history.

    • Annie says:

      Your comment comes across as being incredibly bigoted. You may want to look at the box office data on the film. During the opening weekend black people made up 41% of the audience, while 21% of the audience was comprised of white people, 21% Hispanic, and 4% Asian. This, for people who are not intolerant bigots, would suggest that the movie has crossover appeal. Of course, anyone who has a clue can tell that just by looking at the amount of money that the movie has made.

    • Kenneth Bowden says:

      That’s funny I saw so many WHITE fans of the group and those that wasn’t born seeing it! What’s the matter buddy?

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