‘Batman’: Ben Affleck in Talks to Star in, Co-Write, Possibly Direct Standalone Movie

Ben Affleck Batman
Courtesy of Warner Bros./Getty Images

Ben Affleck is in talks to star in, co-write and possibly direct a standalone “Batman” movie.

Sources have confirmed to Variety that Affleck is in negotiations to pen the solo “Batman” film with Geoff Johns after he has finished directing “Live by Night,” which is set to begin production in November.

Warner Bros. had no comment.

Additional details are still under wraps other than the fact that Affleck will star as the Caped Crusader, a role he will first assume in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and then in “Justice League,” which bows in 2017.

Given how much time and effort goes into directing, it might be a long while before Affleck puts pen to paper. He’s currently focused on getting “Live by Night,” based on Dennis Lehane’s Prohibition-era crime novel, off the ground.

Affleck is expected to be promoting “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” this weekend at Comic-Con in San Diego.

He can be seen next in Warner Bros.’ “The Accountant,” which bows in January. Affleck is repped by WME.

The news was first reported by Deadline Hollywood.

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  1. c says:

    I think a more WORSE choice for Batmas than Ben affleck. I thought that before I found out he was doing his Nanny. I am 45 Female and no one can fill Christian Bales show – least of all a cjeaying guy who looks like he is a washed up drunk. Whether he is or not – he looks like he is hirting in his face. He looks bad. What made that choice? Were they high the day they made that decision, not to mention the Yong kids have no idea who he is and frankly I don’t blame them.

    • Kit says:

      Considering Ben Affleck has won multiple Academy Awards and Golden Globes, is an actor who is well known for his incredible skill who hasn’t even gotten a chance to star in a film as Batman/Bruce Wayne yet, somehow I’m pretty goddamn skeptical about your ‘critique’ of his performance. Because…oh wait, you haven’t damn well seen it yet. Additionally, while Christian Bale is a good actor and did do incredibly well in the Dark Knight Trilogy, if that is your baseline for what’s considered a “good” Batman film then it’s abundantly clear that you don’t know jack sh*t about Batman. And given that you just admitted to being middle aged, perhaps stop trying to speak for the “young kids” and actually ask them. I, for one, can’t freaking wait to see how he does as Batman because I think he’s going to knock it out of the park.

      Maybe actually wait until you’ve seen him in the film before you decide he isn’t suited for the job, and you won’t look like such an idiot next time.

  2. People should stop bitching about Affleck being Batman/Bruce Wayne. After seeing the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I am – now more than ever – convinced that he can pull it of. Also the last few movies (which were also directed by him) were great and were all very well received. So, stop the hate already…

    Seriously, people should just stop living in the past and look ahead into the future. Better that way, trust me…

  3. Citizen X says:

    I saw this guy talk about how great an unknown presidential candidate named Barrack Obama was.

    Thanks a lot, idiot.

  4. filmsharks says:

    I have an excellent idea on how he can save his marriage. Cast Jennifer Garner as the Catwoman. Problem solved… next up.

  5. Samala says:

    This is the worst move since someone said, “Hey, let’s cast Beyonce.” I like Ben Affleck. I like some of his movies. He is good at doing some things. Being anything but an audience member in a Batman movie is outside of his purview. Please stop this madness.

  6. IT 2 IT says:

    SO tired.



  7. Candice says:

    NOOoooooooooooooo! Extremely Liberal Benny Boy, will turn the Caped Crusader into overly sensitive flaming flyer.

  8. Kelly says:

    Hollywood is turning all our comic books into fast food entertainment films. No mind blowing stortelling just two charters who hate each other and fight and the bad guy dies and the good guy kisses the girl …the end roll the credits.

  9. Harry Caray says:

    And….WB has jumped the shark.

  10. i will not go see a Ben Affleck stand alone movie, the only reason i am considering Batman vs superman is because of the other actors. i have no faith in Affleck’s acting writing or directing abilities.

    • Grayson says:

      After The Town, Gone Baby Gone, Argo and especially Gone Girl?? I guess if you hate movies altogether your post makes sense. Everyone has an opinion, that one was just baseless though since his movies are critically acclaimed. Plus him being a big fan of the source material. Win win for me :)

  11. poprocker1 says:

    Reblogged this on Pop Rocking Culture and commented:
    Can we please take a long break from Batman and Spiderman? There are so many other heroes out there!

  12. Chris Hinrichsen says:

    I am not surprised since he is appearing in both movies along with being in Suicide Squad though I’m not sure if he has a cameo or more in Suicide Squad, I look forward to seeing how he dons the mask of America’s favorite detective-hero and I hope if he does get that script made for the Batman-Dark Knight franchise I hope he an WB can talk Bryan Cranston to join the cast as Jim Gordon since he voiced the character in Batman Year One Animation movie let’s hope he gets the job and lets hope Ben does a well done job as the Dark Knight

  13. Great news!!! Affleck is a amazing Director, all 3 films he made are critically acclaimed.

  14. DougW says:

    Read another report indicating that a draft of the script may be done before he starts filming “Live By Night.”

  15. Kelly says:

    Big name actors, like Ben Affleck, are so annoying; they force PAs to hold their cigarettes between takes, Denzel Washington, they demand helicopters pick them up before shooting begins i.e. Jim Carry Series of Unfortunate Events and force crew members to take other elevators while they get a private elevator to themselves i.e. TOM CRUISE collateral

  16. Kelly says:

    Celebrities think everything they do is amazing; they get divorced, make an independent film, made a comic book movie and we all have to give it our full attention and pay to see it. Are we too afraid to say their movies suck?

    So what Argo won an Oscar that doesn’t mean its a masterpiece; it was so boring!
    Daredevil sucked, so why is Ben back in the comic book film genre? ????
    Gone Girl was so boring and dull and the ending was freaking stupid!

    George Clooney made so many flops, Tomorrowland was a waste of time and money, the Monuments Men lost money, The American was so bad and boring, but Clooney is always getting picture deals like Ben because his celebrity standing.

    Heath Ledger was right “Hollywood keeps recycling movies.”

    • Guest says:

      “Daredevil sucked, so why is Ben back in the comic book film genre? ????”
      So if your first comic book film is a failed you’re not allowed to star or direct a comic book film? Are you stupid?

      • Kelly says:

        Guest are you stupid? They made his voice sound like the villain in Avengers Age of Ultron …he can’t act and he is going to ruin Batman and money talks and hollywood has more money than brains…

        Just because your famous and you have a Arkham Knight bruce Wayne chin or jaw line doesn’t mean you are supposed to PLAY BRUCE WAYNE!!!

    • Mantle Head says:

      I don’t like the movies you cite and I’m a screenwriter here in LA- a nobody… but these guys are as trapped as me… they do what the studios tell them to do- no choice about it. I hate all comic book movies and Argo is sh*t (it’s also false); but the thing made money… all they care about: make me money!!!!!!

      Furious 7 is the worst movie I have ever seen.

      They want change as much as you, from my fleeting observations (as people in motion, how they live is my interest; I can’t stand this Marvel crap… Star Wars… so think how a writer feels… think how hard that must be… these movies are just $200 million Hollywood home movies; don’t worry, it will all implode and we can restart… but I might die of boredom before then. I hate all these f**king movie- people are NOT like that… we need soul and we need wisdom).

      • LOL says:

        Don’t be so tough on yourself. People like you, with an honest creative integrity, are the cream that will rise to the top while the current lot sours.

        Always keep it real, Mantle Head.

  17. Mel says:

    Couldn’t be worse than Dark Knight Rises, especially with Geoff Johns involved. DC needs more input from comic’s master storytellers.

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