Arab World Reacts To Charlie Hebdo Magazine Attack

Charlie Hebdo Terrorists Attack

The Arab League and Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s most prestigious educational institution, have condemned the massacre at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, in the first reactions from the Arab world to the attack that reportedly killed at least 12 people and injured 10 when two unidentified gunmen opened fire with Kalashnikov rifles in its Paris offices shouting “Allah Akbar,” or “Allah is great.”

The Arab League is an umbrella org. of independent Arab States that includes Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shokry and Dar Al-Ifta, the country’s institute which issues fatwas, or Islamic religious edicts, have also both separately condemned the massacre in which famous French cartoonists and caricaturists Jean Cabut, aka Cabu, and Stéphane Charbonnier, aka Charb, were among those killed.

“Egypt stands by France in confronting terrorism, an international phenomenon that targets the world’s security and stability and which requires coordinated international efforts,” Sameh Shokry said in a statement.

Dar Al-Ifta, which in 2005 issued a fatwa against Danish cartoons satirising Islam, also expressed its condemnation of the attack, “whether it is religiously-motivated or stemmed from reckless actions,” said Ibrahim Negm, a spokesman for the institute, in a statement, according to a report in The Cairo Post.

Negm called on all Islamic organizations in France to officially condemn this crime and “to explain the Islamic vision regarding the respect of the right to freedom of expression as a basic guarantor for the democratic process in the whole world,” the Cairo Post said.

He also urged the French government to protect Muslims living in France from retaliation.

In 2006 Charlie Hebdo magazine sparked huge controversy following the publication of 12 caricatures of Prophet Muhammad. In 2011, the magazine was fire-bombed after publishing a special issue titled “Charia Hebdo” with a caricature of Prophet Muhammad on the cover. Two years later, Charlie Hebdo published a comic book biography of Islam’s founder.

The French magazine’s most recent tweet displayed a cartoon mocking ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

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  1. MISSUMUCH says:

    Im sorry these people died. Im an artist myself so its frightening to me that one could be shot over their work. God Bless these 12 people.

  2. EV docmaker says:

    If the President of Egypt wants to show he stands with France he can start to prove it by immediately releasing the 3 Al Jazeera journalists rotting his prison system.

  3. We will never progress until this evil of religion is dead and gone forever.

    • Sabrina Paradis says:

      I think religion is not evil. It’s the hate-filled, bloated arrogant leaders that are always the problem. Keep their people ignorant. Tell them the Western world is evil. All the while delivering the message on the computers, cell-phones, ipad, televisions and any other device they wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for that horrible Western Culture.

    • JOE S HILL says:

      I Appreciate your open and valid statement on the evils associated with such a devout and growing religious movement like this,,but unfortunately,this is just the begining,and many more evils like this,will
      come! the question now,is how to deal with them! if we didn’t learn anything from 9/11/01,when these
      Terrorists,who also acted in the name of Islam,attacked and killed innocent Americans,,and for these latest Terrorists,all,who likely died,or had sacraficed themselves,in the name of their religion,then i’d say
      that this presents a pretty strong challenge! Suicide Terrorists are not easy criminals to stop,especially when they’re fueled by a need to preform a “Jihad”-a Holy War,,and clearly,its no secret that our country
      and its allies,are still prime targets-so when you say that we’ll never progress,there is some truth to that,,but where you are concerned,i think you meant to say that “this evil religion” is dead and gone-but
      unfortunately,these Terrorists also feel tasked,when they kill evil Americans,or every last one of us,which
      is a pretty clear goal for these fanatics!

    • Bill Henry says:

      Well stated and factually true!!

  4. IPA Secretary General says:

    Arab publishers were among the first to condemn the terrorist acts:

  5. Jean says:

    What is the true value of these condemnations? Just words in the desert. Dar-Al-Ifta issues a fatwa against a Danish magazine in 2005 but now condemns this attack on a French magazine. Laughable if it wasn’t so disgusting. Let’s see how the Muslims of France will demonstrate against terrorism and radical Islam. Talk is cheap.

  6. Triple8 says:

    The “tree of knowledge” in Genesis represents freedom of choice/free will, not evil (unless making your own choices is evil somehow). The desire to force the world to be guided by one religion under threat of death removes free choice and is against the Creator’s intention.

    • Bill Henry says:

      Well, overall true in its’ simplest form. Actually if Christian and Muslim followers truly knew the Bible, for Muslims the OT, they would know that the true and only source of all evil is from the very “God” that they worship. It is clearly stated as such in Isaiah 45:7 (KJV) for all to read, of course they always have the “out” that it is different in the NIV or other new translations/interpretations! But, they cannot get around the other fact that in Gen. 2:9 it is their God who puts that knowledge of evil onto this Earth in the form of a “tree” for his newly created children to get hold of, and he knew they would get hold of it. Most believers believe that “Satan” created and spread evil, of course they do not know the FACTS!! Not knowing the FACTS as you and I know is essential to adhering to all of these beliefs!!! I suggest you check out the book GOD WHO? by Thomas Cole which is where I learned all of these FACTS and so much more. This one book simply destroys the foundation that all of the religions are based upon in such a simple but powerful way. We must spread the facts everywhere in order to have any chance to change people from these paths of destruction. Take care and excellent brief to the point comment!

  7. Bruce Ramsey says:

    Due to taqqiya (see Quran 3:28, 16:106 and Muhammad saying “war is deceit”) , how can we be certain they are sincere in their condemnations this time?

  8. Jiorjio says:

    All those Muslim “condemnations” ARE MADE IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES, NEVER IN ARABIC. fpr external consumption, inside they support and encourage the savage actions and murder

  9. phil says:

    the problem with this reporting as well as the journalism for all articles related to this story is this; the truth is blatantly being withheld by not stating explicitly this was an ISLAMIC terrorist act comitted by MUSLIM terrorists.

  10. scallywagy says:

    Yes the deaths were barbaric, yes this is an assault on freedom of press, thought and liberty but do we dare wonder by insisting on the idea because one is free to express what they will that they ought not concern themselves with the risk of inciting vitriol and pretending those offended will not seek reprisal because that idea is heresy to free thought and our sense of fair play? Define fair play?

  11. drew says:

    “Condemn” all you like ! Meanwhile these islamist fanatics remain at large and all the while are “condemned”. Need action an not BS.

  12. Some people still love to believe that there is an Arab world apart from these Islamist thugs.

  13. Why does a terrorist attack in Iraq go unnoticed but in this case the world stands and does not sit?
    Also this is the back fire of western countries deploying terrorism in Iraq, Syria and Lybia. Are those people considered Apes only westerners are humans?

    • CuriousDave says:

      So who says the attacks in Iraq go unnoticed? That is where there is WAR, so attacks are expected! France is not at war and in France all people – and that includes Muslims – have very broad freedoms of speech, even freedom to offend. This magazine has offended virtually all the major religions, but it’s only Islamists that have chosen – CHOSEN – to act in this way.In France you are perfectly free to call westerners or anyone else apes or anything else.

      Of course, the fact that people can say almost anything they like in France does not mean that it’s a smart idea. But in France you do have the legal right to speak like an idiot.

  14. TJ says:

    I thought that was going to be funny.

    • Jean says:

      A Jay – You condemn… BUT. That’s the whole problem right there. You don’t really condemn because you understand someone would kill someone else for what they say, because “freedom of speech does not mean attack and insult someone religion or icon”, as you say. Freedom of speech is speaking freely, not limiting it because what we talk about is someone else’s idol or icon. If you agree… BUT, you actually don’t agree.Once again, that same hypocrisy we find on any of those “condemnations BUT” from the Arab world. A bunch of BS.

  15. Larry says:

    “Negm called on all Islamic organizations in France to officially condemn this crime and “to explain the Islamic vision regarding the respect of the right to freedom of expression as a basic guarantor for the democratic process in the whole world,” the Cairo Post said.”

    Instead of words defending Islam, how about defending Islam by stopping and re-educating Muslims that become terrorists? Words are cheap, and the west is tired of explanations. We don’t need to be educated. Muslims who are terrorists need to be educated in basic humanity.

  16. Larry says:

    I like all things Star Trek. The interpersonal relationships of the cast are either there or not, their has to be a certain chemistry to make it seem real. I hope it is not a repeat of the genre of “The Next Generation” where Political Correctness even then was being expressed and Picard came across as a Space wimp, later corrected in the following movies. we want some excitement, not a soap opera in space.

  17. Rozalyn Landisburg, Esq. says:

    the tag name or user id “kill jews” is despicable, unacceptable as post which promotes hatred of an ethnic group and advocates genocide. Please remove his /her post .The user id is advocating killing and genocide. REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE HIS POSTS.

    • Boy101 says:

      Can they do the same about the 10 other posts who are literally promoting genocide? Including one asking if nuking the Middle East is a possibility,

  18. tlsnyder42 says:

    Yes, the historical record shows Mohammed did murder some enemies and enslaved some of their women and children, unlike Jesus, who murdered no one and actually died for his enemies, to bring them closer to a truly loving God. The Quran is a confused book, while Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount is a beautiful essay on God’s Law and God’s Righteousness without being legalistic or lawless, two major ethical problems that stand opposed to one another.

  19. A Jay says:

    dude .. who said your telling the truth? and what knowledge have you come up with? we are muslims and we are proud to be. we condemn such an act. but freedom of speech does not mean attack and insult someone religion or icon. or even be a racist !! so wake up. stop making stories about rape and all these claims. you are wrong and you are lying. in the states we have more crimes and even worse.

  20. Bill Henry says:

    Well agree kind of… Mohammed is dead of course, but as with the Shakespeare play Julius Caesar where it says: ” the good is oft interned with the bones but the bad/evil lives on” is appropriate here. I dare say the Mohammed is directly responsible for more killing than Stalin and Hitler combined!! Not to mention all the ruined lives, rapes, child molestings,etc.! Islam has to be completely eradicated from planet Earth! I wish followers of Islam who are overwhelmingly born into that belief system would/could learn the true facts, but sadly they seem unwilling or incapable of doing so. That of course leave little other choice unfortunately.

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