‘Aquaman’: First Photo Released of Jason Momoa as DC Superhero

Aquaman: Photo Released of Jason Momoa

Aquaman has officially landed.

Director Zack Snyder tweeted the first photo of Jason Momoa as DC Comics superhero Aquaman on Thursday night.

Momoa, ex-star of “Game of Thrones,” will appear in Snyder’s upcoming film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” as well as the future Justice League films.

In the DC comic books, Aquaman is the king of the seven seas, hence the poster slogan.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” hits theaters March 25, 2016.

Here’s the full photo:

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  1. Steve Malon says:

    Aquaman is blonde haired and fair skinned. When did he become a black dude. JS looks more like he should be playing the sea god Neptune. This film will bomb like Hercules and Tarzan.

  2. joel gray says:

    Hey, Kal-El… World-Engine? Really? You know how they say don’t tap on the glass?

  3. Lee Colton says:

    Aquaman should look more like the comic book character. In this pic, he look thugish.

  4. Lola Prado says:

    No one in the world could be better for this role than Jason he looks tough because he is hot too.

  5. tlsnyder42 says:

    Jason makes Aquaman look like a really tough guy.

  6. alfred says:

    I thought it was gonna be Vincent Chase

  7. So what most people here are saying is they want the literal interpretation of comic book costumes translated into live action movies? In my opinion I don’t think it would translate well. Just look at Alex Ross’ paintings of the justice league. I’m a big fan of his work but thinking about his work on the screen just seems a bit campy.

  8. Frank says:

    Well look what they did! They made Aquaman so cool that he turned into the Submariner. Now Marvel doesn’t have to bother with a Prince Namor movie; DC is doing it for them.

    • Frank says:

      I like Prince Namor too. He was one of the very first Marvel characters ever. My point in bringing him up is that Momoa would make a far better Submariner than Aquaman. I’m not worried about a “literal interpretation of comic book costumes” as Bien El Rey Flores (@Dragon_Bien) suggests, but you know what? Batman always looks like Batman. Superman always looks like Superman (now minus the red panties). They never do any real deviations from them. But Wonder Woman now looks like Xena and Aquaman looks like the Submariner. It’s distracting. I was just as annoyed when the Avengers turned Hawkeye into a guy with a bow. What if they ever get around to a Submariner movie? Do you see what I mean? They better call Momoa for that, too.

    • Gil says:

      I could relate to Submariner…as a Hispanic part Native-American, part European-Spanish I know what
      it’s like not to feel like you “fit in” anywhere, especially by idiots who call themselves “latinos”.
      Namore The Sub-Mariner was rejected by BOTH Atlanteans AND Humans. He also suffered from a physical condition of being a Hybrid which created an oxygen imbalance in his brain. This caused him to fight anyone, anywhere, for any reason even “The Hulk”! Aquaman I never liked because he was an
      anglo-looking-Adonis with no personal problems other than people didn’t “accept his royal-rule”. BOO HOO HOO. What a Cry-Baby like “BatMan”. Namor was more or less a “Mutant” like Kevin Costner’s
      Character in “water-world” which is why Humans feared & hated him besides their envy of him.

  9. PETER says:

    Yes, yes, yes, Luis, it’s the leftist liberals pushing their liberal agenda on everything. Same with the protests against the Academy Awards to be “diversified”! If the blacks want more black movies, then they should put their millions into their own productions and make whatever they want to make like Spike Lee and Oprah do. Everything is blamed on the “white people”! The “minorities” need to stop whining, take responsibility for themselves, and produce quality art instead.

  10. Jack says:

    The unite the seven title isn’t in reference to the seas, it’s refering to uniting the seven members of the justice league together.

    • it’s the interpretation of the director so you can’t say what it’s really refered to

      • tusk1113 says:

        The director didn’t come up with that interpretation. Whoever wrote this piece did, and I would be willing to bet that Mr Snyder, being as big of a comic book fan as he is, didn’t have “the seven seas” (an antiquated phrase, to say the least) in mind

  11. Seth says:

    i find even more amusing that they think they going to compete with the Marvel movies that are already rolling!!

  12. PETER says:

    I guess that Jason is off the juice, steroids, so his body is looking flabby. Anything written here positive about Jason Mamoa playing AQUAMAN is from his or the studio’s publicists. That being said, I like Jason, and it’s nice that a hapa-Hawaiian is getting starring roles, even though he didn’t grow up in the Islands. And that they should have named this new creation something other than AQUAMAN. MAUIMAN! MELEKALIKIMAKAMAN!

  13. Sulli says:

    If you do what you have always done, you get what you always got. While you all pontificate, I am going to take swimming lessons. Long live Mamoa as Aquaman!

  14. Aaron says:

    Badass. He looks like Poseidon. Loved him in SG:A, I’m sure he’s going to be an unrelenting ass-kicker that he is in most of his roles. Great casting to inject some interest in an oft underappreciated hero.

  15. Richard says:

    Jason looks nothing like the comic book Aquaman, not even close. And why would a man of the sea need facial hair? Most marine mammals are smooth to move quickly underwater. Casting Jason is just a marketing move: nothing to do with the comic, science, or any other form of logic. With the billions of actors out there, why not use a new actor for this new role?

    • PG says:

      Aquaman-in-the-comics FREQUENTLY has a beard.

      Maybe partly to reclaim the character from SuperFriends, but bearded Aquaman (who then looks like most mythical Gods of the Sea) is perfectly valid from a comics viewpoint.

      And this is a NEW version in a different medium.

    • Clare says:

      You cannot be serious. “why would a man of the sea need facial hair” ? …..yeah, you’re right. That’s a wrap, everybody. We couldn’t find an AMPHIBIOUS man to play this part and it’s not like we’re gonna do this thing if it’s gonna conflict with Richard’s high standards for creative integrity.

    • Biguns says:

      That’s why it’s called Fiction, slick. He’s the king of the ocean, he doesn’t need to be hydrodynamic.
      And, Jason Momoa is awesome.

    • Manu says:

      They changed aquaman’s origin story for the movie. fuckin nerd!

      • PG says:

        Maybe they have. And certainly Marvel’s films reach a wide range of viewers – but it is fans and “nerds” who will be one of the major target audiences for this film. So mocking or dismissing their comments – however daft or ill-founded they may be – is unwise.

        For instance: fans ripped Superman Returns apart from the first images, and the (poor) film never recovered…

  16. anyone who says aquaman is weak is a fucking idiot. what can he do? kill superman if he chooses. yea chooses. aquaman has magic and superman can’t do shit against it. also his strength is on par with superman. dude can control water, you know the shit that cover 70% of the freakin planet. and summon animals of the sea….you know the location of the truly deadly terrifying shit….also he has a freakin army of badass atlantian soldiers to go along with the entire ocean of creatures…this is also the badass that cuts off his own hand to save the day…and replaces it with a damned spear so he can on go on killing.

  17. Meanwhile back at the Hall of Justice……Aquaman prepares a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because he can’t do sh*t. He summons a can of tuna from the cupboard….dododododododododododo…….

  18. John Farley says:

    shades of “Stargate Atlantis”

  19. Don B says:

    Fitting, as he made a name for himself in “Stargate Atlantis” before “Game of Thrones”.

  20. thatmovieyousee says:

    Reblogged this on That Movie You See.

  21. Santino says:

    This looks a lot like the 1990’s Aquaman and Jason Momoa looks B.A.!! Even though I still firmly believe he would’ve made a better Lobo! My only complaint is that the armor should have a more organic design, something influenced more by crustaceans (Crabs, Lobsters etc), barnacles, or Tortoise shells. those would be natural design inspirations that Atlanteans would see on a regular basis that could and would influence their own design choices. I think that the armor design of the Crime Syndicate’s Sea King (Justice League:Trinity War) was awesome and logical. Also, FYI -Jason Momoa’s mom is German and Irish so all you racists out there don’t need to get all butt hurt (I’m looking at you “PETER”)…

    • PG says:

      Given that Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds (et al.) have been two heroes, I like the idea of Mr Momoa as LOBO. As well as Aquaman.

    • Luiz says:

      So anyone who protests the forced diversification of white institutions is a racist? No, the racists are those who support the diversification of white culture but complain when whites “appropriate” or “whitewash” nonwhite culture. You can’t have it both ways. Let’s see Hollywood make a movie about Shaft and have it star Bradley Cooper. I wonder how well that will go over.

      Diversity is only celebrated when it is done to white culture. No one is compelling Japan or South Korea to allow millions of immigrants into their countries every year like Western nations are compelled to do. No one is compelling Bollywood or Nollywood to include white actors in their movies like Hollywood is compelled to include brown and black actors in their movies. No one is complaining that many black and brown nations do not have Affirmative Action style policies to help their minority white populations, yet if a white nation doesn’t have such laws instituted to help minority black and brown populations, they are considered racist.

      • Santino says:

        But you missed my point, Jason Momoa is half anglo, AND I mentioned it so that you wouldn’t have to get your conservative, racially threatened panties in a bunch…which you did anyway…and who said anything about Japan, or Korea, or Bollywood, or Affirmative action and immigration?!? even though anglos have only been on this continent for 351 years (112 before america was founded in 1776) when THEY immigrated here…nothing compared to native americans who called this place home before the europeans with their greed, and violence and biological warfare (diseases) stole this land from them. So yeah, you are a RACIST F*%K!

    • jake says:

      But would aquaman kill sea creatures just to have armour?

      • Santino says:

        I didn’t mean kill sea creatures but have their natural aesthetic have an influence on the Atlanteans design choices. Similar to Aqua-mans original green shirt looked like it had scales, or the Hound’s helmet in Game of Thrones.

  22. JohnJr says:

    I just peed a little in my pantaloons.

  23. I don’t usually think of this when I think Aquaman but I dig it.

  24. BATSUPE says:

    Fuck yes. Awesome. I see they didn’t completely steer away from the blonde as it appears he has blonde highlights. Go Aquamomoa, go!

  25. Laura says:

    hell yeah! i’m watching that. sexy sexy man.

  26. Karl says:

    Brilliant!!! Can’t wait.

  27. Sommer57 says:

    What’s with the beard? And isn’t Arthur blond?

  28. Jay says:

    But Aquaman is a pretty, muscular blond boy! Haven’t you looked? A Thor type in water!

  29. Valerio says:

    This is the first iteration of Aquaman I have ever seen that actually seems cool. I’m not that familiar with DC comics but it makes way more sense for him to be a badass merman than a pretty boy in an orange jumpsuit.

  30. Yodaweed says:

    The only real Aquaman is Adrian Grenier

  31. Joey Joejoe Junior Shabadoo says:

    Vinny Chase could take him.

    • Zero1Zero says:

      Only in his dreams. A 5′ 10″ guy with a slim build doesn’t stand much of a chance against a 6′ 4″ guy with a muscular build.

  32. xxicenturyboy says:


  33. Chris Pennington says:

    This is Namor not Aquaman.

  34. PETER says:

    PC Aquaman! Politically Correct Aquaman! Or Mauiman! Waikikiman! But I’ve always been a Jason Mamoa fan, back to Baywatch Hawaii! Which ever audience has the $$$$!

  35. Eric Rawlins says:

    I understand that people are upset that the newest iterations of superheroes don’t look exactly like the ones they grew up with – I’m not a big fan of any of the Superman costumes post-Richard Donner – but let’s be honest, DC’s lineup suffered from the comic book version of Disney Princess-itis: lots of pale, white, blonde pretty boys (Barry Allen, Oliver Queen, Arthur Curry, I’m looking at you!) and not much diversity. Also, the costumes were limited by the constraints of the then-current printing methods, so lots of pure yellow, blue, red, and green. I like the old Aquaman, but I think it makes a huge amount of sense to have an actual Pacific Islander playing the part of a Pacific Atlantean, and it’s pretty badass. Aquaman has LONG been problematic in terms of updating/making cool for a new generation, but this is certainly a viable option. And I think Jason can bring a lot of dangerous, sexy charm to the role, something that’s been missing since Arthur Curry first hit the pages of DC Comics (I wonder if he will still be called Arthur Curry, given that he is no longer white/Western/Judeo-Christian?).

    • A says:

      Did you say “Pacific Atlantean”? Uh yeah, pretty sure “Atlantis” would be located in the “Atlantic” Ocean.

    • Daniel James says:

      I don’t think anyone’s upset about this. I’ve followed superhero movies for years and I’ve NEVER seen such a unanimously positive reaction to a superhero. This is the first DC reveal that hasn’t been bashed anyone on the internet.

  36. CP says:

    DC has introduced or has announced plans to introduce Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, Cyborg, and the Green Lantern to form the new Justice League (sorry Martian Manhunter). That’s 7 members right there. And considering this movie is basically “Justice League: the Prequel,” and not “How Aquaman United the 7 Seas,” I’m pretty sure that’s the 7 that need to be united. Swing and a miss Variety.

  37. Brian Rewis says:

    As much as I do not care for the tone that Snyder has brought to the DC universe, I cannot fault him here. Let’s look at the reality of the situation:

    Snyder had to take one of the most ridiculed super heroes of all time (I dare you to find another that has been mocked in pop culture more) and make him a functional bad ass that is believable within the group of bad asses that will also be in the JLA. He did what I would have done in that situation: taken a lead from the toughest version of Aquaman that was ever written: 1990s Aquaman. This is a version of Aquaman that sawed off his own frigging hand and replaced it with a trident head.

    The armor that Mamoa is wearing in this picture not only captures the spirit of that iteration of Aquaman, they also worked it so that it matched the actor’s already existing tribal tattoos.

    And for the purists out there that keep rattling on about how he has to have blonde hair to make this a true Aquaman representation, you must have missed the first 25 or so years of the comic. The whole “blonde hair means he is the chosen one” crap was something much later in the life of the comic. Again, different iterations.

  38. Tom Meny says:

    pftt… Vinnie Chase is the only Aquaman i’ll recognize!

  39. Aj says:

    A Hawaiian Aquaman. I say yes and thank you. I am a nerd. I work on computers, read The Punisher religiously, and wear my Red Lantern ring to work every day. Since many of you are complaining that this isn’t the blond haired, blue eyed, 50’s Aquaman, let me put you on the spot.

    1.) The highlights in his hair, most likely, are a reference to his origin story.(look up “Curse of Kordax”)
    2.) Aquaman, post 1990, DOES NOT like the surface world. He works with the JL because he understands that if the surface world falls, the oceans follow.
    3.) To adapt to living in various pressure levels, their body must be hearty.
    4.) Why is this a big deal? would you rather have Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern again?

    As a fan of The Punisher, and the amazing casting they got with Thomas Jane, I can understand the desire for a look alike actor. That being said, if Thomas Jane couldn’t act, I would have rather had a re-imagining. Skin color and appearance shouldn’t matter, Marvel learned that lesson a long time ago with Nick Fury, the Spider-family, and now with Thor. If you cannot look past appearances, to the heart of the character that the actor is trying to portray, and give them a chance, then you have become the bully on the playground that judged you for reading your Aquaman comics so long ago. A TRUE comic book fan, be they for Dark Horse, DC, Marvel, Impact, or any other publisher, should be reading them for their story, not for their looks.

  40. JOE S HILL says:

    I’m sorry,but i do NOT like this costume! Jason Momoa just doesn’t look anything like Aquaman,,he looks like some punk Viking,and it is so predictable,that these people today would resort to more versions of what THEY think a costume should look like-and this is NOT Aquaman! no disrespect to Momoa,but he looks awful! i just wish that the Warner Bros. people wouldn’t allow these producers to change or alter
    the Traditional costumes,because i’m a serious comicbook fan,and i just do not like all these fashion disasters-they look NOTHING like the comicbook charecters i grew-up reading- i’ll pass!!

  41. msstargate says:

    FYI…Jason spent 4 seasons on Stargate Atlantis….much longer than he was on Game of Thrones.

  42. A crown for a king… King of the seven seas that is.

  43. Hollywood changes the look of characters, America has known for years , and then they’re unrecognizable … you shouldn’t have to tell me that’s Aquaman … disappointing … just to appeal to a younger audience … the new Aquaman looks like Rob Zombie on steroids and with a bath for the first time ! Way to go Hollywood, but if you can distort a biblical story on the big screen … you can mess anything up !

    • Anon says:

      You are aware that Aquaman DID look a lot like this at one point in the comics.

      • JOE S HILL says:

        I’m glad that someone agrees with me,on this fashion disaster,,that is NOT Aquaman,and like many of you,i also remember that horrible costume change the artists tried doing some years ago-it was terrible!
        another complaint that i have with all the Hollywood people messing around with the costumes-please keep then Traditional,but creative! Zack Synder’s version of “Wonder Woman” still looks like “Xena,Warrior Princess”-Greg Berlanti’s TV version of THE FLASH has that God awful costume-the John Wesley Shipp costume is WAY better then this! just what we don’t need-more fashion disasters to ruin what our comicbook heroes are supposed to look like!

  44. PETER says:

    Hahahahaha! A Hawaiian Aquaman! He looks like Kanye West on a bad day! Doesn’t look like Aquaman at all. A politically correct Aquaman for the leftist liberals! We should have that idiot Obama as Aquaman!

    • >implying Aquaman was actually supposed to fit your narrow views of ethnicity
      >implying Aquaman ever cared about your silly surface politics
      >implying Obama has half the body that Aquaman has

      Jason Momoa was the biggest badass on Stargate: Atlantis. You COULD be having a laugh here instead of spewing your hatred about a system everyone knows is broken. You’re having like, zero impact here in a blog’s comments. If you feel so passionate about it, then instead of sitting there on your butt and whining like every single other American, go do something constructive about it: start a blog, research, argue, do something to sway me.

      Act like those “founding fathers” conservatives claim to hold so dear. You would never catch Jefferson calling someone an idiot without 3 full pages of argument backing it up. And Washington would never stoop to the level you did there: call the man’s ideas and opinions foolish; don’t call the man a fool.

    • rob says:

      unbelievable!!! I love how the fox news crowd can turn anything (movie poster) into a partisan issue to justify the taste of the cool-aid they drink. Good job…..

  45. jon says:

    Is he supposed to look reminiscent of King Neptune? HE had long hair and a big beard. Just ask Ariel. I’m sure a lot of fans would like to be “part of his world”.

  46. Oldtimer says:

    Why does the younger generation INSIST that we read the modern version comic books just because they don’t know the older ones? Why do we HAVE TO agree with them on the right looks?
    Look kids, here’s the deal. The blond hair, I couldn’t care less about (although it makes sense when you live in salt water all your life) but here’s a few things that don’t make sense. Long hair under water is all over the place and gets in your face and coral reef all the time. Tattoos? WTF? How do you do that? And the bulging muscles? Look at ocean creatures. Streamline is everything. A 240 lbs block doesn’t move around that easily when surrounded by water. And how the hell do you get a tan like that when you hardly see any daylight?
    I know, the old comic books cost a fortune nowadays. But these kind of pissing contests remind me of discussions on the internet about the Tesla 85D versus Dodge Hellcat.
    Get over it,kid. We have worked long and hard enough to be able to afford it. And let’s face it, if it wasn’t for us old timers there wouldn’t be any of these superheroes. So let us have a bit of our own,okay?

    • PG says:

      Long hair – echoes Neptune, Poseidon, (Triton) and the like. Suggests an historical Kingly air. Maybe even subtlely suggests that he has more important things to do than get a haircut…

      While Aquaman swims all over, a King would not. He would rule and delegate. And the iteration where he emerges from the sea due to a threat and then (mostly) stays on land could easily have long hair without worrying about coral.

      Tattoos – why not? Many versions of Atlantis have the city being in a kind of bubble (allowing easy tattooing), so that’s Technicality A. Technicality B might hold that uderwater tattooing is dangerous and something only a very strong individual would undergo.

      Weight & Muscle – the literal pressure of underwater existence would surely necessitate great muscle mass. And in some cultural tales whereby the King is (or must be) the strongest warrior, bulk and muscle would go hand in hand with the position.

      Amazons and Atlanteans are both warriors. Their ruling families would very logically be top of the pile – winning contests and looking like this.

      This is a new version, a – perhaps – more ‘realistic’ take. It looks inspired by but not beholden to the comics. And it is also “notSuperfriends-Aquaman”.

    • PG says:

      Given that Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds (et al.) have been two heroes, I like the idea of LOBO. As well.

    • Brian Rewis says:

      Oldtimer, I like this very much

  47. Ian jones says:

    I think this look is great after we really don’t want to see the bleach blonde pasty camp aquaman do we? A more badass aquaman in line with more recent versions is exactly what we need in the dccu , I actually love what they did with mos personally and am looking forward to seeing the rest of the JLA line up , so far I am really impressed by the look of the members we have seen and am really excited to see how the rest will look , mostly Green lantern as he is my fav dc character , and unite the seven is most definitely a reference to the the founding 7 members of the JLA , obvious clever wordplay!

  48. You know you’re screwed when Aquaman looks more badass than Batman. Sad Batman is now Suicide Watch Batman.

  49. Eric Rawlins says:

    That armour is definitely Photoshopped, and that doesn’t look like Jason’s body (saggy tits? Not on Momoa, no, sir). This must just be a concept art piece….

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