Disney Wants You to Know It Wasn’t Involved with GQ’s Racy Amy Schumer ‘Star Wars’ Shoot

Amy Schumer GQ Photo Shoot
Courtesy of GQ

Amy Schumer has had a pretty big week between the theatrical release of “Trainwreck,” two Emmy nominations for “Inside Amy Schumer,” and her raunchy GQ cover story featuring the comedian cavorting with “Star Wars” icons R2-D2 and C3P0 — but that last part may have landed her in hot water with the House of Mouse.

After impressionable “Star Wars” fans took to social media to decry the sexualization of their beloved characters, the official Star Wars Twitter account made sure to let them know that Disney and Lucasfilm had no part in the racy photoshoot.

A studio spokesperson told Variety, “It’s not surprising that GQ would want to capitalize on the cultural cachet of ‘Star Wars,’ but Lucasfilm and Disney did not authorize, participate in or condone the inappropriate use of our characters in this manner.”

GQ did not consult with Disney or Lucasfilm on the content of the shoot, a studio rep says, but because the photos are parodying the iconic franchise, they’re covered under fair use. A source close to Disney admitted that there was no legal recourse for the parody — beyond social media disapproval.

Despite the disdain from some “Star Wars” faithful, others were making like Salacious B. Crumb and seeing the funny side.

And with “Trainwreck” already on track to outperform box office expectations this weekend, Schumer will be laughing all the way to the bank — just don’t expect her to make a real cameo in a galaxy far, far away any time soon.

A request for comment from GQ was not immediately returned.

Click over to GQ for more photos from Schumer’s cover story.

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  1. Charley Waite says:

    I’m not offended by the pictures. I’m offended that GQ took someone’s trademark and totally used it without permission. what next? Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones in bed with Chris Pratt as Han Solo?

  2. I want to point out to those whiny bitches who are complaining about the “moral purity” of Star Wars it also had implied incest, slave girls in mesh outfits and slobbery Hutt-licking… so suck it ya weenies.
    Also these people who are “shocked, shocked I tell you” you truly are moral prudes with something broken inside them.I can only shudder at the darkness within them masquerading as “moral purity”
    Check out Gold Diggers of 1933, 35 or Gold Diggers in Paris if you want to see things that were just as lewd then as they are now. Cole Porter was singing about cocaine and no one was labelling his records with warnings about alcohol and drug use.

    • theresa o says:

      I’ve read much of the reply contents, and it seems we are pretty much all on the same page, statistically speaking…sorta like the controversy of editing the Looney Toons cartoons….if
      you don’t like it, turn the page/channel/radio…..freedom of speech and all….you might not like what
      is said, but don’t think you can prevent it from being said. lots of times we are tragically thrown into
      the aftermath of such a freedom, i know. but it’s nice to know all of you out there are free to honestly
      respond to this.

  3. Blade0817 says:

    I work with a very reputable filmmaker and this GQ magazine did a photo shoot with him along with one of the filmstars and although they had several photographers showing up for the event and took pictures for hours they ALL turned out awful, I mean terrible! No one seemed to know what to do or how to take pictures let alone how to set the subjects up for the shoots. At the end they published like 5-6 photos (from the literally hundreds) but they all were VERY low grade. I really dislike this magazine, especially now after this disgraceful picture too! And shame on that Amy Schumer, a disgrace for all women!

  4. paultaegel says:

    One of the best photos I’ve ever seen in my life.

  5. David says:

    She looks like a little girl. This woman needs to keep her clothes on.

    • So women can only look one way? really? And if YOU think she looks like a little girl you assume everyone else thinks that as well? She seems to have a healthy set of developed secondary sexual characteristics.

  6. chuck kinkade says:

    Don’t be jealous guys women have preferred electronics over man for a long time, in a galaxy not so far away.

  7. Jeff Barge says:

    Did you know that Steve Harvey wears the same pantsuits as Hillary Clinton? (There’s photos online.)

  8. TONY says:

    trash. typical.

  9. Pete says:

    really ? so princess whatever ( i hate star wears so screw all you SW fans crying and suffering heart attacks in your parents basement ) gets captured by fat maggot looking thing and forced to wear a gold bikini … obviously meant to show she was a sex slave but Amy doing this gets you all boohooing ? GO AMY GO !

    • I can’t believe you are that ignorant about the character names in Star Wars. I mean even if you haven’t seen it it’s simply everywhere – but I DO agree with what you are saying.

  10. Dave J. says:

    No uproar over Jar Jar Binks, and these idiots complain about Amy Schumar! If you don’t like what you see on the cover- don’t buy it, it’s as simple as that! And I really don’t believe Star Was fans have to be obligated buy anything that is Star Wars related since (like Star Trek) their must be a million different items.

  11. anonymous says:

    Star Wars brand being used in a sexual manner and Walt Disney has not said or done anything.

    I am seriously offended and anyone who thinks she is talented well she is using a brand, not her own, to sell herself. Thats not talented at all.

  12. Now I’m sure you can’t just get hold of 3PO and R2-D2, the real ones, which you can see they are, without any awareness on Disney’s part. They knew, (or should have known with Schumer) I would say but were “pushing the envelope” and when the flack started left Schumer hanging… And if they didn’t know… well then that’s a lesson they got.

  13. Koldbern says:

    I thought this photo was hilarious, and a good conversation starter. It could even be among the framed pictures hung by the pool table in the man cave.

    If you require an official announcement from Captain Obvious himself that Disney and Lucas-films wasn’t directly involved in this, maybe you require more sun exposure.

  14. JediKnight says:

    “Impressionable “Star Wars” fans” – So every Star Wars fan then. I think you mean sexually repressed fans…. Damn, that’s still every fan.

  15. Justin GUillaume says:

    WOw. So now days we can use any corporations property as we so wish and just use the word “parody” to get away with it? Sounds good to me.

  16. Brian G. Sim says:

    Amy’s been lucky so far. Don’t bet on it lasting. Although talented in a “watch this” attitude, she will eventually self destruct and cross the line, insulting the wrong person or group. My daughter and her boyfriend loved the Movie. Laugh out loud Funny. Her agent needs to keep a short leash on her.

  17. anonymous says:

    she can’t let her comedy stand on four legs so she uses Star Wars…

    People will only use whats popular to get attention for their work, even if it has nothing to do with their work…

    amy you fat ugly bitch your not helping anyone laugh

    • Steve Marko says:

      I can see why “Anonymous” remains just that in their comment. Takes courage to spew ignorant insults and not put your name to your words. I’m SOOOO impressed. She is helping people laugh….especially at at classless examples such as yourself.

      • anonymous says:

        Cookie no ones afraid.

        No one is laughing at her stealing Star Wars characters to get attention.

      • Cookie says:

        …And not only is Anonymous afraid to put a name on that nastiness he/she is a name caller. Swearing and name calling show a lack of intelligence and a limited vocabulary. And uh Sandra? Don’t be honest for me. I think she’s hilarious!

      • Sandra Dei says:

        Steve, yes, that critique was a little harsh, but let’s be honest, there is NOTHING funny about her.

      • anonymous says:

        She is ignorant. What kind of a comedian uses a popular brand to sell her own? Do you even hear yourself? Are you literally that stupid?

  18. Concrete Brad says:

    If you want something offensive from Star Wars, I give you Jar Jar Binks.

  19. Darn Tootin says:

    I just had breakfast and I had to look at that. Eeewww!
    Put your shirt on, please!

    • David Macmillan says:

      did you have beans for breaky. that would get you tootin. maybe you’ve got your mouth and but mixed up.

  20. Handsome Jack says:

    Did anyone notice the Trainwreck publicity/advertisement pic of Amy Schumer is a direct copy of a Sweet Dee Reynolds promo shot for Always Sunny in PA, right down to the finger positioning?

  21. labman57 says:

    You know where this is going to lead us — demands by those demented liberals for marriage equality between humans and robots.
    Stop the insanity!

    Sorry, I was channeling FOX & Friends for a moment there.

  22. Stephen Strepsi says:

    “because the photos are obviously parodying the iconic franchise, they’re covered under fair use” — I would not think that’s the legal issue at all. Hollywood has, from the days of Elvis and Marilyn and Bela Lugosi, hugely influenced state laws so that the IMAGE of a celebrity is also protected from misuse, as well as the “right of publicity” — both would be in Disney’s favor here. But beyond that, these look like genuine C3PO and R2D2 costumes, which would also be protected. I would expect a little more from Variety writers (why? I know, but I do).

    • Cookie says:

      I hate to break it to you Stephen and I hope this isn’t too traumatizing for you. But, CP3O, R2D2 and Star Wars are not real, but Elvis, Marilyn and Bela were.

  23. Paully says:

    Any press is good press .. And this is Hreat Press.. Especially for the over 25 crowd who will be the bulk of SW sales and income..

  24. aarondul says:

    Because Princess lea slave outfit was so family friendly and pure.

  25. Jacques Strappe says:

    Publicly Disney would have to decry this after all Disney is an icon to families which pad its bottom line. But I have to believe, privately, the adults running Disney and LucasFilms are giddy with laughter and loving the free marketing promotion for their big upcoming Star Wars film. It’s a very funny parody. Kudos to Schumer and everyone behind it at GQ.

  26. BarkStar says:

    Geez, grow up America.

  27. Al Swearengen says:

    Lel Disney being prudish as usual.

  28. Good Taste Matters! says:

    Thank you Disney, we believe you! Stay as fun as you are, and forget about this woman.
    As far as her laughing all the way to the bank, no amount of money can buy you class.
    Not even her’s. LOL
    NOW who gets the “last laugh”?

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