Adam Sandler: 5 Reasons He’s No Longer a Movie Star

Pixels Adam Sandler
Courtesy of Sony

Is it game over for Adam Sandler? His new comedy, “Pixels,” opened over the weekend to a mediocre $24 million, a disappointing result for the $88 million project. Sandler’s latest box office lemon comes on the heels of “The Cobbler” (Sandler’s lowest-grossing title ever, which opened to just $24,000 from 20 theaters in March), 2014’s “Blended” (the Drew Barrymore reteaming that mustered $46 million), “That’s My Boy” (a pairing with Andy Samberg that eked out $37 million) and “Jack and Jill” (the cross-dressing comedy that landed some of the worst reviews of his career). His only recent hits have been the 2013 sequel to “Grown Ups” (which netted $133 million) and “Hotel Transylvania,” an animated film that didn’t require him to be onscreen.

Here’s how Sandler’s box office career went from $4 billion in ticket sales to ice cold.

1. He aged out of his material
Sandler, 48, spent the ’90s playing the eternal teenage boy in his breakout-from-“SNL” vehicle “Billy Madison,” as well as box office hits “The Waterboy,” “Big Daddy,” “Mr. Deeds” and “Click.” But as his audience grew up, Sandler stayed the same — despite the title of “Grown Ups,” he rarely successfully played one in a movie. When he tried more mature roles, like in the Jason Reitman indie “Men, Women & Children” or Judd Apatow’s “Funny People,” he veered so far away from his brand that his fans didn’t know what to make of it. This isn’t entirely Sandler’s fault. A slapstick comedian’s career is shorter than a dramatic actor’s — just ask Jim Carrey. And Sandler had a longer run than arguably anybody in the juvenile comedy business: Since 1998, 14 of his films have cracked $100 million at the U.S. box office.

2. He’s not edgy
As comedic tentpoles changed — thanks, ironically, to his college roommate Apatow — with R-rated bromances, Sandler didn’t adapt. In fact, when Sandler appears in an R-rated film (“That’s My Boy,” “Funny People”), his box office rapidly drops. That might explain why his latest onscreen partner is Pac-Man. The opening weekend audience for “Pixels” skewed younger (62 percent under 25), which could indicate Sandler’s ex-fans are no longer interested in his films.

3. He needs new friends
Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions operates with a small clique of recidivists. There’s nothing wrong with repeat bigscreen collaborations—see David O. Russell and Jennifer Lawrence, or Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. But there’s something invariably Clinton era about the Sandler posse, and not just because it includes Vanilla Ice. There’s also Rob Schneider, Steve Buscemi, David Spade, Norm MacDonald, Kevin James, etc. It gives the impression that he’s making the same movie over and over again. One of his better-performing recent titles was 2011’s underrated “Just Go With It,” which starred Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman, who upped Sandler’s game. The actor-comedian recently signed a deal with Netflix, which had the potential to launch a new chapter for the funnyman. Instead, his first movie under the four-movie pact features his old buddies Spade, Schneider and MacDonald and has already managed to offend Native Americans during filming.

4. He hates the press
Many A-list movie stars keep their distance from reporters, but Sandler takes it to another level. Feeling burned by critics who trashed his movies, he instituted a no-print-interview policy, because Sandler believes he doesn’t need press to open a movie. That may have been true in 1999. Yet our 24-hour celebrity news cycle demands for actors to be more media-friendly. If you refuse to talk to journalists, you should at least tweet or use Instagram.

5. Is he even trying?
Sandler seemed more open to experimenting as an actor in the aughts when he made “Punch-Drunk Love” (with P.T. Anderson) followed by “Spanglish” (James L. Brooks). In the last decade, he hasn’t stepped out of his comfort zone. The good news for Sandler is that there won’t be any box office dollars to tally for “The Ridiculous Six,” which premieres in December. But the bad news for the rest of us is that Adam Sandler might never change, even though he’s overdue for a reinvention.

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  1. Mall Cop 3 says:

    Sandler was never funny. People are just now figuring it out.

  2. UNDEADLY says:

    comedic tent poles? who writes and approves this crap? lol

  3. Eddie D says:

    Maybe it’s the raunchy, beyond decency, sex scenes you have to fast forward, not only for the kids in the room, but for the adults. During the last movie I’ll ever watch that has his name on it, he went into a detailed threesome with two men and one woman. Out of the blue, with no warning, your seeing a man’s arse and quijones from behind in a scene as close to xrated as you can get. The movie was doing great until this twisted, uncomfortable scene appears out of nowhere.

  4. jessiesf says:

    He sucks. Unfunniest guy in film. Juvenile, infantile, plays the same character time after time.

  5. Peggy Mendoza says:

    You are so wrong.Adam Sandler is great he just needs new material.You forgot The Wedding Planner, 50 First Dates, 8 Crazy Days, and to mention his awesome singing about Hanukkah. I MAY NOT BE JEWISH, but I love him.Again, using the same actors.Pushing there acting performances.Again, you are totally wrong.With again comes experience and he will be on top again.

    • Rex Rowland says:

      “You are so wrong.Adam Sandler is great he just needs new material.You forgot The Wedding Planner, 50 First Dates, 8 Crazy Days, and to mention his awesome singing about Hanukkah.”
      Still waiting for you to name something funny that Adam Sandler has done.

  6. Justin says:

    Adam sandlers always been one of my favorite actors, you must have started out in press over a long term grudge here you are bashing on some one who’s still a human after getting rich. I’m glad he didn’t change its better than trying to be some one who your not.

  7. Inside info says:

    The reason hates the print press is not because they trash his movies (which they do) but rather because back in his SNL days TV Guide put him on the cover quoting him as saying “the writing was terrible last year” which he denies to friends even to this day. But the real reason he has faded is by the choices he didn’t make. He turned down movies such as “Meet The Parents” and “Colateral” to name a few. Like him or not, he has done it his way. Nobody studio wanted to make “The Waterboy” FYI and his manager at the time begged him to make “Eddie’ (with the basketball playing baseball player) but Adam insisted on making “Happy Gilmore”. Sooooo

  8. CJB says:

    Adam Sandler, blah blah blah…
    Really, who cares?

  9. Paul Berney says:

    Just stumbled across this and chuckled. Adam Sandler shouldn’t have to change to suit the world of critics. I’ve been a Sandman since I was a child. The reason I became a fan is because I loved his childlike characters and lovable stupidity. Had he changed to something else back then, I would not have been a fan. Strangely enough, when he does step outside of his comfort zone, he’s not treated with much more respect, so he chooses to deliver only to people like me who have followed his movies for decades. He only has one group of people he needs to impress, and that’s his fans. No one else matters. Asking him to change is like asking Adele not to sing. They should always do what made them famous in the first place. The constants in a critic’s life is to savage blockbusters, sequels and Adam Sandler movies. Sadly, a critic now has no idea that they themselves have become every bit as much criticized as the works they “review”. It’s all so predictable now. I can’t wait to see all the bad reviews the next X-Men movie will get. No matter how brilliant it actually is. I’m betting serious money on some pretty terrible reviews.

    • jonnyrp says:

      I think someone’s missing the point, like a lot of people, fan or not. Reviews have nothing to do with the fact that films flop at the box office. Even if some people like to blame it all on critics, his movies in the past became hits with terrible reviews after all.

  10. Neither “Mr. Deeds” (2002) nor “Click” (2006) came out in the ’90s.

  11. RADHE says:

    just sad to see one of my favorite actors in this horrible situation

    • jonnyrp says:

      I love his early films from the nineties but don’t worry. He’s still making money if the films aren’t too profitable most of the time. And i doubt that he cares that much nowadays. I mean, he’s always worked so fast and Jack and Jill for instance, even featuring Paccino could have been different and way better but Sandler doesn’t only play in the films, he’s producer. I wish he’s tired of where the hell films are going in Hollywood as much as he’s tired of the bad critics.

      Every media would like for him to sell his films in interviews. The fact that he isn’t that media friendly doesn’t make him mean to them after all. He just doesn’t meet them or run to them to get interviews, that’s not mean. I’m sure that at the end of his contract with Sony he decided to join Netflix by himself, instead of making Sony lose money and always know that they talk shit about him behind his back. But there are things that he did well, you just can’t be as carefree and special as he was in his films in the nineties anymore. Actors and creators that get the R rate, that have played with Sandler in the past have been muzzled quickly since every movie (or most of them) are cut to get the PG13. I mean, the films were great, Adam was once great, but he was not alone. Steve Buscemi, Kathy Bates, Fairuza Balk, Henry Winkler, John Torturo, later Jack Nicholson and so on… They were all stars that were used to holding the fate of a film on their shoulders at some point, but they were real, in a way that they could get you R rate faster than any other actor.

  12. Gina says:

    Critics are pathetic. Can you say bitter actor/play write/etc…

  13. Spookk says:

    Anyone who thinks Pixels sucks is a moron without any sense of social continuity or humor. Not to mention that it made well over double its cost. Plenty of those of us who were alive when the games featured in that show were at their peak were impressed with the ability to warp time in such a clever, entertaining fashion.

    And if Sandler only makes a million or two off each film, he’s still doing a lot better than all the critics put together, isn’t he?

    • jonnyrp says:

      Another one who calls people names because they didn’t like a film or don’t like an actor! Who’s really a hater? Actually, Sandler does make money. The problem has become that Sony, Netflix or whomever he’ll sign contracts with are losing money, or not making as much as they should out of the deal. I know that it shouldn’t bother a guy like Sandler but Pixels is actually a flop, whether we like it or not. It costed over 80 millions, made only 77 millions in theaters in USA and when you start saying that it made over 200 million worldwide, well you have to take the cost of the marketing and promotion into account. They make posters, fly the film over seas, want to sell it with different types of media interviews and so on… This is what costs a lot.

      And his first film with Netflix had a 60 million dollars budget. I know that the fact that it was first on Netflix for a time should be enough for him to be happy. But how hard is it to make 60 millions back when they have to make 120 millions with the film? Only 60 millions in gross means they didn’t make any money since it’s what the film costs. In theaters, every person/member of a family have to pay a ticket but on Netflix? A whole family has to pay only once and 5 people have seen The Ridiculous 6 from their living room for the price of one ticket only.

      But fanboys don’t seem to think about it. Don’t ever pitty Sandler. As long as he signs contracts like that, he can boosts his budgets like he always did to get good actors and pay his pals huge amounts of money to appear in this crap. And he makes a lot of % on the gross. I mean Frank Coraci, director of The Waterboy and The Wedding singer isn’t even paid a salary to work on the films. But he does get good money on the gross i suppose. Of course, how else would Sandler get Kathy Bates, Henry Winkler, Fairuza Balk, Jack Nicholson, John Torturo and others appear in his films?

  14. Steve says:

    I always felt after The Waterboy/Big Daddy era that Sandler fell completely off. He hasn’t really been funny since then. That could very well be since I’ve aged, or his comedy is just old and bland now. I did enjoy Click (while it seems like people hated it), and The Longest Yard wasn’t overly terrible. All of these latest movies though, I just can’t do it.

    • jonnyrp says:

      Frank Coraci (Director of The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy) and his script writer for The Waterboy were at their peek too. That’s what happened imo. Click was also a Coraci directed film. I was hoping for the best with the Ridiculous6 since both the director and writer of The Waterboy were on board but it seems that Sandler’s goal is not to put himself in any working humour anymore.

      There was a lot to be told With films like The Waterboy and Big Daddy. Kathy Bates played a racist mother (She’s a protestant) and won an oscar for Misery where she’s as evil as one can be. Yet, racism was getting critics to pick on Sandler and Fairuza Balk with no good reason sometimes. Let alone one of them winning a price for being mean, funny or evil, the producers feared antisemitism and Balk had just came out from a movie where she played a racist (American History X) for which Ed Norton and The Director Tony Kaye were not in good terms. But as i said about racism, Norton was nominated for an oscar for acting like a real antisemitic prick on the set (He’s not Jewish).

  15. Cole Stone says:

    Adam Sandler was NEVER funny. All of his humor is based on potty humor. It is basically infantile, and that is a slap in the face to infants.

  16. jonnyrp says:

    Adam Sandler as an actor only grosses 33 cents for each dollar he’s paid btw. And this is the average of his career. Corporations will keep wasting their money on him as long as he wants to work guys since they know that other actors and films (A lot of them) do worse than he does. This isn’t even to sound racist since i don’t hate Sandler i used to be a fan and i love Jewish actors but they know that Hollywood was built by Jewish immigrants that used to refuse to hire Jewish actors because they feared racism. Now, Sandler predicted his success on stage when he was a young comedian and he already knew that. It’s not clairvoyance, he’s from Brooklyn and Saturday Night Live airs from New York. That guy already knew he’d be rich.

  17. Eddie says:

    The movie did fantastic world wide, over $240 million.

    • jonnyrp says:

      As i said, the film cost was over 80 million and that’s not even counting the marketing: Posters, promotion that comes with it. You also have to pay millions and millions to sell it worldwide. It costs nearly double in the case of a 60-80 million film. So 240 million isn’t a worldwide hit anymore on budgets like we see today. They talk about a flop for the ridiculous 6 too and it is. Netflix allowed him 60 million for the budget but his company also participates. How do you make 60 million when a family of 4 or 5 can watch your film or download it and pay only once instead of paying a theater ticket for each member?

      This is the truth that Sony were losing a lot of money with Adam Sandler’s flicks when he signed with Netflix. And Netflix, no matter how rich they are will waste money too. But he (Sandler) doesn’t care about that since he’s the executive producer. A percentage on the film’s gross goes to him, you have to pay him to hire the crew (Actors) and he’s still paid like an overpaid actor.

  18. molly says:

    Sandler’s career is proof jews run holywood. Flop after flop and he still gets movies theatrically released.

  19. Lex says:

    It’s true Adam Sandler doesn’t always make the best films. However, he has created some of the best comedies of all time. “Blended”, “50 first dates”, and “Just go with it” are all really great comedies. I love the character work in these films. Most appealing of all, Sandler’s movies aren’t trashy and uncomfortable-to-watch like every other comedy out there these days. I will always be a Sandler fan because he’s genuinely funny.

  20. Pat says:

    jonnyrp you must be jealous! LOL You’re all over these posts trying to convince people (and yourself?) that Sandler movies don’t make money and yet they do! Pixels made 244 Million out of an 88 Million budget (who the hell cares if it’s domestic or worldwide, money is money!!!)…that ain’t no flop! I wish that my money I invest would come back 300% in less then a year! LOL Haters will be haters… ;-P

    • jonnyrp says:

      And before i forget, Sandler’s Men women and children, The Cobbler, Punch Drunk Love all made way less money than his silly comedies. Why? First he and they put way less money in making them and promoting them. Less promotion is a guarantee the films will be less popular and less theaters will buy them.

      So, as it would have cost way more money to make these films more popular overseas, it costs a lot of money to make his other films that big. Money that isn’t added to his overall budgets. It costs way more than 88 millions (The cost of Pixels) to play it that much overseas, so you have to consider these numbers even if you don’t know them. That’s the money that fans are blind to to pretend that his films are not a flop.

      The ridiculous6 costed 60 millions to Netflix but a familly of 5 people or a group of friends don’t have to pay 1 ticket per person to watch movies on Netflix. You rent it once and 5 people will see it from the comfort of their living room. It was a flop in terms of gross and lots of his inflated budgets films will be a flop according to the Netflix statue. They won’t force each and every person to rent the films to watch it in their home with friends or family. Adam Sandler will make money, but unlike his earlier appearances (Tickets were cheaper so lots more people had to buy tickets to gain numbers like Wedding Singer and The Waterboy), there were no or almost no Download at all. So here goes, he makes money while his films make his partners (Comapnies like sony) lose money.

    • jonnyrp says:

      Jealous? Nah. There are actors who have better paychecks than Sandler, yet that even if they make less money. The thing is people (Fans, which i said many times in these posts i am or was. No, i’m not a hater) fans all seem to blindly believe the numbers that they read. Why was Sandler dismissed by Sony just before he had to turn to Netflix? Sony’s E-Mails were rendered public during the Hack remember? The reason Sony dismiss actors like that is the fact that the films cost over 80 millions but are not making money. All the money you think the movie made outside of the US, it is indeed big, but the 80 millions for budget ain’t the cost of the overall film when you have to promote it overseas. Ask Them, they don’t make their money back most of the time, that’s why Sony let Sandler go in the first place. 80% of the big films don’t make their money back, except for Disney’s, Michael Bay and a couple of others.

      But if you look at the budgets for Adam Sandler’s movies, you will realize that he inflates them budgets on his own to pay his pals more money. That was back then and Sandler remained the same. There is no way his films would cost over 80 millions if he wasn’t the producer hiring actors. That was during the time of The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy (2 films that costed around 20 millions. If it wasn’t for Barrymore, Buscemi, Bates and Balk + Winkler in the Waterboy) There’s no way these films would cost around 20 millions if Sandler hired actors that he deserves, with less talent or experience. But to his defense, he’s used to hire good actors and the perfect ones for the parts. Big Daddy made almost as much as The Waterboy domestically, still it costed 15 millions more and Sandler was already done laughting at himself (Jewish stereotypes) after The Wedding Singer and The Waterboy. He was going to start mocking everyone and anything. Still inflating the Budgets. If you look at his paycheck for Big Daddy, compared to The Waterboy, there is no way that Sandler alone took 15 more millions in one shot. He does make money, like his pals by inflating his budgets (Puts more money than he would need in the films), yet he’s also producer and started being overpaid in the eyes of some only once he started his own Happy Madison company (After The Waterboy and Big Daddy buzz). So here it is, you can find all these affirmations elsewhere but that you will understand only once you realize that the numbers at the box office mean nothing for a Sandler film. They’re inflated to make you believe that promotion doesn’t cost anything overseas, as his budgets are inflated to help him and his pals make way more money than it’s supposed to be based on the films gross.

  21. Flop, HAHA!! How in the hell is making $150 million a flop, WOW!! You must be a lib to think that.

    • Cole Stone says:

      Why is one a lib for thinking???, Oh that’s right because cons don’t! Thanks for that.

    • jonnyrp says:

      Ha, Ha! Another one giving different numbers than the other fans:) And how the hell does making 150 million dollars over a 88 million budget can be considered something else than a flop? It is not even 2 times the movie’s budget. When one thinks about all the marketing, relationists hired and more… This is clearly a flop.

      Stop pretending that all films make money because they make over 100$ million. Nowadays, with the cost this means less people are paying for it. The Waterboy and Big Daddy made 160 million in Usa only. The Waterboy’s budget was 20 millions. With the tickets cheaper back then, lots and lots more people would tell each other to go see the films actually.

      Sandler laughted a little at his associate producers during the times of Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy but it reflects in the films and behind the scenes. It was damn funny if you get the jokes right. I know what his trick was but i won’t sell them.;)

  22. Charles Kelly says:

    Adam Sandler has never even come close to caring about his movies appealing to pretentious, sanctimonious wankers, so Variety having one of them review his work is as ill-informed as it is redundant.

  23. tina bowles says:

    I love Adam Sandler.the way he does his he puts out there one else does that.if I had his number I would call him.and music in his movies its real he is real.I love him.his parts is real.know I don’t know about this pixel movie but I couldn’t watch that movie about him dying from too each his own.

  24. Any movie should be reviewed, keeping in mind the type of audience it has been targeted for. Pixels is targeted towards kids, for parents and children to spend some classic time together. This is how it should have been reviewed. Many kids can’t go to a movie all by themselves and majority of parents these days, they can’t manage enough time for their kids. This is the main cause behind the failure of Pixels as a funny family movie. The marketing has been a lot lousy, specially in my country where parents and grandparents simply luv to take their children to any children specific movie. This should have been planned before the release i.e. how will they lure the parents to bring their children to the theaters, most importantly the minors. Many movies that we ignore as grown ups, we watch them with our kids/nephews and then many of them we luv to watch again and again. I think it’s the failure of the marketing department, they should have branded this movie for the kids. They could have collaborated with Mc Ds/KFCs/Subways for instance and could’ve offered “Pixels” movie toys while also the paper napkins and boxes printed with “Pixels” characters etc. Nothing substantial has ever been done. Now i’ve been trying to buy a movie DVD in my country but i can’t find it anywhere.

    • jonnyrp says:

      Yeah, but the thing is Adam’s movies are all targeted at kids. Some can see his movies as teen flicks since they’re all PG13 in USA but they’re rated For Everyone in many other countries and/or Province. I think he only has one R rated flick. I remember being able to go see the films alone if i wanted to back when i was a kid under 13. I don’t know what’s the criteria for a PG13 film (Which should count as a teen flick). But if some parents don’t find that suitable for their kids i assume they’re allowed to bring them in theater.

    • Jeannie Vila says:

      I totally agree with you. I love Adam Sandler movies. I enjoy them cause they make me laugh. I thought he did a great job in the movie Reign on me. A serious role for him. I think Pixels was a good movie. I think the fact that he had Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage was brilliant. They were so entertaining. I think critics should just leave Adam Sandler alone. He still has fans.

  25. Seth says:

    adam sandler is the most funniest actor ever i love his movie and i know a lot more people who do too

  26. Ash says:

    This article is ridiculous!

    • T says:

      I agree. This man has been successful at being himself. He doesn’t need to reinvent himself, people like him because he isn’t like every coached and manufactured, Hollywood star. He’s has always been and will always be refreshing and authentic. People like those qualities about him.

      • mumfio says:

        The author seems to have a personal hatred for Sandler’s films. His arguments have some merit as I find most of Sandler’s movies an abortion to my ears & eyes. But Pixels made $244 million which definitely isn’t a flop. I’m sure Netflix would not have signed the deal with Sandler if he didn’t still make money & have a relatively large fanbase.

  27. Dana Jane says:

    Adam Sandler’s fans will never give up on him. He is awesome this article is ridiculous. Leave this man alone. He cannot do wrong and stop slandering him.

    • Dave says:

      I was a fan and gave up on him. I used to defend him like you. He lost track of reality, closes himself in a bubble. Surrounds himself with the same people that tell him he is funny. Refuses to listen to his fans or critics. Its like any middle aged man trying to show his kids how “cool” he is, and missing the mark terribly

      • ASFan says:

        I’m with you on that. I really distaste his whole reluctance to work with new people. He was once in talks for a pairing with Will Ferrell, but he was too scared to work with him. On top of that, he never takes a break to actually look at the work he’s done. Because once he’s done filming one project, he begins work on the next project before that initial one is released. I feel like as fans, we’re angrier than the ones who are and have been just haters.

      • jonnyrp says:

        Truth. Thanks for pointing this out. So was i. I was hoping that The ridiculous 6 would ring a bell somehow, that he would at least try. But, nothing. Still the same sup actors have all the dumb jokes and he’s standing next to them with a line or 2.

    • JoeHTH says:

      The man is talentless and his films are overtly sexist, racist, and misogynist. He hasn’t made anything close to good film in ages.

    • Aaron says:

      Completely agree his great at the role he does nobody can replace him even if hes terrible its adam sandler who we grew up watching and i love it when hes in them with kevin james people would still moan if he did other roles

  28. Alexandria says:

    This is a bogus post, just look up the films bio on Wikipedia or IMDb.

    • jonnyrp says:

      Just look up the budgets compared them to the gross for each film. Compared to the late ninethies and early 2000s films he did, the buzz is long gone. When a film cost over 80 millions, you can call it a flop if it only makes 160 millions worlwide. That’s not even 2 times the budget. i.e: Big daddy, The waterboy, both earned 160 millions in north America ONLY. Big Daddy cost: around 35 millions, The Waterboy: 20 millions. In this case, Waterboy earned 8 times the budget spent only in North America. Or 140 millions. Being profitable means how many times you can repay a film’s cost and publicity with what it made. That makes the difference between a real hit and what people still call hits.

  29. ZebraRunner says:

    I think Adam Sandler is totally awesome! I love his kid friendly movies!

  30. ikuhyaksujsn says:

    Adam Sandler Is Amazing.

  31. jonnyrp says:

    Funny how many people only consider the domestic gross in US when it’s a movie that they don’t care about or a real hit such as Big Daddy, The Waterboy. But they immediately turn to how good it did worldwide in a case like Pixels’ flop! And yes… Numbers are boosted and not always the reality anymore. 77Millions domestically on a budget of 88millions after 2 months? That is Pixels and that’s what we call a flop.

    • ZebraRunner says:

      You all are crazy. I LOVED the movie pixels!

      • jonnyrp says:

        We’re not talking about how good or bad the movie is. At least i’m not. But about the fact that his latest films have flopped in USA and all over North America in General. And about how much fans like to throw numbers in the wind whenever they please. You can read them all over the net about this type of article: “Pixels made 80 millions in one week…”, “The film hit 124 millions…” another one: “Nope, 133 millions worldwide.” These fans should get their story straight. It was one of Adam’s Lowest openings in career, there is no way it grossed 80 Millions in a week. Not even worldwide. It costed 80 millions and grossed on 77 or 78 millions in The US.

        That’s nothing against Sandler in particular, i’ve seen all his films up until That’s my boy. Not that i liked them all but why do fans all assume we all hate him only because we’re commenting on the truth? He used to be a huge ticket seller and now? Well, i know that free movie download on the net hurts every movie star, i’ll give him that. But instead of lying or talking out of your ass, you fans (I still count myself as one even though i’ve been disappointed lately.) should stop bringing up fake numbers one after the other like you checked them all up so carefully, yet your numbers are all different from one another.

        He was (Sandler) hated by critics way before his films started to disappoint me, and i was not ashamed of liking him so bad, but he won’t have the butter and the butter’s cash. Many great actors can’t sell a film for shit when it’s a rated-R film, not only Sandler. Critics will hate some of their Pg or Pg13 stuff but it will sell a lot. Depp in a film, playing a Drug dealer, a mob guy? Critics may predict he’ll win an oscar, it won’t make as much money as Pirates and his Jack Sparrow.

  32. Brendan Sloan says:

    It is true that Adam Sandler’s keeping with the same jokes over and over again. However, he’s also managed to yet again work with the same actors, be it Rob Schneider, Steve Buscemi, Johnathan Loghran, Peter Dante, Allen Covert and others. He’s been annoying audiences with the same jokes with the same stuff. He’s taken Pixels to another new level which comes down to 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. Partly that I kinda feel sorry for Adam Sandler after what some of the critics have done. But as his movies continue to sell out, Sandler is getting worse. In the beginning he used to be funny, now he’s no longer funny in his movies and he’ll probably no longer be funny in real life. He’ll be releasing his next film that might one day offend the audience.

    • The film made $243 Million in total. On an $88 Million dollar budget, that makes the film a success in every regard. Worldwide + Domestic = $243 million. That’s nearly triple what the original budget was. So sick of critics that have nothing better to do then to dump on other actors. I am sure he is sad. Rolling around in a giant pile of money based on the fact that he made people laugh for most of his life, while you sit behind a computer and point out character flaws.

      • jonnyrp says:

        As Dean said. The movie made 77 millions Domestically in theaters, on a 88 millions budget. But they have to spend money on marketing. The budget, for the most of it goes to production and the salary for Sandler and the others. Marketing the film worldwide is a lot more expensive in any case than the sole production. This is why China was said that have lost interest in many sequels, reboots, and other american productions. As they (Americans) must spend money to sell their films, countries invest their own cash by buying the films. The money that a film like pixels made worlwide doesn’t equal/reflect the cost of the marketing stunts and the investement. That’s why it’s a flop.

      • Dean says:

        They also probably spent 100 million on marketing it worldwide. After splitting the box office with the theaters they only took in half of that 243 million. So, they made 143 and spent 188. Do the math.

  33. jonnyrp says:

    I don’t want to just be offensive towards Sandler but yeah, he should appear more friendly if he’s that funny. Because i remember going in theaters during the buzz era with hits like The Waterboy and Big Daddy but does Sandler actually sell the films? And has he sold any other film on his own? I mean, critics for some of his old films are just going down now that everybody is a critic with the Internet but Kathy Bates? She was in a really big hit called The Titanic just before accepting The Waterboy no? And wasn’t Fairuza Balk a little excited at some point? A chick with perky nipples in a sleeveless white shirt. How hard is that to sell to Sandler’s audience? I mean, when i try to imagine the discussions between viewers after that and the kid and Schneider in Big Daddy… The films would have big openings and maybe stay a little longer in theaters with a crowd willing to tell people about the films: “Go see it.”

    With cheaper tickets he had to sell more tickets, but the budgets for the films were 4 times smaller. So nowadays, he sells less tickets but he’s bashed by that same audience that used to love his movies. And a new audience that doesn’t care much with all the amounts of the fake bozos that can have a quick shot at the spotlight these days. Yes, we grew up but as Sandler used to be considered such a big movie star without even appearing in tabloids or without taking the time to sell his films in interviews, us grown ups (I’m talking for myself) know that Jessica Biel, Wynona Rider, Jack Nicholson, Kathy Bates, Kate Beckinsale and all of Sandler’s co-leads were definite winners at the time when they played with him. I don’t want to call Sandler a fake but looking at all the people i love from his films, that never came back for round 2, i think he’s actually more of a fake that many would dare to admit. He’s never been that funny to me.

  34. Dave Garcia says:

    adam sandler sucks. His boorish roles have gotten old. He doesn’t seem to get it. It’s time for a change boy.

  35. Lin Frank says:

    you’d think comics like Ferrell and Sandler would LEARN from Robin Williams…spread your wings…they’ve done TOO MANY adolescent a bombs…whose shelf life is so limited…and the demographic is shrinking…I don’t feel sorry for him a bit…frankly ROBERT KLEIN was doing what SANDLER does a long time ago and a lot better

  36. Bill Bailey says:

    When is the last time President Obama had a press conference? Willing to accept any and all questions, including those from Fox News?

  37. docdonm1 says:

    Five reasons? How about one reason: He stinks.

  38. John says:

    It’s probably true, but does he really care? he’s worth more than 600 million dollars. Matbe he can afford to do what ever he wants..

  39. John says:

    It’s probably treu, but, does he really care? with more than 600 million worth, maybe he can afford to be like he is..

  40. justsaying.... says:

    I was never a fan from get go, but it seems to me all the people that were into him have grown up and moved on to clever comedy.

    • Dana Jane says:

      You must see Little Nicki awesome movie in my book. I love the guy. Sometimes people are the wrong directors fot the artist.

      • jonnyrp says:

        I’d quote that for truth about the directors. Most of all, that actor is a producer. He knows what did money and what didn’t. When many producers started losing money by hiring support roles before having to get their lead and threw the little actors in the garbage, Sandler seemed to know how to make money out of the smaller parts he hired. But you can’t keep hopes that those small parts will one day florish if you keep hiring them for nothing and move on to paying old faces and names the big piece of the cake. I feel many of Sandler’s actors where just there because he felt there was some money due on the behalf of other producers. That, he did good.

  41. nonyabizz says:

    He shouldn’t have been one in the first place?

  42. Jim says:

    Variety press is just upset because they Sandler wont talk to them. Grow up.

  43. Wade says:

    Well all these guys are stoned 24/7 during the entire filming of most of his movies!

  44. Wildflower says:

    John Wayne did the same thing in many of his movies…that is, utilizing the same group of actors….you copy success.
    But as far as the media goes…Harold Ramis once said, in an interview about Caddyshack, that Ted Knight sold that movie!…He knew how to work a press conference, when it came to opening a movie…again, take a page from THAT playbook…and copy success.
    Take a page from Dirty Harry’s playbook…
    Opinions are like a**holes…everybody’s got one!

  45. Roc says:

    Big Daddy was his only decent film, all the rest are un-watchable, silly & stupid!

  46. Tam says:

    1. He is not funny in the slightest.
    2. His movies are inane, mindless drivel.
    3. He is completely out of touch with current trends.
    4. My dog can act better than he can.
    5. He is (perceived to be) an asshole.

  47. Zapp says:

    I honestly enjoyed Pixles and am still a big Adam Sandler fan. I think it’s actually pretty cool that he doesn’t go on social media, just because it’s modern times doesn’t mean you always have go with the “norm”. Also, who says you have to get new friends? What’s wrong with the great friends you have!? Adam Sandler is freakin awesome! By the way I loved the Cobbler.
    – ⚡️

  48. Lindsey says:

    This is a bunch of malarkey. Jack and Jill was awesome!

    • Ben says:

      Agreed sir. I’ve always said its Adam Sandler just comedy. People take movies to seriously. It’s made as entertainment not based on a true story. I like his movies they may not be all the best, but its comedy.

  49. Shawn Wilson says:

    Adam Sandlers comedy can barely be termed that… Its like hes trying to turn his huge insecurities and low self esteem into comedy by poking fun and insulting everyone else to try and boost his own morale… Like Jim Carrey… his bag of tricks has grown very old very quickly… at least Jim seemed genuinely trying to entertain everyone with as much fervor and energy as he could muster..whereas Adam seems to do the absolute minimum and expect us to laugh based on his past success… like Jack and Jill… SERIOUSLY!?.. Did anyone find anything..any single scene in the movie at ALL humorous? I know I didnt so much as crack a single smile and by halfway through it I had to turn off the adolescent low-grade… incredibly desperate grasp at comedy wannabe movie…Fact IS..He is actually not all that talented at ALL!..IF what you call what and how he does his schtick..”talent.”
    Adam Sandler is a juvenile amateur level actor at best… who somehow was in the right place at the right time to actually BE in several movies.. After his first appearance..the low-brow.. mean-spirited humor wore thin and old.. Once was enough..time to grow up and actually learn what is funny..NOT what he thinks is funny and try to stuff it down our throats.

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