Watch: Michael Moore Explains New Documentary ‘Where to Invade Next’

Michael Moore’s ‘Where to Invade Next’
Jim Smeal/BEI/REX Shutterstock

The Toronto International Film Festival on Tuesday unveiled its 2015 lineup, which will include the latest project from political filmmaker Michael Moore.

Where to Invade Next,” Moore’s first new film in six years, has been kept tightly under wraps. In a Periscope video posted on Twitter, Moore said, “It’s a film of epic nature.”

“(There’s) this constant need it seems to always have an enemy — where’s the next enemy so we can keep this whole military industrial complex alive, and keep the companies that make a lot of money from this in business?” Moore said of the inspiration for the film, which was filmed across three continents. “I’ve always been a little bothered by that, so that’s where the comedy comes from.”

“The issue of the United States at infinite war is something that has concerned me for quite some time, and provides the necessary satire for this film,” he went on.

The festival’s website calls “Where to Invade Next” Moore’s “most provocative and hilarious film yet.”

“Moore tells the Pentagon to ‘stand down’ — he will do the invading for America from now on,” the TIFF description states.

“Where to Invade Next” is produced by Dog Eat Dog Films and IMG. The Toronto International Film Festival runs Sept. 10-20.

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  1. fionn mac eoin says:

    Your movie is showing in the local church hall in Lacoste. France on 18th/Oct/16. Already booked out.

    Lacoste, Vaucluse – Wikipedia, the free…,_VaucluseEn cache
    Finnbar Mac Eoin, author of “Two Suitcases And A Dog… Lacoste is best known for its most notorious resident, …

  2. Thanks Michael thank you very much. Living in wacko Texas not waco, but wacko, my appreciation for you runs deep. ;)

  3. Pete Reilich says:

    Pranking humor is always useful relaxation for mindful revolutionaries especially when actual revolution isn’t on the agenda. We don’t really want revolution. Just to make fun of prevailing fascists & hopefully that wont piss them off or anything like that (?) At least leftists slam the right people. But the corrupted professionalism–Chomsky, tacit conspiracy, advertising influences corrupting media which unfortunately has to include every mogul including Moore now–works both ways.

    Moore had to become a pop-artist & that is only disconcerting to true loners. Maybe there was a Moore film about loners, can’t remember.. something about bowling & this typically corrupted American town with bully teens (a loner’s fav kind of friend) in Colorado. There’s really no better fun than drinking with christians around a campfire & singing about a Jesus who must be less “liberal” than he’s blind to ambition. Likewise, did making weed legal in Colorado get rid of said bullies? Don’t make me laugh.. or is it, Do make me laugh.. confusing, but only to honest folks. That is, honest folks who don’t become partially honest because they have to play the crowd in order to even say the truth at all in public. So don’t blame Moore for all this. Blame the endless audience. duh

    Really scary that the more we satirize in order to bring dissonant folks together applauding the truth about corruption of weapons dealers, the more angry/obstinate war mongers & their conservative supporters, both American & Russian, get (see comments from their massive American-religious brethren all over the damn place). I don’t wanna criticize people who embrace someone as honest as Jesus must have been, but that is where the root of all this fascism is from. Jesus wouldn’t (doesn’t) like arena concerts with masses of people praying for him. I mean, maybe he tried the preaching thing for a minute. But if he liked it, then he’s not really a loner & that is nowhere—for loners, the only nice people left on the planet.. or is that the only nice people who ever existed on the planet. Not saying much anyway coz, you know.. humans. (not bonobo)

    Leaders of the liberal voice like Moore ought to get serious about these religious zealots in USA, a hugely growing culture. As stated, pranking jokes only infuriates them more. Because if they get really serious about the latest armageddon conspiracy theories–only $1300 for a complete home security package including advice on how to protect one’s family after the Russians invade–liberals will be the first to go. Post-apocalyptic cannibals, having been well predicted in Pulitzer price winning novels no less, shows us how well industrial punk fashion looks in those roles: leading a chariot pulled by slaves (liberals) in chains with arms half eaten off. Damn. I gotta get some better tattoos & mohawk etc so I can really be ready for this apocalypse gig. What’s worse, 80s New Wave fashionistas running the cannibalism racket, or Moore wearing a tux?

    Sorry. Didn’t wanna scare anybody or anything like that. Coz you know it has become impossible to not say something honest which doesn’t turn into a fear mongering line.

  4. Micheal Moore always gives us much to think about….if u r open minded…I love the movie Sicko…I wish all Americans would see it…and a Big reason for me …why I always VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS!…MM Rocks!

  5. J.E. Vizzusi says:

    What can you say about MM… I knew something was up when his ranting e-mails subsided. War has always neen good for economies that is ones that have the resources in the first place to wage battle.The military contractor is not a mercenary but a overpaid employee bent on death and destruction if engaged in conflict. And arrives home safe and sound with a boatload of cash all at the expense of our veteran’s.

  6. JR says:

    Hey MM, let’s invade Dearborn and Detroit, Michigan next!

  7. Michael Moore, real stupid bore. He’s one that should be expelled from the US next time we are invaded as in 911. Want to know if he thinks all these terror attacks are the ingenious work of our President for gun control. After all he accused Bush of 911. His real genius is coming up with twisted theories that we all can discuss, ugh, and puke out in seconds.

  8. Eric Von Zipper says:

    Knowing this, er, film maker it most certainly will not be “epic”. Slanted and biased? Certainly. Look out kids, the sky is falling when this blowhard is around.

    • Thad Buhrmann says:

      Yes. It’s almost as bad as fox news isn’t it.

    • David Benjamin says:

      Spoken like someone who doesn’t believe that there’s any Tuthill to the facts made in Moore ‘ documentaries. Are they skewed..most he tell me.

  9. David Benjamin says:

    Got a lot of ‘Muricans losing their sh!T right now! Truth hurts about the military industrial complex..don’t it?

  10. Alex says:

    Moore is a relic of a bygone era, America is war weary and weary of him.

    • David Benjamin says:

      But he’s right. America is constantly at war..with someone.

      • Levi says:

        Eric Von Zipper &co = your typical Americans in denial – I don’t suppose you’re very well read in history – you come off as boorish & jingoistic but I doubt you care what other people think (part of the basic disposition for which you’re being chided in this post & all over the world/internet)

      • David Benjamin says:

        Eric..the documentary will focus on the AMERICAN military industrial complex mostly. I’ll come back to earth if you can deny, with proof, the over reaching power and influence of the military industrial complex.

      • Eric Von Zipper says:

        David, the world is constantly at war. To finger one nation by virtue of their power rank among nations across the globe as beholden of all the ire for pacifists who live in Disney’s Fantasyland is just that, a sensational (delusional?) fantasy. We’ll keep the landing lights on for you when you’re ready to be an earthling again.

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